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Name: Taylorr!!


Height:5"3 1/2(I am very short for my age :( But I like it though)

Weight: Slim and Slender

Straight,Bi,Or Gay: Straight I went through a faze this year at school, I really don't know why.


Obsession:Jonghyun from SHINee *O* faints from all the hotness ;)

Henry Lau;Eli Goldsworthy;and Zuko are legally mine :)

My RP Character.

Her Name: Hazelina Lee or Lee Hazey.

Born: December 25,1995


Eye Color:Sea Green

Hair Color and Style: Brown with midnight blue highlights. Short, and Choppy. She doesn't like her hair long.


Band(s):SHINee,DBSK,SNSD,SuJu,BoA,4Minute,SuJu-M,G-Dragon,Paramore,Flyleaf,and The Used.

Show(s):Death Note.

Theme Song: Emergency by Paramore.

Taken or Single: Taken

By who:Tucker.(It might say him as her best friend because he is. My RP my rules )

Best Friends: MayRiss or just Ris,Tucker,and Kevin.

American Friends: Addisyn,Jessika,and Lizzy.

Hazelina Lee or Lee Hazey is a great girl who loves her friends and mother very much. In school she goes by Lee Hazey. She is very complicated girl. She has beautiful Sea green eyes. And beautiful short choppy brown hair with midnight blue highlights. She attends one of the best High Schools in Korea. She was actually living in America for six years. She moved to America in second grade. She moved back to Korea in eighth grade. Her friends couldn't have been happier. And that year she got her first boyfriend. Her best friend of 9 years Tucker asked her in the most sweetest to be his girlfriend. She accepted because secretly she has liked him ever since third grade. Her other two best friends Ris and Kevin couldn't have been happier for them. Since she moved to America she can speak English fluently. She made new friends in America and she always keep in tact with them. But they could never replace her three best friends. Her friends think it's amazing when they ask her to teach them English and speak in English in front of them. She is a really nice girl and loves to have fun when ever she can.!

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I used to be nice, soft and tender
but if I keep going crazy like this
you’ll change me into something bad
It is like I am a puppet to you
I’ll remove the spell that you have put on me again
I beg you, beg you because she tears us apart
tears us apart
every night I feel with you
Do you love her?
Do you love her?
everyday I dream of you
do you love me?
do you love me?
bring, bring
i want to hold you in my arms
i will do anything and even more
bling bling
you are my fantasy
I’ll put everything in stake to have you
I need to stop thinking about you
because I can’t take it no more
in the name of God, why do you worry?
you’re stuck in my heart!
it’s us in the torn picture,
and i’ll remove the spell you’ve put on me again
I beg you drop her
drop her
every night i feel with you
do you love her?
do you love her?
every day in my dreams
do you love me?
do you love me?
bring, bring
i want to hold you in my arms
i will do anything and even more
bling bling
you are my fantasy
I’ll put everything on stake to have you
i’m the boo in the island
i do it for the sake for my plan to get you back
almost everyday you want to break up
my last step towards you
she holds your arm and she kisses your lips
and i hate it that you are in her imagination
in this spell i have the desire to hold you
abracadabra gone is all of this
Let’s go
uh uhuhuh!
ha hahaha!
I’ll remove this spell again
I`m like a supervisor
I control you, Im am the emperor
You cant get away from me
Bring, bring
I want to hold you in my arms
I will do anything and even more
Bling, bling
You are my fantasy, yeah
I’ll put everything on stake to have you
I used to be nice, soft and tender,
but if I keep going crazy like this
You’ll change me into something bad
I pretend to be cool
I’m amazed by all of this
Pretending to leave and go meet someone

This says everything about me. Abracadabra-Brown Eyed Girls

Fav Song: Lucifer-SHINee,Abracadabra-Brown Eyed Girls,and Heartbreaker-G-DRAGON

Fav Band(s): SHINee,Brown Eyed Girls,G-DRAGON,Super Junior,Selena Gomez and The Scene and Super Junior-M

Fav Color: Black

Fav Shoe: Converse

Fav Show:Miami Medical.

Hobbies: Texting but then I lost my phone and it's gone so I have to wait till Christmas to get my new one :( Tear.

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