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Name: Story Writing Guy

Age: why do you need to know that?

Gender: My name is Story Writing GUY

Hobbies: My name will answer that

I love writing stories but you probably figured that out by reading my name. I'm a friendly person, and I want to make alot of friends here.

I think I'm doing a good job with this whole writing thing. People seem to like my stories, or are they just saying that so I wont feel bad? I'll never know unless I ask but I cant do that.

My first and best story is getting alot of reviews. My first goal was 50, my next is 100.

I hate running out of PMs.

We made it to 100 reviews! And its thanks to all of you! YAY!! Anyway, my next goal is 150. WE CAN DO IT!!

Behold my forum!

(I got this from sk8inpiro21, THANKS!!)

Girl: Slow down. I'm scared

Guy: No, this is fun.

Girl: No its not. Please it's too scary!

Guy: Then tell me you love me.

Girl: Fine, I love you. Slow down

Guy: Now give me a BIG hug.

Girl hugs him

Guy: Can you take my helmet off & put it on yourself? It's bugging me.

In the paper the next day: A motorcycle had crashed into a building because of brake failure. 2 people were on it but only 1 survived. The truth was that halfway down the road the guy realized that his brakes broke, but he didn't want to let the girl know. Instead, he had her say she loved him & felt her hug one last time then had her wear his helmet so that she would live even though it meant that he would die. If there's anyone you love this much put this in your profile.

(Thanks again!!)

125 reviews, we're almost there!! WE CAN DO IT!! And thank you brick and blossem lover for giving me my 125th review. :)

Behold my poll!

We made it to 150! YAY!!

My birthday is on November 7, so if you want to do something for me, DO IT!! And I want to thank sk8inpiro21 and cathyrulez3000 aka FanFLover 10 for writing me stories for my birthday. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!


Christmas is coming!!

"Once upon a time, a girl went to bed at ten o'clock one night. At ten thirty, she felt a feather tickling her foot. Giggling, she pulled her foot away and looked at the end of the bed, but there was nothing there. Shrugging, she tried to go to sleep again. At ten forty-five she felt the feather tickling her foot again. Giggling, and getting nervous, she pulled her foot away and got out of bed, looking around her room. There was nothing under her bed, and nothing under the covers. Still afraid, but feeling safer, she locked her bedroom door and laid down in bed. When her clock flicked to eleven, she felt two feathers tickling her feet. But, this time she couldn't pull her feet away or move at all! The girl laid there, laughing and begging for the tickling to stop. The second the clock struck midnight, the room became even darker and Hell appeared in the girl's mirror. Chains shot out of the mirror and grabbed her, pulling her in while the feathers kept tickling her feet. The next morning, when her parents came in to check on her, they only found a bloodstained black feather on her bed.

If you read this line, then you have until 10:00 p.m. to send this to all your friends and post it in your profile!
If you don't the devil will come and tickle your feet at 10:30 and take you to hell!" You better do it. :D


HAPPY 2010!!

Ladies and gentlement, I might take a break from PPG fics, and explore the worlds of other kinds of stories. I just feel like I need to write something different. I hope you're not upset, or anything. Please understand that an author can't keep writing the same fics. Feel free to read any fic I may write, no matter what kind it is. :)

Just finished a Brick/Bubbles fic. Aren't they a cute couple?

Alright, I have something serious to ask you people. Why are there so few Brick/Bubbles fics? I know, it's not a very popular pairing, but this is the most popular fan fiction site in the world. We should have a large selection of stories for people to enjoy. Do you realize that if someone wanted to read a good Brick/Bubbles fic, he or she would only have ten stories to choose from? And once he or she finishes them, then what? I'm just trying to say that I believe this website should have stories for everyone, and not just what the majority of people want.

To Hell, and Back has just gotten its 100th review! Thank you, Samantha James13303, for reviewing my story! :)

I just saw the BET awards, and I kinda feel bad for Chris Brown. :( But I still enjoyed the awards.

Short Story 1: Failed Alarm.

The world was in ruins, everything destroyed by the previous events. There were no trees in sight, or any other sign of life. The only things that could be found were what wasn't destroyed in the blast. It had happened so fast. One second their was life everywhere, and the next it was gone. The only thing that seemed to have survived was a large building, which was ironically the closest to the explosion. Near the entrance was the only thing that seemed to be alive. Its big round head turned constantly to make sure it was safe. Its lens scanned the area quickly and carefully. It...was a security camera.

Hours went by like minutes, and still it continued to watch, and wait for any intruders to show up. Nobody came, so the loyal watcher decided to take a short glance at its partner, who was currently recharging. The two security cameras always took turns watching for invaders. While one recharged, the other watched, and soon it would be time to switch again.

Suddenly, out of nowhere something came out and went straight for the cameras. By instinct, the consious camera attempted to set off its alarm. But it wasn't quick enough, and the unknown enemy sent its blade right by the camera. It closed its lens, waiting to die. But surprisingly, it felt no pain. When it opened its lens again, it could see the attacker standing and staring at it. It was some kind of robot, with blades on its arms. The camera knew that it could be a serious threat, so it tried to set off its alarm again, but no sound came. Confused, it turned its lens toward its alarm, but it wasn't there. It was obvious what had happened now, the intruder had sliced off his alarm. Without it, all the camera could do was watch as the robot began cutting a large hole in the entrance.

About ten minutes later, the hole was almost done. Then the camera got an idea. It turned to the second security camera, and attempted to activate it by bumping into it. When this didn't work, it looked back at the robot, who was climbing through the hole. The camera was sad and angry. It couldn't believe that it was that easy to prevent it from setting off its alarm. It knew that after the intruder was destroyed the master computer would replace it for failing its job.

Just then, the second camera's lens opened as it activated. The first camera bumped into it roughly, getting its attention, and then motioned toward the hole in the entrance. The second camera's lens widened, and it wasted no time, quickly setting off its alarm. The high pitch sound echoed through the halls of the building. Just then, the intruder was sent out the same hole it used to get in. Its arms were ripped off, and it looked like it had been stabbed several times. It was also covered in tape. The two cameras looked at each other, and then did their version of a high five. Mission accomplished.


Short Story 2: Reflection. (By the way, if you have any requests for a short story, send me a message)

Music could be heard playing, lights could be seen flashing, and an uncontrollable urge to party tainted the air. This scene could be noticed a mile away, mostly because of the loud music. The lights blinded anyone who wasn't wearing sunglasses, or didn't have a darkened lens. But the chaos was coming from a very unlikely place. Sitting at the top of a hill was a large box, made from several smaller boxes. There was a hole for a door, which several people were entering through. A metal detector scanned each of them, which was pointless since most of them were made of metal. Still, it was funny to watch them panic when the detector started beeping. Everything was going perfectly...

Suddenly, one of the partiers was thrown out the entrance, catching the attention of just about everyone. It looked like a bot with one metal claw, and a pistol where the other was supposed to be. It stood up, shaking its arms wildly in protest. A radio stepped out, still playing loudly, and motioned toward a sign that said "invites only". The bot only glared, as it attempted to go back inside, only to be blocked by the metal detector. It motioned for the bot to leave, making a loud beeping sound as it did. Everyone gasped at what the detector had "said". The radio stared at it for a moment, before picking up a pencil and writing "no cussing" on the list of rules. The detector made an irritated beeping sound, before pushing the bot down the hill.

It rolled for about a minute, before crashing into a clear surface. After recovering, it stood up to look at what it had hit. Surprisingly, all it saw was another bot...which looked exactly like it did. It leaned closer to get a better look, and the second bot did the same. The bot was confused now, and raised its claw to see if the other one did it too. It did. The bot soon started dancing, making the other dance too. It smiled at its new friend, causing it to smile back. They danced and smiled at each other for several minutes, before they both got tired at the same time. The bot was so happy that it had a new friend. It ran towards it, trying to give it a big hug. As they collided, the second one shattered, leaving nothing but pieces of the clear surface. The bot looked around, trying to figure out what it was that just happened. The second bot was nowhere to be found. Giving up, the bot slowly walked away from the scene. It was now lonely again...

It spotted a lake, which was pretty rare where it was. The bot decided to sit near it, and maybe play with the water. As it looked down into the water, it saw the second bot again. It was shocked, and couldn't believe that it had found its friend. The bot slowly raised its claw to wave at it, and just as expected, it did the same...


Short Story 3: No Entry.

It stared at him, mocking his desperate need to find an entrance. He stared back, glaring furiously at the inconvenient message written on it. "Do not enter" The very thought of being unable to enter made him sick. It was weird, why would someone make a door if people wouldn't be able to use it? He was tempted to enter anyway, but just before he turned the knob, he realized that there might be a good reason for the "Do not enter" message. He could either go in and risk walking into an unknown threat, or walk away and be perfectly fine. It's obvious which one he chose. He turned around and prepared to leave, but...

There, in front of him, was another message. But this time it said "Do not enter...ever!!!" He then noticed that he was trapped in a small room, with the two doors as his only ways of escaping. His eyes darted from one door to the other, as he thought about which one he should use. The first one said "Do not enter" but the second one said "Do not enter...ever!!!" He figured the first one would be the safest to go through, so he reached for the knob once again, and slowly opened the door.

He entered a dark room, filled with some kind of pink stuff. There didn't appear to be anyone else there...or any doors. Before he could take out his anger on the world, something knocked him into a pile of the pink stuff. It was wet, and sticky...he then realized that he was sitting in a pile of chewed gum! He quickly jumped up and tried to get the stuff off him, but a large creature picked him up, and threw him back out the door. It slammed in his face, and once again mocked him with its inconvenient message. But this time there was another message below the first. "Told ya not to enter"

He blinked twice, before growling slightly and walking toward the second door. He didn't want to open it, but it was now his only way of getting out of there. His arm slowly extended toward the knob, shaking slightly with fear. His eyes stayed fixed on the door, afraid something could happen before he even opens it. Right at that moment, he felt like the door was laughing at him for being so scared. When his hand finally reached the knob, he closed his eyes before turning it and opening the door.

And then...nothing. Nothing punched him, or pushed him in a pile of chewed gum. He actually felt fresh air. He opened his eyes, and saw that he was outside. He made it out! Suddenly, the door closed behind him, and when he looked at it he saw the same message, but with something else added to it. "Do not enter...ever!!! lol, just kidding! ;)" He wasn't sure if he should have been happy or angry. But he didn't care, he was just happy he was out of there. Without wasting anymore time there, he left to find some other situation to get himself into.


Short Story 4: Gravitationally Incorrect.

It was a beautiful day for once. The sky was blue, the sun was out, and there hadn't been any battles. Everything was just so peaceful. Just as you expected, everyone was taking advantage of the moment. Radios played loud music, while others danced. Cars zoomed by, without the fear of a threat emerging. There was even a soccer ball trying to kick itself without anyone's assistance. Everything was in perfect order...

Well, except for one thing. There was a tree, standing tall and proud not too far from everyone. But what really caught their attention was what was on the tree. Someone was standing on one of the branches...standing upsidedown. Nobody had ever seen him before. His body had the shape of a human, but he appeared to be some kind of machine. A metal man. They all watched, astounded by his ability to stand upsidedown. But he wasn't done yet. The metal man soon began to walk down the trunk of the tree. It was as if he had control over gravity.

A soccer ball suddenly rolled to the tree, and attempted to defy gravity as well. But no matter how hard it tried, it couldn't get up the tree. Everyone soon crowded around the man made of metal, trying to figure out how he was able to do all that stuff. A metal detector went to inspect the tree, but as soon as it got near it, it began beeping wildly. A radio became suspicious, and tapped the tree with its antenna. It wasn't a real tree, it was made of metal! The radio turned to face the man of metal, but quickly noticed that his feet were actually magnets.

It was all a trick! He could never defy gravity. Everyone then began to leave, so they could find something else to do. They were really angry at the fact that they were fooled, and a car even knocked down the metal tree before leaving. The metal man watched as everyone left, and shrugged when they were gone. He then ascended into the air, where he performed several stunts and tricks. He really could defy gravity...too bad nobody listened to him.


Short Story 5: Bonus Story!!!

It was a wonderful day. Everyone was happy because they were going to celebrate the fifth short story. The security camera from Failed Alarm was there. The bot from Reflection was there. The unnamed character from No Entry was there. Even the soccer ball from Gravitationally Incorrect was there. They all gathered around, as the guest of honor arrived. It was the number five. Everyone began clapping happily, except for the soccer ball, which had no hands.

They had a very specific plan about how they were going to do things. First Five would get exactly five presents. Then they would play five different games. After that, everyone would get five pieces of cake each. It was going to be perfect. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. But before anyone could see who it was, the door was pushed open. They all gasped at who it was.

It was the number four. Exactly one less than Five. This was horrible, they couldn't have a Five party with the number four there. Five walked over to the new number, and attempted to push him out. But, as his hands made contact, something unusual happened. The two numbers started glowing. Then, when they thought it couldn't get any stranger, they mixed together, and turned into a new number. Nine.

Everyone gasped again, knowing exactly what had happened. Five plus four equals nine. It was over, they couldn't have a party now. Since Five was now a nine, they had no guest of honor. suddenly, the bot from Relfection ran outside to find something, confusing everyone. When he returned, he had the numbers three and two. Pushing them together, he turned them into a new Five.

Everyone cheered, happy that the party could now continue. The bot was praised for his good thinking. However, he raised his arms up, signaling that he didn't deserve their praise. He walked over to a mirror, and pointed at his reflection, telling them that it was his "friend's" idea. They all just stared, then shrugged and applauded. As they clapped for the mirror, the bot smiled at his reflection, high fived it, and then took the mirror to find something he and his "friend" could do.


Short Story 6: The Gift of Flight.

The ability to fly has been one of the most desired things ever since life first started. The thought of being able to soar through the sky freely was enough to make anyone jealous of people who actually could. Though, not many people could fly. They either had to have wings, propellers, or jets. All of these things were hard to obtain. Occasionally, someone could be seen flying high in the sky, but it usually only happened once every week or so. Everyone wished they could fly, like the few people who had the required tools for it. But none of them could.

Well, none except for one person. He had been in his "workshop" making something that he believed could allow him to fly. Finally, after lots of hard work, he emerged from his shop, holding two large wings that appeared to be made of feathers. Everyone turned to him, admiring his wings. But it wasn't their appearance that mattered. If they couldn't fly, they would be useless. VERY useless...

After climbing to the top of a tall tree, he prepared himself for what would either be the best moment of his life, or the worst. If the wings didn't work, he knew he would fall all the way to the ground, and possibly die. And at the moment, nobody had the proper tools to reassemble him. After sighing one last time, he closed his eyes, jumped off the tree, held his breath, and flapped his wings as hard as he could.

Seconds passed, but he never felt himself hit the ground. He opened one eye, to see that the ground was getting further from him. He was flying! His wings worked! Opening both eyes, he admired the view he now had. He could see everything from that height. As he ascended higher, he just couldn't believe his invention worked. He could make wings for everyone after he landed, and even sell some of them to foreign parts of the world. They could make so much money! Everything was perfectly!

But suddenly, he heard a loud noise behind him. It sounded familiar, so he turned around to see what was making it. He only had a second to see the helicopter coming straight towards him, before it hit him, knocking him out of the sky. As he fell, he knew that from that height there was no way he would survive. This was the end! wasn't. When he hit the ground, it felt a lot softer than it normally did. The impact still hurt, but not nearly as much as it should have. Looking down, he gasped when he saw what had saved his life. The wings. He had landed on top of them, and they softened his crash. He stared at the broken wings, mentally thanking them for saving him. Then, out of nowhere, an idea hit him like a helicopter too careless to stop.

Running back inside his workshop, he spent about two hours working on his next project, before coming back out with a sign, which said: "Impact softeners! Come try my new impact softeners! Ever needed something to soften your impact? Well that's exactly what this does!" And sure enough, piles of broken wings were sitting behind him.


Short Story 7: Flood Revolution.

A wall, approximately fifty feet high and twenty miles wide, stood at the edge of a very populated city. It was made from the strongest metals, built in the most secure spot, and created by the best construction bots. The four bots stood, admiring their work. It had taken them a long time, but it was worth it. The wall wasn't just there to look awesome, it was also there to protect everyone from a flood that was approaching.

After one last inspection to make sure everything was done correctly, the bots were ready to leave. Suddenly, bot number 3 pointed to something on the horizon. It was too far to tell what it was, but it was heading towards them at a very high speed. After about three minutes of waiting for it to get closer, it became obvious what it was. It was a car, and judging by the speed it was traveling at, it was trying to run them over.

Surprised, the bots attempted to dive out of the way, but they were all stopped by bot number four. He motioned for the rest of them to stay, thinking everything would turn out ok if they did. They all turned back to the car, all of them shivering nervously, except for bot four, who was so sure that nothing bad would happen. At the last second, the three smart bots couldn't take it anymore. They leaped out of the way, letting the car slam bot number four into the wall, destroying him. The rest of them sighed in relief, glad they didn't listen to their now dead sibling.

But their troubles weren't over number one quickly noticed a crack in the wall, and rushed to it. If the flood hit hard enough, the crack could cause the entire wall to break, then everyone would be dead. There wasn't enough time to fix it properly, so bot one did the only thing that came to mind. He started putting duck tape over the crack, hoping it would be strong enough to keep the wall together.

But he was too late. As he was applying the tape, the flood came crashing into the other side of the wall, and the small crack suddenly turned into a large one. Water flowed through the cracks, slowly making them even bigger. By then, it was obvious that the wall was going to break. Bots one and two began running in circles, panicking about the deaths they knew were coming. Bot three only glared at the car that had doomed them all. Lifting his arm, he raised his middle finger at it, just before the water broke through the wall, destroying everything in its path.


Short Story 8: Digital Interception.

The world wide web, one of the fastest and easiest ways to send messages to and from far away places. With the push of a few buttons, information can be revealed to the public, or even one specific person. Of course, before you can access the internet, you need a connection. But a connection is useless if you don't have a computer. (Or some other device with a web browser) Luckily, one specific person was able to obtain both of these things. He had a good connection, and...well, he actually was the computer. Complete with a black monitor, two black speakers, a black mouse, and a black keyboard.

The monitor flashed bright colors, as the current website was displayed. A single chat window sat at the center of the screen. The keys on the keyboard began to type a message, much quicker than the average computer user would. It said: "So, do you have any plans for tomorrow?" A few seconds later, a response arrived.

"Since when do I have plans? I'm a computer." It was true, computers never really had much to do. The ones with connections could chat with each other and play on the few websites that still worked, but that was all.

"Oh, right..." He typed, feeling a little embarrassed for asking such an obvious question. "Sorry."

"It's ok, it was kinda funny." The message didn't diminish his embarrassment, but before he could change the subject, a light flashed at the top left corner of the screen. Realizing what it was, he typed his next message.

"My batteries are going dead. I'm gonna have to recharge."

"Aww...ok. I'll see you in a few hours, then."

"Bye," He typed, saddened about having to recharge. He hated abandoning his companion, but if his batteries weren't charged he'd shut down. "I'll miss you...I love you," Was all he could type. It was the first time he had ever said that he loved her, but it was actually kind of obvious. Before he began recharging his batteries, he waited eagerly to see her response.

On another part of the world, a pink computer received the message sent a few seconds ago by the other computer. As she read it, she could barely contain her excitement. He had finally confessed his feelings for her! She felt the same way about him, but had decided to wait for him to tell her first. That's how it was supposed to go, right? The guy was supposed to tell the girl. Quickly, she typed her response to his love message. "I love you too! And I'm so happy that you were finally able to tell me!" She sent her message.

It traveled through her connection and into the internet, where it began searching for the correct location to go to. It didn't take much time for it to find the male computer's connection and head in its direction. Unfortunately, before it could get there, a black substance grabbed onto it, and began pulling it inside of it. The message fought to get out, but the virus was too strong, and in a matter of seconds, the entire message was deleted.

The virus laughed as the remains of the message were sucked into it, making it even more powerful. Among the data it absorbed was the location of the sender. Curious, the virus scanned the information, and smiled devilishly. It knew who its next victim would be.

Meanwhile, the male computer was still waiting for a reply from his best and only friend. The suspense was eating him alive, but all he could do was keep waiting. Minutes went by, but he continued to wait, not caring that his batteries were still running low. After an hour, he began to think something was going on. Her status still said that she was online, and he had confirmed that his message was sent. There was nothing else he could do but wait. Wait for her to reply.

Several hours went by, but he still didn't get anything from her. He had resorted to using an outlet to power himself, which was dangerous with all the random power outages. But he didn't care how dangerous it was. He needed to know how she felt about him. Days passed, then weeks, and even months, but still he continued to wait. Every second was like an eternity to him, but he couldn't move on until he heard from her again. She had gone offline a long time ago, momentarily breaking his heart, but he believed that once she returned she would tell him if she loved him back or not. He so desperately needed to know...

After a year had passed, he couldn't take it anymore. He was overheated from not shutting down at all, dusty from not cleaning himself, and his heart was broken. He thought she was his friend, and that she possibly had feelings for him...but he was wrong. She didn't care about him. Finally, he did what he should have done a year ago. Shut himself down, and began recharging his batteries. His speakers, keyboard, and mouse huddled around him, comforting him the best they could.

Meanwhile, the pink computer's mouse dashed around wildly, as it fought to survive a storm of random pop-ups. They had started coming about a year ago. After she had finally gotten rid of them, for the moment, she attempted to sign in to chat with her best friend again. But she got the same message she had been getting for a year, every time she tried to. "A virus has been detected on your system. This website has been blocked to prevent any harmful files from spreading." If she could, she would have broken down and cried right then and there. It had been a year since she last talked to him. He told her he loved her, and she felt the same way, but now they couldn't be together. All because of one little virus!

She missed him so much...and she couldn't imagine what he must have been going through.


Short Story 9: Failed Alarm 2. (That's right, some of my short stories will have sequels)

It had been about a year since our protagonist, the security camera, had his alarm cut off. Intruders came almost every week, only to be destroyed by the hostile things inside the building. Luckily, his alarm had been reattached, so he could once again warn everyone when danger was approaching. Everything was back to normal...well, almost everything.

The protagonist and deuteragonist, the two cameras, now had a third security camera. Normally they'd be happy to have someone else with them, but not today, and for a good reason. The new camera was...different. It always held an angry expression, and every time they looked at it, it glared at them. It also had a small gun on its side, that looked like it fired stamps. The two cameras didn't even converse, afraid that they might annoy their new partner.

The thing that freaked them out the most was the fact that this camera didn't need to recharge. It could go days, or even weeks, without getting tired. Unlike the second camera, the first one tried to not recharge, in hopes of impressing the newcomer. It was nearly midnight, and the only one recharging was the second camera. However, the third didn't care. It didn't even bother to look at the other two.

The first camera was tired, really tired. He wanted to recharge his batteries so badly, but at the same time he wanted to look tough. He could barely keep his lens opened, when he suddenly saw something to his left. Without even thinking, he set off his alarm. It was long and loud, but strangely it didn't wake up the second camera.

The door to the building opened, and what looked like a knife with a rotor on each side flew out. It quickly scanned the area, looking for the reason the alarm went off. It found nothing. The first camera then realized that it was just a smudge on his lens. Embarrassed, he turned to the third camera, apologetically. The angry security camera glared for a moment, before ripping the first camera's alarm off. If he could gasp, he would have.

Before any more damage could be done to him, an intruder jumped out of what appeared to be nowhere. This time the camera really did gasp, trying to activate his alarm again. Nothing happened, and then he remembered that it was ripped off. The second camera was recharging, so he turned to the third camera, as if signaling it to use its alarm...

But it didn't.

Instead, it fired several stamps at the intruder. They all stuck to him, making it very hard for him to move, until all he could do was lay on the ground and try to break out. The protagonist was shocked. It was the first time he'd ever seen a camera take down an intruder all by itself. Lifting himself up, he positioned himself for his version of a high five. But the third camera only stared at him, before turning away, leaving him hanging...

and hanging...

and hanging...

and hanging...


Short Story 10: Bonus Story!

It was the day of the tenth short story, and as you expected, there was going to be another party. Once again, someone from all of the previous stories was there. The camera from Failed Alarm, the bot from Reflection, the unnamed character from No Entry, the soccer ball from Gravitationally Incorrect, the inventor from The Gift of Flight, the construction bots from Flood Revolution (They were repaired after the flood killed them. Even the fourth one), even the male computer from Digital Interception was there. And guarding the entrance to the party place (Which was made by the construction bots) was, you guessed it, the angry security camera from Failed Alarm 2.

You'd think being outside, bolted to a wall while everyone else is partying would be terrible, but the advanced camera actually enjoyed it. Mostly because it was designed to be more loyal than the other cameras. The guest of honor, the number ten, hadn't arrived yet, so they patiently waited. They couldn't celebrate the tenth short story without the number ten. That would be ridiculous.

The camera suddenly looked up, as it heard a sound coming from the bushes. It prepared its stamp gun, and waited for the unknown person to show himself. Finally, a number stepped out, but it wasn't the one they were waiting for. It was the one and only, nine. The number walked up to the entrance and attempted to go inside, like he owned the place. However, he was stopped by the camera shooting a stamp on his face. It motioned for the uninvited guest to leave.

