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Author has written 7 stories for Super Smash Brothers, Game X-overs, and Monster High.

Hey there, thanks for stumbling upon my page! I'm essentially a 20-something girl that enjoys stuff for folks about half my age - but, I just can't help but love cute and happy things! :3 Maybe we share some likes in common?


Age: 23
Name: Eleanor (welp, guess that’s not hard to guess!)
Classics – hoping to major in Linguistics for grad school!
Some Fandoms:
Super Smash Bros., Pokémon, My Little Pony, Adventure Time, Monster High
A Few Pairings:
Captain Falcon x Samus (Smash Bros.)
Dr. Drakken x Shego (Kim Possible)
Beetlejuice x Lydia (Beetlejuice)
Pinkie Pie x Discord (My Little Pony)
Apple Jack x Rainbow Dash (My Little Pony)
Abbey x Heath (Monster High)

(I’ll admit I'm a bit of a pairing whore and practically ship everything under the sun – here’s my full list!)


.:o I take a bit of time to update, since I like for everything to be as good as I can possibly manage before I submit. X3; I’m not super fast—but hopefully it’s worth it in the end!

.:o I love replying to reviews! I will always do so, unless the review is one word long or so—then I don’t want to waste your time with this awkward PM system they have set up. X3; But I love to thank people, as well as chat about my favorite fandoms and pairs! Feel free to hit me up. :D

.:o I love critique—it will only help me improve as a writer. If something (or somethings!) seems off to you about my writing, don’t hesitate to point it out!

.:o Lastly, please know that yaoi and yuri are always a possibility with me. I ship characters based on their chemistry—not gender! If this offends you, I recommend not alerting me. X3; Thanks for your consideration! But at the same time, I won’t tolerate hate. ;D


.: DeviantArt : Tumblr :.


.: March 31, 2013 :.
ACK! GUYS. Is it really almost April!?
I am soooo sorry about not updating - a LOT has happened in my life the last few months -

1) I got horrendous writer's block on Valley, which really sucks. I think I'm mostly through it, and I mean, I have the frame and everything now, but I just have to live with the story and work on it now, which I haven't had a lot of time to do...as you'll see below!

2) My cat got seriously ill, and we didn't think she was going to make it. She's much much better now and she's gonna be just fine, but that - preoccupied me, for several weeks.

3) Got my acceptance letters from grad school back! Now I'm just struggling about what school to go to. So...that's taken up a lot of my brain time.

4) Started dating someone awesome. XD So now I want to spend all my time with him instead of doing my work, ha ha!

Ahh, so I hope you will forgive and folks are still interested in reading! I'm hoping my life will even out soon and I can work more diligently on Valley. _ I hope ya'll are enjoying the Monster High fandom updates - soooo many cool dolls coming out, oh man. I have ten now. ;A; Dear god, I got sucked in fast.

.: January 6, 2013 :.

Oh wow, 2013! Crazy!!

So - I hit a mad writer's block with Chapter 3 of 'Valley.' Sucks, huh?! It's only the 3rd fraggin' chapter! Well, I'm trying to work through it, slowly and carefully. I'm getting my friend to read through it now, and see what he thinks. I don't want to destroy the characters and sentiments I've built so far! So, please be patient - thanks for sticking with me! ;A; I know I'm such a slowstoise, but hopefully it's worth it in the end. :3 Thank you

In other news, maybe I can make up for it! 8D DOLL SPOILERS, for those who want to avoid it!

...They're making a Heath doll for 2013. And not just a Heath doll - a Heath and Abbey Home Ick set. See this post from an MH spoiler site.


.: December 7, 2012:.

Looks like I'm working overtime this weekend for the office, so Chapter 3's going to be delayed a little more. :'C

However, in good news - I made an Abbey x Heath club on DeviantArt. Go check it out if you love these two, like me. XD

.:December 1, 2012:.

Once again, I'm being a slowstoise on my chapter. X3 I'm just a slow writer in general, I think, and work has completely drained me the past week. Yuck!

However, I've turned in my applications, so that's off my plate! Hurray :D

I've also revised Chapter 2 of As I Walk Through the Valley of Death - hopefully it's a bit stronger and smoother now! Also thinking of doing a one-shot series for all my various favorite couples. Since I've already accumulated about a hundred. XD

In Monster High news, I got my Venus doll. I'm sooo excited; she's lovely. I'm becoming addicted to these dolls already! I asked for Spectra for Christmas XD

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