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My writing began when I was a lonely 17 year old who wanted more than anything to just die. Since then I have loved and lost, became happy then sad, was calm then angry as hell. I've ran the emotional gammett since then. Now at 20, my anger has subsided for the most part, I'm not happy, I'm constantly sad, and to add to that I can't sleep. These poems are my release from this world that I hate. My friend thinks I'm a fatalist, what do you think? None of these poems were meant to be read by people, these were all placed in notebooks that I hid in my room. About 15 will never be read because I kind of lost them somewhere. Oh well. Hopefully, people will at least give my poems a chance. It doesn't really bother me if people don't like the poems so if ya don't like them, let me know, I have always wanted hate mail. If anyone has this desire to find out more about me, the email address is above, feel free to write.