The number glared, but saw how angry the camera looked, so he decided to just leave. But not before promising that he would get his revenge. Minutes after his departure, ten finally arrived. He was greeted by everyone, and the party officially started. They danced, played games, watched movies, and had a good time.

Suddenly, the inventor noticed something outside. Walking to a window, he examined something he could see in the sky. After a few moments, he realized what it was...and it wasn't good at all. The bot from Reflection walked next to him, to see what he was looking at. When he saw it, fear rushed through his body.

Turning off the music, he frantically pointed at the object in the sky. It was an atomic bomb, and when everyone figured that out, they went into a panic. Everyone was running around screaming, except for the cameras, who were bolted to the walls. How were they supposed to survive an atomic bomb? They were doomed!

Then, just in time, the third construction bot got an idea. He remembered something he'd seen in a movie about an iron giant. Quickly, he grabbed everyone and literally dragged them under a table. He even yanked the two cameras off of their walls. Once they were "safe" the bot looked around to make sure he didn't forget someone.

He gasped when he saw the fourth contruction bot, standing calmly in the center of the room. They motioned for him to get under the table, even though the third bot was the only one who really believed it would save them. The fourth bot shook his head, telling them that he believed he would be ok. Before they could protest, the bomb hit...and then something amazing happened.

Everything was destroyed...except for the spot under the table. They couldn't believe they were they jumped up and danced happily. All of them hugged the third construction bot, since it was his unusual idea that saved them. But before they could continue their party, the fourth bot's severed arm fell in front of them. None of them knew why he didn't just get under the table with them, but he lost his life because of it. Shrugging, everyone continued dancing. They planned on fixing the fourth bot again, even though he had a hard time avoiding death.


Short Story 11: Imagine.

Your imagination can take you anywhere, from the deepest oceans to the tallest mountains. It can give you any physical trait, no matter how impossible it would be in reality. It can create fake images that only the imaginer can see, and even generate fake sounds. Yup, your imagination can do anything, just don't get what isn't real confused with what is real. That would be disastrous.

Speaking of imagination, that's exactly what our protagonist for this story is doing. Imagining. He created fish that could talk, monkeys that could fly, and even cats that could change color. Every weird thing that came to his mind, he created. But don't worry, he didn't just leave all those crazy animals to do what they want. When too many of them started appearing, he just snapped his fingers and they disappeared. It was so easy.

Then, he got an idea for another weird creature. In an instant, a box appeared. It was brown, like any other box, but it had a big black eye. The imaginer laughed as he studied what he had just made. It stared at him with its big guy, which started to creep him out a little. Finally, he decided to get rid of it. As he snapped his fingers, the creature...was still there. Thinking he may have done it wrong, he snapped his fingers again. Still, the box ramained there.

Its eye was locked on him, not even blinking. It was so weird. Then, he got another idea. If the box was just imaginary, he should be able to walk right through it, then maybe it would disappear. Without any hesitation, the imaginer attempted to go right through the box...but he couldn't. He could touch the box...and it horrified him. He was so scared that he ran as fast as he could. The box didn't have legs, so he figured it wouldn't be able to chase him...he was wrong.

As he ran, he gasped when he saw something in front of him. It was the box...somehow it had moved from its spot, and was now in front of him. He was going to run again, but he saw another box behind him. There were two now! Then, suddenly, there was a third! A fourth, and a fifth! Soon he was surrounded by over a dozen boxes with eyes. He began to panic, as they began approaching him. There was no escape! Then, just before they all jumped on him...

...He woke up. His eyes widened as he saw that the boxes were gone. It was all just a crazy dream. Sighing in relief, he stood up and began preparing himself for a day of imagining. And this time, he wouldn't create a box with an eye.


Short Story 12: Reflection 2. (Finally!!!)

Several weeks had passed since the events of the first Reflection. Not much had changed, though. There was still a party going on at the top of a hill, and the lonely bot was still friends with his reflection. In fact, he started carrying a mirror everywhere he went, and whenever someone asked about it he told them it was his friend. People began to think he was weird.

One day, he decided to take his "friend" to the party at the top of the hill. Yeah, they did throw him out last time, but maybe now they'd let him in. When he arrived he tried to go inside, but the same radio from last time stopped him. It pointed to the sign that said "invites only". Out of options, the bot knew what he had to do. He got on his knees, and begged the radio to let him and his friend in. The radio only watched him, finding it kinda funny that he wanted to get in so badly.

Then it saw the mirror. Surprised, it picked it up and took a good look at it. It was the same mirror that apparently figured out how to make a new five, after the first one turned into a nine. It had saved their first bonus story party. Quickly, the radio took the mirror inside, leaving the bot to just stare in confusion. They let his "friend" in, but not him? Curious, he stuck his head through the entrance, and searched for the mirror. What he saw surprised him.

Everyone was cheering for it, as one of the partiers danced with it. It was unusual, but the bot was happy that his "friend" was so popular. Before he could see more, the metal detector came and pushed him away from the entrance, beeping angrily at him. Before he replied, he got an idea. Since his "friend" was now a partier, he could invite him. Rushing inside, he went straight to the mirror, and asked it if he could stay. Then he nodded, knowing his reflection would do the same.

The metal detector and radio just stared, a little mad that they now had to let him stay. They sighed, before giving him a party pass and walking away. The metal detector beeped something as they walked, causing the radio to hit it, and point to the "no cussing" sign. The bot was so happy! It could finally party with everyone else, and it was all thanks to his "friend". Picking up the mirror, he pulled it into a tight hug. He could almost feel a pair of arms hugging him back. Then he danced with his reflection, smiling at it, as it smiled back.


Short Story 13: Curse.

Everyone was afraid, and not for the usual reasons. There wasn't a natural disaster about to happen, or an atomic missile heading towards them. The thing that was scaring them was the fact that it was time for the 13th short story. 13 was the most evil number anyone could think of. They didn't even know why, but they didn't need to. Nobody was taking any risks until the 14th story.

Well, there was one person. An android, who ironically didn't look anything like a human, was doing something that could, and probably would, fail. He had a head that resembled an astronaut's helmet...thing. His body was made of what appeared to be plastic. He was wearing gloves, and combat boots. After taking one good look at him, it was obvious to anyone what he was doing. Especially since there was a giant space shuttle next to him.

Everyone tried to talk him out of it, but he refused to listen. He was created with the knowledge of how to fly a shuttle, but his wasn't even real. He built it with a bunch of stuff he found lying around. Stuff that normally would never be used to build a flying machine. What on earth made him think it was going to fly?

Finally, it was time for him to head into space. After waving to everyone, he stepped inside of his shuttle. Everyone watched from a safe distance, waiting for the shuttle to explode, or something. However, when the engine turned on and the solid boosters pushed it off the ground, nothing happened. It slowly ascended into the air, until it was eventually out of sight.

Everyone was surprised. How could his shuttle have worked during the most unlucky short story there will ever be? It was a mystery that probably would never be solved. One of the onlookers smiled and, thinking there really wasn't anything to worry about, started dancing. Soon others began to smile, but before they could celebrate too, one of the boosters from the shuttle landed on the dancer, crushing him. Everyone gasped, but in a few seconds realized why that had happened. The 13th short story had cursed them!

At that moment, everyone ran to find a safe place to hide, looking up to make sure the second booster wasn't coming for them.


Guess what? My birthday's tomorrow!!! And you can help celebrate it by writing me a birthday story!! Just PM me if you'd like to do it. It doesn't even have to be that long, as long as it's for me. ^^

Short Story 14: Sitting.

It was time for the 14th story, and everyone was very happy. After all of the bad luck that happened during the 13th, they were so glad it was over. Now they could jump off cliffs and punch each other in the face, without having to worry about something going seriously wrong. Ok, most people weren't doing things like that, but there were a few. However, ironically, that's not what the main character of this story was doing. He wasn't jumping off cliffs, or punching people in the face, or jumping in front of speeding cars. No, he wasn't doing any of that.

...He was sitting. Yeah, you read me right. Sitting. While everyone was having fun, he was just sitting. It was the weirdest thing anyone had ever seen. And he wasn't only sitting for a few minutes. He had actually been doing it for over five hours. Five hours he could have spent enjoying the 14th short story! Finally, one person couldn't take it anymore. He approached the sitting person, and just stood there, waiting for him to notice.

But the sitter didn't look, or even glance at him. This made him angry, so he tapped the killjoy's shoulder, hoping to get his attention. That didn't work either. Now infuriated, he grabbed the sitter and forced him to look at him. What he saw was a complete surprise.

It was a small statue...not a person. He had been looking at a statue the whole time. Embarrassed, he put it down and quickly walked away. As soon as he was gone, another person approached the statue. He glared angrily at it, before smashing the head with his foot. Then he picked up the body and threw it to the ground, shattering it. He couldn't believe he had been watching a statue the whole time.


Sigh* I'm sick...really sick. Luckily, that didn't stop me from writing the short story. ^^

Short Story 15: Bonus Story!

It's time for what you've been waiting for, the 15th short story, and 3rd bonus story. As usual, there was going to be a party and someone from all of the previous stories would be there. The camera from Failed Alarm, the bot from Reflection, the unnamed character from No Entry, the soccer ball from Gravitationally Incorrect, the inventor from The Gift of Flight, the construction bots from Flood Revolution (The fourth one was repaired...again), the male computer from Digital Interception, the security camera from Failed Alarm 2, the protagonist from Imagine, the metal detector from Reflection 2 (Lol), the astronaut from Curse (He returned from space), and even the pieces of the statue from Sitting were there (I don't know how they got there, but they did).

It didn't take long for the guest of honor, 15, to arrive. As soon as he stepped through the entrance, the party started. People danced, talked, and occasionally broke things. It was so awesome...except for one thing. The computer. He wasn't dancing, or talking, or occasionally breaking things. All he could do was think about his sweetheart. He missed her so much...but there was nothing he could do about it. She had been offline for over a year, and he had no idea where she was.

The metal detector noticed the computer, and got an idea. Quickly, he took advantage of his sadness and took his speakers, then hooked them up to their music player and used them to make the music louder. (Mean) Happy about what he just did, he continued dancing. The computer didn't even care that his speakers were taken from him. He was so lonely.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Everyone instantly turned to look at it. All of the guests had arrived, so who could it have been? 15 quickly approached the door, thinking it was 14 trying to crash the party. However, when it opened, he was surprised by what he saw. It was a pink computer...but there was a message on her screen. It said "Virus detected." She quickly rushed inside, desperately searching for the one she loved.

When the male computer saw her, he couldn't believe his screen. He would have cried tears of joy if he could. Without hesitation, he ran to her, faster than the average computer could. He hugged her...or did the computer version of a hug, but when he saw what was on her screen his joy turned into fear. Having a virus was a horrible thing for a computer. They could delete all of their memory, or even kill was he going to help her? Then it hit him...

Without even saying anything, he connected his USB cable to her, and started downloading the virus from her. It would save her, but he would have the virus. When she realized what he was doing, she was shocked and began begging him not to do it, but he didn't listen. He had to help her...even if it killed him.

Meanwhile, the fourth construction bot watched them. He didn't want either of them to have the virus. They loved each other, and probably couldn't live without each other. Without even giving it much thought, he quickly pulled the USB cable out of the male computer, and put it in himself. He began receiving the virus, instead of the computer. Everyone gasped, but before they could do anything, it was too late. The virus began deleting and destroying the bot's system, making him twitch wildly, before falling on his back as his life slowly ended. He was gone.

The other three construction bots approached him, sad that he was dead...again...but happy that he finally died for a good reason. They would definitely rebuild him. As they admired his lifeless body, the two computers hugged again, happy that they were finally together again. When they pulled away, and gazed at each other's screens, the female computer had a message on hers. "I love you too." And at that moment, the party resumed, but the two love computers didn't even notice. All they could see and hear was each other.


Short Story 16: Flood Revolution 2.

He let himself get hit by a car in Flood Revolution, got destroyed by an atomic bomb in the second bonus story, and took a computer virus so no one else would have to in the third bonus story. But now, after hours of rebuilding him...again...he was alive. The fourth contruction bot's eyes slowly opened as his repairs were finished. As usual, he saw his four partners standing over him. Wait a minute...four?

He quickly sat up to see who the newcomer could be. He almost gasped when he realized who it was. It was obvious by his appearance that he was a new construction bot, the fifth! The fourth bot was shocked, and enraged. He was supposed to be the last bot, there weren't supposed to be any others after him. He pleaded with the third bot to get rid of the newbie, but to no avail. Apparently they needed the extra help.

A few minutes later, they had to go repair a car that somehow managed to get damaged horribly. They really didn't care how it happened. However, when they got there they new exactly how it happened, because it was the same car that messed up their wall in Flood Revolution! The second bot glared, and even tried to kill the car. Luckily, the other bots were their to hold him back. They really hated the car, but they couldn't just kill it.

After a few minutes of talking, they finally decided to just fix the car. They hated it, but it was the right thing to do. A while after they started, the fourth bot noticed the fifth one doing something behind the car. Sneakily, he snuck up behind the bot to see what he was doing. What he saw surprised him, and made him happy at the same time. The fifth bot had poked a hole in the car's gas tank, and was letting the gas pour into a bottle to keep for himself. He was so busted.

Unfortunately, the thief bot realized he was being watched, and quickly dropped the bottle of gas, letting it spill all over the ground. His prize disposed of, he lunged at the fourth bot, knowing he was going to tell the other bots. Unfortunately for the fifth bot, it had never been established that the fourth bot was a pretty skilled fighter. He quickly sent a hard punch into the thief's face, making him take a few steps back. Then he tackled him to the ground, attempting to restrain him.

However, as they both came crashing to the ground, their metal bodies scraped each other, creating sparks which ignited the gas on the ground. In seconds they were both completely covered in flames. The fourth bot tried desperately to crawl out of the fire, but as his body began to melt, he knew he wouldn't survive. So he just let himself die, along with the fifth bot.

By this time the car and other bots had noticed the fire, and retreated to a safe distance. Once someone was able to find a working water hose, the fire was extinguished. The three remaining bots gasped when they saw the fourth and fifth bot, burned and dead. The third bot glared. He was getting so tired of fixing the fourth bot, and now he had to fix the fifth? Heck no! He ordered the first two bots to fix the fourth one, and told them to take whatever useful parts the fifth bot had, then get rid of him. That was the last time he was getting any new recruits.


Short Story 17: Party Crashers.

They were disgusting, meaningless, crazy monsters. The idea that people could go to a party without even being invited was staggering. Which is exactly why the metal detector and radio tried so hard to defend their party from them (That's right, for once they're the stars of the story). The most infamous party crasher they knew was a flashlight, named Flash. He tried so hard to get into the party, and even after he gave up he tried to ruin everyone elses good time. It was infuriating because he almost succeeded.

One day the radio, the owner of the party place, rushed to the metal detector, frantically. In the process, he accidentally pushed his scanner into one of the partiers who was entering, causing it to beep loudly. The metal detector quickly moved it away, and turned to his employer to see what was wrong. Instead of an explanation, the radio grabbed him and pulled him inside, pointing at a particular partier. As the detector looked, he gasped in the form of a high pitched beep.

There, dancing with everyone else, was Flash...the flashlight. The two hosts just watched him, not able to believe that he was there...dancing like he was welcome. The metal detector beeped, believing that he had crashed the party again. Agreeing, the radio began to brainstorm on what to do. Flash was smart, too smart to crash their party without a backup plan for if he got caught. They needed to get him out stealthily...if that was possible.

The metal detector gasped as Flash did the unthinkable. He took a battery from the battery stand. Those batteries were for people who really needed them, not party crashers looking for free stuff! The radio had to hold him back as he attempted to rush to Flash and beat the crud out of him. Though he didn't think violence was the answer like his partner, he knew that Flash had to be stopped. Now. Getting an idea, he put a sign on a door that said "Free extra bright lights, for flashlights" and then walked through it, followed by his angry friend. There was no way Flash could resist an extra bright light.

Just as he thought, Flash noticed the sign and quickly ran to the door. When he opened it, however, the metal detector and radio pulled him in, throwing him to the ground and restraining him. They made sure to close the door, of course. They didn't want any of the other partiers to know there was a party crasher. Flash struggled to get free, but it was two against one...and the metal detector was a lot stronger than he looked.

Right in the middle of their skirmish, another partier, a lantern, opened the door to see what was going on. The radio and metal detector both knew who she was. She had been partying there almost every day for about a year. She gasped when she saw the fight. Right at that moment, Flash began rapidly turning his light on and off. The radio recognized it as a morse code, since the metal detector sometimes communicated that way.

It meant "What's wrong with you guys? I'm not crashing this time, I was invited by her!" He pointed towards the lantern. The two protagonists were skeptical to believe him, but when he pulled out his invitation they knew it was true. It was so shocking...the worst party crasher ever had been...invited. Then Flash did another morse code.

"I'm definitely sueing you for this!" They gasped, not just because he was willing to do it, but because he actually could. By attacking and trying to kick out a person who had an invitation, they broke the law. They could lose everything, including their party building! Fortunately, the metal detector would not let this happen. He quickly did a morse code of his own.

"Wait, you don't have to do that, we'll um...we'll give you anything you want, if you forget about this!" Flash thought for a moment, smiled, then morsed.

"Anything?" When neither of the two party hosts responded, Flash decided to just tell him what he wanted. In morse form, of course. "I want to work here, and be a host like you two." They were shocked. Why would flash want to work there? Well...working there did mean you could kick people out, party any time without an invite, live there, help make new rules and get rid of old ones, and invite anyone you want. It was actually pretty good.

The radio and metal detector both wanted to say no way, was either that or get sued. Sighing, the metal detector morsed. " can work here..." Flash smiled evilly. He was going to be working at the place that he was kicked out of. It was so perfect! This was definitely good revenge! The radio reluctantly gave him his Party Moderator Pass, or PMP. Flash admired it for a few seconds, before going back to the party with the lantern. But not before morsing something to his new co-workers.

"Looks like this is gonna be my home for a while." ...They were so screwed.


Short Story 18: Reflection 3. (Takes place exactly one hour after Party Crashers)

Our favorite bot was heading back to the party on the hill. Ever since he was invited by his "friend" he had been going there every day. He held the mirror protectively in his arms as he made his way up the hill. It was kind of a struggle, but it was definitely worth it. When he made it to the top, he saw what he always saw. The metal detector scanning the arriving partiers, the radio playing his music loud and proud, and Flash just watching the whole thing.

Wait a minute...Flash? The bot knew very well who he was. He was a very VERY persistent party crasher in the past, and even though the bot didn't know about the party place at the time, he always heard people talking about Flash. Glaring, the bot figured he must have been crashing again. But what could he do? From what he heard, Flash was really smart when he wanted to be. He could have put traps all over the place, for anyone who might try to stop him.

Then it hit him. He couldn't stop Flash's party crashing, but his "friend" could. Giving the mirror one big hug, he flung it at the flashlight. As it went through the air, the radio noticed it, and realized it was going straight at Flash. Smiling, he just watched as it hit him right on the head. Flash was slightly dazed by the impact, but quickly glared at the mirror once he realized what happened. The radio and metal detector looked and gasped, as Flash did the unthinkable.

He smashed the mirror...smashed the mirror! When the bot saw what had happened to his "friend" all he could do was stare in disbelief. The other two hosts rushed to Flash, scolding him harshly. They loved the mirror. It was apparently a hero, and now it was gone! Flash just ignored them, and walked to the bot who threw the mirror. In a swift motion, he took his party pass, ripping it apart. The bot gasped, along with the radio and detector.

Flash then motioned for him to leave. The bot just stood there for a second, staring at the remains of his "friend". Then he turned and slowly walked away. He didn't wanna party anymore, anyway. As he left, he could hear the metal detector and radio bombarding Flash with insults. At that point, he had figured out that somehow, through some crazy event, Flash had became a party host. But he didn't care, all he could think about was his "friend"...his dead "friend".


Short Story 19: Globalization.

It was here! Finally, after weeks of waiting! It had arrived, in a box, just as he expected! Wait, who is he? What had arrived? I actually have no idea. Anyway, he rushed the box to a safe place, then quickly began to open it. It was incredible! It was amazing! It was a...globe? He stared at it for what seemed like hours. Long hours. This wasn't what he ordered! Something must have gone wrong while it was being delivered!

(Four days ago, in an unknown location) Two delivery trucks drove side by side, each one carrying several boxes. Suddenly, one hit a hole in the rode, causing it to accidentally bump into the second truck. One box fell from each one, and both landed next to each other. The trucks stopped and allowed two delivery bots to get out. They approached the boxes, but didn't know which one belonged in which truck. Knowing they didn't have time to figure it out, the first deliverer flipped a coin. It landed on heads, so he took the first box, and the other bot took the second box.

(Back to our protagonist) This was unbelievable! He really wanted to get his miniature sculpture of Neil Armstrong! Now he was gonna have to call the delivering company, and-wait a minute, what's that? The abused customer then noticed a small button on the globe. There was a note under it, which said: "Do not, under any circumstances, or for any reason, press this button!" ...There was a moment of silence as he just stared at it. Whoever wrote the note sounded really serious...but curiosity got the better of him, as he hesitantly pushed the button.

Nothing happened. It just sat there, mocking him with it's un-Neil Armstrong-ness. Now angry, he shook the globe violently. However, as he did so he felt the ground beneath him shake too. He quickly stopped, very confused. After looking at the globe for a few more seconds, he shook it slightly again. Once again, the ground shook. Then it hit him like a slap from a guy you don't even like. This globe could control the world...he could take over the world! He laughed like a maniac, thinking about all the things he could do. Unfortunately, he accidentally dropped it, causing it to hit the ground and shake the world again. However, this time the shake was violent enough to send him and the glove into a tree. But, once it hit the tree, another shake sent him into a wall. Then another shake sent him crashing into another tree.

He soon realized what was happening. Every time the globe hit something it shook the world, but the shake was enough to make it hit something else, creating another shake. It was like some kind of crazy paradox! This continued for several minutes before he was able to grab the globe, and smash it against the ground. It broke into several pieces...and the shaking stopped.

Sighing in relief, he pulled out his phone, which he was very lucky to have, and began to call the delivering company. He had a lot to say.


Short Story 20: Bonus Story!

It's time for another bonus story, the 20th short story! Wow, I've been doing this for twenty weeks. That's a pretty long time...anyway, we normally see the events that take place as the partiers wait for the guest of honor, but this time we're gonna see exactly how he gets there, and what tries to stop him. Just as you expected, Twenty was making his way to the location of the party. Everything was going fine.

But suddenly, he heard a noise behind him. He froze, thinking it might be a killer, or a thief, or a Japanese guy! But was so much worse. When he turned around, he nearly screamed out of fear. It was Twenty-one. Not wasting a second, Twenty ran for his life. He looked back to see Twenty-one gaining on him, which scared him to pieces. However, when he was looking back he tripped over a rock. He rolled down a hill and into a bush. Luckily for him, Twenty-one ran right passed it.

He sighed in relief, then came out of the bush, but what he saw next made him wish he had stayed in it. Nineteen. Twenty did what he did earlier, and ran for his life. Strangely, Nineteen didn't chase him. Instead, he picked up a big rock and hurled it at him. Twenty could see the party place, he was almost there! But then, the rock hit him in the head, sending him to the ground.

A few seconds later, his disorientation began to leave. He slowly stood up, as he rubbed the back of his head. Then he realized...he made it. He was at the party! He could hear music, and see people dancing! It was amazing! Twenty walked around, looking at all of the decorations, the happy partiers, and the snacks! Then he realized something...none of the partiers looked familiar.

Confused, Twenty searched for some of the people he knew were supposed to be there, like the camera from Failed Alarm, or that weird soccer ball from Gravitationally Incorrect. Instead, he found something he'd rather not have seen...a sign that said "Happy construction-day, Rex!" Then it hit him...hard...he was at the wrong party!


Merry Christmas, everyone!!! :D

Short Story 21: A Legend Begins.

Music could be heard playing, lights could be seen flashing, and an uncontrollable urge to party tainted the air. This scene could be noticed a mile away, mostly because of the loud music. The lights blinded anyone who wasn't wearing sunglasses, or didn't have a darkened lens. And it was all coming from a party located comfortably at the top of a hill. It was the perfect place for Flash, a young flashlight, to spend the rest of his night. He eagerly rushed to the entrance and tried to go in. Unfortunately, he was stopped by a metal detector, beeping angrily at him.

Before he could protest, the metal detector motioned towards an "invites only" sign. Flash couldn't believe it. It was so unfair to him that you had to get a stranger at the party to invite you before you could go in. Glaring, he attempted to go inside anyway, only to get into a shove fight with the detector. The local television of the party place noticed the fight, and tried to break it up. Flash, now infuriated, sent a hard blow to the television's screen, creating a large crack. The TV instantly panicked and ran around to to find a way to fix it.

At that moment, a radio came and tried to calm down the TV. The television glared before pulling off its "property of the Hill Party" sticker, and walked through the exit. He had quit. Now angry, the radio searched for the person responsible, and then saw Flash fighting with the metal detector. The radio glared at the person who took away their ability to watch TV, and quickly pushed him out, telling him to never come back to the party without an invite.

Flash gave them a death glare before turning and leaving. However, once he was out of sight he quickly ran to the other side of the party place. Once there, he easily smashed a hole in the cardboard wall and entered. He was in an empty room with a door, which he assumed would lead to the party. But before he could join the others, he needed a disguise...then he got an idea.

