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Author has written 6 stories for Covenant, Underworld, Twilight, and Mortal Instruments.

I love so many things that if I tried to list them, it would take a book. I like what ever you see posted for here and may more things that only my pinterest could hint at. I'm a growing anime junkie is what I'll leave you with! I constantly have many story ideas, but a very select few are actually posted. Some of my fics that are posted may have been deleted or will be because I either had nowhere for it to go or I lost the muses to continue writing it.

Officially of January 3, 2015, I will be slow on updating what stories I'm still focused on I have 2 AP exams at the end of this year along with school sports and clubs and homework is going to be even crazier with tournaments. As I said before, it is also my senior year, so I will be busy with college applications and such as well. I go back to school this following week and won't have as much time to dedicate to my stories. Also, I may be purging my stories and seeing which ones I still want to work on and which ones I have no interest in anymore. I'm not sure when I'll get around to it because I, myself, am an avid fanfiction reader and have updates on stories from months ago I still haven't read.
Look out for any changes, but keep following and looking for something that interests you!

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Parenthood by PlaidIsTheBestPattern reviews
Snippets in the lives of Guts and Casca as parents, if the eclipse had not occurred. Some will be short, some will be long(ish); some are meant to be humorous, some, serious. They will not necessarily be connected or sequential. Dedicated to those who, in their weakness (like me), long for some happiness in poor old Guts' life.
Berserk - Rated: T - English - Family/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 14 - Words: 27,784 - Reviews: 104 - Favs: 159 - Follows: 138 - Updated: 12/25/2017 - Published: 7/4/2015 - Guts, Casca
Ascension by TheLawfulWaffle reviews
Shiba Tatsuya had the powers of a god. When the operation to give him the powers of a magician is deemed a complete success, he ascends to become something even greater. But what could possibly be more powerful than a god?
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei/魔法科高校の劣等生 - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 3 - Words: 26,457 - Reviews: 153 - Favs: 463 - Follows: 572 - Updated: 1/11/2015 - Published: 12/30/2014
Sesshomaru Kohen by ALiC.P reviews
Sesshomaru Ante Iam Part 2. What kind of young man was he before we knew him? Childhood's over and a long adolescence has begun... This part will cover those years: the relationships with family and friends; experiences with the good, the bad, the tragic, and love; the warmth and coldness; and of course, some cuteness and humor. Just try it out; a review would be nice :)
Inuyasha - Rated: T - English - Family/Drama - Chapters: 17 - Words: 40,936 - Reviews: 33 - Favs: 20 - Follows: 21 - Updated: 4/2/2014 - Published: 5/25/2011 - Sesshōmaru, Inutaisho
What if She Was by Wisterian Princess reviews
Clary's death was faked and she was kidnapped. Her memories were erased and replaced, and she believes she's someone she's not. Years later, she goes to the New York Institute with her "sister," and doesn't know why, but she's drawn to her sister's boyfriend, Jace. Jace has to deal with a girl who looks like Clary coming into his life, and slowly begins to fall for her.
Mortal Instruments - Rated: T - English - Romance/Suspense - Chapters: 24 - Words: 57,640 - Reviews: 622 - Favs: 437 - Follows: 331 - Updated: 12/31/2013 - Published: 12/4/2013 - [Clary F., Jace W., OC] - Complete
Bound by Fire by Scarlett-sama reviews
After 8 years Rin & the twins are back, & with healthy twins comes the trials of the average teenager. Which includes school, crushes, rivals, & of course the Vatican. Can the new reunited family withstand their life as a family or crumble under the hands of fate? And just what happened to the others? Sequel to The Flame of a New Generation. It's finally here! X3
Blue Exorcist/青の祓魔師 - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 14 - Words: 80,079 - Reviews: 64 - Favs: 109 - Follows: 47 - Updated: 9/17/2013 - Published: 7/15/2013 - Rin O., Ryūji S., R. Shima, Yukio O. - Complete
The Flame of a New Generation by Scarlett-sama reviews
When Rin falls under the power of his first mating season, more than just one problem arises. Not only does he have to deal with the sudden awkwardness with his crush and classmate, but the young demon finds himself pregnant. Mpreg! Request for sathreal!
Blue Exorcist/青の祓魔師 - Rated: M - English - Romance/Supernatural - Chapters: 31 - Words: 89,283 - Reviews: 171 - Favs: 445 - Follows: 227 - Updated: 8/1/2013 - Published: 6/28/2012 - Ryūji S., Rin O. - Complete
The Freak Of Freaks by HorrorFanatic113 reviews
What if Rose and Adrian did have sex that time? And Rose got pregnant and gave the baby up. Now that baby is dragged back to the school at sixteen but she's not like everyone else. Can she fit in? I do not own Vampire Academy or the charectors Read&rev.
Vampire Academy - Rated: T - English - Drama/Angst - Chapters: 14 - Words: 25,360 - Reviews: 33 - Favs: 31 - Follows: 32 - Updated: 8/26/2012 - Published: 11/4/2011
Dating Deaths Daughter by thescientistwrangler reviews
After keeping their intimate relationship a secret for over a year, Soul decides it's high time he informed Maka's father on the truth. After all, he was a cool guy... and it was the right thing to do.
Soul Eater - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,035 - Reviews: 18 - Favs: 41 - Follows: 29 - Published: 3/5/2012 - Maka A., Soul Eater
Eternity is a lie by Ergelina reviews
Elizabeth Pheles is Mephisto's younger sister and Amaimon's older sister, she's the only daughter of Satan. However, everything changed for her when she met with Fujimoto Shiro, an Exorcist. Shiro X OC. Two shot!
Blue Exorcist/青の祓魔師 - Rated: M - English - Romance/Tragedy - Chapters: 2 - Words: 2,695 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 58 - Follows: 18 - Published: 11/30/2011 - [Shiro F., OC] Mephisto P. - Complete
Sesshomaru Ante Iam by ALiC.P reviews
Sesshomaru Before Now. What kind of boy was he before we knew him? This is a story of the early years of life, from his relationships with family and friends to his experiences with the good, the bad, the tragic, and love; with his warmth and coldness and of course, some cuteness and humor. A review would be nice. Just try it out :)
Inuyasha - Rated: K+ - English - Family/Drama - Chapters: 14 - Words: 23,095 - Reviews: 31 - Favs: 22 - Follows: 11 - Updated: 5/12/2011 - Published: 7/26/2010 - Sesshōmaru, Inutaisho - Complete
Fiery Tales by FlorLola reviews
She's exploring a new side; a dark, sensual side. He finds her there, and joins in for the ride. What starts as a game they're playing, soon turns into something else, as fire is a dangerous toy. Will they get burned, surrendering to it? Do they want to?
Sailor Moon - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 23 - Words: 79,094 - Reviews: 155 - Favs: 54 - Follows: 19 - Updated: 12/8/2010 - Published: 6/2/2010 - Haruka T./Sailor Uranus, K. Seiya/Sailor Star Fighter - Complete
Let's Be More Than This by Mickey Sixx reviews
The last of the old Covenant has died, leaving the new Generation to carry on the legacy, but Caleb soon discovers there is more to the Power than he'd previously thought. SLASH, CalebPogueReidTyler, PLEASE READ HEADER AND NOTES
Covenant - Rated: T - English - Romance/Supernatural - Chapters: 20 - Words: 75,372 - Reviews: 122 - Favs: 111 - Follows: 36 - Updated: 7/20/2010 - Published: 6/19/2010 - Complete
Annals of Death by AnimeSiren reviews
Humans all die, and Kurosaki Ichigo will not be the exception to that rule. A family breakfast turns into that much more, and a brother is called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice for his sisters. He will die a hero, even if it is lame.
Bleach - Rated: K+ - English - Angst/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,505 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 58 - Follows: 9 - Published: 8/19/2008 - Ichigo K., Isshin K. - Complete
On a Raven Wind by pikachiyo reviews
Only one other person in the universe knew about Neo-Queen Serenity's illegimate child. But when the spunky 9-year-old decides to find out the real truth about her past, sparks could end up flying from here to Kinmoku... Seiya/Usagi
Sailor Moon - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 16 - Words: 43,979 - Reviews: 204 - Favs: 104 - Follows: 52 - Updated: 4/10/2005 - Published: 2/9/2003 - Usagi T./Serena/Bunny/Sailor Moon, K. Seiya/Sailor Star Fighter
Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

