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NMTwiGirls ... Here you go! Your very own co-operative fan fiction site aka Chain-Fic.

The Mission:to write a story, each chapter written by a different author, building on the previous chapter, resulting in "random-awesome-smuttiness" as cjean said. "Who cares if it's good in the end...it will be fun to do...and crazy trying to work out what to do with your own chapter when you've read the previous one," nicnixs exclaimed!

The Rules:there are no rules, EXCEPT those of FanFiction.Net. We don't want to get banned from this site. You must be 18 years old, at least, because we're M-rated. Read the Guidelines on the Publish tab. Chapters can be long or short. They can have one scene or many. An author can write multiple chapters, just not two consecutive ones. This is your time to make your team heroic! The one thing we ask is that after you read a chapter, you review it because that is how we share the joy!

The Players: any Twi fan be they Team Rob, Bella, Jacob, Jasper, Kellan, Alice, Dr. C, Swiss, Wolfpack, Vamps, etc. The more variety, the more complex the story. Our Founder is NicNixs, Holy Mother Creator. It was her bright idea that started it all. Our staff includes: AlohaSD, Kick-Ass Administrator; 5ct Bauble, Chain-Fic Super Pimp; LeydyLaura, Fucktastic Photoshop Queen; and RobIsMyRomeo, Back-Up Beta Bitch.

The Procedure:email AlohaSD at NMTwiGirlsRock@gmail.com for entrance, our own guidelines and password to publish. Then choose a chapter (or we'll assign one to you) and write when it's your turn! We'll make up the rest of the guidelines as we go along.

The Disclaimer: this is a no-host endeavor. Everyone have responsible fun. Also, Stephenie Meyer owns all things Twilight.

We are pleased to have as contributing authors: (This is not set in stone. Feel free to switch with each other. Just let Aloha know so that she can change the name OR you can just change the names yourself. No biggy!)

Chapter 1 - FLplmtree95 - author of Shampoos N Shaves, Protected and Edward Cullen, Dick for Hire

Chapter 2 - Robs_Love_Doc

Chapter 3 - PhoenixMP3 http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2001395/PhoenixMP3

Chapter 4 - Effing

Chapter 5 - CJean

Chapter 6 - OhEdward12 /Victoria's bowling ball!

Chapter 7 - Wolfpgirl - author of Learn You Inside Out

Chapter 8 - Bean

Chapter 9 - MeadowGirl and TeamSpaceHeaters

Chapter 10 - JacobIsMyHeroin

Chapter 11 - RealMenGlitter

Chapter 12 - Vampyre_Wlf_Lvr aka VampireMadonna - author of Robcapades

Chapter 13 - NicNixs

Chapter 14 - Kim1524

Chapter 15 - I_Luv_Wolves

Chapter 16 - Lalikitita aka Lali

Chapter 17 - AlohaSD - author of Brief Encounter

Chapter 19 - CiggyRob

Chapter 20 - Jaspers_Girl (JG)

Chapter 21 - JoUK

Chapter 22 - AllAboutEdward aka Mylifewithedward author of If_a_Tree_Falls

Chapter 23 - JCullen81

Chapter 24 - Hollywood2Brooklyn

Chapter 25 - PatzyFnC

Chapter 26 - Edward's_Little_Lamb aka danieller123

Chapter 27 - Anca aka Nyxxy

Chapter 28 - NofreakyVirgos

Chapter 29 - Rpattz_Dreamer

Chapter 30 - Saxon aka Charlie's Angel

Chapter 31 - LoveThemCullenBoys

Chapter 32 - Lutz_of_love

Chapter 33 - EdwardsFavoriteCougar aka wags4you

Chapter 34 - ilovealphas

Chapter 35 - LovesWolvesNVamps author of Howl!

Chapter 36 -

Chapter 37 -

Chapter 38 -

Please, we welcome all points of view (POV) so jump in!

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