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Hey Everyone,

I'm a forty eight your old mom with a 23 year old daughter. I love reading and writing, and the picture on my profile is my Siamese/Ragdoll cat Buttons. I enjoy science fiction, fantasy, romance, and mysteries. I love the Twilight series, Southern Vampire Series (Sookie Stackhouse by Charlaine Harris), and Lord of the Rings. I've read many other books, including the Harry Potter Series, The Inheritance Series (Eragon by Christopher Paolini), Steven King Novels (Favorite is The Stand ), Anita Blake Vampire Hunter (Laurel K. Hamilton) and Many others. I'm always looking for a new book to read:)

Around the middle of 2010, my life changed quite a bit and I got very busy. A new job and a new relationship with a wonderful man :) I had to put my writing on hold because my attention was elsewhere at time. During 2012, I went to try and pick up my stories and realized that all of my notes and chapter development, along with character development went missing. My computer went through an overhaul and I lost my documents and pictures. When I get the energy to sit down and do some more chapter mapping and story development, I will pick up my writing. In the meantime, I want to thank my fans for supporting my writing and know that I will get back to it eventually. When I do, I will make sure to back up all of my information on a flash drive. Thanks again for your support, and keep on reading and writing :)

I'd like to share a quote from one of my favorite author's. The quote summed up why her writing stays so interesting to me and why she is such a good author.

"The more fantastic your fiction, the more realistic your facts need to be, so your reader will suspend disbelief and believe in your world." by Laurell K. Hamilton.

My Shout-outs:

Web Site Recommendations:

The Writer's Coffee Shop - This site is awesome. You can go there and post your stories, talk to other author's, there's fun contests, news on all kinds of stuff like Twilight, and you can post a clip of your stories so other people can get a taste of what you write on their Just A Sip page. It's like free advertising for your story. So go check it out, I've found some pretty cool stories there, and I also post a sneak peek of my story The Viking Experience that shows up every Thursday morning:) They also have a new Library there that you can actually publish your stories on, and not just fan-fiction either. So go check it out people!

Daily Writing Tips - Hey people, if you love to write, you should check out this site. One of my fave authors on this site recommended it to me. If you have a question about spelling, punctuation, vocabulary, or grammar, this site it right for you. You can also find out about correct verb usage, use of expressions, and things like the difference between threw and through, and is alright all right. They also have sections on book reviews, fiction writing, basic writing, grammar 101, and word of the day. You can also go on and blog with other writers and ask questions that actually get answered. I highly recommend this site for everyone!

Recommendations of my favorite fan-fiction authors:

The Spoilt One and Footroza - I'd like to take a moment to share with you that a few of my favorite author's have had there stories pulled from fan-fiction. The first one is The Training School and you can now find it on The Writer's Coffee Shop. I've linked you directly to the story, just click on the training school. The other story I love is new and it's called Volturi Order and hasn't been removed. Check them out if you like some good BDSM and lots of drama, it's definitely an adult read MA/NC17.

MidnightKat01 - This is the author with the other story that was pulled. It's a story with a lot of sexually graphic scenes and some violence also. Her story is A Dark New World. The premise is a world in where the vampires have taken over and humans are used for food or slavery. Bella volunteers as a sex slave to save her father, and she is taken to the palace where the Cullen's have a harem of sex slaves. Definitely MA/NC17 material. Her story has been posted on The Writer's Coffee Shop.

Erullisse - Another favorite of mine from the Sookie Stackhouse, Southern Vampire Mysteries. If you like fairies and elves with lots of magic from The Lord of the Rings, as well as the sexy couple Sookie and Eric, you will love her stories. She'll have you laughing one minute and crying the next.

Duessa - Another favorite author of mine. If you love stories with a lot of humor and lots of drama and magic, check out her Twilight Fan-Fic stories; More, Something new, and The Secret. Which, by the way, features my cat Buttons in a small scene with Edward in Chapter 16. I just love her work.

