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6/1/2018: ...Hey. It's been a very long time since I last posted a story on here (something like four years ago now?), nor have I updated this profile much at all apart from whenever my birthday came round (I only ever updated my age). I just wanted to say that I'm officially dead on FFN now. On my ancient and now-removed 'Planned' status, I originally said that I had lost time to write because of both college and university. This is still true, but over the time that I've been at uni, I realised that my real writing passion was in nonfiction - more specifically, historical analysis. As of the date of this message, I have just handed in a dissertation that discusses the Nazi euthanasia programme against disabled people. (Yeah, I know, lovely stuff). I am also currently planning to apply for a Master's degree related to World War II, and look for any part-time job opportunities available once I've finished my undergrad degree. I've always loved history as a subject, but I never quite realised how much I wanted to work within the subject directly and become a historian (or take up anything else related to history) until I did essay assignments for uni and discovered how much I actually enjoyed the process of writing and debating historical events. So yeah, uni has completely changed my general writing focus. A Master's degree will not help me get back into writing fanfiction, and that's not even considering the four-year (in Britain, at least) timesink that is a PhD (if I'm capable of doing one, that is).

Another reason why I've gone dead on FFN are two reasons related to the site. The first one is that the stories on my favourite fandom archives just plain suck most of the time now. To explain - a few years ago, I noticed that the average quality of newly posted stories on sections such as SpongeBob SquarePants and Vocaloid began to decline significantly, either because writers were posting genuinely terrible stories/obvious trollfics/spam, or because writers kept posting stories with painfully generic plots (such as high school romances). The generic stories were really bad in the Vocaloid section, which disappointed me as someone who wanted to write a sci-fi story featuring the Vocaloid mascots (because Vocaloid's nature as a singing synthesis software really opens a lot of opportunities in speculative fiction), but never got round to it because of, well, lack of time. I also lost interest in posting in the FFN forums, partially because a lot of my favorite ones just went dead; partially because Korean spam accounts are raising hell throughout this site (and reviving dead threads intentionally); and partially because I've lost contact with some friends I'd made on here, while other friends just moved to sites like DeviantART, where I still occasionally talk to them there. Combine all this with my lost interest in writing fanfiction, and I had absolutely no reason to keep on visiting FFN.

So yeah, that's why I've given up on FFN after eight years (though technically I stopped coming here a lot earlier. I just wanted to make it official now once I remembered I still had an account here). I've enjoyed my time on here, but now my life's become extremely busy, and my writing skills are now being utilised for history stuff. Fortunately, if you still want to contact me, you can do so on these sites (direct links no longer work on FFN, so you'll either have to search out my usernames or copy the URL):

DeviantART: Mintaka-TK (dA's basically my internet home, so you'll have the best chance of getting a response from me here).
YouTube: (YT's made it increasingly difficult to keep up regular correspondence over the years thanks to its various crappy design changes, but I'll still be able to respond to comments).
VocaloidOtaku: Blue of Mind (If you like Vocaloid and if you have a VO account, feel free to contact me here if you want to).

My old stories will remain on this account as a kind of "legacy" archive thing, since I know so many people still like them and perhaps I can laugh at my bad writing someday in the future. So long, FFN and thanks for giving me all sorts of teenage memories. :)

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