A Medieval Curse reviews
Sophia Brighton moves to Ipswich with her parents, trying to get away from her past that continues to plague her. The Sons grow weary that she might be another threat, but soon learn she may be the key to secrets about their families that were lost centuries ago. Can they help Sophia, or will she lose her mind and the ones she loves?
Covenant - Rated: T - English - Supernatural/Tragedy - Chapters: 34 - Words: 34,669 - Reviews: 38 - Favs: 59 - Follows: 52 - Updated: 2/15/2015 - Published: 7/1/2014 - Reid G., Tyler S., OC - Complete
Lost Angel reviews
Jace, Isabelle, Alec, Clary, and Simon are given an assignment to attend a mundane high school after Clave placed police have gotten calls from teenagers saying someone was killed by a creature-demons. Jace notices a girl on the first day and keeps following her. Leo thinks everything about her life is a mess. She hasn't seen a mess until she met the Shadowhunters' world.
Mortal Instruments - Rated: T - English - Supernatural/Friendship - Chapters: 5 - Words: 8,277 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 11 - Updated: 4/9/2013 - Published: 3/21/2013 - Alec L., Clary F., Isabelle L., Jace W.
Everyday Until We Die reviews
LeeAnn, or Lee, has never fit in since she moved to La Push. Her only friend being Seth. She pushes herself through AP and online classes to get into Yale. Will she choose Yale or someone she's not sure about her feelings for?
Twilight - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Chapters: 4 - Words: 9,989 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 12/4/2012 - Published: 11/21/2012 - Seth, Paul - Complete
Unknown Hybrid Twin reviews
Nasya has known she was adopted since she was twelve and has wanted to meet her parents. Tragedy and love arise when one person shows up at Spenser Academy. Will Nasya survive the battle to come? Or will it break her will to move on?
Crossover - Underworld & Covenant - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Romance - Chapters: 12 - Words: 16,306 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 11 - Updated: 8/19/2012 - Published: 3/13/2012 - Selene, Reid G. - Complete
The Second Generation, Fully reviews
this is a little one-shot. Reid is 33, no kids, from what he knows of. All his 'brothers' have teen boys, making him feel like like the crappy guy, ending yet another line in the Covenant. But soon an old 'friend' of Reid's comes back to town.
Covenant - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Family - Chapters: 3 - Words: 2,469 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 7/31/2011 - Published: 4/8/2011 - Reid G. - Complete
McCarthy and Garwin reviews
Reid and Elena 'dated', we all know what that means, Reid got what he usually wanted out of it and never said a word to her again. Junior year ended and senior came. Elena tried to talk to Reid, but he ignored her, will he be able to catch her in time?
Covenant - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Drama - Chapters: 8 - Words: 10,464 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 17 - Follows: 9 - Updated: 7/31/2011 - Published: 6/19/2011 - Reid G. - Complete