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Name:nyiasia monroe but i like to go as mystikal magdalena who prefers to go by N.M monroe when she is up to mischeif

Hair Color:black with blond and red highlights and yes they are completely natural

Eyes:brown and sometimes green

Age:15 as of oct 31st

but i am very mature for my age you would be suprised

Favorite Color:yellow but mystikals favorite color is sea blue

Movies: ughh where do i begin um first and foremost Sweeney Todd the demon barber of fleet street, Twilight, West side story, Juno,Corpse bride, Nightmare before Christmas, Pans Labyrinth, What happens in vegas stays in vegas, Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, The Eye, and much more i jus can't think of at this moment

Shows:Law and Order SVU, House, CSI NY and Miami, 48Hours, NCIS, Ghost hunters, Ghost Hunters International, Degrassi, Family guy, American dad, Futurama, That 20's Show ect

Music/Artists:well i like anything from Taylor Swift to Jay-Z to Paramore so anything and everything will do...

Books:i will read anything and everything im only 15 and i have read over a million books i jus finished the whole Harry Potter series and im currently trying to begin the Twilight series but i love fanfiction it is truly amazing

Definition of crazy:

crazy is jus a way of having fun in a way your parents and society would not approve of but you know what soceity can kiss my crazy arse lol xd

so i have two guinea pigs aka rats as my friend paula says;

bugsy aka samantha aka baby white with brown patch and big bootiful eyes

sammy brown mostly and he has these really big gross red eyes but he is so cute if you put him on your shirt he will run up and try to hide under your chin lol i lovee him


myyearbook;nyiasia monroe

myspace;trust no one


the best wy to contact me is probably thru myspace though