Morgaine Swan - This author was my very first favorite, and I found her on the True Blood Wiki. Her stories are very well written with insight and excellent character development. Her story Late, has kept me entertained for many months. She will take you into the world of Sookie and Eric, and you feel like you're there with them in their everyday lives. She adds excitement, mystery, suspense, excellent lemons, and a love that develops into the sexiest and coolest supernatural family ever. There are witches, fairies, weres, and vampires. Evil human groups trying to take them down, on top of all the supernatural ones. If you like the Sookie Stackhouse Series, and love a good read, this story is for you. You should also check out her new SVM story, Entitlement.

Also, there is a category that doesn't get the credit and attention it deserves, so I would like to take a moment to mention the Crossover section. The section that I love is the Twilight/Southern Vampire Mystery Section. There are many stories there, including The Viking Experience, that blend two or more stories and universes together in a creative way and make a beatiful and exciting new one. Check it out, you may just like it.


My poll has now closed and 'The Viking Experience' has prevailed with the most votes. I'm planning to continue my other one as well, but I will definitely focus on this one first and foremost. I have a full story mapped out and ready to complete, please read the new version, there were a lot of changes:)

Thank you for your continued support. Lots of hugs:)

My story is a Crossover - SVM/Twilight, with Eric/Bella. Here are some picture links for my story 'The Viking Experience':

Bella's Job Hunting Outfit

Bella's room at Eric's

Bella's bathroom at Eric's

Eric's Bedroom

Eric's Bathroom w/Jacuzzi tub

Armand Castillo by Antonio Banderas - Plays a Spanish vampire employed by Eric as a mercenary/bodyguard. Eric has known him for 600 years. He is 815 years old, changed when he was 26 years old.

Breena Yaris by Nicole Kidman - She is a Fairy Witch - and Niall's personal Royal Counselor. She has the power to detect the strongest concealment spells and she can identify the origins of any fae. She can also read aura's. She is 1500 years old.

Here are a few links for my story 'Christmas Present':

Jasper's Porsche Panamera

The Clallam River in Washington

Jasper's Gift to Bella on Christmas morning

Even though my other story won on my poll, I plan to eventually continue this one as well. I had too much fun writing it and I have other thoughts on plot lines and character development. Be patient with me for now, because I need to not only focus on my other story, but this one needs to be 're-vamped' as well. Thank you everyone for your continued support. Hugs:)


UPDATE 2014: I'm sorry I won't be doing this story for a while, but don't count it out. The readers have spoken and the result of the poll is that you want to see JASPER/PETER as the leading men. I will do this story when I have the time to give it the energy and creativity it deserves. Thank you again. :)

I have a story brewing in my head that will be a Twilight story with Bella as the leading lady. Now, I haven't decided yet which character or characters I will be making her leading man or men.

So, I'm doing a poll on my site for people to tell me who they would like to see Bella with. My story is in its preliminary stages. I've started to write a few scenes when they come to me, and as soon as I have my other two stories under control, I'll be story outlining and chapter mapping.

Now, I already know who most of the characters are, and what type of creatures they are. I just want to say that whoever you pick has to be a strong character with the ability to lead and protect Bella. This is why I chose more than one pairing with Jasper, because I consider him to be very strong with his background in the Civil War and the Southern Vampire Wars. Anyway, I am going to include descriptions of the characters you don't know so you can make an informed decision.

Thanks again, and let me know who you want by voting!

Xander character by Travis Fimmell : He will be assigned as a gaurdian to Bella. She doesn't know who or what he is at first, because he's a fairy shifter - and he shifts into a beautiful Siamese cat with the name tag 'Buttons' on his collar. So he becomes her cat in order to watch over her.

(The cat is my cat and the picture is my avatar)

Gabriel character by ? : I have a picture in my head of what this creature looks like. The picture on here is partially what he looks like. He also has wings that are scarred and his eyes are a piercing ice blue except when he is emotional, like angry or very sad. Then his eyes are onyx.

He is a Warrior Angel and a Fairy Prince. Half and Half. He was assigned to help Bella and he first appears to her in visions while she's sleeping. Then he helps her to deal with things that she needs to deal with. That's all I'm saying. I'm looking for a person who would be willing to draw my vision of Gabriel. Anyway thanks to my readers, I hope you enjoy my stories:)

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