Ripping off a large part of the wall, he folded it into the form of a lampshade. Then he placed it over himself and turned on his light. He looked just like a lamp. Without wasting any time, he quietly entered the party, and danced as if he had been there a while. He was so happy, he actually managed to sneak into the party! Everything was going great! Until...a large male lamp quickly rushed over to him. He blinked his light seven times...and that terrified Flash. In lamp language, six blinks means I hate you, but seven blinks means I love you...the lamp had a crush on him...and thought he was a girl!

Unfortunately, Flash didn't know how many blinks to do to reject him, so he did what most people would have done in his position. He ran, but the lamp quickly grabbed him and held him close. Were lamps really this persistent when it came to relationships? The next thing that happened scared him even more. The other partiers noticed what was happening, and soon all eyes were on him and the lamp. The two hosts of the party were looking too, which worried Flash deeply. He could not be discovered! Not when he was so close to partying with everyone!

But when the lamp began slowly leaning towards him, he started to wonder if this was all worth it. He was going to kiss him...kiss him! Flash really didn't want to kiss a dude! But...if he just went along with it, nobody would be suspicious, and he'd be able to party freely. What was more important...his dignity, or the best party in the world? In the end, Flash just closed his eyes and tried to pretend it was a girl that was about to kiss him. their lampshades brushed against each other, Flash's accidentally fell off of him, and everybody gasped.

The lamp's gasp was the loudest. He couldn't believe the person he thought he loved turned out to be a boy! He wasn't gay! The radio and metal detector angrily rushed towards Flash to kick him out, but he had other plans. Flash quickly grabbed the lamp and used him as a hostage, threatening to smash his light bulb if anyone got too close. Everyone just stared at him, waiting for him to make his demands.

Flash knew he couldn't just ask them to let him party. Cuz the minute he released the lamp, they'd be on him. He had to find a way to guarantee that they would let him party no matter what. However, as he was making a plan, a baseball bat quickly hit him in the head, making him let go of the lamp. But Flash was quick, and retreated to the empty room as the hosts chased him.

When they saw the holes in the wall, the metal detector morsed "Destruction of party property? That's low!" They approached him slowly, expecting to have to chase him through the hole. But he didn't run. Flash just glared angrily at them. Slowly, he began to morse.

"If I can't one can!" Then he shattered his light bulb on the ground, sparks flying everywhere. When they landed on the cardboard walls, a fire was created. It quickly spread and covered most of the room. The hosts were shocked, and the radio quickly motioned for the metal detector to go after Flash while he evacuates the party. Flash had already gone through the hole, but he could barely see after the damage he had done to himself. After he ran a few yards, he tripped.

The metal detector rushed to him, angrier than he'd ever been. Flash didn't have time to look up at him before he started beating him. The detector struck him hard and fast, creating dents and cracks. After a minute, Flash was unconscious, and the metal detector decided to go see how the radio and the partiers were doing. The party place was gone...but everyone was ok. The only problem the hell were they gonna party? Everyone was losing hope, thinking they wouldn't be able to party for a long time. Then the radio got an idea. Grabbing a piece of cardboard that survived, he wrote a large message on it, which he then showed to everyone.

"Outside party!" Everyone instantly cheered. It was a perfect idea. They'd party outside until they could get enough boxes to make a new building. As everyone began dancing, the hosts turned to look where Flash was. He was awake, and crawling away. The detector tried to go to him and finish the job, but the radio stopped him. It wouldn't be right to kill Flash...and he'd probably be too scared to come back after everything that happened to him. Deciding to let him live, the detector began dancing with the rest of the partiers. Soon the radio started dancing to the music he was playing for everyone. Partying outside was actually really awesome.

However, one person wasn't partying. The lamp watched angrily as Flash crawled out of sight. He glared in the direction for a few seconds, before blinking his light six times.



Short Story 22: Black Companion.

He stared at it for what felt like about half an hour, because it was, in fact, half an hour. It just sat there, only moving when he did. He hated how it always tried to match his movements and copy his poses. Mostly because it always succeeded. It was like a mimicking mime. It didn't speak, or make any kind of sound. Telling it to go away never worked, because it never listened. And trying to go away from it was no use, since it could follow him anywhere. No matter how fast he ran, it was always right there next to him.

Finally he looked away from his follower, and up towards the sun, shielding his eyes from the brightness as its heat began to annoy him. He tried to ignore it, since he figured the sun had nothing to do with his black companion. Glancing back at the figure, he decided to try walking away from it again. He hoped this time it wouldn't follow him...however, it did. He soon found himself running, and being chased by his mimicker. He looked back to see that it was right behind him, running exactly the same way he was.

Unfortunately, while he was looking at his chaser, he ran into a random building. Stumbling back, he shook the pain away, then turned to see the black figure doing the exact same thing. He couldn't take it anymore after that. He was so sick of that thing messing with him! Quickly, he grabbed a rock and began slamming it against the figure. It was strange, the rock looked like it was hitting it, but he felt like it was just hitting the ground beneath his adversary. It angered him that it was mimicking all of his strikes.

Tossing the rock away, he began punching it as hard as he could. He didn't understand why he couldn't hurt it, he didn't understand why it only messed with him, and he didn't understand why it was always on the opposite side of him that the sun was. But none of that mattered to him as he tried so desperately to murder it. By accident, he punched a sharp rock on the ground. He held his fist, closing his eyes tightly to distract himself from the pain.

When he opened them, he saw that his companion was doing the same thing. He started getting an idea...suddenly, he punched himself to test his theory. As he expected, it did the same. An evil smile took over his face. He couldn't hurt it, but if he hurt himself then it would do the same. Without any hesitation, he started punching himself, not holding back no matter how much it hurt.

His foe did the same, though no matter how much he harmed himself, it didn't get any visible injuries like he did. Infuriated, he decided it was time to end it. He pulled out a pistol, making his enemy do the same, then aimed it at his own head. Smiling widely, he pulled the trigger...

...And died. Maybe he didn't think that plan through. He was so focused on making his shadow die that he didn't realize that he'd die too. As his body rested motionless on the ground, his shadow mimicked it. Even after death, it still wouldn't leave him alone...


Short Story 23: Imagine 2.

Walking trees, floating skulls, and even flammable water could be spotted in the area. Why? Just read the title of this story, and you'll know. Anyway, as you may or may not have been smart enough to anticipate, our imaginer was doing exactly what his title suggests he was doing. You still don't know? Imagining! Every little thing that popped into his mind appeared in front of him. Of course, he made sure he didn't think about any boxes...not after what happened last time.

After a while, however, he began to run out of things to imagine. There was nothing left. He had created every kind of tree, fish, insect, and cancer known to man. And he definitely didn't wanna make the same thing twice. Sitting down, he watched as all of his crazy imagination creatures roamed freely. Some of them were really weird and scary, but others were actually awesome. Some could even do things that would have helped the world a lot...if only other people could see them.

Suddenly, a red tiger with a frog's head walked by him. After recalling everything he made, he realized that he didn't make the animal. But if he didn't do it, who did? ...And then he saw her. She was standing just a few feet away from him, smiling. Her smile was just like his, only more feminine. Her eyes were just like his, only more feminine. And her body was...yes, you guessed it. Just like his...only more feminine.

As he stood, he watched as she imagined a pink bird with two heads. It flew out of her hand and landed on his shoulder...and whispered in his ear: "Go get her..." Slowly, he began to approach her. He wasn't sure why he was walking when he really wanted to run to her, but it just felt right for some reason. She giggled as he got closer, causing him to go faster along with his heart. He wanted her, needed her. And he could tell by the way she smiled at him, she felt the same.

As soon as he was close enough, he nearly lunged at her. His arms were raised as he attempted to hug and kiss the girl. But, suddenly...he went right through her. When he hit the ground, he slid into one of his walking trees, causing it to stand up and leave. Quickly sitting up, he swung his head around to look for his soulmate. She was nowhere to be found. Where could she have gone? ...

...Then he realized it...she was just a figment of his imagination...she wasn't real. He stared at the spot where she was standing, unable to believe that he fell in love with his imagination. Only dorks, losers, and geeks had to have imaginary girlfriends! ...At that moment, he looked around to make sure nobody was watching him, and then imagined the girl was back. And she was.

Smiling at each other, they walked off to go watch the sunset together. He didn't dare touch her. It would just ruin his imagining. Suddenly, he stopped walking. His eyes were wide as one question rushed into his mind. How the hell were they gonna have kids?


Short Story 24: Unreadable.

Guess what day it is? You don't know? ...Well, that's a disappointment. Anyway, it's movie day! Why should you care? Because this is our main character's favorite day. Why? Because he's a DVD player! Every Thursday, his owner puts a new DVD in him and watches it. Why does he enjoy being used to watch movies? I have no idea! :D Maybe it's because he likes making his owner happy.

Anyway, as usual the DVD was slid inside of him until it reached its proper resting place. Once it was in position, a tiny scanner arose under it. The scanner was for reading the messages engraved on the DVD, so the player would know what to show on the screen. Like always, he scanned to figure out what the title was. It said: "Bella y la Bestia" ...He didn't know what it meant, but he thought it might be Japanese.

Shrugging, he decided they must have given it a Japanese title for some reason. Maybe the main character was going to be from Japan. Scanning, he tried to figure out what to make appear on the screen, but all he saw was more "Japanese". He didn't understand it, he was an American DVD player so he didn't know anything about Japanese disks! But his owner was waiting, he had to make something happen. Anything! He couldn't look stupid in front of his owner!

Then he realized...he had played all of the most popular movies. He could easily think up one to make his owner happy. After a moment of remembering past movies, he began creating the images. On the screen, Spiderman appeared with Harry Potter. They were fighting with lightsabers. Harry was winning, until Spiderman shot him with a web, tangling him in it. Then he sliced the young wizard in half. He had won.

But, before he could celebrate his victory, the Incredible Hulk came from nowhere, smashing the spider. The DVD player was really liking how his movie was going. His owner was gonna love it, and not laugh at him for not being able to play a Japanese disk. As the movie continued, the player's owner just sat and watched, eyes wide, as the world's most popular fictional movie characters did the most ridiculous things. No way was he ever buying a Spanish movie again.


Short Story 25: Bonus Story, Quarter of a Hundred.

Hello, and welcome to the 25th short story! Where we'll be celebrating the completion of 25 short stories! How are we going to celebrate this great day, you say? Well stop saying stuff and let me tell you. Over the past 24 stories, you've been introduced to some of the most unusual, weird, and awesome characters. But which one was the best? It's time to figure out! As I say all these random things to you, a projector is counting all the votes that were sent in by an unknown group of people!

Everyone gathered around, waiting for the top five winners to be displayed on the wall. The suspense was killing them. Finally, the results were shown. Everyone was pushing and shoving each other out of the way, trying to get a good look. This is what they saw:

"Fifth best character: Security camera, from Failed Alarm!" Everyone clapped, turning to the camera, which was bolted on the opposite wall the results were on. He never expected to be on the top five list, in fact...he didn't even know there was a top five list until today. None of them did.

"Fourth best character: Metal detector, from Reflection!" Everyone clapped again, turning to the detector. He simply bowed, already expecting to be on the list.

"Third best character: Fourth contruction bot, from Flood Revolution!" Everyone clapped, and he just smiled as the other construction bots congratulated him. Except for bot three, who was pretty jealous.

"Second best character: Mirror!" Nobody understood that. They didn't know any mirror. When the bot from Reflection began clapping wildly for his reflection, everyone realized exactly who it was. The metal detector glared and morsed.

"That mirror isn't even a character! Why is it in the top five?" When everyone ignored him, he made a beeping sound similar to a sigh and looked back at the results.

"Best character: Flash!" The radio and metal detector both gasped, surprised that Flash was the most popular.

"What the heck?" The metal detector morsed. "Why the hell is he the best?" The projector then projected the following:

"He has a name, rather than just being called what he is. He's logical, and doesn't do stupid things like host a party that you have to be invited by a complete stranger to get in. He's the only person who has been able to sneak into your party so far. And he has a background, unlike all of you random people who were just thrown into random stories without any kind of history." They all stared, as Flash smugly smiled. The metal detector stormed off, angrily, as the radio just sighed.

Then everyone, except for the metal detector, radio, and bot from Reflection, began clapping, as the projector projected: "Let's hear it for the most popular character of the first 25 stories, Flash!" The metal detector was filled with so much rage. He hated Flash so much! Whoever voted for him to be the best was so going down...


Short Story 26: Flood Revolution 3.

I bet you can guess how this story begins. Yeah, that's right, as usual, the fourth construction bot was being repaired by his three friends. They hated always having to fix him, but things would be completely different without him. Once again, his eyes slowly opened. Immediately, he looked around to make sure there was no fifth bot. He sighed in relief when he only saw three. Standing up, he then noticed that he was a little taller. And he felt kinda different. The second bot then held a mirror in front of him, and he gasped.

He had a reflection, just like the bot from Reflection! But that wasn't what surprised him. He looked more advanced, and had extra parts on him. And then it hit him...hard. The extra parts that were added to him were the same ones that belonged to the fifth bot! As soon as he realized that, he began trying to pull the parts off, only to be stopped by the others. They told him that he could now repair things twice as fast, and it would be twice as hard for him to die.

Those improvements did sound nice to him...but the fifth bot was evil. He didn't want the parts from an evil robot. Before he could complain, however, a lawn mower slowly approached them, making a slightly unusual sound. They stared at it for a while, until it lifted itself up, revealing that its blade was messed up. Looks like the bots had a job to do. As they walked over to its broken blade, the fourth both sighed and followed.

They were gonna have to take it off, fix it, and give it back to the mower. It would probably only take about an hour. While the first three bots used screwdrivers to get it off, the fourth bot held it steady. But suddenly, his left arm jerked to the right, causing the mower to bump into the first bot's head. The third bot glared, telling his improved partner to hold it steady. They continued, but the same thing happened again, and the first bot got hit again. This time they all glared at him, but then something crazy happened.

The fourth bot lost control of his arms, and they started jerking around wildly. One of his hands accidentally knocked the mower's blade into the first bot's face, cutting him deep and causing him to fall on his back, holding his face. The third bot grabbed the fourth, trying to calm him down, but he just got knocked away by one of his jerking arms. Terrified, the bot then lost control of his legs and started running away...with the mower's blade in his hand. The third and second bot chased after him, with the mower following close behind. The first bot was in too much pain to follow.

Running, the fourth bot then saw an image appear in front of him. It was the fifth bot, and the words "I'm taking over your body, and there's nothing you can do about it!" Were next to him, before they disappeared. Now he knew exactly what was going on! The fifth bot's parts were controlling him! Suddenly, the second and third bot jumped in front of him, making him stop. When he looked behind him, he saw the lawn mower, desperate to get its blade back. The fourth bot's body twitched a bit, before he threw the blade at the mower. It dodged, and then ran after the blade as it flew through the air, eventually getting stuck in a tree.

The bot couldn't take it anymore. The fifth bot was making him harm a customer! He had to break free from his control! Closing his eyes, he fought with everything he had to regain his body. After a few seconds, he could feel himself winning. His mind was stronger than the fifth bot's! But there was no way the evil bot was just gonna let him have his body back. The fourth bot saw a smirk appear in front of him, before the words "Self destruct activated." Appeared. As a timer in his head began counting back from ten, the bot only had one thought on his mind:

"...I was built with the ability to self destruct?" As the second and third bot cautiously approached him, he exploded, sending them back a few feet. They were surprised, very surprised. And angry. Now not only did they have to try to get the lawn mower not to take his business elsewhere, they had to fix the fourth bot! Again! Sighing, they decided to fix him first, since he was gonna have to apologize to the mower.

As the two bots gathered the remains of the fourth, the third one suddenly realized something. They were also gonna have to fix the cut on the first bot's face. Son of a (Beep!)


Short Story 27: Shifting Emotions.

The 27th short story, one of the most special ones I will ever write! Why, you ask? Because it contains the two biggest protagonists I've ever written about. Who, you ask? Well, as usual, I'll tell you. The Sun, about 870,000 miles in diameter, I believe! And the Earth, about 7,926.41 miles in diameter, I believe! They're so huge! XD Anyway, on to the story.

The Sun and Earth were best friends. Sun loved how Earth was always hovering around him. It was kinda funny. You'd think Sun would like Mercury or Venus more, since they're closer to him. But Venus has gases in its atmosphere that trap Sun's heat on the planet, and he really doesn't like that. And Sun doesn't like Mercury's name. It sounds so...weird. For those reasons, the ball of heat turned to Earth for friendship. And that's exactly what it got...for six months every year.

For about three months, the Earth would face Sun, taking just enough of its heat to keep itself and its inhabitants alive. They would smile at each other, knowing they'd be friends for a long time. But after those three months, the Earth always begins to tilt away from Sun. This makes him panic, trying to figure out what he did to make his friend turn away from him. Sun always did everything he could for Earth, he even helped make sure he was the only planet in the solar system able to sustain life. Why would Earth just turn away from him?

After six months of sulking, Sun notices that Earth is beginning to tilt toward him again. This makes him so happy, and he greets his friend with the warmest, best waves of heat he can create. The other planets are jealous of Earth. He gets a perfect amount of heat, has water, and a perfect amount of gravity. None of the other planets had all of those things!

The next six months are happy ones for Sun and Earth. They smile at each other, both happy for each other's existence. Nothing can possibly go wrong...until Earth begins tilting away again. Sulking, Sun wonders why Earth keeps shifting its emotions. One moment it loves facing him, then for no apparent reason it starts to not like it. Sun had no idea why the Earth was like this, but it didn't matter. All he could do was wait eagerly for the beginning of Spring.


Short Story 28: Gas vs. Liquid vs. Solid.

The three states of matter, solids liquids and gases. Hehe, remembering them takes me back to when I first learned them. It was one of the most significant moments of my life. Anyway, as I type, there's a lonely river sitting all alone, by itself. Wow, I put way too much emphasis on the fact that it's alone. And the ironic part about it is that it actually isn't alone. There are billions of tiny oxygen atoms all floating above it, minding their own business.

However, one atom was curious. It wondered why none of the other atoms ever went into the river. Maybe there was something dangerous in it...or wonderful. The tiny being decided to investigate, and descended down toward the water. By instinct, several other atoms followed, creating a small wind. As they approached the river, they braced for whatever was going to happen. But it wasn't at all what they expected.

They hit the surface of the water, going only a few inches below it, before being pushed back out. This confused them, they were used to being the pushers not the ones getting pushed. They decided to try again, this time with several more oxygen atoms. But once again they were all pushed out, though they made it a bit deeper this time. Angry, the atoms rushed at the river with everything they had, but just before they could even impact it something happened. The water suddenly arose, creating a tidal wave that pushed the atoms back. When they recovered from the attack, they were surprised to see that the water had formed into a human-like figure, and was standing in front of them. It was smirking at them.

The oxygen atoms glared before all getting together and creating their own figure. The two prepared themselves for battle. The liquid was the first to strike, shooting a stream of water at its foe. The gas jumped over it, lighter than a feather, and tried to melee the liquid. But its punch went right through it, and the liquid soon turned itself into a water bubble, trapping the gas. However, after a bit of struggling, the gas was able to bust its way out. But in moments, the liquid had tackled its enemy to the ground.

Water and wind went everywhere as the two rolled around and struck each other with everything they had. They looked evenly matched...until a big rock landed right on top of them. The two slid out from under it, regaining their human-like shapes, and then turned to see a figure made entirely out of rocks. It was the solid...and it was smirking. The liquid glared and dashed at the new enemy, slamming its water into it. But when it looked, the solid was completely undamaged.

The gas saw this, and decided to prove it was stronger than the liquid by sending incredible amounts of wind at the solid. But it did nothing, the rock figure remained unharmed. The gas and liquid just stared, unable to believe that they couldn't hurt the solid at all. Suddenly, it lifted its rock foot up, held it up for a few seconds, then sent it crashing to the ground. It felt as if the world was shaking, and debris was sent into the two. The liquid was blown into tiny drops, and the gas was seperated into individual atoms. They had lost...and the solid had won.

Smiling victoriously, it turned to leave, happy that it had just proved that it was the most powerful state of matter ever.


Short Story 29: End of the World.

The carnival, a place for fun, excitement, yadda yadda yadda, you know all of this stuff. But what you may not know is that the protagonist of this short story is at one. Ok, I bet you're thinking "Huh? If he's at a place made completely for having fun, how can there be a conflict?" Well stop thinking and let me tell you...geez, you people always have to try to figure out the whole story before I even finish the first paragraph.

Anyway, as you may have expected, he's having fun. He had just went on a wild ride called "The Dive Bomber" ...A few people had to see a mechanic because of the ride, but he didn't care, he was fine! As he walked around in search of something to do next, something caught his attention. A wall with the words "See what the future is like!" written on it, and a small hole meant for people to look through. He decided to give it a try, expecting to see flying cars, laser guns, and computers that actually knew how to not get hacked. What he saw was completely different.

Ruins...with no sign of any life. Well, there actually already weren't many real life forms left, but he also couldn't see any inanimate life forms! Was everything going to die in the future? But how soon? The next day! Next week! It could even be the next hour! Panicking, he started running around, desperately searching for a solution to this problem. Then it hit him, he knew how he could survive. Wasting no time, he ran to his living space and got all of his belongings.

He wanted to take all of them with him, but he needed money so he had to do the unthinkable. He...sold his stuff. All of it, and he was surprised by how much money he got. Once everything was sold he ran to the nearest store and purchased a car engine, glass, a newspaper, and lots of styrofoam. It took all of his money, but he didn't care. He had to survive. Moments later, he began constructing what appeared to be a space shuttle.

Once his actions were noticed by the others, they started saying things like "Oh, not another space traveler..." and "It's the 13th short story all over again." He payed them no attention. After he was done making the poorly built shuttle, he turned to everyone and told them about the horrible future. Then he asked them to join him in his escape from the planet. After a moment of silence, they all just laughed at him. He couldn't believe it...they didn't believe him. Before he could protest, however, he heard a loud noise above him. He jumped in fear, and then ran inside of his shuttle and activated the car engine. Everyone watched as the contraption, surprisingly and ironically, ascended into the air. Once it was out of sight, they looked to see what was making the sound in the sky. It was just a helicopter...

(Three days later...) The space shuttle crash landed on the moon, and our paranoid protagonist stuck his head out to make sure it was safe. Then he jumped out, and danced happily. He did it! He escaped the end of the world! Everybody was gonna die except for him! After about a minute of dancing, he stopped and looked around. It was really quiet on the moon...and kinda boring. Then he remembered the newspaper he had brought with him. Taking it out, he opened it up and began searching for the Funnies. But he gasped when he saw something. It said:

"New carnival game: 'See what the future is like!' lets you see what the future will be like in 1000 years." 1000 years...1000 years! He left Earth for nothing! He probably would have gotten rusty and old and died before 1000 years passed! Turning to the shuttle, he prayed that it could still fly, and take him back home. But the car engine was busted...looking around, his eyes widened as the reality of things hit him. He had no way to get off the moon...


Short Story 30: Bonus Story!

As we all should know, the 20th short story was a complete failure. Why? Because Twenty never made it to the party. Instead he accidentally went to Rex's construction-day party, remember? He begged for them to have a second 20th story party, but that would obviously be impossible. So now Twenty's just sitting alone, with nothing to do. Then it hit him, he didn't need permission to have a party! He could recreate the 20th short story party all by himself!

Wasting no time, he rushed to the nearest store to buy everything he needed. Unfortunately, almost all of the party stuff was sold out, so Twenty couldn't get much. When he went to get a cake they only had two left...and he did not want the one with a picture of the insides of a lantern on it. This wasn't a rated R short story, this wasn't Playbot magazine. So he had to get the one with a picture of a sock on it...son of a frisk.

Well, as long as it was a cake it would work. Once he had what he needed, he started advertising his party...if you can call standing on top of a car shouting at people to come party with him advertising. Oh wait, you can. It didn't take long for the car to get angry and just drive off, making Twenty fall to the ground. He didn't care, he was sure enough people heard what he said.

Finally, he went to the scene of the party and waited. Twenty was so excited, the party was gonna be awesome! There'd be dancing, cake, and games! This was so cool! Twenty kept waiting...and waiting...and waiting...and waiting...and waiting...and waiting...and waiting...and waiting...and waiting...and waiting...and waiting...and waiting...and waiting...and waiting...and wai-wait, what the (Beep!)? Where the (Beep!) is everyone?

Suddenly, Twenty could hear music. Curious, he walked in the direction it was coming from...and then gasped. It was...the 30th short story party! That's where everyone was! Twenty was so mad, he couldn't believe they had ruined his party with their party! And he couldn't go to their party because only the number of the story can go! Now angrier than ever, Twenty stormed off to find a place where he could sit alone, and do nothing.

But he heard more music...looking up, he saw another party. People were dancing, and laughing, and having a good time. The sign said "Happy construction-day, Rex's brother!" ...

...Twenty shrugged and ran to the party, joining it and pretending he was there all along. It may not have been a party all about him...but it was a party.


Short Story 31: How It Began.

Ok, every single short story has been about bots, robots, household appliances, and inanimate objects. Now, I know the stories are awesome, but I'm sure there have been moments when you just asked "What the cheese?" Why are all of my short stories about such strange characters? Where are all the real life forms? I'll tell you if you stop asking so many (Beep!)-ing questions...

