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Hi! I'm Rose =D

I'm fifteen-ish and i am a huge fan of the twilight series (who isn't?) and also love maximum ride!!
i love writing fiction, especially based on characters and story lines i already know and love. I'm not really good at writing but ah well

i love FanFiction. its awesome that you all can read my work :D thanks to all my readers. you rock

FF has taught me a few things:

-i say the following WAY too much: awesome, loved, amazing, so, ..., !!, :D, ooh, rock
-some people are lazy!! PLEASE review. its so annoying when you know people read your work but cba reviewing
-sharing your writing is awesome and v inspirational

i cant write comedy. i fail at it so badly :( however, if you DO want to read something funny please read 'Bella Drinks Red Bull.' you'll find it on my favorites list

okay, a bit about me: :)

i live in england. i know depressing...but oh well. south of england, so at least its a bit warmer down here. and i do only mean a bit.

Favorite Books:

Twilight - what the hell would we do without them??
Hunger Games - awesome stuff ;)
Maximum Ride - i know im such a geek reading series' all day but these are AMAZING!
House of Night book - no where NEAR as good as twilight, but still like em


Emmett - why? i have no idea. i just love him :D
Edward - do i honestly have to explain?
Max - love her attitude :P
Fang - LOVE HIM! but how dare he leave max!!


music is soo important to me, its part of who i am and is truly the most inspirational thing in the world. here's part of my 'Personal New Moon Soundtrack'

Almost lover - A Fine Frenzy
What about now - Daughtry
When your gone - Avril Lavigne
Save you - Simple plan
My immortal - Evanescence (i spelt that wrong didn't i? :( )

listen to some of these songs, seriously, they are amazing

also, Kelly clarkson is one of my favorite artists - her songs fit into so many twilight stories :D atm, im obsessed with her songs. here's how some of them fit into my Fics, and whose POV they are in:

Meet Me at Midnight
'Addicted' - (E)
'Where is your heart' - (E/B)
'I hate myself for losing you' - (B)

Rosalie's Story
'Behind these Hazel eyes' - (R)

A Piece of Forever
'Beautiful Disaster' - (B)

and just in general - 'because of you' (NM), 'my life would suck without you' (Ec), 'Already gone' (NM), 'Save You' (Twi). pretty much all of them actually :/ ... :D

here's a little thing i love; it reminds me so much of Rosalie and Emmett. i saw it on this awesome top but i didn't get the chance to buy it. so annoyed. anyway, this is what it said:

Point Dume, Malibu California, 1965
We stayed there all night and watched the water crash on the shore.
We knew that we would spend the rest of our days like this.
It was a moment of peace

PM me about anything you like...just dont be mean :O

i want to a H-U-G-E thanks to BrittanyPerson - this girl is so talented and i love our msgs ;)
Brittany - you rock. you give me SO much inspiration and im so glad i was stupid that one time! keep going honey xx

everyone, read her work: NOW! i especially love 'Bella discovers red bull' - its hilarious. its my goal to make everyone read Brittany's work. she is so good at writing

so...Hey :D read my fics, and PLEASE review. why does no one ever review?? :( i may have said tht...yeah i did but STILL!! im gunna start holding new chapters to ransom unless you people review!!

some of you may know my sister, Faith Everdeen. she's awesome too :)

oops...gotta run. cya later

love to you all. you rock ;)

Rose xx

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Rosalie's Story reviews
Many of you hate me - and I dont blame you - but I want you to read my story, because maybe then you'll understand who I am, and why. Dont judge me - yet. Just listen and save your judgement for later. This is me, Rosalie, and this is my story.
Twilight - Rated: T - English - Drama/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 3 - Words: 1,555 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 7/22/2010 - Published: 9/24/2009 - Rosalie
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