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Character Descriptions

Dominic Fain:

Appearance: 5'7 with athletic but not bulky build. Brown eye's. Shoulder length platinum blond hair. D.O.B June 17th. Blood type AB.
Personality: Rash bold and uncouth, he speaks his mind and speaks it often not caring about hurting others feelings or the consequences of his words, his favorite saying "Words walk, actions talk," is a philosophy that he holds close. Though he is acting cold in Atlas, as he is still processing the loss of his world and his brothers, he refuses to give up hope that they'll one day be reunited, and is actually quite a warm and caring individual though it is hard to gain his trust and get him to open up. Though he receives attention from women more than the others, he actually despises the attention they give him, especially older women fawning over him (this is due to past trauma) and prefers a challenge when it comes to a romantic partner.
Weapons: Twi and La: A set of two Japanese katana style handles, with an upper body harness to distribute the weight of two cylinders 8 inches in diameter, One the length of a normal katana blade, the shorter one the length of a shinato ninja sword. Either handle can be placed into the top of either barrel, the longer barrel only contains gravity dust while the shorter one contains three smaller internal barrels with earth, lighting and fire dust, though he can switch dust types as wanted. Using his semblance to condense the dust into blades of various shapes and lengths he prefers fighting with a katana in his right hand and a shinato in his left, though has been known to use tantos and wakazashi’s as well as double gravity kantanas. The two barrels can be linked together and the two handles combined, in this form Dominic has only been seen to create Daikatanas.
Semblance: Ruler’s Domain: A gravity based semblance how it works exactly is still a mystery to everyone including its user. Verbal commands can be given and the gravity will change as told in a 15-20 meter radius around him, as well as creating and distorting gravitational fields at will in the same area. Common commands are “Down” and “Away”, Down just increasing the gravity of the object of thought and the gravitational field of the area. Away changes the gravity in a way the repels things from Dominic or the object of thought. Through harsh training with the Ace Ops he’s gained good control over his Semblance in a short time, though outburst of emotional Semblance use occur during times of anger. He can also change his own gravity at will allowing him amazing maneuverability, and is constantly finding new commands.

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