Alright, here's the deal, all of the real life forms are dead...that's it, that's the deal. Hmm...I wonder what my mom's making for dinn-wait, is this story still going? What the hell, I have nothing else to tell you! *Sigh* Well, I could explain how all the living things died...but when I get my next paycheck for these stories it better be more than my usual payment, which is nothing. Anyway, back when there were still humans, some scientists decided to try to make a chemical that could bring anything to life. It went kinda like this:

"Hey, wanna make a chemical that'll bring anything we want to life?"

"Sure, let's do it." Boom, it didn't work, they ended up killing everything that was alive, and bringing everything to life that wasn't. Hmm...I guess in a way it kinda worked. Well, that's it, now you know why none of the characters in the stories are actual life forms. Good bye, see you next story. ^^ Hmm...I really hope my mom's making tacos for...the story's still going, isn't it? Why the heck? ...Oh yeah, it needs a main character...hehe, um...ok, I can figure this, hey, look! It's that soccer ball that was trying to kick itself in Gravitationally Incorrect! But now it's not trying's just watching the sunset, remembering the days when it had an owner to kick it. It wasn't alive at the time, but it knows that was the best time of its life...


And so it's just sitting, thinking about...wait, did the story end? Did I pass the End message? Oh no!

Emergency End.

Wow, I just read some of my first stories...and oh my god, they suck so much! They are some of the worst stories I have ever read and will ever read! Damn, and there was actually a time when I loved them! What the heck was wrong with me? I just...I don't even know what else to say about it. Their plots are bad, their characters make little sense, and even the grammar for some of them is pathetic. *Sigh* ...Well, now that I got that off my chest, wow. Reading my very first story really brought back memories. Family or first and longest story. Now that I think about it, I'm kinda surprised I didn't try making a oneshot before creating a big, long story. My mistake...

Ok, now I just read a part of my most recent story. I definitely try harder to make my stories good than I did in the past, and I have a few factors to thank for that. The most important, constructive criticism. Mainly from Dorri, Deus Ex Procella, Dirk-Steadfast, and Hasten. Dorri and Deus's opinions of Family or Love helped me see that it wasn't nearly as good as I thought. I also have a few other helpful reviews from Dorri. Dirk gave me some useful advice about Love, and a few other stories. And Hasten, definitely the most inspirational reviewer I've ever had. Nobody else has given me such an unbearable urge to improve my writing. Hasten has been more helpful than anyone else, and still continues to guide me with logical advice.

Thanks to the people listed above, I'm more cautious about the stories I write. So thank you all of my constructive criticizers. ^^

Short Story 32: Dust of the Day.

...Hey...this is not a happy day for me. This is, by far, the worst day of my life. I can't express to you how much I hate this day. Why, you ask? *Sigh* I'll tell you...I totally bombed the last short story. I thought it was over when it wasn't, twice, and then I passed the End message! I had to use an...Emergency End...oh my god, I feel so stupid! And now my boss (A guy I hate to call: my Mind) thinks I shouldn't write short stories anymore. Hold on, before you start thinking that there won't be anymore stories, there will be...*Sighs and groans at the same time* Ladies and gentlemen...and whoever else reads these stories, I'd like to introduce you to...t-the new short story writer, Julie...*Reluctantly claps*

Hi everyone! I'm Julie, your new short story writer! :D

Sigh* Why, Mind? Why?...

Like SWG politely said, he messed up on the last story. But don't worry, I won't make the same mistakes he made. I'm an honor student, my parents always tell me I have a bright future, and I think I have an IQ of 188. ^^

Oh brother...

Hey, Mr. Story, writing the short stories isn't your job anymore. You can stay and watch me, but you have to be nice, kay? Good! Now, before we get to the story, I'd like to tell you guys a little bit more about myself. You know, so I don't seem like a complete stranger. I-

You can't do that, you should just tell the story. You're wasting writing space.

Um, who's job is it to do the writing? Oh, that's right, mine. So be quiet and let me do it. Geez, someone's mad about being fired...anyway, I enjoy swimming, reading, watching the sunset, and-

No one cares! Everyone just wants to read the story!

Fine, if it's bugging you that much I'll just write it. *Sigh* Spoilsport...the story starts with a, um...vacuum cleaner thingy just sitting, minding its own-

Wait, thingy? It's not a thing, it's alive! Don't call it an it, call him a he!

...You don't get out much, do you? And stop telling me how to do this. I'm your replacement, remember? From now on I'm like, Story Writing Gal.

Gasp* What?

Yep, I'm your Story Writing Gal. *Winks* Hehehe.

Shut up, you don't deserve to be called a story writer!

Oh, and you do, Mr. I can't handle letting someone else do my job better?

You're not doing it better! You don't know anything about the characters! I don't even know why you took this job, you're terrible at it!

...I'm not gonna argue with you. But I am gonna tell your Mind that you wouldn't let me get to the story and kept bothering me. Then you'll be in trouble...jerk. *Turns away and crosses arms*

...Ok, I'm sorry, just please don't tell my Mind! Please! I'm begging you!

...*Turns around and hugs him* Apology accepted, and of course I won't. ^^ You're my Story Writing Guy...even if you can't write stories anymore.

Hey, I can still write and publish major stories...just not short ones. And come on, you have to write the story! Hurry, before we run out of time and it automatically ends its-


Short Story 33: Line of Time.

Hi guys! It's time for another awesome, fantastic, amazing short story! Written by the one and only, Story Writing Gal! :D


The last short story didn't go so well, thanks to SWG. *Glares at him a bit* But don't worry, he's promised not to speak unless it's really important. Anyway, the title of the story is Line of Time and that means-

Wait, you shouldn't just-

Zip it, Story. You vowed to remain silent from now on...or were you lying to me? *Really sad look*

...*Shakes head*

Thank you! *Quick hugs* Ok, Line of Time means...well, the line of time. And it has little, um...moments of time that travel across it. The further they go, the more time passes. They look kinda's hard to explain, but the point is they travel across the line of time. One day three Moments were gradually moving forward, as usual, when suddenly they noticed in the timeline? That doesn't make any sense, so time was like...split into two halves? And how do moments of time notice things?

Just continue the story.

But I don't understand it, how is any of this stuff possible? isn't. But that's the fun of these stories, they're impossible in real life yet can be written.

But shouldn't the stories, you know...make sense? I mean, all of your stories have something weird about them. The characters, the "lifeless" world, and even the plots are strange at times.

...*Glares* Well I don't care about your opinion, the short stories are original and funny. Each one is something new and unique.

Yeah, but...*Sigh* Fine, I'll continue the story. The three Moments stopped and looked at the the heck is that possible? If they stop, time stops, that can't just happen.

Come on, Julie, everyone wants to know what happens next...

But this story is impossible, it's just...well...stupid!

...That's it! I'm not letting you ruin this story like you did to Dust of the Day! The Moments were both surprised and afraid of their new discovery. They never knew the line of time could change or be broken in any way...ever. But they couldn't just sit there, they had to keep going and let time continue. But how were they supposed to reach the other side? It was so far away.

Getting an idea, the first Moment decided to jump it. Going back a few timezones, he quickly rushed at the gap in time and jumped as far as he could. The other two Moments watched with horror as the brave one only made it halfway across and fell into the ocean of nothingness that rested beneath them. Now they were really scared.

Then the second Moment got an idea. He quickly instructed the third Moment to throw him across. Desperate for a solution, the third didn't ask questions and hurled his friend to the other side. To their surprise, he made it. The third Moment was relieved, surely the second had a plan for how to get him across too. However he was horrified when the Moment simply turned around and continued along the timeline...without him.

He was now alone...what was he gonna do? Jumping definitely wouldn't work, but...what else could he do? He tried to find an answer, any possible solution, but nothing came. Then, suddenly, he saw something that nearly scared him to death. A group of Moments...and they were all heading full speed towards him and the gap. They must not have seen it, they were going to push him down! He tried to find a way to avoid it, but the timeline was too thin. He couldn't dodge!

Just when he turned back to the approaching Moments, they slammed into him with great force. He flew several timezones forward, causing him to shut his eyes and wait for death...or whatever happens when you fall off a timeline. But it never came...he was still alive. Carefully, he opened his eyes and saw that he had been knocked across the gap. He was so happy, not noticing the several Moments falling into nothingness. Wasting no time, he continued his endless voyage on the line of time, going a bit faster than usual to catch up to the other Moment and get revenge for ditching him.

You see, Julie, that's how you write a short story.

...*Staring at him with a big smile, and admiration in her eyes*


That was awesome! *Hugs him tightly* Your short stories are so cool! I never understand the characters or why you write them the way you do, but when I finish reading them they're always so great!

...Hmm, well...thanks. ^^ So,'re gonna quit and let me start writing them again?

No. I'm sorry, but I think I can do really good at this job. I'll just make the stories a little less random and then they'll be perfect. Ok? ^^

...You're gonna change the stories?

Not change, improve. I'm sure your readers are getting a little tired of reading about bots and cameras and stuff like that. I'll add real people, they'll be easier to understand.


I knew you'd understand. *Hugs again* Well, see ya in seven days everyone. The next short story will be revolutionary, get ready for a major improvement! ^^ Bye!


Short Story 34: Roll the Rock.

Hey everyone, guess what? :D My Mind made me the short story writer again cuz Julie did a horrible job on the last one! She called it...stupid...*Twitches a bit*

It was! It didn't make any sense at all!

That's the point of these stories, they're supposed to be completely original and abstract!

Look, I know you're really good at writing them, but they'd be so much more popular if they had real people that readers could relate to. How can anyone relate to a metal detector or a flashlight?

By personifying, using their imaginations!

What's wrong with you? Why don't you just stop writing like a-

You know what, I don't wanna hear it, Julie! Just stop complaining, you don't write the stories anymore, and I'm sure the readers are all happy about that. You were horrible at it! You suck at writing stories!

But I-

Enough! Just shut up and let me do the story.

...*Looks down* ...

Alright...once upon a time, there was a big rock at the top of a hill. Coincidentally, he was shaped a lot like a wheel, and he dreamed of someday rolling down the hill he was on. He waited patiently for something to push him over, but it never happened. One day he asked the wind to give him a push. It tried with all of its might, but it was too weak. The clouds saw this and decided to create rain to push the rock. That didn't work either.

So they tried using lightning to move him, but it kept hitting a metal flagpole next to the hill. Getting an idea, the wind started swirling around, creating a tornado to pull the rock down the hill. The plan worked too well, the rock was pulled off the hill rather than down it. He and several other objects swirled dangerously around the tornado. The wind didn't know how to stop it, it only knew how to start tornados. The clouds tried to find a way to stop it, but they only got sucked inside.

The rock was scared, he was getting dizzy and afraid of hitting something. All of this was happening just because he wanted to roll down the hill! A few of the remaining clouds managed to fire a bolt of lightning away from the flagpole and at the tornado. That proved to be a big mistake when the lightning hit the ground next to it, creating a fire which the tornado sucked in and turned into a fire tornado.

This was horrible! The rock was burning and scared and nobody knew what to do! The wind and clouds were panicking as the fire tornado headed towards a populated area. Things were being melted and thrown and nobody could do anything about it.

Meanwhile, the hill simply watched the destruction, glad to have the rock off of his surface. He laughed as a car was thrown into a building. This was better than that time a washing machine fell off of him.

Ok, Julie, can you honestly say you could have told this story better than me? *Looks around* ...Julie? She left...oh well, I guess I'll never see her again. ^^


Short Story 35: Bonus Story!

Short story 35! The 7th bonus story! By now I'm sure you already know what's gonna happen. Some characters from all of the stories are going to have a huge party with the guest of honor, Thirty-five! As we speak, everyone's heading to the party place, which ironically wasn't the one on the hill. The inventor from The Gift of Flight and construction bots from Flood Revolution were the first to arrive. And yes, the fourth bot was repaired for the umpteenth time. The four bots were helping the inventor make what he often referred to as "Tectonic Pants." ...They didn't know what the heck he was making them for, but constructing was in their programming so they assisted.

Suddenly the metal detector knocked the door open, letting it hit the wall. He immediately morsed: "I'm here, the party can officially begin." The bots and inventor simply stared at him, before turning back to what they were working on. The pants shook violently as the first bot poked them. The metal detector looked at them for a few seconds, then decided not to comment on what they were doing. He really didn't care.

Soon all of the guests arrived...except for Thirty-five and the bot from Reflection. Oh, and his mirror. Everyone was getting worried, they couldn't have a party honoring the 35th short story without Thirty-five! The metal detector then morsed angrily: "I bet that reflection bot took Thirty-five and they're having some kinda private party somewhere else!" The others considered it, but it was really unlikely. The bot was nice, he wouldn't do such a thing to them. His mirror, on the other hand, could be quite rude sometimes. But it couldn't move, talk, or do anything, so it couldn't have done it. A few people sighed as the same question ran through their minds. "Where was Thirty-five?"

(Twenty minutes ago) The bot from Reflection skipped happily as he headed to the party with his reflection friend. He loved the bonus story parties...especially since Flash wouldn't let him go to the party on the hill anymore. Looking down at his mirror, he gave it a big hug for no apparent reason. He was just so happy! But then, while he was embracing his friend he tripped over his own two feet. Despite the odds, he bumped right into the last person anyone wanted to see during this story. Thirty-four, and he was very upset that there was a party for the number after him but not him.

Thirty-four glared down at the bot, certainly not in the mood to deal with him. Without thinking about it, he kicked the poor bot into the air, watching him soar far away. He only left when his victim was out of sight. The bot flailed as he began descending rapidly back down. Quickly, he wrapped his arms around his mirror, protecting it and preparing to impact the ground. When he hit it, however, the crash wasn't nearly as painful as he expected. He then opened his eyes, realizing they were closed, and saw that he was back down. The bot assumed that something must have broken his fall and looked down...only to see the most terrifying thing ever.

He had landed on Thirty-five...Thirty-five! What were the odds? Immediately, he checked to see if the number was ok. He wasn't moving...or anything. After a moment of just staring at the guest of honor, the bot panicked. This was not good at all! He killed Thirty-five! (Or at least that's what he thought) Everyone was going to be so mad at him! He quickly looked around and was glad that nobody had seen his "murder."

Wasting no time, he ran from the scene of the crime, clutching his mirror tightly. Obviously, he didn't go to the party. He simply found a place to hide and began thinking about how many short stories it was gonna take for everyone to forget about this. Hmm...maybe like sixty.

Well, I guess that concludes this short story. ^^ See ya in-*Hears something* ...*Turns to a door and opens it* ...Julie?

...*Sitting on a bed, hugging a pillow and silently crying*

Um...what's going on?

Go away...

That's...kinda my bed.

Oh...sorry...*Wipes a few tears* I just feel more comfortable crying on a reminds me of how my brother used to tease me and then I'd sob all the way to my bed...

Well...uh...maybe you should go somewhere else.

...Ok...*Drops the pillow and stands up* ...*Walks to the door, but stops* ...*Looks down and begins crying again*

...Ok, I'll ask. What's wrong?

Uh...*Shakes her head quickly*

Well, if you're not gonna tell me then just leave.

...I envy you...


I said I envy you. I've always wanted to be able to write like you...I don't just read your short stories, I read your other ones too. They're amazing, and I thought I could be just as good as you, but...I suck... *Sobs again*

...Well, um...*Not sure what to say* ...I wouldn't say you suck, you just-

Yes you would! You told me I suck at writing stories! You're just like my brother, you don't think I can do anything right! *Turns away*


Leave me alone...

Come on...ok, listen, I'm sorry about what I said. I was mean and harsh, and should have considered your feelings before saying what I said. But...*Puts a hand on her shoulder* Julie, you have to understand that you're not ready to publish the things you write. You should get some practice first, then you'll really be a good writer.

I have practiced...but apparently it didn't do any good...

Well...maybe you should get a teacher. Someone who can show you how to improve your writing skills.

...A teacher?

Yeah. You should give it a try, Julie, I really think that you could become a great author with some help.

...*Turns to him* You...really think so?



Would you, um...would you be my...t-teacher? *Looks away a bit*

...Huh? I...I don't really...I've never...

Please? *Has pleading eyes*

Julie, I...well, I'm kinda...*Looks at her eyes* ...Fine...

...*Hugs him tightly* Thank you so much!

...No problem...*Hugs back*

...*After a moment, pulls away a bit and looks up at him* ...*Kisses his cheek* This means so much to me.

...*Eyes are kinda wide* ...Ok, um...well...I should end this short story...we can start our first lesson later, ok?

Ok. *Manages a smile* ^^


Short Story 36: Reflection 4.

Well, I guess it was obvious that the next Reflection story would be know, because the main character from the Reflection stories "killed" Thirty-five. Time to see how his hiding is going! Oh, and Julie's first lesson went ok...well, most of it did. Hehe...on to the story! ^^

The bot was panicking, really panicking. He had (Beep!)ed up so much! Yeah, people, this situation is bad to the point where I must cuss. So yeah, he (Beep!)ed up real bad. All he and his mirror could do was hide in a bush and wait for everyone to calm down. But the bot just knew that they were looking for him so they could, you know...beat the rivets out of him. He was so scared, if they found him they would tear him apart...and not recycle his pieces! Oh god, the horror!

He quickly clutched his mirror tighter, hoping it would somehow protect him if he was located. The bot then started wishing he was as brave as his "friend." His reflection was very gutsy and ran from nothing. It was almost fearless.

Suddenly, he heard sounds, and he immediately froze. They were getting closer...oh god, he was doomed! This was it! Game over! They were gonna destroy him, and not even recycle his pieces! There were so many things he didn't get to do with his reflection! The bot could hear beeping as the metal detector went closer to the bush, followed by his radio friend and Flash. The metal detector appeared to be scanning all the bushes for metal...yep, the bot was totally dead.

After a few suspenseful moments they reached the bush he was hiding in. Flash purposely bumped into the detector, earning him a hateful glare. He just laughed a bit, then the metal detector angrily scanned the bush...and beeped several times. The radio instantly reached in and yanked the bot out. Afraid for his life, the bot then got on his knees and begged them not to kill him, but they didn't listen. All they cared about was that he had something to do with Thirty-five not showing up to the party.

Then the bot gave up, it was useless trying to resist the inevitable. He closed his eyes, waiting for the first strike...but it never came. He wasn't hit. Slowly, he opened his eyes and gasped when he saw a claw gripping the metal detector and stopping him from attacking. But the claw...was coming from the mirror. They all watched in shock as the bot's reflection stepped out of the mirror and glared at the party hosts.

"...It's...alive?" The metal detector morsed. Before any of them could move, the reflection pointed his pistol arm at them and opened fire. They gasped, scattering to find cover. The reflection continued to shoot at them until they all left the area, then he turned to his friend with a smile. The bot just stared for a moment, then smiled widely, happy that everyone who had told him that his friend wasn't real was wrong. Then, at the exact same time, they both hugged each other. They were completely symmetrical; they appeared to be a true work of art.


Short Story 37: Hack Attack.

Ever want a tasty beverage? Ever need a cool drink after a long day of ridiculous behavior? Then you'll love the soda machine! He gives you a soda of your choice, for only one dollar! Wow, what a deal! Who could resist such an awesome opportunity to get a drink? :D Anyway, the glorious soda machine rested against a large building, waiting for a customer. It was actually pretty rare for someone to have a whole dollar, but there were some lucky people.

The soda vender mentally smiled when he saw a laptop approaching him. He was just hoping the portable computer wasn't planning on trying to use fake money, like so many other computers did. It was because they could use printers; one press of a button and bam, fake money. However, when the laptop reached the soda machine he didn't take out any dollars. Instead he just looked at the sodas for a moment, probably trying to pick one. The vender waited patiently, sometimes his customers needed a bit of time to choose their drink.

Then, suddenly, the laptop started slamming himself into the machine, denting it. The vender gasped as he was assaulted, but couldn't do anything about it. He had no arms, no legs, nothing! Only a soda dispenser! Soon the laptop had made a good sized hole, so he stopped his attack and did something much worse. He reached inside the hole and plugged himself into the soda machine!

Now he was panicking, what was the laptop doing to him? His question was answered when his "Dispense soda." program started activating. The laptop was trying to hack him and get a free soda! No way, the vender couldn't allow that! He tried desperately to cancel his involuntary soda release, but he couldn't help it. It was gonna happen...and he couldn't stop it. In seconds, a soda came out of him and the laptop unplugged himself. He laughed slightly as he picked up the drink and left, leaving the vender all alone...

He felt so violated, so abused. The laptop had actually reached inside of him and messed with his programming. It was just horrible...he was so shocked. No, it was more than that...he was scarred. Meanwhile, the laptop struggled a bit to open his soda can. Once he got it, he lifted it up in an attempt to drink it, then stopped. He looked at the drink, then himself, then the drink again, then himself one more time. Realization hit him as his gaze returned to the soft drink. He was a laptop, he couldn't drink soda!


Short Story 38: Color Wars.

Ah, colors. They fill just about everything with unique beauty. The sky's blue, grass is green, and roses are red. Almost everything has color, it's one of the wonders of the world. Now, the reason I say "almost" is because at this moment there's a colorless box resting on the ground. It has no color, not even white! It's so unusual. Anyway, the box just sat there, sticking out like a sore thumb in an area filled with colors. What a sight.

Then, finally, someone noticed the lone, cubical object. It was none other than Blue, the color everyone seemed to label as "morally good." He looked down at the box, definitely fascinated by its colorlessness. This wasn't right, the world was filled with all kinds of beautiful colors. The box should have one too. Without a second thought, he tapped the surface of it, turning it the same color as him. The box was now blue.

Satisfied, Blue turned to go somewhere else, but stopped when he heard a sound to his left. It was the one and only, Red, the color labeled as "bad/evil." Blue didn't like Red, he was always messing with people and making things red that weren't meant to be red. The bad color looked at the box, disapproval showing on his face. Wasting no time, he tapped it and turned it blood red, then smiled.

Blue frowned. He had already made the box blue, Red had no right to just change it. When he tried to change it back, however, Red grabbed his arm and pushed him back. He wanted it to remain crimson, and he wasn't gonna just let anyone change it. But Blue wasn't giving up, in the past he'd learned that letting Red push you around was a huge mistake. Blue went for the box again, and this time was ready when Red tried to push him again. After some shoving, the two were soon rolling around on the ground, fighting for control over the box.

While they fought, Green walked over to the box. He was the color labeled as "lively." He frowned when he saw that it was covered in red; it was his least favorite color. Quickly, he tapped the box and turned it green, instantly getting the attention of the other two colors. Red glared as he stood up and ran towards Green, but Blue grabbed his legs, tripping him. Green laughed and sat on the box that was now his color. He simply watched as Red and Blue continued their fight, completely forgetting that he was there.

Suddenly, Yellow arrived and touched the box, making it his color now. Green let out a small gasp and pushed Yellow away from it. Soon they were in a fight very similar to the one Red and Blue were in. None of them noticed that other colors were noticing the dispute and eventually coming to claim the box for themselves. It was madness; an all out color war! When Black finally managed to change the box's color, everyone immediately turned to the prize they were fighting for. At the same time, they all ran at it, desperate to make it their desired color. When they all touched it in unison, they were blinded by a sudden flash. It was like nothing they'd ever seen, and it forced them to shield their eyes. When it stopped, the next thing they saw was unbelievable.

The box now contained all was like a rainbow had wrapped gently around it. It was so beautiful, and all the colors could do was stare. It looked so much better than it would have with just one color. After a few minutes, the colors began to leave. There was no way any of them were going to change the box now...though Red and Black considered it. But not because they didn't like how the box looked now, they just wanted it to be marked as theirs.


Short Story 39: Tools of Construction.

Ever heard of a tool? ...Wow, what a bad way to start this story. Anyway, have you? You have? Well let me tell you this; I'm almost certain that the kind of tools I'm talking about aren't the ones you think I'm talking about. I'm talking about the ones you use to build and/or break things. You know, hammers, saws and stuff like that. Never heard of tools like that? Well then welcome to Earth.

Anyway, let's get this show on the road. The story starts with a group I even have to tell you? After reading the first paragraph you should know what the protagonists are going to be. Hehe, ok, I'll tell you anyway...for those of you who have bad memory. A group of tools were working together to create what would soon be the world's tallest building. Well, not soon since they still had a lot of building to do...A LOT of building. But if they were cooperative the job would get done.

However, there was one tool who wasn't doing anything. It wasn't that he didn't want to, he would have loved to help the others, but they simply didn't need him. Why? Because he was a screwdriver...and they had a drill. The drill could place and remove screws a lot faster than the screwdriver, so it didn't take long for the other tools to favor him. But it wasn't fair; the fact that the screwdriver was now worthless to everyone else just because they had something better infuriated him. But don't worry, he wasn't just going to deal with this. He had a plan, a very, very, very simple plan.

He waited until the drill plugged himself into an outlet to recharge. Naturally he shut himself down as the process began, leaving him vulnerable to anything. Then the screwdriver quietly made his way to the drill's cord, glaring at it. He wasn't nervous about what he was going to do; he didn't hesitate at all. Blinded by rage, he quickly used his sharp point to sever the cord, then watched as the light indicating that the drill was charging faded away. He was gone...but the screwdriver wasn't done yet. He wasn't just angry at the drill for taking his job, he was also jealous of him. He wanted to be able to work really fast too, so he did the unthinkable...he took the half of the cord that was still connected to the outlet and touched himself with it, thinking it would somehow charge him the same way it did for the drill. He was SO wrong. It didn't charge shocked him. A lot. The pain was like nothing he'd ever felt before.

