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Well this is my new account (obviously) and I cannot wait to start my own stories. They'll be Harry Potter fics, as you've probably already guessed from the Pen Name, and as I am a sucker for romance, they will all be relationship stories. I'm not a big fan of reading anything under 100,000 words long so my stories will be just as long. Of course many of my pairing will be what SHOULD have been the official cannon pairing. I am of course talking about HARRYxHERMIONE!! Yes, in many of my stories our specky saviour will be getting with the bookish beauty. And as I love to see it, Ronald Weasel...erm, Weasley will be having some serious jelousy issues. Dear mother Molly will feel that her two youngest would be better being with Harry and Hermione, but she won't go to any lengths for it, just a few words here and there. Dumbledore. Well I have mixed feeling about him. On the one hand I hate his manipulative old arse, but know that he had the best intentions so he'll either Manipulative!Dumbles or Mentor!Dumbles in my stories.

Because of a sudden influx of work and collage related things updates will be sporadic but not years in between. At the most it may be a month or two in between.

Story Ideas

I have been reading a lot of stories lately about Harry who contracts magical viruses like Lycanthropy (Warewolf curse) and Vampirism. I am thinking about a story about Harry being bitten at the end of the TriWizard Tournament and Dumbledore sending him away for a year to recieve training to control his newest abilities.

I'm also considering another angle. Harry is attacked by a Dementor and recieves a failed Dementors Kiss. Because of this he goes through a change and find he is able to wield Dementor magic e.g. stronger wandless magic, flight, maybe some magic based on souls (Look out Voldie!), and the such. I've never seen this done before and really like the idea. Tell me what you think about it and give me any ideas you have.

Things I hate in HP Fiction

1. Death Eaters.

Read it. It's Death Eaters. Death (Insert space) Eaters. I HATE it when people spell it Deatheaters, detheaters, deatheaters, DeathEaters, or anything like that. Seriously, read the damn books and you'll see how it is really spelled.

2. Lack of capitals.

I know it is a small thing but it is oh so important. Spelling things like dementors, death eaters, voldemort, hogwarts and the like with out the capitals lowers the quality of the story.

3. RonxHermione

WHY!? WHY THE HELL DID THIS PAIRING HAPPEN!? It makes no sense for those two to be together. They always argue, have nothing in common, can't stand to be around each other, and if it wasn't for Harry they wouldn't be friends. JK made a huge mistake with this. They shouldn't be together! Think about it. Who jumped on top of a TROLL to save her: Harry. Who did she have a heart to heart talk with in first year: Harry. Who did she hug after the Chamber of Secrets: Harry. Who did she want to look after by telling the teacher about a maybe gursed broom and risk loosing his friendship: Harry. Who did she run after to make sure he was okay after he found out about his parents supposed betrayer: Harry. Who did she help free Sirius: Harry. Who believed him when he said he didn't put his name in the Goblet of Fire: Harry. Who did she help with the Tournament: Harry. Who was treated so badly in sixth year that she went against authority so much: Harry. Who did she risk death by Centaur for when he was nearly put under the Cruciatus by Um-bitch: Harry. Who didn't scorn her because of S.P.E.W: Harry. Who did she make medicine for when his hand was sliced open with a blood quill: Harry. Who did she stay with when they were searching for the Hallows: Harry. Who did she risk death with more times: Harry. WHO HAS BEEN HER FRIEND FOR MOST OF HER LIFE: HARRY!

And she kisses Ron because he said "What about the House Elves"?


The RonxHermione pairing makes no sense whatsoever and I hate it with a passion.

Harry Potter and the Inquisition reviews
After saving the life of an Inquisitor at the age of four, Harry is taken in by the Inquisition and trained to hunt down Dark Wizards. When his next assignment leads him to teach at Hogwarts, it begins a series of events that will change his life forever.
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