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Alright, as it seems I feel compelled to spend some time writing these days I'm rejoining FFN as a somewhat active member. I'd like to apologize for the exceedingly long hiatus on, err well, all of my stories and if time/inspiration allows, I'll conclude them. I'm currently working on the ending to Assault on the tamers which is proving to be extremely difficult due to trying to wrap up all the miscellaneous nonsense I had going on in that story, what, 6-8 years ago? And, while I'm at it, I have a Naruto fic in production that I uploaded the prologue to a bit ago. I want to have several chapters planned out and possibly written before I upload the actual story of that.

Again, I apologize to all those that have followed me and/or favorited me in hopes that I would update at any kind of decent pace. Hopefully I can answer some of those expectations soon.

I feel the need to thank Crazyeight on account of it was his/her writing that made me interested in trying my hand again. I strongly recommend his series "Tamer's Requiem" and his other writings though I've yet to finish them all myself.

Oh, also, it has recently come to my attention (as of 11/2010) that Ryo has a hell of a lot more backstory than I initially thought. I still don't like the guy, but I try to give credit where credit is deserved and he is long past due. In the future, my stories will reflect this

I recently thought to add a little blurb on my impressions of some of my stories. I'll preface this with I don't have many positive things to say about things I've written years ago... for good reasons I think, but I was trying to think of how I could voice my own thoughts on the matter w/o writing long A/N that would detract from the enjoyment of the story. This was my solution. Please continue past if you don't particularly care. :3

Digimon: Assault on the Tamers

This story... I don't even know what to say about this story anymore. In fact I'd almost say I no longer endorse this product but as long as people enjoy it I can get over my own reservations with it. Back in sophmore year high school I began this story. I think I came towards the end sometimes around senior year which, as most know, is a busy time. I ended up letting the project slip into hiatus without notice and haven't looked back at it since.
Well recently, people have somehow been managing to find it. Said people favorited it and I thought, "If people are still reading this thing, maybe it's not too late to finish it."
Reading it again to catch myself up to date on events was easily the most embarrassing experience of my life. The loosely implemented Gary Stu, the lack of any reliable structure, whole plots that just spiraled in god knows what directions... I don't even know where to start. This lost feeling returns as I stare at the growing mess that I'm trying to wrap up into one nice neat climax and resolution. I have some ideas but I certainly don't want anything that would lead to a sequel since I'd feel like I was subjecting my readers to some great injustice just so they could understand things going on in said hypothetical sequel.
Hopefully, those of you that did read it, will finish it after I complete the final chapter(s) and forgive me if you have to reread it to understand it.

Adventures into the Digital World!

This is a story I missed. I always enjoyed stories in which the first 5-6 interested parties created characters and the author goes to town with them. To this day I'm not sure why fics of this sort were removed but I think I lost 10 chapters or so in the process. It was much more fun to write though I still can't vouch for it as a story since I can't remember much about the entire thing.
I might remove it one of these days, but till then, maybe someone else will enjoy it.
Unless someone feels powerfully compelled to have me continue this, consider it on permanent hiatus.

Lotus Blossom

This is my Naruto AU (soon-to-be Alternate Timeline) fic exploring the possibility of Hanabi and Naruto. Not much to say as I've only uploaded the prologue so far but I predict it'll be good.

It's All the Same

I was sitting at work one night and I wondered, "When digimon biomerge with their partners, don't they share everything?" Then I was pretty eager to write some fluff and I managed to pop out this one shot. I'm relatively proud of it considering how little I write compared to the next guy. What do you think would cross that link that only a Tamer and his partner are privvy to and how permanent do you think the effects?
Feel free to PM me your thoughts and I'd be happy to read them.

Digimon Tamers: Trouble

This story has been sitting on my mind since I've been reading so many romances on FFN lately. If you haven't guessed already, it's also inspired by "ToLoveRu" or "ToRabU" which, if I'm not mistaken, is a Kata pun on "Trouble," Hence the title. I enjoy harem comedies and I thought Tamers seemed like primo ground for it. I mean Takato, Rika, and Jeri? Already a triangle. Throw in Alice, another character or two, and maybe a teacher- well, hell, why not a loli to. Plenty of chaos. :3
I hope you readers enjoy this as much as I enjoy imagining what I can do.
Oh, one last thing about this one. I'm writing it without beta readers so if there are any mistakes, let me know. I did this mainly because I wanted to write something that I didn't have to wait on to update, but realize, it will suffer because of it. Let me know, and I'll likely go back and change things.

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