But that's not all it did. A dangerous wave of electricity shot throughout the whole unfinished building, shocking everyone who was plugged in. The screwdriver could faintly hear the sounds of his partners shutting down for the final time. It wasn't long before he collapsed, never to move again, but at least he realized how stupid his plan was before he died. Soon the power went out, making the lights turn off and leaving nothing but a field of darkness. The few tools that hadn't died had no idea what was going on...but it scared the shiz out of them.


Short Story 40: Bonus Story!

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another bonus short story! :D *A bunch of people can be heard clapping* ...Yeah, I don't know where that's coming from either. Anyway, you know the drill, a party featuring the story number, right? Wrong. This bonus story is gonna be a little different. Ladies and gentlemen, please give a round of applause for my writing apprentice, Julie!

Hey, guys! :D *Presses a button and people can be heard clapping*

So it was you who did that.

Yeah, awesome, right? ^^

Indeed it is, hehe. Ok, today's bonus story will be one Julie wrote herself. I've only given her five writing lessons so don't expect the story to be perfect. Go easy on her, she's still a little new at this. Oh, and if you tell any of your friends to read her story make sure you also tell them to go easy-

Ok, I think they get it, I'm not a perfect author.

Hehe, sorry. ^^" Ok, Julie, whenever you're ready. Just tell us the title and then begin the story.

Alright. The title of my story is "The Perfect Match." It starts with a young man named Y.

Hehehe, what a coincidence. ^^

He had just broken up with his girlfriend, -2, so he was pretty depressed.


What made it worse was that once they broke up she almost immediately got with his rival, 2. Y sighed sadly, but he didn't regret leaving -2. They just weren't right for each other, mostly because -2 found it odd that Y was a letter. A lot of people did, it was embarrassing, and it was the reason why it was so hard for him to get a girlfriend. The person who bothered him the most about it was Red. He was a bully who messed with just about everyone. "Haha, look who's single!" He shouted the next time he saw Y. "Good luck finding another chick willing to make alphabetical love!" Everyone laughed while Y just sulked.


Then, the next day Y went grocery shopping. He was glad that no one he knew happened to be there. Just when he was reaching for the last gallon of milk, a hand intersected his, causing him to accidentally grab it instead. He looked at its owner and his eyes widened when he saw P, a letter just like him...but female. His heart skipped a beat, and it looked like her's did the same. Y still held her hand in his, but she didn't mind. They already had feelings for each other, because they knew they were the same. They both knew what it was like to be different from everyone else.

After getting all of their groceries, they decided to go to Y's home, which was actually a cave.

What in the...?

Unfortunately, on their way there they saw Red and 2. Y sighed, he figured they were gonna make fun of his letter girlfriend. But, surprisingly...they didn't. Their jaws dropped at how beautiful she was, making P a little uncomfortable. Then, suddenly, 2 made his way to her, wrapping his arm firmly around her. "Hey, babe, why don't you ditch the loser and get with me?" P was going to refuse, but Y was the first to react.

"Back off, she's mine," He said, pushing 2 back. He glared, and Red smirked when he thought a fight was going to start, but then -2 showed up. She angrily told 2 that she saw him hitting on P, and then broke up with him before walking off. Red laughed at the look on his face, and Y couldn't resist the urge to join him. But when his new girlfriend gently took his hands and gave him a warm smile, he soon forgot about the rest of the world. All he knew was that he was going to have a happy future with P, and when he kissed her for the first time he knew it was official.

The en-

Wait a minute! Y? -2? 2? Red? P? Cave? Where the hell did you get those characters?

I found them roaming around in your Mind. They're pretty funny, hehehe.

Yeah, they are, when they're in character. You...messed all of them up in some way! Y doesn't let people tease him like that, -2 would never find letters odd, 2 would never cheat on -2...I hope. P doesn't get uncomfortable that easily, and Red doesn't bother people in a bully kind of way. And no one even gave you permission to use them! Those characters, along with all of the letters, numbers, colors and some others are restricted! Damn, you can't just take random characters from my Mind and write a random story about them...make up your own characters.

...*Looks down* ...Sorry, Jeremy...

I can't believe it...and Y and P? Possible, but not meant to happen. Why would you do this?

I...just thought that you'd be proud if I made an awesome story using some of your characters...*Sniffle*

..*Eyes widen* Wait, are you gonna cry?

When you told me you wanted to use one of my stories as a short bonus story I thought it was my chance to show you that I can be a good writer...*Tears begin to fall* But I blew it just because I took your characters! *Cries*

...Hey, come on...

I can't believe I didn't think you'd be mad! *Crying*

Hey, look, it's...come on, stop crying...

Now all the readers are gonna think I'm stupid and will never be able to write a good story, and they'll be right because I can't even make my own characters! All I can do is take other people's characters and write a story for them that isn't even that-

I liked it...

...What? *Looks at him*

I said I liked had my characters, but the plot made sense and was pretty funny. Julie, you made a mistake by putting my characters in it, but now you know that you can't do that and it'll never happen again. Just make your own characters next time and I'm sure you'll create an amazing story.

...*Hugs him tightly*

Hehe, you'll be a great author someday. *Hugs back*

...Jeremy, you're...amazing...

..*Blushes slightly* Hehe, thanks. ^^ You are too, Story Writing Gal. Hehehe, I guess it's time to end this story. Later, guys! Wanna say bye to the readers, Julie?

Ok. *Doesn't stop hugging* Bye, everyone. Keep reading the short stories, please. ^^


Short Story 41: Entwined Opposites.

Yin and Yang, they're everything opposite. Up and down, left and right, white and black, push and pull, strong and weak. Well, not that last one; they're both very strong. Equal, actually. In fact if it wasn't for that there would be no order, no balance. And that would obviously be very bad. As I'm sure you already guessed, Yin and Yang aren't too fond of each other, mostly because they're always going head to head. They always have opposite opinions and beliefs, leading to major arguments and even fights.

Yin glared at Yang as they displayed their balance by slowly circling each other. She hated only being an opposite, and Yang did too. The thought of only being everything that someone else wasn't was maddening. As Yin glared, Yang watched as she sent a blast of fire in his direction. Instinctively, he created a shield of water, stopping the flames. This angered Yin, but she didn't release another attack. She already knew that he would just counter with its opposite.

But she was so angry, she had to do something. But what? They would be evenly matched in a fight, and that was actually the only option. Then, suddenly, she realized something. Something that she probably should have figured out a long time ago. They didn't have to be balanced, nothing was stopping her from just leaving. It was perfect, they'd just live their own lives, not worrying about each other. She didn't waste any time as she began her plan.

Yang was confused when Yin suddenly turned and started to walk away. This was actually the first time she'd ever done that, despite how much they argued. At first he didn't care very much, but he was more confused when she didn't come back. He was alone, with no one to balance his powers with. To his surprise, he began to feel a large void in his life. Something was missing...and he knew exactly what it was.

Shaking his head, he scolded himself. He didn't need Yin, he was perfectly fine on his own. Turning, he started to walk in the opposite direction she had went. But then a sharp pain shot through his body, bringing him to his knees. At first he was surprised and scared, but after some thought he realized what was wrong with him. He was unbalanced; his uncontrolled powers were beginning to physically harm him. At that moment he knew that he did need Yin, she kept him alive. But wait...if she kept him alive, that meant he did the same for her.

Yang's eyes widened before he quickly stood up and ran after his opposite. Several suspenseful minutes went by, and Yang could feel himself getting weaker. After his agonizing sprinting, he gasped when he finally saw Yin, unconscious on the ground. He kneeled down next to her, already knowing what to do. Yang grabbed her hand and began using his powers to suppress hers until they weren't at a dangerous level. As he did so, he could feel himself start to recover. She was healing him too.

Slowly, Yin's eyes opened and she looked up at her savior. Just like Yang, she'd figured out that in order to stay alive they needed each other. Sitting up, she looked into his eyes and hesitantly apologized for everything she'd done to him. He did the same, knowing that their conflict was...mostly over. Then, at exactly the same time, they promised to never leave each other in the future, and they were sincere...cuz they didn't want to die.


Short Story 42: Headless.

What are hats for? They cover your head; keep it warm, comfortable, and even safe. They're amazing, aren't they? I bet all of the hat wearers reading this story are saying "Hell yeah!" Well guess what? The protagonist of this a hat! :D Oh yeah, rock and roll! Woo-hoo! Anyway, the story starts with a hat resting on a bench, just watching everyone else do...whatever they're doing. Just like in every other short story, there are no humans. It wasn't a problem in any of the other stories, so it shouldn't be a problem in this one, right? Wrong.

Hats need human do you see the problem? No? Ok, I'll make it clearer. Our protagonist is a hat that needs a human head, but there are no more do you get it? Good. ^^ Anyway, the hat sadly watched his plastic and metal friends. Most of them didn't even have heads. He sighed, thinking about what it would be like to have a human who would wear and love him every day. He yearned for that kind of life...but he would never get it.

But it wasn't like he didn't try to fill the void in his life. The hat had searched everywhere for someone or something for him to happily sit upon. Rocks were usually too small, and the big ones always ended up rolling over and crushing him. Cars were good, until they drove and air resistance caused them to leave him behind. He even tried land mines...which didn't work for obvious reasons.

The hat continued to sulk on the bench. He hated that his only purpose in life required a human...he wasn't independent like everyone else. Glaring a bit, his focus turned to a broom and a baseball bat knocking a ball back and forth. They didn't need any life form; they were so lucky. Now jealous, the hat got down from the bench and turned to leave. For a second, he considered just ending it all. Maybe he could squeeze his way into a paper shredder, that would certainly do it. However, his thoughts changed when he saw something ahead.

It was large, silver and...beautiful. Our protagonist quickly approached the mysterious object, admiring it. It looked just like a was a statue. He gasped when he saw that it was already wearing a hat. Immediately, he began to glare. A statue was almost as good as a real person, and there was no way he was going to let some other hat have it all to himself. In the blink of an eye, he was on the statue, ignoring the wonderful view it offered. With no hesitation, he knocked the second hat off and positioned himself on the silver head.

The other hat looked up and glared, then angrily scolded him for taking his spot. The protagonist then looked down at him with a look that could be described as murderous. He would kill before giving up the statue. The other hat took a step back, now afraid for his own safety. It didn't take long for him to get the heck out of there, knowing there was no way he was getting his statue back.

The first hat smiled and got cozy, feeling a gentle breeze come in contact with him. He was never moving from that spot. Never ever.


Short Story 43: Mail Journey.

The sound of an engine could be heard as a vehicle made his way through the dark streets. But he wasn't just any vehicle, he was a mail truck...but you probably already figured that out since the title of this short story is Mail Journey. Anyway, surprisingly, the truck isn't the main character of the story. A package he's carrying is. This package was supposed to be going to someone on the other side of the world, so he had a long journey ahead of him. But he was patient, so it wasn't a problem.

Suddenly, the truck rolled over a rather large pothole. He shook violently, startling some of the letters...and knocking the package out through his doorless side. He landed painfully on the cold sidewalk, then watched as his transport drove away, not realizing what had happened. This was not good; how was he going to reach his destination now? Then he saw a car approaching, and desperately tried to get him to stop and give him a ride. However, the car simply went past him, splashing a puddle on him as he did so. Angry, the package looked around for another way to get where he needed to go.

After finding nothing useful, he sighed and reluctantly did what he was really hoping he wouldn't have to. He walked...yeah, I know, crazy, right? Is it even possible to walk to the other side of the world? The package knew what he was doing could easily be called stupid, but he had to get to the guy he was sent to. So his long journey around the world began.

As the days went by he kept going, never taking any breaks or stopping for any reason. He went through forests, lakes, and eventually even a desert. He even swam through an ocean. Nothing could stop him, not even the weather. Rain, snow, hail, acid rain; it all failed to stop the determined package. Not even a tornado could do the job...and those things are really powerful.

Then, exactly two years after he'd started his journey, the package saw him. The shovel he was sent to...he had made it. He excitedly ran to the tool as he stopped digging to look at him. Lifting up the package, he looked at it in confusion. He wasn't expecting anything from anyone. The package giggled happily as the shovel began to open him, but he gasped when he saw what he had received.

Sitting inside the package was a bomb...a bomb! The shovel panicked, attempting to run for his life, but before he could even turn exploded. And that was the end...moral of the story; if a package is willing to walk an insane distance just to get to you, he probably has something that'll harm you. A lot.


Short Story 44: Flat Satisfaction.

This was horrible! This was crazy! This was unbelievably unbelievable! ...Or at least it was to the main character of this story. Anyway, this was sick! This was...hmm, maybe I should tell you what "this" is. A TV sat alone and shocked as he watched everyone admire another television. But this television was different...he was flat. The protagonist groaned, he didn't get it. What was so good about a flat TV?

Well, being flat probably made him lighter, but that wasn't much. It wasn't like anyone was going to be carrying him since he was perfectly capable of moving himself. He also took up less space, but the protagonist didn't care about that. The purpose of a TV was to entertain; it didn't matter how much space they took up.

The un-flat TV then returned his gaze to his successor and was surprised to see a computer connecting to him and using him as a monitor. He didn't know that he could do that...quickly, he searched himself for a place for a computer to connect, but found nothing. The obsolete TV looked back at the flat screen when music began emitting from his speakers as the computer opened a youtube page.

All our protagonist could do was stare, unable to believe what the new TV could do. When the song ended he switched his input and in seconds they were watching a cartoon, but what surprised the old TV the most was how good it looked. It was high definition...very high. He couldn't believe it...the flat screen really was better than him.

To say he wanted to kill himself would be an understatement. He wanted to destroy himself. His entire purpose in life had been taken away by someone better than him; there was no way anyone was gonna wanna watch him now, not with flat screens roaming around. Death seemed like the perfect solution to his problem as he turned to a lake. All he had to do was jump in and it'd all be over...but he chickened out, and went with the only other option he could think of.

He went to watch cartoons with the others...and had a wonderful time. He hated giving in to the flat screen's superiority...but he was just so awesome. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em and pretend you never tried to beat 'em.


Short Story 45: Bonus Story!

What time is it? Yeah, that's right, it's time for another Bonus Story! :D I'll give you a moment to let your excitement out...*Looks around*...*Whistles*...Hmm, I bet it would be really awesome if I had a-oh, you're done? Got all the excitement out? Great. ^^ Anyway, as usual, there's going to be a party. Yep, that's always what happens...but you know what doesn't always happen? :D You're gonna love this. The inventor from The Gift of Flight is going to unveil...the awesome power of...wait for it...

Tectonic Pants! :D Haha, yeah! You'll finally get to see what they do! Isn't this amazing? Do you need another moment to release your excitement? No? Ok, good. ^^ Back to the story, then. Once all of the guests arrived, including Forty-five, the inventor walked onto a large stage and got everyone's attention. Can you guess what he was wearing? Yes, Te-...wait, did you just say a hat? No! This isn't Headless, he was wearing Tectonic Pants! Geez...anyway, everyone clapped and cheered with enthusiasm.

He smiled down at all of them before lifting his leg, beginning his demonstration. His pants started to glow, amusing his audience. This was going to be perfect; he would show off his super cool pants and get everyone to admire him, and maybe even be on the list of the top five characters everyone was expecting on the 50th short story. The inventor thought his plan couldn't fail...however, when he brought his leg down and let his foot touch the ground, something happened. And it was definitely not part of his plan.

The ground started shaking violently, confusing everyone. They quickly grabbed onto whatever they could to keep from falling. The inventor looked down at his pants, knowing they weren't supposed to make the ground shake so roughly. Raising his leg again, he stomped with great force in an attempt to stop the shaking...which was a horrible idea. The quaking just got worse, eventually making large cracks and trenches appear in the ground. Everyone was horrified now.

The inventor didn't know what was going on so he opened up the junction box on the back of his pants...and gasped. There was phosphorus in his the heck? He then remembered that the construction bots had helped him make them. He told them very specifically not to put phosphorus in the pants...turning, he looked at them with a small glare. But they were already running for their lives with everyone else as the ground continued to shake and destroy itself.

The fourth bot was panicking, he wanted to live so badly! Without even thinking about it, he smashed through a window and prepared to get the heck outta there. However, before he could even move the most unexpected thing happened. The same car from the first Flood Revolution came out of nowhere and ran him over. In seconds he was gone...again. The other three bots just stared at him through the broken window until the metal detector morsed what they were all thinking.

"It's always him, isn't it?" With that said, they continued getting the heck out of there, and yes, the construction bots did take the broken fourth with them. The inventor tried to follow them, but as the ground shook he lost his balance and ended up falling into a very...VERY deep trench. He fell and fell, afraid for his survival but he didn't scream. This wasn't the first time his life was in danger and he knew that freaking out would actually decrease his chances of living.

So he just fell, and after looking down he realized that it would probably be a while before he reached the bottom of the trench. He had plenty of time to figure out what he was going to do. If he survived he was going to scold the construction bots...then fix his Tectonic Pants. Yeah, that was a good plan...oh wait, how was he going to survive? Yeah...he still needed to figure that out.


Short Story 46: The Gift of Flight 2.

After several minutes of falling the inventor was beginning to question the existence of a bottom. He had already gone so deep within the Earth that he could see magma leaking from the walls, yet there still didn't appear to be an end to his descent. This contradicted several of the things he knew but he ignored it, more worried about if he was going to live. Obviously he couldn't fall forever; at some point he was going to reach something.

Then he suddenly saw it...the bottom. It was a hard, stone surface with puddles of magma all over it. As the inventor got closer and closer to it he realized that there was no way he was going to survive. At least his death would be instant; all of his internal parts would certainly be broken...he wouldn't feel a thing. For a second he thought about all of the things he wasn't gonna get to do in the future. His unfulfilled dreams...he wished there was a way he could save himself, but he couldn't possibly live after an impact like this...

His eyes suddenly widened when he remembered something, and then he could feel a tiny bit of hope return to him. Quickly he reached behind his back and pulled out something he thought he'd never need to use again. An impact softener...hell yeah! This was perfect; after remembering how well the first one worked he knew that he was going to live!

Closing his eyes, he placed the impact softener underneath himself and waited for his collision with the ground. Even though he knew his impact softeners worked perfectly he still couldn't stop himself from worrying slightly as he fell. His fear shot up when he finally landed, the impact shaking him violently. He froze as one question entered his mind; was he alive? He was slightly in pain because of the fall, which was actually a good sign.

When he opened his eyes a look of joy soon took over his face as he realized that he was ok. His impact softener had saved his life, and everyone told him it was a stupid invention...they were so wrong. Before doing anything else, the inventor turned off his Tectonic Pants. The last thing he wanted to do was damage the planet even more than he already had. Once his pants deactivated he turned his focus to his biggest problem.

He was several miles underground...nobody saw him fall in the trench so he doubted help was coming...and he was surrounded by magma. This was not all. How was he gonna get back up? By climbing? No, that would take way too long, but what else could he do? It wasn't like he could just magically fly back to the surface and...wait, maybe he could. Well, not magically, but maybe he could fly.

The inventor then looked down at his impact softener...which was nothing more than two broken wings. He smiled, then immediately began to repair the wings. After several minutes of hard work and occasional setbacks, he was finally able to make them look brand new again. But like I said forty stories ago, it's not their appearance that matters...if they can't fly they're useless.

Wasting no time, the inventor put the wings on and began flapping them as quickly as he could. He wasn't surprised when he lifted off the ground and began ascending back to the surface at a pretty good pace, though he was very relieved. He was going to be ok, and his Tectonic Pants would be once he made it back to his workshop...but he wasn't so sure about the construction bots. Wherever they were, they were so gonna get it for messing up his pants...


Short Story 47: Unearthly Inhabitants.

You know how it went down, some scientists tried to make a chemical that would bring things to life but instead created an explosion that killed everyone and brought everything to life. Yep, that's what happened. What you don't know is that not everything that was on Earth at the time of the explosion know...from Earth. Some things were from far away planets that had people (Aliens!) who weren't stupid enough to try to bring random things to life.

Like the protagonist of this story, for example. In the middle of a deserted desert, a crashed UFO rests peacefully under a blanket of sand. No, the UFO isn't the protagonist...and if you don't know what UFO stands for then it sucks to be you. XD Anyway, loud clanks could be heard as something tried to find its way out of the broken aircraft. When it found no exits the noises stopped, resulting in dead silence. Whatever was inside must have given up, right? Hell no.

Suddenly a beam of concentrated energy burned its way out of the flying saucer, leaving a hole which would serve as a way out for what was inside. He cautiously looked around before finally heading outside, the sunlight revealing that he was nothing more than a hovering disk. After a few seconds of observing his surroundings he concluded that he was alone and relaxed. Turning to the UFO, he stared at it with curiosity as he tried to remember how he ended up where he was.

But obviously he had no memories of his past. He wasn't alive until moments ago and everybody knows that you have to be alive during something to remember it. Releasing what sounded like a sigh, the disk began looking around as he tried to figure out what he should do. It didn't take long for him to decide that he would have to travel, maybe find someone who could help him out. An ally.

Satisfied with his idea, the disk then dashed off in a random direction in search of an ally. He had no idea where he was going, if it was safe, or if there was even anyone there...but it didn't matter because he (Beep!)ing loved hovering at high speeds! :D Doing a few tricks, the disk continued his journey to find someone to assist him. This was going to be a piece of cake. ^^


Short Story 48: Imagine 3. (Oh boy...)

Imaginary love, it ruins you. No really, it does. Seriously, it drives you crazy just like normal love can. It may be imaginary, but the pain isn't. It's very do I know? Well, if you remember what happened in Imagine 2 you should know that our little imaginer is currently in a relationship with an imaginary female, right? Hehe, wrong, mates. ^^

The imaginer sat, alone and upset as he sulked over what he had just done. Well, he was surrounded by his imaginary creatues but in reality he was really alone, right? Anyway, this was definitely the worst day of his life. Why? ...Because he broke up with his imaginary soulmate...she was perfect for him in every way, but...she just wasn't real. And she wanted kids.

It didn't take him that long to realize that they just weren't meant to be. Well, actually it did. A few months, to be approximate...and even then he still tried to make it work, but in the end it didn't matter. It was impossible to happily be with someone you couldn't touch. He couldn't kiss her to show his affection, he couldn't hold her when she was scared...and he couldn't do other things.

Sighing, the imaginer tried with all of his might to not think about her. He knew she would just appear in front of him if he did, and he so wasn't ready to see her again. After a while he began to sweat, earning him the attention of a few of his creations. He felt so alone; he needed his imaginary babe. Just when he thought he was going to give in to his desires, something unexpected happened.

...He got angry. Rage was filling his body and he didn't know why. He looked up at his imaginary creatures, scowling harshly, and then for some reason his anger increased. Then it hit him, he knew why he was so mad. He had let himself become dependant on his imagination. Everything he knew, all that he loved, it was all imaginary.

Standing up, he clenched his fists as the figments of his imagination slowly backed away. In one swift motion he waved his arm towards them...and then they vanished, leaving him officially alone. No longer would he depend on his imagination to be happy, he needed a real life with real aspects. The imaginer already knew what he was going to do...

He was going to get real friends, a real girl, and he was never going to imagine again...he wouldn't need to. And his imaginary girlfriend...he would never see or think about her again. Never...


Short Story 49: (Insert story title here)

...*Snickers* Yo, you guys are not gonna believe this. XD You remember how in Short Story 25 the top five best short story characters were recognized? Well my Mind wasn't planning on doing that again for the 50th short story. Lol! I know, that's so stupid of him! Hahahaha! Luckily he realized that the short story characters will be outraged if they don't see another top five list. But get this, since my Mind just recently started working on the list he didn't have time to plan out this short story, which explains why it doesn't have a proper title. It doesn't even have a plot; I literally don't have a story to tell you. XD Man, it feels so good when my Mind (Beep!)s up for a change!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! LOLOLOLOLOLOL! Hehehehehehehe! Hahaha! Haha, yeah! :D Hahaha! Hahahahaha...haha...hehehe...well, now what?...*Looks around* ...Shiz, what am I supposed to do without a story?*Starts dancing* ^^" You like this? Huh? :D Look at me dance! Check me out, I'm a dancing boy! :D *Dances harder* I bet you've never seen moves likes this! I bet you've never seen shiz like this! *Jumps into the air* HUZZAH!

What are you doing?

Huh? *Falls back down and lands on his back* Ugh...*Stands* Julie? What are you-*Notices she has a big smile on her face* ...What are you doing here?

Hehehe, nothing. ^^ *Walks to him with her hands behind her back* I just thought I'd come see you while you're doing the 49th short story. :)

There is no Short Story 49, my Mind didn't have time to make it...LOL!

Oh, hehe, so you're free to do whatever you want with this story? ^^

Exactly. ^^

Awesome. :) *Leans close to him* So, what do you want to do, Story writing Guy? *Smiling widely*

...Ok, what's with the smile?

Hehe, nothing, I'm just happy. :) *Giggles a bit*

...Ok...*Thinks about what to do* Hmm...*Sees she's still smiling at him but tries to ignore it* ...I know, we could play a game I saw on TV a long time ago. ^^

Ok, whatever you want, Jeremy. ^^ Hehehe.

