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Author has written 6 stories for Elder Scroll series, Fallout, Fable, and Star Wars.

With Blessed Aetherius, When Gods Descend and How We Nurture Destruction in hand, I'm sure you've noticed that I'm a Bethesda fangirl - their games are so complex, maps so vast, plots so intriguing and characters so lovable that I find they're some of the only games I could even consider writing a story for. You'll never find me following the main quest of the game to the letter. It could be mentioned only once or followed indirectly, but I'm not about to rewrite the entire game for you. If that's what you want, go rent Oblivion or Fallout. You don't need me to tell you what happens. I also don't like working too closely with NPCs from the game itself; one or two, sure, but not as main characters. Martin Septim is likely the only NPC I've loved enough to make a major character. Lily, Jake, Marian, Suna, Varlais, Mouse, Abri and Joanie are all my creation - several of whom (Lily, Marian, Suna, Varlais, Mouse, Abri, Joanie) are based off characters I've actually created in-game. My stories are my own - the game background is only a skeletal structure for a plot, map, minor characters and creatures.

Despite Peter Molyneux being a big frigging tard, I am a huge advocate for the Fable series. In the hierarchy of video game awesomeness, it comes second only to The Elder Scrolls series. And, as you may have guessed with Angels Fear To Tread, Reaver is my favourite character. Just like with the fics based on Bethesda games, I'm not going to follow the quests exactly. I'm not here to retell the story of the game. Auroran Nights is a prime example of this: although it uses several important characters from Fable III, Kirvi and the Aurorans are characters of my own invention, and other than Christopher being the Prince of Albion, there is very little connection to the actual storyline of the game.

And finally, Star Wars. Holy. I could rant forever about Star Wars (but I won't, because I already ranted hardcore about Bethesda and Fable). The very first fanfics I ever wrote were for Star Wars - all of which are painfully heinous and will never reach eyes beyond my own, and even I feel in physical agony reading them. Because the Star Wars galaxy is so vast and unending, there is even more freedom than that of Fable, and even Bethesda games. I will almost never use characters from the movies/expanded universe unless they are absolutely vital to the story I am writing. The stories and characters are completely unique to me, and the only guide I take from the series is the universe itself: planets, species, technology, eras, history. I'll reference canon work, but that's about as close as we're getting.

So, all that being said, enjoy! :)

March 25, 2013: I know I haven't been around for a while - a really long while - and I apologize profusely for that. I will state here that I'm overjoyed people are still reading my stories, judging by the statistics, and that I'm super grateful for all the support. I will also point out that I have some original stories close to my heart that I'm striving toward publishing, which are on my blog, http:/// This is also where I spend my time when on the internet.

And I will mention, with some hesitation, that I do intend to one day finish what I've started, especially in terms of Howe We Nurture Destruction. I don't want to leave people hanging. :) Much love.

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