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Author has written 9 stories for Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XIII, Mass Effect, and Castle Crashers.

When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world—“No. You move.”

- Captain America, Amazing Spider-Man 537

About my style:

In the world of fanfiction, any stories that I write are done with intricate care to ensure the preservation of all the elements that make the fandom enjoyable. I keep things as canon as possible, paying extra close attention to the psychology driving each character. My goal is to accurately replicate their personalities, and to craft my stories into seamless additions to the canon universes. This is especially true of my larger, more serious works.

I haven't published too many stories on FFN yet, but aside from Broken Shield and Final Purification, I do have one other novel planned.

My current fandoms are Kingdom Hearts and the Final Fantasy series, so most of my works will be published under these categories.

Please do not ask me for an updating schedule. I write when I can and take my time to write many drafts so as to maintain the quality of the story. If I were forced to churn out chapters on a schedule, the plot would collapse from holes.

Broken Shield Audio Commentary:

My DeviantArt account: You can find larger versions of my book covers here.

The "producer" of Broken Shield and my good friend: TheRogueChicken

Check out his profile for our joint Youtube account; it's where we'll upload commentaries.


Published Chapter 31 of Broken Shield.


Published Chapter 30 of Broken Shield.


Published Chapter 29 of Broken Shield.


Published Chapter 28 of Broken Shield. Ten years ago on this day I played the first Kingdom Hearts. To this day, it remains one of the greatest games I've ever had the pleasure to play. Here's to you, KH1; you've had a great impact on my life and I can only hope that you've entertained and enlightened many others as you have me.


Published Chapter 27 of Broken Shield.


Published the first chapter of She's a Cop.


Published Chapter 26 of Broken Shield. Please see below entry for information on the audio commentary.


TheRogueChicken and I stayed up all last night debugging our system, and after many excruciating hours of hard work, we finally managed to churn out our very first audio commentary. Click here to listen to it.

There are 10 parts and it will take you about 1.5 hours to listen to the whole thing (we apologize for the length, but it can be watched in installments if you want to think of each as an episode). So if you have some time to kill while waiting for Ch. 26 (which is almost finished), check it out.

We apologize in advance if you encounter any glitches or our commentary seems too long or too rushed. This is the very first time we've ever done something like this, so feedback is much welcomed. Tell us what you liked, what you don't like; how we can improve, or if it's just a waste of time and effort since fanfiction doesn't need audio commentary. We're very approachable about this.


Published Chapter 25 of Broken Shield.


Published the Castle Crashers fanfic Inside the Factory. This one was inspired by true events.

The long overdue Ch. 25 of Broken Shield is almost finished and it will be published this week. I'm working on a podcast with my friend TheRogueChicken that we're hoping will compliment update. It'll be full of informative commentary and interesting tidbits regarding the story. Stay tuned.


Hey, all. I finished adding covers to all of my stories. Problem is, you can't see any of the finer details, which is why I'm now utilizing a DeviantArt account. I've tossed up the three most detailed covers I have, so go check 'em out when you have time.


Happy D-Day! 68 years ago today the Allies stormed the shores of Normandy and began their vicious counterattack against the Nazis. Let us never forget the atrocities committed by the fascists and strive to better our world so that we never repeat the mistakes of our past.

In other news, I've just uploaded the cover for Broken Shield. Made the whole thing from scratch and I played around with it for a good five hours before I was finally satisfied with the layout. There's tons of symbolism to be found in it; too bad FFN makes the darned thing so small. I don't know if you guys will be able to see everything that's in it. Perhaps I'll post the larger version somewhere else...

Ch. 25 is coming along. It'll be out as soon as I can break away from my ME3 squad to write some more.


Published Chapter 24 of Broken Shield. Saw The Avengers movie. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you make a Marvel film. Kudos to Chris Evans.


Published On the Clock, a short story for Mass Effect based on the ME3 multiplayer. The story was inspired by the many jokes my buddies and I have told at the N7 squad CO's expense.


Published Chapter 23 of Broken Shield. I've been playing a lot of Mass Effect 3 multiplayer lately. If anyone's interested in playing a match, send me a message. The game's story is insanely contested with regards to its ending, but I think most can agree the multiplayer's a gem, a downright addictive gem.


Published Chapter 22 of Broken Shield.


Published Chapter 21 of Broken Shield.


Published Chapter 20 of Broken Shield.


Published "Foolhardy Farron", a FFXIII short story about Lightning. New chapters for Broken Shield and Final Purification are in-progress, but will likely not be released until mid-December or later.


Published Chapter 19 of Broken Shield. Please do not ask me for an updating schedule. I write when I can and take my time to write many drafts so as to maintain the quality of the story. If I were forced to churn out chapters on a schedule, the plot would collapse from holes.


Published Chapter 2 of Final Purification.


After working on it for over a year, I've finally published the first chapter of my FFX story entitled: Final Purification. This is going to be a fun story!


Published Chapter 18 of Broken Shield.


Published Chapter 17 of Broken Shield.

Saw the new Cap movie. Didn't like it. It's too much Chris Evans and not enough Steve Rogers. If you want a real Cap movie, I suggest watching the 1990 film. It doesn't get much credit, but it does a good job of showing a hero's origins without being too flashy and fake. The only real problem with the film is it shreds the Red Skull's storyline to bits, but it's bearable when faced with the rest of the plot. I hear it supposedly just came out on DVD, but my normal haunts don't carry it...


Published Chapter 16 of Broken Shield.

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