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Hey There!

I’m sort of new to fanfiction, but when I checked it out I really liked it. Especially all the different fan stories everyone wrote. I’m very interested to see what people will think of my writing. I write fan stories for several different shows, movies, and animes. Here are some things that I like, just because I love to write down my favorite bands and such. :D

Favorite anime series: Tokyo Mew Mew, Fate/Stay Night, Yu-Gi-Oh, DN Angel, Fruits Basket (please read manga first, so much better), Full Moon (again, manga so much better)

Favorite characters: Rin Sohma, Kishu, Saber, Rider, Bakura, Yami Bakura, Dark, and Takuto

Favorite books(in no particular order): Twilight Saga, Mediator Series, Redeeming Love, The Host, Running Scared, The Shack, Legend, Joining, Boston Jane, and A Great and Terrible Beauty series.

Favorite bands/artists: Within Temptation, Nightwish, Adam Lambert, Alex C., Josh Groban, Enya, Evanesence, Epica, Barlow Girl, ZOEgirl, Rachel Lampa, Britney Spears, Skillet, Chris Daughtry, Day of Fire, Dennis Jernigan, Selena, Andrew Loyld Webber, Nobuo Uematsu, Pillar, Kutless, Lady Gaga, Flyleaf, HB, Rob Rock, Angtoria, Madonna, Scooter, Muse, Petra, Sarah Brightman, Hawk Nelson, DHT, ATB, Hillsong, No Doubt, Basshunter, Jonatha Brooke, Anastacia, Natasha Bedingfield, Mariah Carey, Hayley Westenra, Imogen Heap, Enigma, Paramore, Cher, Era, Fireflight, Thousand Foot Krutch, Frank Sinatra, Gold City, Gaither Vocal Band, Timberland, Larry Norman, Queen, ect…(basically, a little bit of everything)

Favorite Song Quotes:

-They’re not like you and me, which means they must be evil – Savages Part 1-Pocohontas

(this lyrical makes you think)

-Despite the lies that you’re making, your love is mine for the taking. My love is just waiting to turn your tears to roses. – Whispers in the Dark – Skillet

(pure poetry I believe)

-Why have you waited to embrace me, my dear? – The Cross – With Temptation

-How precious did that grace appear the hour I first believed. My chains are gone! I’ve been set free! My God, my Savior has ransomed me. And like a flood His mercy reins. Unending love, amazing grace. – Amazing Grace – Chris Tomlin

(speaks for itself)

-Here is the darkest side of me – The Truth Beneath the Rose – Within Temptation

-Reality is sometimes stranger than fiction. Whatever happens in my dreams. I know it can’t be worse than this. So I prefer to sleep. –Mother of Light - Epica

-Why can’t you see, don’t you regret! – Mother of Light – Epica

-In the streets the children die
Shedding blood and tears and no one seems to cry
Politicians shift to blame
Flattering with words they lie,
They’re playing the game – Garden of Chaos – Rob Rock

-Some still worship Mother Nature in her glory
They do a good thing when they stand up for her right
But Mother Nature has a Father in the heavens
And His creation went astray but never left His sight – Perfect World – Petra

About My Characters: Believe or not. I have a total of 6 characters. I'm going to try my best to explain this.One thing you must know about my character is that she is several people in one. For every movie, book, or show I put her in she acts slightly different but looks relatively the same. Sort of like an actor who plays different characters in different movies. I will show you her three main moods. I started off with one character, Rin. And she had three main different moods: Happy, Sad, and Mad. So now, they are like three different people, but still the same. The other three characters are Angel Rin, Dark Angel Rin, and Mew Mew Rin. Pretty creative names aren't they? These names, I apologize, are pretty lame, but they have grown on me and I've used them so much now that it's hard to change their names. But whatever mood or personality is placed in front of the name Rin, that's who the character is. Now, if I haven't confused you enough, I have a short explanation about each Rin in the order they were created.

Sad Rin: She has pale skin, long silky black hair, mostly wears dark colored clothing and dresses or skimpy outfits that show off her amazingly long legs. She's very mysterious and is curious about everything even though she doesn't seem at all interested. Her main attraction, her looks. She's gorgeous and her black sapphire eyes are hard to resist.

Mad Rin: She has thick black hair with bangs and two sides pieces of hair that stick out and her eyes are a deep blood red. Her wardrobe consists of mostly black clothing that covers most of her skin. She wears a lot of black jump suits with a ton of black fabric hanging off her hips on her back. Despite the fact that she has a lot of clothes on, she still moves pretty fast.

Eye Color:

Happy Rin: She has short cropped hair, black, tat can ruffled and tossed around and still look good. Her eye color is a bright purple with thick black eye lashes. She mainly wears pin-striped black pants with a vest, complete with top hat and cane. She has a couple of other outfits that look kind of like a dark clown.

Eye Color:

Angel Rin: She has bright platinum blonde crimped hair that is medium length. Her eye color is a pale pink and she has snowy white angel wings. She normally wears baby dolls dresses that never go above the knee. She's too modest for that. Whites, creams, pastel colors with lots of ruffles and lace.

Mew Mew Rin: She's not a very big character because I only came up with her for the anime Tokyo Mew Mew. But as for her looks, she has ice blue hair that's very short, barely touches her shoulders and ice blue eyes to match. She contain the spirit of the Arctic Fox and ends up having a fox tail and a pair of ears to show for it. Her mew mew name is Mew Mew Marshmallow because of the other character's (to which I do not own) who had cute names like Mew Mew Pudding and Lettuce. I thought it went along good. She's 11 years old despite all the other Rin's who are 18.

Dark Angel Rin: Again, not a very big character. She doesn't talk at all and she's basically decked out in black. She has long straight black hair with bangs and wears an all black suit. Her eyes are black and surrounding her eye is her eye make-up that pretty much creates a mask around her eyes. Lastly, she has black angel wings. A power that she has is one I created for her. I call it "Black Lightning." It's obviously black but is outlined in white.

The End

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