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Queen Takes Jack Updates:

July 16th, 2015 - WELL, I FINALLY managed to read all chapters of SOTR. It took a while, but I got through it, so I'm caught up. I have chapter 34 halfway written up from the last time I written. However, I'm going on a vacation in two days, so you still won't be seeing an update anytime within the next fortnight, sorry. Also, I'm revamping the tumblr page for this story. It's going to be a followable blog, but it's going to be bigger, and more organized. However, I'm not entirely done it, so there are a lot of pages that are incomplete. When I come back from vacation, I'll post the link in the next update.

Some things to be aware of: I've changed a lot of face claims for characters, most importantly, I changed Evan's for the...30th time. I know, I know. I changed her to Natalie Dormer. Everyone else you will see when I post the tumblr link.

June 29th, 2015 - Hey, I know you haven't seen me in a couple of years, and as much as I like to explain my behaviour, I don't think it's important enough to get into the details of what has going with my life in the last two and a half years. Lets just chalk it up to it being a very stressful time in my life that's been draining the life out of me, and thus making it hard for me to do anything creative, especially in writing. I know many of you are eagerly awaiting for Somewhere Over The Rainbow, and I've been rolling it around in my head for the last few months. I want to pick up back again, though I can't commit or promise how fast that will be. I hate making promises I can't keep, which seems like it happens all the time when it comes to me writing fanfictions.

In regards to my other works, I will probably shut them down. I don't know if I should keep them up and close them, or delete them all together, because seeing all my abandoned works is very disconcerting to me, and I hate myself for it. Right now, I just want to work up on picking myself back up and try to get some chapters out of SOTR, and we'll see if anything else turns up. There have been ideas rolling in my head about other fics, but I need to learn not to put so much on my plate. I hope you guys understand, and don't hate me for abandoning everyone for so long. I am truly sorry.

August 2nd, 2015 - I'm finally dishing out an update for SOTR, and you'll be happy to know that I'm halfway done the next chapter too, so hopefully I'll be publishing that soon as well, depending on how fast I can type it. Also, I've listed the link to the Bennett Series' official blog below. Bare in mind that I still need to update a lot of the mini character profiles, specifically the Slytherin section, the adult section, and some other students. Though since they are minor, they aren't a necessity. The blog has become followable, however the format of the actual blog itself is in the form of a website or a roster. All things, such as songs, outfits, and graphics will be tagged for easy search. Everything is linked and listed on the homepage which is always ended with /homepage after the tumblr url, otherwise you won't see the list. All questions for Somewhere Over the Rainbow should be directed to that blog only, not my personal. My personal is for other inquiries only, or my messages are open here as well.

Also, I updated the banner. You can see in the banner tag that I have the original version and an animated version. In this new banner I used Ezra Miller as Tom Riddle, though as you know I use the movie casts as Tom for the official FC, but you can picture who ever you fancy most for Tom. It's just easier to find pictures of other actors that could fit the role as well to make graphics out of them. You'll also noticed I changed a lot of other FCs for characters, mainly Evangeline, who I changed to Natalie Dormer. Don't know if she is going to stick, but for the time being she is a good Evangeline. Any questions or concerns about the FCs, or the blog, please msg me here or on my tumblrs.

August 4th, 2015 - I made the mistake of googling myself, and I had the misfortune of finding a conversation I had in the PMs with a 'flamer', as I called them. They actually went out of their way to copy the entire conversation and posted it publicly somewhere, I suppose for safe keeping? What ever their reason, it was rather cringe worthy to read, at least my responses. That was so long ago, and I didn't take criticisms very well or gracefully. I just wanted to apologize to that person, though I doubt you'd come across this at all, of my immature behaviour and my defensiveness. You're entitled to your opinion, however worded, and I hope you found something worth spending your time reading.

At any rate, in other news I've been rolling around with the idea of a Lotr/Hobbit version of SOTR, with different characters, but with the same premise. It would likely be a Thranduil/OC, because I really love Thrandy :3. I did start writing one, but I'm not entirely satisfied with it, so I'll probably re write it to this idea I have. I probably won't publish it until I'm almost done SOTR however.

August 18th, 2015 - Chapter 37 is up for Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I'm adding some songs and pictures of just inspirational muse things on the blog. I'm aiming for the story to be finished at 50 chapters, but knowing me I'd probably drag it on longer than that, just because I don't know how or when to end it. Around the time that I nearly finished, I will be posting another fanfic to see how people like the idea. It's kind of a Spin Off of Somewhere Over the Rainbow; I've mentioned before an LOTR fic with the same basic principal, and I've already have a solid plan to begin it. It definitely won't be as long as SOTR, probably just one part, rather than four that I planned for SOTR. But at any rate, it's a Spin Off, because the main character is related to the Bennetts in an obscure way, but it's not a sequel; you dont have to read SOTR to read it... It's more like an easter egg than anything.

August 22nd, 2015 - I have updated the summary to something a little different. Tell me if you think it's better, or if I should keep the old one, which I feel is out of date.

August 31st, 2015 -I have finally published my Hobbit fic. I couldn't wait to post it, but I made it to chapter five. I'll be posting the chapters every 2-3 days so I can have a fair bit of feedback, seeing as the first five chapters is a good view of the direction of the story. I hope you guys like it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Happy Readings xoxo

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