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Author has written 4 stories for Twilight.

Well I cant tell you my name. haha so for now you can just call me breezy : 16. Im a female. enough said. I really like twilight and i have really good ideas for stories, so i figured id come here and write.

Twilight Books in my favorite order

New Moon: I really love new moon. It allows you to fall in love with the wolves. and it just shows bella at such a vulenrable state

Twilight: Its the first duh! enough said

Breakind Dawn: I know alot of people dont like the way breaking dawn ended. I will admit that i did want to see a big battle happen but i love the happy ending

Eclipse: Its my least favorite. Bella is so darn selfish its just not cool. she always hurts jake and he does nothing but helps. so i cant stand it by that and that reason alone.

Favorite characters:

Leah: She got such a crap ending and everyone knows it; sure she is the beta of the 'renegade' pack and got to leave Sam, but she is still bitter, cant have kids, single, lost her father, love of her life, and best friend in a span of what? two years maybe. sounds pretty crappy if you ask me.

Seth: The fact that him and leah are related surprise me sometimes. Seth is so happy and optomisc it just makes me smile :D

Alice&Jasper: They are just so different i cant help but love them.

Edward: do i really need to explain? ;) yummy much?

Emmett: He is such a clown. I love it.

Favorite Pairings:

Leah/Jacob: If Renesmee was never born, Leah and Jacod would have fallen in love. no question about it

Leah/Embry: I dont have a real reason why i like them together

Leah/Marcus or Leah/Edward or Leah/Jasper or Leah/Emmett or Leah/ another male vamp: Its like day and night. I love it

Leah/OC: She has her love out there and she shall find him if i have anything to do with it.

Rosalie/Leah: AS FRIENDS ONLY! They are so similar. If they were both humans they would have been bffs.

Renesmee/ Jake: Imprints duh.

All imprint couples: soulmates so yeah.

Carlisle and Esmee: They are such cuties

and all the rest of the couples.


Why cant life be fair sometimes?: Leah is prego and Sam left her, but one of the wolves imprint on her. Its her life love.

Leah, my Ryder: Based off of Lil Wayne's song, She a Ryder. Blackwater. its just a drabble

Differences: Leah imprints on Edward Cullen gasp. So its there life and all that jazz (Imma chill on that story)

Future Stories

Something you forgot: Haha yes it is based of another Lil Wayne song called Something you forgot. Different verses in the song remind of Sam and Leah and gosh darn it I want them together in this.

Other Stuff:
- Most of my stories will be about Leah or the any one of the wolves.

-I think bella/edward stories are so overrated. We get it. They are just oh so perfect.. yuck! haha i dont know whats wrong with me. Lol well anywho i may do a bella/edward fanfic but i dont know.

-I like ice cream. haha just thought i would share.

Above this line is stuff for my fanfics. Below this line is stuff I think or about me.

So check this out. read below. I love this because its like true. Plus it lets you know something about me without all the typing :D

Bold the ones that apply to you.

I'm SKINNY, so I MUST be anorexic.
I'm EMO, so I MUST cut my wrists.
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Dude I hate when skinny people or pretty people complain to some one who is fat or kinda not pretty about that stuff. Like I hate when girls are like, "Ohh I am too fat, look at my thighs" or "Ohh I am so ugly, look at that zit!" First off your like a size 7 or 9. I know people who are passed size 24. and What zit? Oh that tiny dot that no one can see unless they are up on your face? I hate when people do that because its like well I am fat/ not as pretty as some chicks, so wtf are you doing complaining to me about this? I am talking about myself here because I have friends who do that and have said these things to me. It's like do you want my sympathy? Cause your not getting it. It's like telling a blind man about this scene you saw in a movie then you say, "Dude you have to see it!" Its like what?

-bye loves.

Signed the one and only


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