...Hehe. ^^" Anyway, here's how it goes. First I'll say a word that starts with the letter A, then you'll say a word that starts with a B, and we'll just keep going like that until we get to Z.

Ok. ^^


Boyfriend. *Smiles at him* ^^

Desire. :) *Winks at him*


Fond. ^^


Heart. :)




Love...*Looks slightly lovestruck*

...*Stares at her for a moment* ...*Eyes widen* ...Me?

Nod. *Nods, still looking lovestruck* Hehehehe. ^^

...Oh...uh...well, that's...

:) *Takes his hands and smiles at him*


^^...*Closes her eyes and starts slowly leaning towards him*

Uh...*Watches as her lips get closer to his and doesn't know what to do* ...Uh, um...*Closes eyes* ...*Opens them and pushes her back, gently* Uh, sorry, it's time to end this um, "story" ^^" Hehe.


Bye, everyone! See ya next time! Be ready for the top five list! *Looks around* Come on, story, end already!


Sudden End.

Short Story 50: Bonus Story, Half of a Hundred.

Ah, the 50th short story. My 50th short story. It's amazing, isn't it? ^^ I've been writing these stories for fifty weeks. Fifty very stressful and awesome weeks, hehe. *Suddenly looks around* ...Well, anyway, you probably know what's going to happen in this story, and not just because I told you in the previous one. After what happened in Short Story 25 we knew we had to make another top five list. Well, I Mind just recently realized it, lol. *Looks around again*...*Clears his throat* Once again, the list will be displayed by our little projector. :) It's a shame that apparently he's only going to appear in a short story if it has a top five list. *Sigh* ...Well, let's see how everyone's taking the suspense.

Just like last time, everyone was anxious to see who was on the list. They crowded around the projector and stared at the wall, waiting for him to reveal it to them. In truth, the list was finished and the projector could've let them see it whenever he wanted, but he decided to wait a few minutes. It was funny to him how everyone was getting so hyped up. Unfortunately, he was the only one who saw the humor in it.

Suddenly, the solid from Short Story 28 grabbed him and began shaking him violently. Knowing things were getting out of hand, the projector quickly displayed the list, making the solid drop him on the ground and turn to the wall. This was it:

"Fifth best character: The protagonist from End of the World!" Everyone clapped and quickly looked around, but none of them could find him. He wasn't there. Then they remembered that he went to the moon...cuz he thought the world was gonna end. Lol. ^^"

"Fourth best character: The disk from Unearthly Inhabitants!" Nobody clapped this time...mostly because the fact that he wasn't from Earth kinda creeped them out. They simply gave him a few glances, and then turned back to the list.

"Third best character: Yin from Entwined Opposites!" Once again everyone applauded, especially Yang. He believed that since Yin was on the list he was going to be on it too. That makes perfect sense, right?

"Second best character: The inventor from The Gift of Flight!" More claps could be heard as the inventor smiled and took a bow. He was wearing his Tectonic Pants, which now worked properly since he repaired them, though people were still worried that he was going to shake and crack the Earth like he recently did. Well, this was was time to see who the best character was. *Looks around quickly* ...If the suspense hasn't already killed you, read on.

"Best character: The imaginer from Imagine!" Holy shiz! The imaginer! Everyone clapped and cheered. Well, except for two people. The imaginer, because he didn't like being called an imaginer anymore...and applauding for himself would be kinda weird. And Yang, because he was so shocked that Yin was on the list but he wasn't. Honestly, I'm pretty shocked too...but oh well. ^^ Well, that's it for this top five list. Be ready for the next one in exactly-*Looks around*...25 short stories! :D Who will be on it? Who won't be on it? Why am I asking you when you obviously don't know? Hehehe. Peace. ^^


Short Story 51: Blade of Honor.

Hey, guys. ^^ What's up? Uh, so yeah, it's time for the next short story. Yep, Short Story 51. Oh, and don't mind my current whereabouts. *Hiding behind a very large statue* I being behind statues. ^^ ...*Sigh* Ok, fine, I'll tell you the real reason I'm hiding. Remember Short Story 49? You know, the story with no story? XD ...And remember how Julie confessed her feelings for me? Well-

Jeremy! *Looking around for him* Where are you?

...*Peeks from behind the statue*...Yeah, that's why I'm hiding. I don't know what to do! I don't wanna break her heart! But I...I just don't know...*Sigh*...Oh yeah, the story. Ahem...swords! ^^ They slice, they dice, and they cut! :D Nothing is sharper than them! Nothing! Which is why everyone wants to be one, lol. Seriously, everyone wants to be a sword. Swords never get messed with, they almost always get what they want...and they're swords! Who wouldn't wanna be a sword? :D

Well, there is one-

SWG! *Walks past the statue* Come on, stop hiding! I know you're here! You're always here during short stories!

...*Gulp*...Anyway, there is one person who doesn't wanna be a sword. Why? Cuz he's a knife, and he loves being a knife. ^^ You know, when you think about it, a knife's just a smaller, weaker version of a sword...too bad our protagonist could never understand that. In fact, the knife had a plan to prove that he was better than any sword. It was fool-proof. He was gonna-*Peeks from behind the statue*...He was gonna run up to a sword and just slice him, out of the blue. ^^ It was perfect! How could it fail?

Quickly, the knife located a sword and waited for him to be alone...which took a while since people kept asking him for his autograph. And since the sword didn't have a pencil all he could do was carve his signature into people...yeah, it is painful. Anyway, yeah, the sword was alone at last.

The knife wasted no time, rushing at the sword and attempting to cut him in half...but then-

Come on, Jeremy, where are you?...*Sighs and runs off to look somewhere else*

...*Comes from behind the statue* :D The sword suddenly swung around and countered the knife's strike with one of his own. In the blink of an eye, the knife was cut into two pieces...two very un-alive pieces. He had failed...swords really were better than knives...but then again, didn't we already know that? ^^ If any of us had the opportunity to, wouldn't we have stopped the knife from attempting this suicide mission? Honestly, I wouldn't have, cuz it was funny. XD Well, see ya later. ^^ *Runs off* ...*Comes back* Oh, and don't tell Julie that I really was here. ^^" *Runs off again*


Short Story 52: Airborne Assault. (One year anniversary for the short story series!)

Jeremy! *Looking around* You can't hide from me forever so just come out! Eventually I'm gonna find you!

...*Under a car*...

Come on, Jeremy, just...*Sighs and looks down* ...*Gets an idea*...*Smiles* Alright, SWG, don't come out. Keep hiding for the rest of your life. ^^ I'll sure miss you...but oh no, who'll do the short stories while you're hiding? Someone has to do them...wait a minute, I can. ^^

...*Says to himself* You've gotta be kidding me...

Yeah, it's perfect. :) I'll do the short stories until you decide to stop hiding. ^^ Hehe, well, onto Short Story 52 I guess. *Clears her throat* You know how things are on the-

Hey, here I am! ^^ *Gets in front of her* Sorry about that, everyone. I was, uh...polishing my shoes. ^^"

Jeremy! :D *Hugs him tightly* Where were you? I've been looking for you for hours!

Uh, I, I need to do the short story. How about we talk about this after I'm done, ok? ^^ Please?

...*Pulls away and looks at him* Hmm...

...*Has a nervous smile*...

Ok. :) But only because I love watching you do the short stories. ^^ *Kisses his cheek*

...Hehe. ^^" Anyway...the story...*Clears his throat, then smiles* You know how things are on the ground. ^^ A bunch of characters that shouldn't be alive doing things that only people who are alive can do. They converse, play, fight, and even fall in love.

Hehehe. :)

...Yeah. ^^" Anyway, yeah, you know all about the unusual things that happen on the ground. Well let me tell you this...the things that happen in the sky are just as unusual. The only difference is that the characters can fly...but I'm sure you already guessed that. :)

Airplanes, helicopters, and other less important people; all of them can be seen soaring through the sky. Their gracefulness is unmatched, without equal, and one of a kind. ^^ Just about everyone who sees them wishes they had the gift of flight, but you already knew that, right? :P Flying is amazing, you'd have to be crazy to not want to do it. ^^ ...Or you'd have to have a fear of flying...which would suck.

Awesomely, three planes flew through the sky, enjoying the feeling of the wind against their windshields. Flying was their favorite thing to do, obviously. They did it every day, every night; anytime they could. It was so righteous...except for one thing. One very horrible thing.

Suddenly, one of the planes exploded into several unfixable pieces. As they fell all the way to the ground, the other planes gasped and began to panic. The second plane desperately looked around, and then flew off in a random direction, only to be hit by a fast moving object before blowing up. The last airplane gasped again and looked where the object came from. What he saw nearly scared him to was what was considered an aircraft's worst enemy.

Missiles...they were like bullies to anyone who could fly. They would go around trying to blow up anything in the air; they didn't even care that it would result in their death as well. It was in their nature to hunt down flyers and "kamikaze" them.

The plane was horrified, he knew that the missiles were faster than him so there was no point in turning and he did the only other thing he could think of. He dodged, swiftly and carefully. As he twirled and jerked the missiles went right past him, occasionally scraping him but not detonating. They glared as they were unable to hit him; it wasn't very often for a missile to miss. They were fast and accurate.

After the last missile went past the plane all he could do was stare at the horizon, in shock. He was alive...he had dodged all of the missiles...the other flyers were gonna be so jealous! :D The plane smiled widely, twirling around and doing several tricks in the air as he thought about how shocked the other aircrafts were gonna be. He was so awesome! ^^

But of the missiles he had dodged turned around, going after him from behind. Before he knew it, he was engulfed by a fiery explosion. It took him a few painful seconds to realize what had happened. The other missiles laughed as they watched the remains of the plane plummet back to Earth. He was nearly unconscious, but he still felt it when he roughly hit the ground. The pain was unbelievable, but surprisingly he was still alive.

The plane tried unsuccessfully to move, and then decided that he was going to have to rest for a while. He knew that he was going to pass out soon so he didn't fight it. As he slowly began to lose consciousness he had three things on his mind; his dead friends, whether or not he was gonna be able to fly again, and how much he despised missiles.

^^ Well, that's it for this short story. See you guys next time. ^^ *Turns to leave*

Hold on, SWG. ^^ You said that after you finished the short story you'd tell me where you were all this time.

...Oh...yeah...well, you see...*Runs*

Hey! *Runs after him* Come back, Jeremy!

Well, bye guys! ^^ Be ready for the next short story in exactly seven days. :) Oh, and please hope that Julie doesn't catch me, ok? ^^ Bye. *Keeps running*


Short Story 53: Mind of Adversity.

He was afraid. Really afraid; he was flipping out! The fear was eating him alive. Who? The protagonist, of course. Who'd you think I was talking about? *Clears his throat* As a Remote Control Car, he had lots of enemies, though most of them were other toy vehicles that wanted to prove they were faster than him. He didn't worry about them; he already knew that he was the fastest Remote Control Vehicle in his location. But he had one enemy that he couldn't ignore...and it wasn't any kind of automobile. It was the one thing he had never expected to turn against him...his own mind.

The Remote Control Car, often referred to as RC, shuddered. He didn't know how it happened; one day his mind just started playing tricks on him. It would make him see things that weren't really there...but not just random things, horrible things. Monsters, cannons, bombs; if it was lethal, he saw it. RC shook his thoughts away; he didn't have time to worry about his evil mind. He was going to be in a race in about an hour.

Deciding he had enough time to get a bit more training done, RC sped off and began doing several laps around an old house. As usual, people started to watch. The toy car was incredibly fast, which earned him a few cheers from his audience. Everything was going great...until he saw something. It appeared to be a dangerous creature lurking in the shadows, waiting for the right time to strike.

RC looked away, knowing it wasn't real, but then he saw a large skull resting on the ground. This made him skid to a stop as he eyed it, confusing the onlookers. RC looked down at the ground, afraid to look anywhere else and risk seeing something scary. He decided to wait a few seconds for his hallucinations to stop.

At that moment a chainsaw approached him from behind, curious about why he had stopped. Gently, the power tool nudged him to get his attention, but it startled RC; he was very jumpy. He quickly turned to face the chainsaw, gasping when he saw what was behind him. A helicopter was heading straight for them, he was gonna crash!

Panicking, RC turned around and drove off as quickly as he could, too scared to realize that the helicopter wasn't really there. He drove and drove, looking back occasionally to see that no matter how far he traveled the copter was still right behind him. As it got closer he expected to feel a hard, painful impact...and then death. But instead...he was suddenly falling...

He had driven off a cliff...and now he was rapidly descending to a body of water. As he fell, he could see several things going with him; things that wanted to kill him. None of them were real, but that didn't stop RC from being afraid. He just desperately wanted it all to end...and he hit the did. The hallucinations were gone...but so was he. He was dead. His mind; his worst enemy and most essential quality...had killed him...and itself.

Meanwhile, another Remote Control Car was watching the whole time. He saw RC pretty much kill himself...and smiled. That was one less vehicle he was going to have to beat in the upcoming race. That trophy was so gonna be his.


Short Story 54: Residential Depression.

Hmm. *Looking around* ...Houses. People live in them, obviously. They provide shelter, warmth, protection, and a place to put your stuff. ^^ Well...they provide all of that for the people who live in them...but not for themselves. Want me to explain? Well I shush. Anyway, while people are having fun and living it up inside them, houses are technically outside taking whatever life throws at them.

In the Winter they shiver at the unbearable coldness while their owners are inside, nice and warm. In the Summer they sweat in the intense heat while their owners enjoy their effective air conditioning. When it rains they get all wet and soggy while their owners remain nice and dry. Heat, snow, rain; no matter what it is houses have to deal with it, and they have to do it while knowing that the people inside of them are as happy as can be.

Their owners don't even really care about them. Sure, they often spend most of their lives in them, but it's only because they need a place to stay. There's not one person who's actually attached to their house. Not one person. Houses are owned and used...but not loved. Their lives are horrible; they can't even move from the spot where they were built! Which brings us to the biggest reason why houses have sucky lives...

Abandonment. Yep...their owners will often give them up so they can get a better one...or even to escape a disaster. Like a tornado, for example. As the mischievous wind gathers to annihilate everything in sight, house owners flee to find safety. But the houses? All they can do is sit and watch as the wind rips them apart. Every floorboard, every roof tile; gone. As they die, they remember every aspect of their miserable lives. Harsh weather, knives painfully carving things on them, unappreciative owners; everything. Then they ask themselves if their lives were really worth living. Under the horrible circumstances, could serving dozens of people who need a place to stay really be considered a good life? Before they can answer that question, the tornado violently rips them from their spots, officially ending their wretched lives.

But nobody cares. They can just get new houses somewhere else...and the old ones will be forgotten. Unlike everyone else, houses don't get funerals.


Short Story 55: Bonus Story!

Bonus story, party, guest of honor, something going wrong, people freaking out, yadda yadda yadda. By now, you should all know how these bonus stories always go. You know what always happens...but there's one thing that doesn't always happen...and it's happening right now. It also happened in Short Story 15, but I'm pretty sure that's the only other bonus story where it occurred. Guessed what it is yet? Hehehe...


Hehehehe. ^^

...*Eyes widen* Julie? Uh, um...*Decides to just keep doing the story and try to ignore her* ...Flash stood happily, his light positioned on the girl of his dreams. She was so beautiful to him; just looking at her sent him into overdrive. The lantern returned the loving gaze he was giving her, ignoring the fact that everyone was staring.

Well, if the metal detector and the radio count as "everybody" then yeah. They hated seeing Flash so happy; he didn't deserve happiness. The radio simply sighed and walked off, knowing there was nothing he could do. The metal detector, however, continued to watch the flashlight and the lantern. Every second they spent admiring each other infuriated him even further.

As the party continued around them, the two light makers decided to go somewhere more private. Walking toward the exit, they were suddenly stopped by the metal detector, anger evident in his features.

"How could you possibly love this sick, twisted party crasher?" he morsed to the lantern, who simply gave him a confused look.

"He's not a party crasher, he has an invitation," she morsed with her light, earning a glare.

"That's right, Detecty, I have an invitation," Flash morsed, mocking the detector with a smirk before he and his girlfriend went around him and exited the party place.

Wow. *Smiling at him* ^^

...Hehe...once outside, the two continued to stare at each other lovingly. They knew that they were meant for each other, and it wasn't just because they were both light makers. Yes, they did like being the same but it wasn't what made them love each other. Honestly, they didn't know how they fell in love... they just sorta did. Suddenly, the lantern began slowly leaning towards Flash, shutting her light off. Flash immediately did the same and shut his light off while leaning towards her.

Aww, they're gonna kiss! :D

...When they shared their first kiss, it was like nothing they'd ever felt before. It was amazing, to say the least, and neither of them could pull away. Angry beeping could be heard as the metal detector watched them through a window. He hated Flash so much...but he couldn't help but feel slightly jealous. ^^"...

That was an awesome story, Jeremy! :D *Hugs him*

...Hehehe...thanks. *Slowly hugs back*

...*Pulls away and looks up at him* ...*Blushes*...Hey, SWG?


...When do you'll have our first kiss? :)

...*Eyes widen* What?

Hehe. *Looks away a bit, still blushing* You know...when are you gonna let me kiss you?

...Well...*Tries to think of what to say*

Hmm? :), uh...I...bye everyone! *Tries to run*

Not so fast! *Wraps her arms around him and giggles* ^^

...Aww man...*Eyes widen a bit* Wait, the story's still going? Why? Come on, end already; you people don't really wanna watch me deal with Julie, do you?

^^ Yeah, story, end so we can have some alone time, hehehe. *Smiles at him*

...On second thought, don't end. ^^" As long as you all are watching, Julie'll show some, wait, don't end!


Short Story 56: Chalk Warfare.

A red stick of chalk peered from behind a tree, observing his surroundings and searching for something. Behind him was a small army of chalk sticks just like him. They stood quietly and patiently, waiting for orders. You see, chalk people were... very racist. They hated all colors other than their own, and would even go to war because of it. Which brings us to the plot of this short story; war.

Suddenly, the leader of the red chalk army spotted what he was looking for. It was the blue chalk army, and by the looks of it they were just as prepared to fight as the crimsons. Once the blues saw their adversaries, they glared and teased them by dragging themselves across the ground, making several blue streaks.

The red chalk army was furious as they watched them taint the world with their inferior color. They believed that red was the only acceptable color, and that all other colors needed to be extinguished. Unable to wait another second, the reds charged at their enemies, ready to fight them to the death. It was an epic battle; cracked and broken chalk sticks were falling left and right.

Captured territory was marked with the color of the army who took it. The blues appeared to be winning, but only slightly. As the skirmish reached its peak it seemed the battle was almost over. However, before the winner could be decided the fight was interrupted by the sound of thunder. The chalk sticks looked up, a bit surprised.

Before they knew it, rain was descending towards them. It quickly soaked all of them, but getting wet wasn't what they were worried about. They all just watched as the water washed away all of the marks they had made on the ground. All of their territories were gone...and they quickly forgot who was winning the war.

Glancing at each other, the two armies had no idea what to do next, so the two leaders did the best thing to do in such a situation. They organized a full retreat. The red chalk sticks dashed off in a random direction while the blues went the opposite way. The war, or at least the battle, had been a tie. Of course, when you consider the amount of men that died from both teams it's actually like they both lost...

May the fallen soldiers rest in peace.


Short Story 57: Ride to Live.

When it's a sunny, peaceful day outside with no signs of disaster, what do you do? When it's early in the afternoon and there's a gentle breeze, what do you do? When you have nothing else to do and probably won't have anything else to do for the rest of the day, what the heck do you do? Hehe... YOU RIDE! :D

Without warning, the sound of shattering glass could be heard as a skateboard, along with two roller skates, smashed through the window of a house. They landed on the driveway, instantly getting everyone's attention. Some people just stared at the group known as the Riders, while most turned away, afraid. The Riders, as you may have guessed, were the best riders in the area. They also made sure they were the only riders.

In unison, the three of them exited the driveway and accelerated onto the street, passing several onlookers. They paid no attention to them, however, and continued to increase their speed. Passing a red traffic light, they forced a couple of cars to skid to a stop, one of them getting rear-ended by another vehicle behind him. The Riders simply ignored the trouble they were causing; they were known for their reckless riding.

Spotting a flight of stairs leading down to a park, they went off the road they were on and hopped onto the safety rail, grinding effortlessly down it. A few of the sparks they made landed on a walking match, setting him ablaze and making him run around in circles, panicking. The skateboard chuckled, jumping off the rail and speeding off after reaching the ground, followed by the skates. No one even thought about getting in their way; the last person who did ended up going to the hospital, and he only did it by accident.

Suddenly, just when the skateboard was really getting into his riding, he saw... her. She was the last person he wanted to see, and she didn't even know it. She was a snowboard, which was ironic because they rarely got any snow where they were. Snowboards usually lived in colder places, like Alaska or Antarctica.

Unknown to everyone else, especially his skate buddies, the skateboard thought the snowboard was the most beautiful and elegant person in the world. She had been the apple of his eye from the moment he first saw her, which actually wasn't that long ago. As he rode with his friends, he unconsciously began to stare at the female board. Surprisingly, she didn't notice, which prompted him to keep looking.

But then, since he was no longer paying attention to where he was going, one of his wheels collided with a sturdy rock, the sudden stop making him flip through the air before crashing into the ground. The skates quickly went over to him as people started to snicker; however, when one of the skates realized they were being laughed at, he quickly moved away from the skateboard and pretended he wasn't associated with him.

The skateboard looked up at the skate who wasn't embarrassed enough to ignore him, and then noticed that the snowboard was now looking at him. He quickly got up, ashamed of his humiliating crash, but luckily the snowboard wasn't laughing. That would have made things so much worse. Trying to keep his cool, the skateboard turned to the two skates, ignoring the fact that, along with several others, the snowboard was still looking at him.

Her curious expression was almost angelic to him; it made him want to smile, but he refused to let himself. He couldn't let his feelings for her show in any way, and he especially couldn't affiliate himself with her. He knew exactly what kind of girl she was; sweet, kind, easy to please. She was perfect in every sense of the word, which was exactly why, as a Rider, he couldn't form a relationship with her.

The Riders were reputed as a gang of skilled riders who took what they wanted and stepped on anyone who dared cross them; love was supposed to be an absurdity to them. The idea that such ruthless people could actually feel it was baffling... so the skateboard kept his fondness of the snowboard a secret. Once he fully regained his composure, he glared slightly as he turned to the people who were laughing at him.

They quickly stopped, but the skateboard wasn't just going to let them off with a warning; he had other plans. On cue, he and the skates dashed at the laughers, chasing them as they ran for their lives. The snowboard just watched, already knowing that the Riders were going to catch them. She then decided that it would be best for her to leave; she knew the Riders were bad news and that they were easily provoked. Honestly, they often scared her, though when they weren't bullying and harassing people she occasionally would enjoy watching them skate.


Short Story 58: Circular Generosity.

Being a shape sucks. It really does; it doesn't even matter what shape you are. Their lives suck no matter what. Why, you ask? Because they have to hop everywhere, that's why. Have you ever seen a square with legs? Or a triangle with leg? What about a decagon; have you seen a decagon with legs? No you haven't, so those of you who think you have... you're lying to yourselves. Anyway, yeah, all shapes have to hop everywhere. They have absolutely no other way of getting around.

Except for circles, of course. They have the privilege of being able to roll. ^^ Yep, they're really lucky... and I mean REALLY lucky. But, as you should already know, there's always a downside to everything awesome. In this case, it's the undeniable fact that all other shapes are jealous of circles. Especially triangles; they have the most difficulting moving.

Growling slightly, a triangle just watched as a circle happily rolled around at an incredible speed. He looked like he was having so much fun and it angered the three-sided shape. It wasn't fair; why did only circles get to be so lucky? Why were all the other shapes forced to jump everywhere? The triangle glared at the fortunate shape, and then decided it was time to tell him what he thought of him.

Hopping over to the roller, the triangle's presence was quickly noticed by the circle. He stared curiously at the triangular figure, who was simply scowling at him. Then, suddenly, he began expressing his utter hatred for the rollable being. It was amazing; the things he told him were just awful. He used words that most people didn't even know existed, and he used them in such an insulting way.

The surprising thing about the situation was that the circle smiled. He was being reprimanded in just about every way imaginable and he was smiling. When the triangle finally finished the circle just continued to grin at him, and then rolled off. He was appalled; everything he'd said had apparently meant nothing. Nothing! But then, much to his confusion, the circle returned with someone else. Can you guess who it was? That's right, another circle! :D Good job!

Anyway, the triangle just stared at the two. But all of a sudden, before he had time to react, they quickly grabbed onto him and lifted him up. He tried to fight back, even using his sharp points, but he soon stopped when he realized that the circles were only carrying him. As they rolled with the confused triangle on top of them, he noted how awesome it felt to move at such a fast and steady pace.

At that moment, it occurred to him that the whole point of the circles' actions was for him to get an idea of what it was like to roll. They didn't want him to feel left out so they were letting him ride on them, despite how hard it must've been. The triangle was flattered; they were showing him so much kindess after all of the things he'd said. It was unbelievable. As the circles continued to roll he decided to save his apology for later; when the ride was over, but until then he was going to have the time of his life.


