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Hello people of earth, and possibly other planets. My name is Misha. Just Misha. I don't want stalkers or anything. Here, my full name is Misha. It's also my signature on my drawings, with an added heart. I am 14 and living in the US of A. I currently live in my house, and sometimes in my world of music and happyness. I have been diagnosed professionally with ADD and self diagnosed myself with OCD.

I love art. I am an artist, through and through. I love drawing, music (i play guitar and want to sing, though i could probably break your eardrum i'm that bad), and writing. I tried writing a novel in 6th grade that didn't really work out so well. I write fanfics now. I have never been to Asia, Africa, South America, Oceania or Antarctica. I have only been to Canada (and i am sorry to say that no, they do not have beady eyes and flapping heads like they do in south park), USA, Italy, England, France and Switzerland. I do hope to go to Japan some day.

I have many OCs from animes and cartoon, and even a couple of movies. Some of which are from 9, Princess Tutu, Avatar: the last airbender, Teen Titans, Rozen Maiden and so forth. I enjoy making characters. My 9 one is my lil pride and joy. I made a TT character based off of Harley Quinn, who in my opinion was kick ass. But, when i told my friend (who has a character based off of Poison Ivy) she told me there already was one and I immediately got sad and bummed. I have a story about her origins too, so just say the word and i will post it!

I am currently in my 9 phase, but slowly moving over to Teen Titans. The thing that keeps me bound to 9 is the numbers. Every time I hear, see, smell, touch or taste and number, and i mean every time, i think of those poor little stitchpunks and the horrible ways they died. I hated 5 and 6's deaths. I still can't get that burned leather or falling body out of my mind. I was so sad. I felt like crying at the end of the movie, but i couldn't. I'm a sucker for sob stories.

Movies and books i have felt like crying over:

- Phantom of the opera. When Raoul and Christine were leaving the Phantom and she looked back at him and he left through the mirror. As if that wasn't enough for me to make a river, the little monkey thing and Raoul crying over Christine's grave, then the rose with the black ribbon and the candle blowing out. I cried the nile.
- King Kong the latest remake: When Kong died. nuff said.
- House of Night book 2, betrayed: Stevie rae died. I was on a plane and was tearing up and stiffling sobs. My sister was like "haha!" and i was all like "shut up! sob"
-9: when 5 and 6 died. 2 died to early, and i didn't feel like i got much of a connection with him to feel something when he died. 5 i did. Wouldn't you cry if your best friend (who has an awesome scream) died? 6 is an artist. I'm an artist, with a crazy insane mind i might also add, so there is a natural connection there. 8 put a brave face on before he died, so i give him props for that. 1 also gets props for not screaming and pushing 9 out of the way, even if i do have a very long list of things that i do not like about him.

OMFG!! I seems like every time i want to read a story that has to do with the categories i post stories in, my stories are on the first page! or the 1st ones! I can't tell you guys how much that means to me! It feels like i'm winning an oscar, but the statue is a weirded out version of the hero!! With your help and support, i could become the nex J.K. Rowling!! Thank you all! waves like a princess

Adding on to my profile of randomness, some stuff I love!! with a burning passion
1. burning passions. (love or hate, they're awesome)
2. Sticky Rice balls. Even better when you take brown sugar and soy sauce, mix them up into a thick mixture, then cook the rice balls on a frying pan or grill while covering them in the sugar mixture. (seriously, when you eat them it's like "WHAT MAGICAL TREAT HAS JUST ENTERED MY GRASP!! ARE WE IN NARNIA?! OH MAH LORD!!" I'm not kidding)
3. Parodies. 9 parodies, twilight parodies (nigahia one rocks), naruto parodies. (i love em all, especially the 9 one where the cat beast just wants a crepe.)
4. OCs (i suck at writing actual original stories, but OCs are amazing. Settings and everything are all laid out for you!)
5. Music (I would go insane without my iPod. I lost it once, barely made it out alive. Favorite artists are Avril Lavigne, Skye Sweetnam, Perfume, Lady Gaga, Owl City, Daft Punk, Pink, Paramore, and others. Lots of others)
6. Deviantart. (No explination nessicary. my profile is the exact name you see here. . I hope you enjoy my work!)
7. Youtube (music, movies, animation, parodies, nuff said)
8. I can has (i'm a cat person, i also have a demented sense of humor -think south park, happy tree friends and robot chicken all in one-, so tadaaaa)
9. review (my personal healthy, maybe not so healthy, crack)
10. crack parings (one of my personal faves being 1 and the seamstress)
11. Inspiration. (i just love those visions of crazy! One crazy vision, and slightly gorey. If you puke easily, run away now and blow up your computer now. NOW. Anyway, it came from the beatles "i am the walrus song". Me. One the ground. Dead. head split open. blood pooling on the ground. Rising from the blood, my OCs. I have a lot. I might draw it sometime, you never know)
12. Cirque de Soleil (especially the beatles LOVE one. I fell in love! No pun intended)
13. Comedians (dane cook, jim gaffigan, pablo francisco, demetri martin.)
14. MY FRIENDS!! (internet, school or all the way in England, I LOVE YOU ALL!!)

That's all for now! Au revoir mah lovelies!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my work! Thank you for reading my rants!



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