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Hi my name is Mysticbreeze327 but whenever i go by a warrior name i am just plain ole Mysticbreeze

Um... stuff about me

I love horses and cats and wolves i take riding lessons SO FUN!

My favorite series are Warriors and Harry Potter and Inheritance Cycle

My favorite warrior pairings are:

Crow x feather

Squirrel x Bramble

Jay x Cinder

Jay x willow

Sand x Fire

Crow x night (i feel sorry for her)

My Least Favorite pairings are:

Jay x stick (that is just gross...)

ash x squirrel

Leaf x crow

Me 5 favorite warriors

1. Brambleclaw!

2. Jayfeather (he's cool)

3. Tigerstar he may be a evil but he's still awesome

4. feathertail

5. bluestar

Has anybody realized that all the ThunderClan medicine cats during Firestar's time have had a "love life?"

Spottedleaf x Firestar

Yellowfang x Raggedstar

Cinderpelt x Firestar

Leafpool x Crowfeather

Jayfeather x Cinderheart

Jayfeather x Willowshine


(Jayfeather ones are most likely not true as he doesn't really like willowshine and he thinks that Cinderheart is plain annoying)

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