Short Story 59: Unearthly Inhabitants 2.

If you remember the first Unearthly Inhabitants correctly, you should know that our little disk protagonist is on a quest to find a friend. Aww, isn't that cute? ^^ He's on a foreign planet trying to make friends, and it really shouldn't be that hard for him, right? Who wouldn't like a disk that can fly at high speeds and fire deadly lasers? Haha... everyone, apparently.

The disk glanced around sadly as he received weird looks from the people around him. Everyone who hadn't decided to just ignore him was currently staring at him, all of them wishing he would leave. It was because he wasn't from Earth, but you already knew that. I mentioned that people found it weird in a previous story, and even if I hadn't it's still kind of obvious.

He sighed, feeling like a total outcast. Well, he actually was one; he was rejected by society, which is the exact definition of an outcast. Go ahead and look it up, you'll... probably see that I'm right. ^^" Anyway, the disk was getting really tired of the looks almost everyone was giving him so he tried to look away, but wherever he turned there was someone watching him. Eventually he just looked down at the ground, trying not to focus on the sadness that was building up inside of him.

But then he heard a sound; it was loud, sudden, and impossible to miss. He frantically searched for its source, completely forgetting about his sorrow. To his surprise, the noise was coming from above him. He quickly looked up and gasped when, for the first time, he saw an aircraft other than himself. The plane glided beautifully through the sky without a care in the world, making a few people jealous. :P

Then it hit the disk; he had tried to become friends with everyone on the ground... but not in the air. Maybe the flyers would accept him because he was one too. Satisfied with his idea, he immediately flew upward and towards the clouds, grinning as his altitude rapidly increased. At that moment, flying officially became his favorite thing to do.

The disk flew through the clouds, somehow knowing that they would be permeable. It was probably their appearance that gave it away. When he emerged above them the first thing he saw was a bunch of aircrafts, almost all of them going in different directions. There were dozens of them, which was amazing because he hadn't seen any of them when he was on the ground. He smiled and quickly got to work, trying to get their attention; however, none of them seemed to even acknowledge him as he called out to them. The disk frowned a bit, and then continued trying to get them to notice him.

After a while he got sick of being ignored, so he did the only thing he could think of at the time; he fired a laser straight up, hoping that would make the flyers pay attention to him. Unfortunately, all they did was gasp and flee for their lives, some of them even crashing into each other. The disk just watched as they flew for survival, but then he realized that it wasn't him they were trying to get away from. He then spotted someone heading towards him at a rather high speed. He was confused at first, but then joy filled him when he assumed that it must've been someone who wanted to be his friend.

He was so wrong. It was actually a missile, and the only thing he wanted was to see the disk explode. ...Well, technically he wouldn't see it since he'd be in the explosion, but... yeah, you know what I mean. Anyway, the disk waited patiently for the missile to reach him, but soon became suspicious when he didn't show any signs of stopping. The alien artifact watched as he grew closer and closer, and then finally came to the conclusion that he was trying to crash into him.

He moved out of the way just in time, barely avoiding what could've been his death. But he wasn't out of danger yet; he then saw several more missiles heading towards him. The disk didn't know why they were attacking him; they didn't even know who he was. All he could do was keep dodging as they continued to throw themselves at him. He tried to reason with them and get them to stop, but they wouldn't listen. Then, suddenly, two of the missiles accidentally hit each other... and exploded. The disk just looked, shocked... and then he knew what was going on...

He had finally realized that they were trying to kill him... and he only had two words on his mind. Holy (Beep!). The missiles just smirked as they kept going at him. He desperately avoided them, obviously not wanting to die, but when they started to attack him quicker he began to panic. He was so afraid; why were they doing this to him? Why did they want him dead? Suddenly a missile managed to get close enough to brush past him... and then he freaked out.

Without even thinking about it, he began to fire his lasers at the missiles. They were shocked, but didn't have time to react as they were instantly blown up by the powerful beams. The disk just kept shooting, destroying the killer flyers with surprising accuracy. He never missed a shot. After several explosions they were all gone and he managed to calm himself down, knowing his life was safe. He smiled slightly at the fact that he had saved himself, though it soon faded when he noticed the unbearable silence that now surrounded him.

He was alone again. The disk was happy that he was alive, but he just wished he had a friend so badly. Apparently, not even anyone in the sky wanted anything to do with him... He actually felt like crying, though he didn't. He simply let himself slowly descend back to the ground, ignoring the people who looked at him when he arrived. As he drifted off in a random direction, the disk started to wonder if anyone would ever like him. Was he going to be alone for his entire life? Was that his fate? If it was, then at least he was good at sticking to his destiny...


Short Story 60: Bonus Story!

Huzzah! Another bonus story! Which means another party! :D Aren't you excited? No? Well, me neither. I hate to say it, but these bonus stories are getting kind of old. Instead of telling you all about a party, I'd rather actually go to one... but we all know I can't do that at this moment. Oh and, to those of you who are saying to yourselves, "Oh, if you go to a party you should totally bring Julie as your date!" ...Just shut up. Shut up before I dedicate my entire life to making you miserable.

Anyway, as usual, characters from all of the previous short stories gathered for a massive party. Wow, that must be a lot of people by now, lol. After the guest of honor arrived things really started to kick off, and, of course, everyone was having an awesome time. Yep... an awesome time... Why can't I have an awesome time like that? Why can't I go to a party? WHY! ...*Sigh*...

Among the partiers was, the one and only, radio from Reflection. He was enjoying himself with everyone else as he danced to his own music. His ability to play songs whenever he wanted to actually made him pretty popular, but, luckily, he stopped acting like he was better than everyone else a long time ago. Now he just uses his music to entertain. ^^

But then, suddenly, he saw someone; someone he'd never seen before in his life. He was a tire, partying carelessly with everyone else. The radio inspected him for a bit; he hadn't seen him at any of the other bonus story parties. Could he be from a really recent story? Then it hit him, there was only one good explanation for why the tire was there. He was a... party crasher.

The radio shuddered; it was bad enough to crash his party place, but crashing a bonus story party? That was sick. He wanted to get him out as soon as possible, but the radio wasn't an idiot, he knew he couldn't just run up to him and forcibly remove him; that would make a scene and the tire would probably fight back. He had to do this in a stealthy manner...

However, before he could come up with a plan, loud beeping could be heard as the metal detector angrily morsed "Party crasher!" The radio slapped his equivalent of a forehead with his antenna, having an idea of what was going to happen next. The tire, with amazing speed, dashed towards the exit, dodging the metal detector as he tried to tackle him.

He rolled past Yin and Yang, gracefully avoiding them while they just looked. The solid from Gas vs. Liquid vs. Solid then tried to punch him, but he missed and ended up hitting the second construction bot from Flood Revolution. The fourth bot glared at the tire, rage taking him over, and then bolted at him and mananged to jump onto him.

However, the tire remained calm, like he'd been in that situation before. He simply jumped up with the bot still gripping him, and then slammed him to the ground, destroying him almost instantly. Everyone just watched in shock as he rolled away from the remains of the construction bot, and went through the exit without looking back.

"Holy..." the metal detector morsed, glancing at the radio, who was just as surprised as him. The three living construction bots went to the fourth, and then, after sighing, they began collecting his pieces. Everyone was thinking the same thing; who the hell was that tire? The radio looked at the exit with a small glare; he knew they'd find out soon. Party crashers always return to the scene of the crash.


Short Story 61: Dust of the Day 2.

Okay, I bet you're all confused right now. You're probably thinking something like "Dust of the Day 2? But we don't even know what happened in the first one!" which is true, you don't. ^^" But that's not my fault; it's Julie's, remember? If not, go back to the first Dust of the Day and re-read it, just re-read it right now. Heck, I'll even wait for you to finish it. ...*Looks around* ...*Whistles*...Wait a second... This is a story, I don't have to wait. I mean, it's not like you're going to miss anything if I don't.

Anyway, uh... Well, you see, even though he had planned on making it Short Story 61, my Mind doesn't want me to write the second DotD since you all know nothing about the first one. So... yeah, that means I have no story to tell you today. Sorry. ^^" ...But hey, you don't need a story to enjoy this reading. I'll just...uh...*Thinks* ...Hey, you know what I don't think I've ever done in my short stories? I've never asked you guys about your lives. Hehe, I've been writing these stories for over a year, implying several things about myself, and I know absolutely nothing about most of you.

Well that changes now. What's up? :) How are all of you? Any of you got anything cool going on right now? What are your hobbies? What do you like to do in your free time? Where do you live? Actually, you don't have to answer that one. ^^" Uh... yeah, just answer those questions, except for the last one, and then I'll have an idea of who you guys are. ^^ And if you have any questions for me, feel free to ask. :) I love answering questions. Oh, and so does my Mind, so don't be afraid to question him as well. *Thinks* ...And if you wanna ask Julie something, just tell me and I'll ask her for you. But please... don't ask her about her feelings for me. Just don't; it'll only make trouble... though I'm sure some of you are still gonna ask. Jerks...

Anyway, just answer my questions. :D Then ask questions of your own. ^^ See? Even without a story this turned out to be pretty entertaining, right? Hehe... but still, I'm really sorry you can't read Dust of the Day 2. It's for your own good, but...*Sigh* Yeah, I'm sorry.


Short Story 62: Entwined Opposites 2.

Angry shouting could be heard as Yin and Yang took part in their favorite activity, arguing. Now, I'm only calling it their "favorite" activity because they do it so often. I'm pretty sure I don't need to tell you why, since I already did in the first Entwined Opposites. If you don't remember, then yeah... sucks to be you. ^^ Anyway, people were starting to stare as Yin and Yang continued to yell at each other. No one knew exactly why they were so mad at each other, but they certainly weren't going to ask.

A stream of fire emerged from Yin's hand at Yang, only to be stopped by his water barrier. Yin frowned, uttering harsh words at her opposite with no remorse. Yang retorted with his own slew of insults, each one making her rage rise a bit. Things were really heating up and it seemed like there was going to be a fight. While some of the onlookers cringed at the thought of them having a battle, others were hoping that it would happen.

However, just when the verbal dispute was about to reach its peak, Yin made an unexpected move. She turned and stormed off, leaving Yang to just stand and stare at her as she left. He didn't know what she was doing; she knew that they would both die if they were apart for too long, so why was she leaving? Afraid for his life, he rushed forward and grabbed her wrist, trying to stop her.

Though it probably should've been, Yin's reaction wasn't what he expected. She turned around and quickly sent her fist into his face, knocking him onto his back. Yang could hear a few gasps and cheers as he covered his eye, which had taken the most damage. Looking up, he was surprised to see that Yin was no longer there. She was gone.

Yang immediately stood up, looking around for his opposite. A small yelp escaped his lips as he began to feel the same void he had experienced the first time he and Yin separated. Now he was really getting scared. Hastily, Yang ran off to find her, though he wasn't exactly sure where she went. He was basically just running in random directions hoping to get lucky.

As he searched, he could feel himself getting weaker. Life was slowly being drained from him and his only hope for survival was Yin. He kept looking for her, slowing down as his strength continued to leave him. After a while he fell to his knees, finding it too difficult to stand. Still, he wouldn't stop looking; using his arms, he dragged himself through the streets as he tried to find her. His body was begging him to stop, but he knew that would only lead to death.

Then Yang saw her; Yin was lying motionlessly at the edge of a sidewalk. Her eyes were closed, indicating that she was unconscious. Talk about deja vu, right? ^^ He gasped at the sight, and then, with the remainder of his strength, he crawled over to her, collapsing just inches away from her. Desperately, he extended his hands towards her, trying with all of his might to suppress her powers. For a second he felt the relief of his powers balancing with hers, but it was soon replaced by nothingness as he gave in to his weakness. His hand fell to the ground as his eyes slowly closed, his last sight being the idle form of his opposite. His final thought before he blacked out was that he was too late; he and Yin were moments away from inevitable death... and it was all because he couldn't find her quick enough. Her name echoed in his head for a few seconds, slowly fading away along with the last of his consciousness. Then he was out cold.

A crowd of people was gathering to get a glimpse of the unusual scene, none of them knowing exactly what had happened. Some of them believed it was the result of a fight, which was the most logical assumption. In the center of the curious people was the body of Yang, which was as still as a statue. For a while, nobody even thought about touching the opposite, but eventually a brave broom worked up the courage to do so. Using his long, stick-like form, the broom cautiously poked Yang, not really expecting anything to happen. But something did.

The opposite, who had been presumed dead mere moments ago, began to stir. His slight movements lasted for several seconds while everyone just looked at him. Then, suddenly, his eyes shot open. He sat up, panting as he slowly started to realize that he was alive. Not only that, he felt great; his pain was gone, his weakness was gone, even his void was gone. But wait... that could only mean one thing.

Standing up, he was almost immediately encased in the arms of his opposite. Her sudden embrace nearly knocked him down, and as he regained his balance he then noticed that she was crying into his chest. This shocked him; Yin rarely ever cried about anything. In fact, he wasn't sure if he'd ever seen her do it before. Out of instinct, he wrapped his arms around her in a comforting manner.

At that moment, she apologized for almost making herself and him die. She told him that she was just so mad that she stopped thinking. Her conclusion was that her behavior was stupid and that he deserved a better opposite. Yang was silent; he didn't respond to what she said, and honestly, he didn't care. All that mattered to him was that she was okay, a fact that shocked him when he acknowledged it. Ever since the first time they tried to get away from each other he thought that the biggest reason he stayed with her was to keep himself alive, yet he didn't even care about his life now. All he cared about and could focus on was... the girl that he loved. Maybe that was the one thing that they had in common, love.

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Short Story 63: Stare Down.

A fierce battle was going on, it was like nothing anyone had ever seen! There were explosions everywhere and the air was filled with bullets flying in random directions. Occasional grenades obliterated anything that happened to be near them when they went off. It was a horrible scene and a horrible fight... Nah, just kidding. ^^ But there really was a battle going on.

A pair of goggles and a pair of glasses stood almost motionlessly as they looked into each other's eyes. They were having a staring contest and they both planned on winning. Since neither of them had the ability to blink the loser was going to be the first person to look away from the other, which actually made the staring contest take longer.

Several minutes went by and the goggles and glasses continued to stare at each other, both wanting to be superior to the other. No one else seemed to care about their little competition, though. Whenever people saw them they simply shrugged and walked away, but that didn't bother the two competitors. All that mattered to them was the staring contest.

Suddenly, after about an hour of constant staring, they heard an odd noise followed by a small yelp. They were curious but refused to look because it would cause them to lose. So they just kept looking at each other, but soon started to notice some strange things... like the temperature getting a bit warmer. A few seconds later smoke began to glide past them, though they still didn't look away from each other.

Then, out of the corner of his eye, the glasses saw what made him finally realize what was happening. Fire; there was a fire and it was spreading towards him and his opponent! The two were terrified by the flames, but they still wouldn't stop their staring contest, despite how close the fire was getting. They could feel the heat increase as pretty much everything around them was burned. Soon the fire was only inches away, ready to engulf them. They felt like panicking.

At that moment the glasses couldn't take it anymore, he quickly turned away and started to run for his life, avoiding the flames. The goggles smiled widely after a second, knowing he'd finally won the staring contest and proved he was better than his friend. He was so happy and, forgetting all about the fire, he started to dance around joyfully. Yeah, that's right, he was dancing around in the middle of a huge fire.

The glasses stopped when he realized that he'd left the goggles behind. He turned around and was surprised, and a bit annoyed, when he saw him dancing in the flames. What the heck was he doing? Was he crazy? The glasses hurried towards the goggles and grabbed him before running off again, leaving the flames to continue to spread. He certainly didn't consider the goggles the winner of their staring contest; no, the fire was definitely a foul. They were just going to have to have another one in the future, this time at a less flammable location.


Short Story 64: Maternal Void.

Do you remember your childhood? ^^ You know, the blissful naivety and the assumption that the world is full of wonders and awesome things. Do you remember it? I remember mine. :) ...Sorta. Anyway, uh, I'm sure right now the main question you guys are asking yourselves is, "Why the heck is Story talking about childhood? What the shiz?" ^^ ...Actually, you probably didn't really use the word "shiz," since that's my word. You better not have used it.

Anyway, *Clears throat* ...Happiness! Joy! Infinite fun, and so much more! All of those things were occurring inside of a large room, a bedroom to be exact. Why were these things happening? Heh heh... Because the room was full of toys! :D Little, young toys that spent pretty much all of their time just playing around. There were stuffed animals, rattles, legos, and so many others.

As everyone ran around having an awesome time, a bunch of square blocks were doing exactly what they were originally made for, stacking themselves. Well, actually, they were originally made to have someone else stack them, but since they're alive now they... Never mind, I think you get it. Anyway, they were almost done; there was only one block left. Cautiously, he began climbing the massive tower they had created. Things were going pretty smoothly and he didn't think anything could stop him from reaching the top, but then a small ball, who had been playing with a teddy bear, accidentally rolled into the tower, knocking it down.

The blocks could only laugh as they fell to the ground, bumping into and sometimes even landing on top of each other. They weren't mad at the ball, stuff like that happened all the time. It was actually quite fun. When the block who was supposed to be at the top of their tower hit the ground, he began tumbling uncontrollably. He laughed as he bounced across the floor, rapidly spinning and rotating. It was so epic.

However, he stopped when he suddenly bumped into someone. Shaking off the pain from the impact, he looked up to see a young doll sitting with her back against the wall and her legs pulled up to her chest. A tag on her arm read "Lisa," which they all assumed was her name. Her button eyes glanced curiously at the block for a moment, but then her gaze fell to the floor. She looked sad.

The block, kind and caring, slowly approached her, and then gently tapped her arm to get her attention again. He wanted to know why she was depressed so that maybe he could help her. Lisa looked at him, almost immediately knowing what he wanted. It wasn't the first time someone was curious about why she was so sad. Deciding that telling him wouldn't do any harm, she reached her hand behind her back and gripped a long string that was attached to it. After pulling it, it began to retract back into her as she cutely uttered the word "momma." She looked down, sadness pervading her again.

For a while the block didn't get it. Momma? What was that supposed to mean? None of them even had a mother... And then it hit him. That was what was wrong; she wanted a mother. She wanted the mom that she was mentally conditioned to believe she had. The block didn't know what to say. How in the shiz was he supposed to help her with that? How was he supposed to get a mom for her? He couldn't... He just couldn't. Looking down, he began to feel slightly guilty, despite the fact that it wasn't his fault Lisa was an orphan.

Detecting his sorrow, Lisa pulled her legs closer to her chest, hugging them and letting her head rest on her knees. Everything was just so weird to her; she knew she had a mother, her instinct told her so, but logic said otherwise. I mean, come on, she was a doll; how could a doll have parents? How? It's not possible. Letting out a pained sigh, Lisa let herself fall onto her side and curl slightly into a ball. She was tired of being an orphan and having no one to look up to, no one to make proud, and no one to tell her they loved her; she was tired of not having a mom.

The block just stared at her for a while, overcome with pity. He also felt useless for not being able to help her. She was his friend and there was nothing he could do for her. Glancing around at the rest of the toys, who were still having lots of fun, he soon realized that he was too sad to join them; he couldn't take his mind off of Lisa's problem. Not knowing what else to do, he gave her one last sympathetic glance before slowly exiting the bedroom, something the toys rarely ever did.

As he went towards the living room he spotted a sewing machine in the kitchen, looking inside of a refrigerator. The block looked at him for a second; he was the only person in the house who wasn't a kid, though that didn't make him feel obligated to babysit them. In fact, he rarely ever went into the bedroom and the toys rarely ever saw him. He preferred to be alone.

The block then went over to a large couch and, with some difficulty, hopped onto it. He sat there and basically just sulked, wishing there was something he could do for Lisa. But, like I said in a previous paragraph, there's no shizzing way he could ever get a mother for her; it just ain't happening. I'm serious, I know I may joke around at times but this time I'm dead serious. There's no fuzzing, shizzing way that he's going to get Lisa a mom. Nope, no way in shi-... Uh... Wait a minute, what's this? *Clears throat*

Suddenly, the block felt a bit of motion underneath him, which confused him. Looking down, it took him a few seconds to realize that something was under one of the couch cushions. He was afraid, but in time curiosity got the better of him and he squeezed his way between two cushions. He spent several minutes searching for whatever it was that was moving. In his child mind, it was like a huge jungle down there.

Finally, he felt something and managed to get a firm grip on it. He began pulling with all of his strength, and then, when he least expected it, he and the unknown object were launched from under the couch cushions and landed roughly on the floor. The block groaned, shaking a bit before turning to see what he had found. He was shocked still when he saw what it was.

She was a dirty, worn-out female doll... except she didn't look young like Lisa. No, she looked quite mature and tall. Her hair, though messy and untamed, was surprisingly long; it looked like it could reach the floor when she stood. But what the block found the most interesting about her was her button eyes, which were identical to Lisa's. She must've been under the couch cushions for a really long time. Then it hit the block, and it hit him hard. Taking a good look at the doll, he quickly realized that she was the key to Lisa's happiness. He was filled with joy as he grabbed onto her hand and started leading her to the bedroom, but he stopped when he remembered how messed up she looked. He couldn't show her to Lisa in her current condition, he had to fix her up... but how? After a few seconds of thinking while the doll just looked at him with confusion, he got a brilliant idea.

Turning around, he smiled when he saw that the sewing machine was still in the kitchen. He pulled the doll over to him, and then started frantically asking him to sew up the places where she had ripped. The sewer was a bit surprised; he looked at the doll, not recognizing her, but then again he didn't recognize half of the toys he saw each week. Not finding a reason not to, he agreed to sew her up, which made the block jump with excitement; things were going so perfectly!

During the sewing process, the block finally noticed a tag on her leg that read "Aliza." He liked that name; it was beautiful to him. After several minutes the sewing machine was done sewing her, but something was still wrong. She was filthy. Like, really filthy. He couldn't show her to Lisa like that... which meant she was going to have to do the one thing that all of the stuffed animals despised doing. She was going to have to take a bath. ^^

Heading to the washing machine, they were eventually able to convince her to get inside. After they turned it on, however, she began to regret her decision. She was constantly swished around and slammed into walls as the machine violently cleaned her; it was very unpleasant, to say the least. She practically fell out when it was over, panting as the block began using a towel to dry her. At that point, Aliza was actually getting kinda mad. She was grateful that they were fixing her up and all, but it was just so painful, and she didn't even know why they were doing it. Why were they helping her?

As if on cue, the block started telling her about Lisa and how she wanted to have a mother so badly. He told her that she was sulking and feeling miserable and that it upset him because there was nothing he could do about it. Then he told Aliza that he believed she would be able to make Lisa happy, that she could be her mother. This is where the reality of how much the block was asking for became obvious. He actually wanted Aliza, who didn't even know Lisa, or any of them for that matter, to be her mom and take care of her. He looked down, guilt starting to fill his body.

Aliza was surprised by everything she was told and, for a while, she didn't know how to react. She truly felt bad for Lisa, but did she really want a daughter? Was she even ready for one? Her mind was plagued with doubts for several seconds as she tried to figure out what to do. Rubbing the back of her head nervously, she then discovered a string attached to her back. It hadn't been pulled in such a long time so, out of curiosity, she did so. As it started going back inside of her, in a sweet, motherly voice, she uttered the word "honey," and then there was silence. Nothing but dull, boring, uninteresting silence. The doubts Aliza had were now gone; it was obvious to her now that she was destined to be Lisa's mother. Placing a hand on the block's surface, she gave him a small nod, telling him that she'd do it.

In the bedroom, while everyone else was still having an awesome time, Lisa was still lying on the floor, curled into a ball. A few of the others had asked her what was wrong but she was too sad to tell them; heck, she was too sad to even move. Everything just felt so hopeless to her, and it amazed her that the other toys didn't feel so badly about not having parents. Releasing a tiny whimper, Lisa curled a bit more until her head was touching her knees. She wanted her mommy, needed her mommy, but was she even real?

At that moment, she heard footsteps approaching her, but she didn't look to see who it was. She just stayed in the same position, making no visible movements. However, when she felt a gentle hand on her shoulder she had to at least glance up. When she did, she emitted a small gasp that was nothing compared to the utter shock she was feeling. She sat up, gazing at the beautiful woman in front of her. She was a doll, just like her, and she even had the same eyes. Lisa didn't know what to say; was she dreaming? Was this just a fantasy that was bound to be torn away by reality? She was afraid to find out.

Aliza, already expecting her to be surprised, simply placed her hands on the child's cheeks, giving her an assuring smile and almost telepathically telling her that everything was going to be okay. By then Lisa knew what was going on, but she was afraid to admit it, afraid of being wrong. She needed confirmation, something to let her know that this was really happening. Gingerly, she reached behind her back and tugged at the string that extended from it. "Momma," she said, looking straight at Aliza with hopeful, almost pleading eyes.

Aliza smiled at her, and then pulled her own string with no hesitation. "Honey," she said sweetly, and in that instant all of Lisa's sorrow vanished. The young doll practically threw herself at her new mother, embracing her as tightly as she could. Aliza hugged her back, giving her a quick kiss on the forehead. Lisa was so happy; she finally had a mom! She wasn't an orphan anymore! Her void was gone!

