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Author has written 3 stories for Degrassi, Final Fantasy X-overs, and Left 4 Dead.

So, I'm 23, and I'm bisexual. Yes I am a guy. I am in college, and even though I love it, it does make writing and leisure more difficult.


I'm not particularly involved in any fandom, though I do frequent Das Sporking on Livejournal. However, there are some media that I'm particularly in love with and knowledgeable about.

Harry Potter: My favorite book series of all time. I know the canon pretty much like the back of my hand. I'm writing an original book series, and it takes a whole lot of inspiration from HP. It's traditional for me to reread at least one book every year. I even have half the video games.

Final Fantasy VIII, Dissidia, and IX These are the only games I've beaten as of yet.

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Though I haven't actually caught up with Korra yet.

Silent Hill: I think SH may be the fiction I'm most obsessed with at the moment. I'm planning a book series, and the main character's pretty heavily based on Alessa. Otherwise it takes a lot from SH.

Kingdom Hearts: Though granted I'm not very knowledgeable on the fandom due to the fact that it costs money to keep up to date with the games. /poor people problems

Kill Bill

Alien franchise: Not so much the comic books, though I want to read them.

Ring: Currently reading the book.

The Vampire Chronicles: Though I haven't caught up yet, and am on the first Witches book. Plus my views probably aren't very popular because of my dislike of Lestat.

Buffy: Haven't read any of the comics yet, because, again, money. And I also need to catch up on Angel.

The Walking Dead: My absolute favorite show at the moment.

Degrassi: I used to consider this one of my favorite shows, but season 10 and 11 were so unbelievably Godawful that the Godawful-ness worked backwards and now I can't watch the show back whenever it was good either. It's sort of like "Hell" in CS Lewis's The Great Divorce, in which "Hell" and Heaven work backwards so that people in Hell say "we were always in Hell", and people in Heaven say "we were always in Heaven".

Chronicles of Narnia: I love the Chronic-what-cles of Narnia, Narnia, Narnia...

Everworld: If I were to make a top five list of my favorite book series, Everworld would be on there along with The Vampire Chronicles, Harry Potter, and Animorphs. It has a HUGE influence on my book series I'm writing.

Animorphs: See above. I actually want to re-read the books ASAP, but I have to actually buy all of them first.

Here's the deal these days

The Gift: Due to my hatred of Degrassi it's pretty painful for me to try and continue writing about Riley. I still plan to finish it...it's just rather difficult for me to do at the moment. Plus, I've become a lot angrier than I used to be, so it's hard for me to get into Jake's head like I used to. However I am planning on making a book that I want to publish off of it. It's straight up sci-fi set in 2122. Jake has a vaster variety of psionic abilities than he does in my fanfiction (though he'll gain a LOT more powers as the fanfic progresses), and he's a child prodigy earning his doctorate's in chemical and bioengineering, despite being 18. Also, Riley's a 22-year-old senior in college rather than a high school student. Also, there's no Michelle equivalent because I realized that it's sort of sexist, like a yaoi.

The sex scenes: All of the fuck scenes I have in there have been moved to my personal LJ, which you can find here. This is because I actually read the rules and they say no hardcore sex. So in the interest of not losing account or having my story purged, they've been moved.

Other fanfics: I'm currently wanting to write one from Senna Wales's POV, because I want to try and make her more human, and because it'd be a good exercise for me because the main character of the aforementioned fantasy series is heavily based on her. I also want to finally write a Harry Potter fanfic, which I've been planning on doing since my junior year of high school

Original writing: Most of my efforts are spent on writing a book series that I want to publish some day, like actually sale for profit. One is an urban fantasy series that, while urban fantasy, doesn't actually take place in our world. The other is the aforementioned story based on TG.

The last one is a story about a high school kid who falls in love with a 37-year-old hunk who's his teacher which IDK if I'll publish because of the age difference and the fact that the older guy's a teacher, even though the main character's 18. Maybe I'll make him a cop instead.

"Post this in your profile if"

You're a gay or otherwise pro-LGBT Christian who thinks Hell is a myth. U mad m8?

You're a gay guy who thinks yaoi is homophobic, misogynistic, romanticizes and trivializes rape, domestic abuse, rape, pedophilia, rape, incest, rape, exploits gay men as sex objects, usually doesn't even have hot guys in it anyways, and is basically EXACTLY like Fifty Shades of Grey only the girl in FSOG has boobs and a vagina rather than a penis and a Shota-like body. U mad m8?

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