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Hi all! Welcome to Me, this is I, please refrain from tapping the glass, it upsets the tiger sharks.

Well, here I am, ready to take over FanFiction.net just like I took over the Pentagon, Atlantis, and Pennsylvania.

Er...so...yeah...introductions! I am in love with the slash, I write it, I read it, I have sweet sweet dreams to it. So basically, I rock. You may now start bowing recieves glares GAH!! I SORRY!! bows frantically DUN EAT MAH HEAD, I NEEDS IT FER STUFFS!!

Okay, so I'm just gonna get this out in the open. When I write I tend do...do a lot of it. In otherwords...okay, well, I have a lot of words, so word number one: one-shots are a near impossibility for me. I can read them like there's no tomorrow, but when it comes to the act of actually writing it, I kinda...can't. I tried a couple times, but I start it and then I'm all like, "Ohz mah gawd, there can be a plot added to this lawl." And yes, that is actually how I talk. Okay, now word number two: I am super long-winded. I drag a scene on forever, and am known by my friends as the girl who can make five seconds into ten pages. Yeah, I sorry if that's not how you like it, but everytime I try to under-write, I get all paranoid that people won't get what I'm saying, so yeah.

All my stuffs has no Beta stuffs happening for it, so if you see mistakes, or grammer stuff, or...you know, that sorta things, don't get mad at me. I sorry.

Okay, so I have this very passionate hate for stories where there's an OC and character from an anime/book/cartoon/whatever and they end up together, and they're all happy, and everyone ~loves~ the OC cuz he/she is just so friggin' awesome. But I feel that make me a hypocrite because I've started writing a story where it's Matt/OC (Death Note). But, it's not like, she starts out loving everything, and everyone loves her...actually, Mello hates her a bit...UGH!! I feel dirty just for writing it...

I'm sorta running out of things to write, so I'm just gonna leave it at this. Reviews are love. Suggestions are love. Slash is beyond love. It is the heaven I kinda half-and-half believe in. Oh, flames, closemindedness, and overall stupidity is not love. It is nothing at all.

Dudes. Okay, so I realize I totally suck. So, my parents don't appreciate the beauty of literature cough coughyaoicough cough so, I'll update as soon as I can, so sorry my home dogs, I love ya'll hope the sentiments are returned

So, yeah. Most have you have probably already realized this, when it comes to updating, I can seriously be a bitch. I totally realize it, and I am so sorry. I swear, I do write with frequency, but then school decides to hate me (mostly AP English) and they throw around statements like "Homework" and "Grades" and "You guys better do that nine-hundred point assignment or I swear you'll regret it". Yeah, it's not pretty. Anyway, I'll definately work on that. Oh, and that poll refers to stories I'll work on AFTER the ones I'm working on are done (yeah, two stories at once, not one of my brighter ideas). Anyway, when you guys review, it makes my heart glow and gives me the will to write, so to all those who take the time to give an honest response, thank you so much. Hell, even the ones who tell me to update or else make me happy (note: threats, usually not the way to go, but hey, readers gotta do what a readers gotta do)

Oh wow! Finally got a DeviantArt account! I'm happymelon, and you can see how Jack looks in my head throughout the LLGD (my special way of abreviating Love Lost Guarded by a Dragon). I swear I'm not one of those authors who pretends to be able to draw, then ends up having their stuff looking like a three year olds scribble...at lease I'd like to think so ;>_>. Oh, also some pretty cool photography (very subtle way of advertising).

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