The block just watched the pair, finally satisfied. He was so glad that Lisa was happy again, and he was even gladder that he was able to help her get a mother. The sewing machine was also there; he had gotten curious and decided to see what was going on. Even he couldn't suppress a smile as he watched Lisa and Aliza, and that's really saying something. It didn't take long for the rest of the toys to notice what was happening and soon they crowded around the touching scene.

As she and her mom continued to hug, Lisa then got an idea. She grabbed Aliza's string and suddenly pulled it, making her say the word "honey" again. Aliza chuckled, and then pulled her daughter's string, making her say "momma" again. They giggled for a moment before proceeding to tug each other's string, each utterance nearly bringing tears of joy to the other's face. From then on, they knew that they'd always be a family and would always be together.


Happy Halloween, mates! :D Get lots of candy and wear scary costumes! Oh, by the way, my birthday's in seven days. ^^

Short Story 65: Bonus Story!

Yep, it's that time again; time for another bonus story and another awesome party. ^^ You all must be so excited, right? You can't wait to watch the beloved characters from all of the previous short stories party until they drop, right? Well that's not happening this time! :D *Does a fake gasp* What? No party? Impossible! It can't be! Heh heh, well it's true. ^^

Anyway, if you're done gasping let's get on with the story. If you remember the last bonus story you should know that there is a tire that apparently likes crashing parties. The son of a shiz crashed a freaking bonus story party... I'm shocked and offended. And so are all of the short story characters, especially the metal detector. He hates party crashers more than anyone else, even the radio. In fact, he's the reason there isn't going to be a party during this story.

The metal detector released an inaudible yawn, momentarily conveying his immense exhaustion. He was so tired, just like everyone else, but he had to stay focused on the task at hand; the task he had insisted was far more important than their party. What were they doing? Hunting for the tire, of course. After all the trouble he had caused in the 60th short story they had to get revenge on him. However, a few of them had other things on their mind.

As the metal detector glanced around to see how the search was going for everyone else, he was very surprised to see Yin and Yang... kissing. Kissing! Did they not care that there was a party crasher on the loose? Could they not wait until later to make out? What was wrong with them? The metal detector glared at them and was going to say something, but then he noticed that Flash and his lantern girlfriend were doing the same thing.

Now he was really mad; his search party was becoming a make out party. He had to get it back on track or else they'd never locate the tire. However, before he could express his rage through a series of loud beeps, he spotted the computers from Digital Interception; they were sending each other emoticons that looked like faces with puckered lips. It was their form of kissing and it angered the metal detector.

"What the heck do you think you're doing?" he morsed loudly at the three couples who were making out. To his surprise, they paid no attention to him; they simply kept doing what they were doing. Now the metal detector was really (Beep!)ed off, he was ready to explode. But he didn't, instead he just looked around angrily until he found his radio friend, and then he grabbed him and started dragging him off in a random direction. The radio didn't resist; he knew exactly what was going on. The metal detector had decided that the others were only slowing him down and now believed that he had a better chance of finding the tire with only assistance from his co-party host. The radio didn't really agree, but he wasn't in the mood to argue. He just wanted to find that sick tire.


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Short Story 66: Literary Dreamers.

Books have got to be the biggest, most creative dreamers ever. They have a vision, a reverie of a world filled with all sorts of wonderful and even mythical things. However, unlike imaginers, they don't pretend that such things exist; they simply relish the thought of what society would be like if they were real. Books often get so caught up in their fantasies that they lose sight of reality, which they don't mind at all. It's fun to them. ^^

Another thing about books is that, well, they know. What do they know, exactly? They know about humanity, which isn't that surprising since most of them are actually about humans. Books are some of the only people who can understand and grasp the concept of humans; everyone else can only make assumptions about them. Because of this, a large group of books came together and eventually formed a religion that later became known as Humanism.

To put it simply, Humanism, according to their definition, is the belief that nearly every living thing was once an inanimate object that was created by humans. That's right on the shiz, isn't it? ^^ They're right, aren't they? Of course! :D These Humanites, as they were called, were experts when it came to humans and considered them to be demi-gods. Humanism quickly became very popular among the literary beings; however, just like with all other religions, there's always someone who has to bash it.

At the House of Humanistic Literature, a library that the books had turned into a church, they were doing the one thing that they could never get tired of. They were fantasizing, letting the stories engraved in them take them to their utopia; it was an amazing experience. Walky, or "A Walk to Remember," as he was titled, then heard an odd sound coming from outside. He ignored it, mostly because sounds were pretty common. ...XD No shiz. Nobody else seemed to notice it.

Suddenly, the high-pitched shriek of a window shattering filled the room, followed by pellets of broken glass raining down on the books. They were torn from their fantasies, startled and confused; none of them knew what was going on. Seconds later a brick was hurled through the broken window, colliding with a wooden shelf and nearly hitting an old magazine.

Now the books were scared, but that wasn't the end of it. Soon a barrage of bricks and even rocks were being launched inside at a fierce rate. The books panicked, avoiding the projectiles and desperately searching for a place to hide. The children's books simply fled to a corner, their young minds unable to come up with a solution other than to get as far away as possible. Walky, seeing their distress, rushed in front of them as bricks and rocks continued to slam into the walls around them.

Was he scared out of his mind? Heck yeah, but he wasn't gonna let the kids get hurt. By then he knew exactly what was going on; they were being attacked by Anti-Humanites, people who were against Humanism. It angered Walky that people could be so cruel just because they didn't like what other people believed. Since when were people's beliefs anyone else's business?

To Walky's fright, a large rock was suddenly hurdling towards him and the children. His instinct told him to dodge, but he refused to do so; he had to protect the little books no matter what. He flinched and looked away at the last second, and then all he felt was a hard crash. As the rock made contact it knocked him into the kids, doing a lot less damage to them than the rock alone would have. They were okay, but Walky was feeling incredible pain.

He could barely move; his spine was bent slightly and a few of his pages were a bit crumpled. He was also very dazed, unable to see straight or hear properly. For a second he forgot all about the horror that was unfolding around him, involuntarily letting himself slip into his dreamland where such pain didn't exist. But then it all came rushing back to him; the terrifying scene was once again a reality, and there was nothing he could do.

When the assault eventually ended, the books slowly crawled out of their hiding spots, nervously glancing around for any sign of a threat. An overwhelming sense of relief spreaded across the room when they realized that it was finally over; the Anti-Humanites had left. They all felt so grateful and glad; all except for Walky.

Anger was the only emotion he could recognize as he looked around at the damage done to their precious library. It disgusted him, made him want to do something. He wanted to fight back, to stand up and stop letting haters push him and his fellow Humanites around; he wanted to declare religious warfare against the Anti-Humanites and fight for the respect that he and his colleagues deserved. ...But maybe that was just another one of his silly fantasies and, like all of the other ones, it would never be a reality.


Short Story 67: Bubble Drift.

A crowd was gathering in the middle of the street, preventing several cars from proceeding to their destination. They blew their horns as noisily as possible, only to be ignored. The crowd didn't move, they simply stood their ground with their eyes locked on the same thing. Well, person, actually. Some of them were jealous, some were amazed, and some didn't really care that much. Who were they looking at? Well I'll tell you. ^^ ...Though the title probably gave it away...

He drifted through the air gracefully, letting the wind caress his spherical form and pull him in whatever direction it chose. It was a delightful experience. ...What am I saying? It was a freakin' awesome experience. And the funny thing was that he didn't even qualify as a flyer. He was a bubble! He... Uh... Wow, I actually don't know why bubbles weren't considered flyers. Hmm...

As he continued to glide across the sky his audience still watched him. Overcome by envy, a water gun began to aim at him, ready to open fire on the unsuspecting bubble. However, just before he could pull his trigger, he was stopped by an axe. The axe pushed him a bit so that he wasn't aiming on the bubble anymore and then motioned for him to just watch, like he knew something was going to happen.

The bubble kept getting higher and higher, soon he was approaching the clouds. He knew what was beyond them, a world separate from the one on the ground; a world of flyers. He had never seen it before, so he was getting quite excited as he continued to ascend. He was almost there, he prepared to pass through the clouds and emerge in the amazing territory of the flyers; his dream was about to come true. But, before it could...

Pop. Yeah, that's right, he popped. He wasn't hit by a fast-moving aircraft or anything like that, he just popped. Bubbles do that. ^^" On the ground, joy filled the onlookers as they stared up at where the bubble used to be. Well, joy filled the ones who were jealous, but everyone else was pretty sad. Except for the people who didn't care, of course.

The water gun was probably the happiest among them; he almost felt like dancing. Almost. But then, his good mood was suddenly disrupted by the loud wail of a car horn. Startled and surprised, he then remembered that he and the others were still in the street. Glaring at the car that blew his horn at him, he shot a few streaks of water onto the vehicle before turning and walking away with everyone else. The car frowned, not knowing why everyone was even standing in the street in the first place. It was just a bubble, there was nothing special about it.


Short Story 68: Ride to Live 2.

The Riders; they spent their days performing astonishing tricks and crushing any moron who decided to mess with them. Yep, that was their whole process each day; perform tricks, crush someone, perform tricks, crush someone, perform a few more tricks, and then crush another person. It never got old to them, they loved it so much. ^^ Especially the skateboard, who was the one who started the Riders in the first place. Why did he start such a hostile group? Heh heh, I have no idea. ^^"

Anyway, it was a normal day in the town known as... Actually, I don't know where they were, but whatever. It was a normal day; traffic was flowing smoothly, random events were occurring, and the Riders were doing some awesome riding. :D As usual, people kept their distance as they watched the group do their thing. The skateboard, who was slightly more skilled than his skate buddies, was really getting into it. People stared at him with amazement as he unleashed his greatest tricks. Even the skates were impressed, he was so ridiculously good.

But then... XD You probably already know what I'm gonna say, right? If you remember the first Ride to Live correctly, you should. Seriously, it should be so obvious to you what's going to happen next. It should be... You know what? Never mind, I'm just going to continue the story, but if you didn't see this coming then I suggest you go see a doctor. Now.

Alright... The skateboard suddenly ceased his tricks when he saw... her. *Fake gasp* What? Her? No, I totally never saw that coming! I'm being sarcastic, just so you know. The skateboard was surprised and quickly became nervous, but the odd thing about the snowboard was that she wasn't alone. She was with somebody... Another snowboard! She was with another snowboard, a male one!

The skateboard almost freaked out right then and there; jealousy immediately seized him, followed by a wave of explosive anger. He couldn't believe that some random dude would just steal her heart without him even knowing, even though he had no proof that they were a couple yet. He felt so... so violated!

Noticing that he stopped riding, the two skates skated over to their friend and tapped him to get his attention. He glanced at them, taking his focus off of the girl of his dreams and the guy he despised. The skates asked him what was wrong, which caused the skateboard to berate himself for making it so obvious that something was bothering him.

There was no way he could tell them the truth, they wouldn't understand. Like I said in the past, the Riders weren't supposed to care about love; they just weren't. The skateboard sighed, deciding that he had no choice but to lie. He simply told the skates that nothing was wrong, then suggested that they get back to riding. They seemed suspicious for a few seconds, but then just shrugged it off and got back to skating. The skateboard released a sigh of relief and prepared to join them, but then he stopped to glance at the two snowboards. His rage soon flared up again.

They were sitting on a bench, surprisingly close to each other, smiling as they talked and flirted. It was so... romantic. At that moment, the skateboard knew he couldn't just let this go. He had to do something, he needed some form of revenge. That snowboard had to pay... but later, when he wasn't with his girl.

That night, just after the sun had finished setting, the form of the male snowboard could be seen walking through the darkness. He was in a particularly good mood, mostly because he had just spent the day with a totally awesome chick. XD He really liked her; they had lots of things in common, yet it wasn't like they were twins. He knew how to make her laugh and she knew how to make him smile; he was beginning to think that she may be the one.

Smiling giddily, his happiness soon vanished when he spotted something completely unexpected. The leader of the Riders, standing in front of him and giving him a harsh, vicious glare. They stared each other down for a while, neither of them making a move. Eventually, however, the snowboard slowly turned around and walked in the opposite direction; he didn't want any trouble and he knew the Riders caused a lot of it.

After a few seconds the snowboard thought he was safe, so he took a moment to look behind him and nearly gasped when he saw that the skateboard was following him. He kept walking, making several turns in hopes that the Rider would leave him alone, but no, he continued to follow him. Soon the snowboard found himself running, despite the fact that that usually only increased the Riders' urge to attack. He didn't care, he just wanted to get the heck outta there.

Unfortunately, the skateboard easily caught up to him and knocked him to the ground. The snowboard stared up at him, afraid of what was going to happen next. He knew how ruthless the Riders were, he had seen some of the things they did in the past. The skateboard just glared at him for a while, and then, without hesitation, he began wailing on the defenseless snowboard.

He resisted and shouted, but the skateboard refused to stop as he released all of his anger onto him; he was blinded by rage. Luckily for him, there was no one around to see the brutal crime taking place, but even if there was he most likely wouldn't have cared. All he could focus on was how mad he was at the snowboard for "stealing" the girl he loved; that was the only thing running through his mind.

The beatdown went on for nearly thirty minutes before the skateboard finally calmed down and decided to stop. He studied the motionless snowboard for several seconds, admiring the damage he'd done, and then rode off, leaving the cracked and injured board behind. Now that his anger had diminished, he was finally able to realize what it was he had just done.

He had beaten up someone he didn't even know because they got with the girl he would never be able to be with. Wow. Despite his cruel nature, the skateboard couldn't help but feel slightly guilty about what he had done. Yeah, that's right, the leader of the Riders felt guilty, but, just like his love for the female snowboard, it would remain one of his secret emotions. Nobody could know.


Short Story 69: Star Solitude.

Stars certainly are beautiful, aren't they? :) They're like little orbs of light that illuminate the night sky. Yep, you could spend several hours just looking at them and not get bored. ^^ In fact, that's what some of the inanimate lifeforms often do; they stare up at the stars. Now, I know what you're thinking. "Do the stars like having people look up at them all the time?" That's a good question, mates. ^^ The truth is, stars have no idea that they're constantly being looked at; they're way too far away to notice. Heh heh, duh...

From the moment a star is created, he's forced to live a life of solitude and loneliness. That's right, he can't have any friends, any acquaintances, he can't even interact with anyone. He's always alone. You wanna know why? ^^ Because his incredibly strong gravity will pull anyone who gets too close towards him and his incredibly high temperatures will then burn them into nothing. Once again, duh. :P

That's actually why meteors hate stars so much; they're always accidentally getting sucked into their gravitational fields and burning up, but then again, it's not really their fault since it's unbelievably hard to steer yourself in space. Well, you know, unless you're a shuttle or something.

Okay, I'm getting slightly off topic, sorry. So, uh... yeah, stars live lonely lives; they can't do anything with anyone. ...Except for the ones who are lucky enough to have planets orbiting them. XD Lol, yep, some stars are fortunate enough to have planet buddies, like the sun. ^^ But most stars aren't, so they have to be all lonesome and jealous of the sun. Actually, no, they're not jealous, because they're too far away to see that the sun has planets going around him. Hah hah hah. :P


Short Story 70: Bonus Story!

I can't believe him; who does he think he is?

Julie, calm down, he was-

How can I calm down? Did you hear the things he said to me?

Well, yeah, I can always hear him, but come on; you've been ranting about this for... *Checks his watch* half an hour.

I don't care. *Crosses arms* Your mind had no right to criticize my ideas so much.

Yeah, I know he was harsh, but-

Exactly! *Looks away and shakes head* I can't believe he would just... *Looks back at him* And why didn't you say anything?


He said my ideas were terrible and all you did was stand there. Why didn't you defend me?

...Well, um...*Rubs the back if his head nervously* ...*Sighs and turns away from her* Okay, everyone, I'm sure you're all wondering what the shiz is going on; you're wondering why you're watching Julie vent instead of reading a story about ridiculous characters doing ridiculous things. Well, you see, Julie and my Mind apparently got into a little argument.

That he started.

...Yeah, uh... anyway, Julie had some ideas for future short stories and she wanted to show them to my Mind, to see if he would like them. ...He did not like them.

He's such a... *Just looks towards the ground and mumbles*

He insulted them, said they were bad, and then Julie retaliated.

Like anyone would.

And the next thing I knew, they were yelling at each other. *Sigh* It was so... shizzy.

His attitude was shizzy.

...*Groans*...*Sigh* Okay, look, I need to do the short story, so let's just put all of this behind us. At least for now.


Alright. *Gets out a script and clears his throat, then reads* ...Julie is such an idiot? *Get a confused look* Huh?

Say what? *Goes towards him*

Uh... *Keeps reading* She has the worst ideas ever?

What? *Surprised*

If I had to choose between using one of them in one of my stories and jumping off a cliff, I'd find the nearest cliff and dive off... with a smile on my face? *Stops reading* What the heck?

...*Eyes widen*...*Glares*

This isn't a short story... this is just five paragraphs full of insults directed towards Julie! Aww, what the shiz, Mind?

I can't believe this! How could he, he just... You have the worst mind ever!

Don't you think I know that? He just blew this entire bonus story just so he could mock you!

I know!

Ugh, he is such a... how the hell could he go and mess up his own bonus story?

And this isn't the first time he's ruined one of his stories; remember Short Story 49?

Yeah! That was terrible.


...*Thinks* ...And, since we're on the topic of which stories my Mind ruined, the last one was a little short.

I know, right? It was good, but did he just get tired of writing it at one point and decide to end it early? I mean, I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that Short Story 69 really left its readers wanting more, and not in the good way. I-

Enraged End.

Short Story 71: Airborne Assault 2.

...*Sigh* Yeah, I'm really... really sorry about all the shiz that went down during the previous short story. My Mind can be such a... a jerk! I just can't understand how he could deliberately fuzz up one of his own stories. Deliberately, mates! It wasn't any kind of accident; he literally thought, "Hmm, I know! I'll just ruin my bonus story and use it to get back at Julie! That'll show her!" He's such a fuzzing... *Sigh* But whatever, what's done is done. At least this time he gave me an actual story that I proofread for any gay insults. Here we go...

He was mad; really mad. Who was mad? Well, let me give you a hint. He lost two of his closest friends and was injured while doing some awesome flying. Yep, he's our little airplane protagonist, and he's alive! :D After barely surviving the missile ambush, he began making his way down the long road to recovery, with the help of a few tools and mechanics. As you probably already guessed, he was very thankful that he was alive; despite his horrible condition, the fact that he wasn't dead was the one thing that kept him joyful. However, once the thrill of surviving wore off, his happiness soon transformed into grief, and immidiately after, rage.

He was angry at the missiles for putting him through all of that and murdering his two friends. Actually, no, he wasn't angry; he was furious. Rage was practically radiating from him, mates, he was shizzed off. He needed to do something, he- *Sees Julie running towards him* ...Julie?

Hey, everyone! At the end of the story, the airplane leads an army of armed aircrafts and fights the missiles! And guess what? He wins and encourages all of the other fliers to combat the missiles and stop being afraid of them! :D

...W-what?... *Shocked*

Yep, that's what happens. ^^ *Gets to him* Hi, Jeremy. :) How are you, today?

...You... how... what...?

You know, I was thinking later today we could go to that new ice cream parlor that just opened. ^^ Just you and me.

...You just... but...

So, what do you say? :) Is it a date?

...Julie! What the hell did you just do?


You... you gave away the ending to the story! How the hell could you do that shiz?

Oh, that... *Grins* Do you think your mind is mad about it?

What? You did it just to make my Mind mad?

Yep. ^^ Did it work?

Uh, yeah, of course it did! My Mind is like, freaking out right now! Airborne Assault was one of his best stories, and then you just went and ruined its sequel!

Hah hah, awesome! *Devious smile*

...Ugh, you've got to be shizzing me! That's two stories fuzzed up in a row! And no, I'm not just gonna keep telling this one; since you guys already know what happens in it, it's pointless! Meaningless!

...So, are we going to that parlor later? ^^

...*Glares* That's it, we need to have a talk. *Grabs her arm and pulls her towards him*

What? A talk?

This short story's over. Come on. *Practically drags her away*

Wha-hey! Where are we going?


Grrr... End.

Short Story 72: (Insert story title here)

...Son of a bisk, mother fuzz, stupid shiz. Yes, using all three of my made up words was called for. Look at the title of this story; there is no title. Do you know why there is no title? Because there's no story! My freakin' Mind wouldn't freakin' give me the freakin' story. Do you know what that means, mother fuzzers? Wait, no, I shouldn't be insulting you guys; you're just innocent readers. But anyway, do you know what that means? It means three short stories have been ruined in a row! Three! Wha-how... how does that happen? How the shiz does that happen? Ugh... *Sigh* ...Oh and, as you all should probably know, I had a little talk with Julie after the last short "story." It did not go well at all. *Sigh* She... *Shakes head* It just didn't go well. ...*Looks away* I wonder what she's doing now...

She's crying her eyes out, just like she was seven days ago when you had your talk with her.

Mind? Since when do you talk to me during a story? *Glares a bit* Even though this actually isn't a story.

Exactly, this isn't a story, so it's not like I'm interrupting anything.

Dude, come on, just give me the story; that's what all of our readers were expecting.

No. I had high hopes for the next story; it was going to surpass the Imagine series and possibly even the Reflection series, but I'm not going to have you start telling it just so Julie can barge in and give away the ending.

She won't! She said she wouldn't!

She's a liar.

...Don't you see what's happening? The short stories are dying, man! This whole argument with Julie is destroying what we've been doing for over a year! Can't you see that? I mean, you shizzed up one of your own bonus stories because of this!

I did what I had to do.

Oh really? You had to replace it with a page full of insults? The world was going to somehow end if you had given me the actual story?

Well, no, but-

Then you didn't have to do shiz! Face it, Mind, you let your anger get the better of you! That's what happened! And don't even try to blame Julie for it, because it was your decision to ruin the bonus story; not hers! This is on you!


Oh no, this storyless story isn't over yet! Mind, this argument with Julie is mostly your fault.


Which means what's happening to the stories is your fault too.


You're killing your own stories with this feud with Julie!


You messed up, dude, and your stories are suffering for it; and they're gonna keep suffering until you stop being a moron and admit that you screwed up.

...*Glares* ...Indisputable End.

Due to the absurd and ludicrous behavior of a certain female (Julie), Short Story 73 has been omitted and will not be displayed until further notice. I am deeply sorry for this inconvenience and will try to proceed with the stories as soon as possible.

Wow, what a gay way to start New Year's Eve. I swear, this shiz is getting so fuzzing-


This is all your fault! The short stories are being delayed simply because you can't let this go!

What? My fault? You're the one who started all this!

-_-... *Sigh*

How? By critizizing your horrible ideas?

They're not horrible! They're really good, and Jeremy agrees!

Then why hasn't he told me that? If he really disagrees with me and loves your ideas, why hasn't he said that?

He said it to me!

He'll tell you anything you want to hear, Julie; he probably just didn't want you nagging him about your ideas.

...*Looks at them*

Shut up; that's not true! He really does like my ideas and-

No he doesn't, Julie. He doesn't like them so stop lying to yourself. He doesn't like your ideas... or you.

Y-yes he does! I... He-

Then why is he always trying to avoid you? Why do you always have to hunt him down just to talk to him? It's because he doesn't want to be around you, Julie, and I honestly don't blame him. You're nothing but an annoying, ignorant, spoiled little brat who always expects to get what she wants. When you don't get your way you freak out, like you're doing right now. I wish I never asked you to take SWG's place as Short Story Writer; all you've done is bring the stories down. You know what, Julie? You're nothing but a mistake; a big mistake, hindering everything and everyone you come in contact with.

Okay, that's enough! *Gets in front of Julie* Mind, what is wrong with you? You can't talk to Julie like that!

But it's all true, isn't it, SWG? Julie's worthless; a complete disaster.

No she's not! She's not a disaster; she's nice and caring and funny and cool and... *Looks like he just realized it* fun to be around.

...*Looks at him*

She's... she's awesome, actually.

...You... really mean that, Jeremy?...

...*Looks at her* Well, yeah... *Smiles* I really do.

...*Hugs him tightly*

...Uh... aw, what the heck? ^^ *Hugs back, just as tightly*


...You can't be serious, SWG. Julie's a trainwreck; just look at what she did to a lot of the short stories. She killed the Dust of the Day series, along with the most recent stories. Honestly, I think the only way to ensure a bright future for the stories is to scrap Julie, and send her back to wherever she came from.


That's right, you're going home. You won't be able to hinder any more of my stories; I'll be able to write them without worry, and SWG will be able to tell them in peace. They'll be perfect once again, without you.

But, but...!

...*Glares* ...You know what? Forget the stories.

What? *Turns to him, surprised*


Mind, I'm sorry, but they're all you care about now. You put them before everything, even me. Dude, the short stories were meant to be a way for you to express your imagination without being restricted and influenced by a demanding plot; but you've taken it too far.

...*Just looking at him* ...

So I'm done; I'm not doing it anymore.

But... but Jeremy, you can't just stop doing the short stories! They've come so far!

I have to, Julie. They've gotten out of control. *Glances at his mind* ...And you both know it.

...*Looks down* ...

...*Looks at SWG's mind, then back at him* ...

...*Sigh* ...Well... End, I guess...

...*Looks down, tears forming in her eyes*

...End. ...Final End...

(...R.I.P. Short Story Series: Saturday, August 7, 2010 - Saturday, January 7, 2012...)

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