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Poll: In 'Golden Slumbers', should the Doctor accept Rose as the woman he loves, or continue to push her away? NOTE: The results of this poll won't change what happens in the end, since it's already been decided. I'm just curious as to what everyone thinks. Vote Now!
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I've been getting lots of inquires asking about whether or not I'll be continuing any of my fics, and I just want to say that I definitely intend on doing so. My life's just been really, really crap recently, but I'm trying to get a new start on life, and pull myself out of the emotional hole I'm dug for myself. Trust me, I'm missing writing my stories just as much as you lot miss reading them. :(

Hullo Humanoids!


For anyone interested, I'm also on DeviantART, (http:///) YouTube, ( and I just started writing down some of my thoughts on my own blog. (http://)

Anyway, since no one really cares about my personal details, let's start this profile off with a short story!

Once upon a time, in a small town in Canada, a young, fairly clever, yet extremely gorgeous girl sat on the sidewalk in front of her school, wasting away her teenage years by contemplating where it all went wrong, and whether or not she should just fly to Cardiff and tell everyone what she really thought. Heaving a sigh, she stood up, gathered up her things and prepared to be lectured about various terms which, according to the internet, only existed in her English teacher's head.

Suddenly, someone jumped out from behind a nearby flagpole. He was tall and Scottish, had dark hair, and wore a t-shirt that depicted what somehow resembled both a dalek and the girl's ipod nano. He was smiling. “Surprise!”

Had it been a certain other tall Scotsman, the girl would have been over the moon. Unfortunately, it wasn't, so she stared at him in shock. “Aren't...aren't you Moe from the Simpsons?”

The man-who-was-not-the-man-she'd-rather-see laughed in a jovial manner. “Don't be silly! I'm Steven Moffat!”

“Oh. Hullo then.”

“I've got a surprise for you!”

“You already said-”

“Surprise!” He pulled something out from behind his back, and the girl stared at it hopefully.

“Is it cake?”

“ Go on, take a look!”

The girl peered at the object, and felt herself break out into a delighted grin. “It's the real fifth season of Doctor Who!”

“That's right!”

“This is amazing! I just knew the season you've been airing so far was only a joke! How funny!”

“April Fools!” he giggled.


“Not in Cardiff!” They both laughed merrily for a while, linked arms, and went off to eat Fanta Bread. (Bread that has had Fanta poured all over it.)


Note: I think this sums up what I think of season 5 so far. This is not meant to be a bash against Matt Smith's Doctor. I think he's a wonderful character, and would be even greater if he was given better material. I mean, I knew I wasn't going to be a big fan of season 5, but that's more because of how Moffat writes his characters, and I at least thought we'd get some good plots so far. Still waiting Steve...
Also, yes; Fanta Bread is real. I know, I'm scared too.

Yes well hello there...hmmm already said that. Anyway, welcome to my lovely profile, which is a bit mad, and probably filled with a bunch of useless information that no one wants to read. Except for stalkers like me who read other people's profiles when they're bored.

Long story short, I used to write all the time, and I was always being told I was pretty good at it, but then I started to fall out of the habit and eventually just sort of stopped. So this is basically me trying to get back into writing. I thought fanfiction would be a great way to start up again, since the characters are already there for you, and plus I'd been reading fanfiction for a while and all these great plots had started forming in my head, and eventually they all just sort of erupted out. Caused a bit of a mess.

But while I've been on here I've set myself limits. I'm trying to make my work stand out, and get people to really enjoy it, so I try my best to think up plot ideas that have never been done before. I'm pretty sure all my stories are pretty unique compared to all the other fics out there, which I think is great. As wonderful an idea as it is, there's only so many fics you can read where the left over remnants of the time vortex inside of Rose make her immortal. So if you're looking for something a bit out of the box, you're in the right place!

Name: Mental Meander. Alright, not really, but you've probably figured that out by now. Here's a hint: I have the same name as one of the Doctor's companions. Oho. Although, that has made my life a bit weird, in that if I hear that particular name I now think of her instead of me.

Gender: Female. I think most people on this site are female, actually.

Age: 18. But my Wii Fit age is 20. And I think my mental age might be about 6.

Area of Habitation: Ontario. Which is in centralish Canada, for anyone out there in the non-Canadian world. No, I do not ride a polar bear to school, I do not say eh? after every single sentence, I do not live in an igloo, I do not know your cousin Jim in Saskatoon, and I have never killed a moose with my bare hands. I did, however, once decapitate a deer with a shovel. Although it was already dead. I also spend most of my days eating an unhealthy amount of poutine. If you don't know what that is then you're missing out, and need to come and live in Canada for a bit.

Birthplace: Britain! Yup, I moved to Canada when I was 2, so I do know basic British slang from exposure to relatives and British television, and actually use it quite a lot in conversations, which can confuse my friends, but I like to think that that's their fault, not mine.

Random Facts About Me:

-I'm completely and utterly obsessed with Doctor Who. Like, on a dangerous level. I love both the Old and New episodes, although I'm still working my way through the classics.
-My favourite Doctor is, and probably always will be Ten. I can't help it; there's just something about him that I love so much!
-I was very surprised when I realized this, but my favourite classic Doctor is Three. I LOVE HIM!!
-Right, so lots and lots of people are going to hate me for this, so let's get it over with quickly. My least favourite Doctor is Four. There, I've said it, so let's move on before you lot lynch me. :S
-I'm also obsessed with tuna, poutine, vinyl records and John Locke, who I have a bit of a crush on. (The philosopher, not the character from Lost.) No, I don't know where that came from either.
-I once painted a dalek out of marmite. I know, this is starting to get pretty weird.
-I like Love & Monsters. DEAL WITH IT!
-And I don't care what anyone says, I love The Chase.
-My favourite companions are Ian, Barbara, Jaaaaaaaamie, Jo Grant, (SHE'S COMING BACK SHE'S COMING BACK SHE'S COMING BACK SHE'S COMING BACK!! Hyperventilates) K9, (Only in the episodes before Creature from the Pit) Leela, Romana, (Both incarnations, equally. But I find that she's only ever awesome whenever Tom Baker's not around. He cramps her style, man.) TEGAN, Rose, Jack, Mickey, Donna, Martha, Jackson, Adelaide, Rory and my absolute favourite companion ever: WILF!
-My least favourite companions are Vicky, (REALLY rubbish replacement for Susan) Steven, (I don't know why, I just feel really, really violent everytime he's on screen.) Sarah-Jane Smith, (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! So bland! And wubbish too. Part of the reason I had trouble adjusting to Tom Baker.) K9, (Only after Creature from the Pit) Adric, Adric, Adric, Nyssa, (Somebody needs to give that girl a personality...) Adric, Christina, (I'm not calling her a Lady. You can't make me.) Amy, (She used to be cool. Now she just needs a good slap.) and of course, the all-time most annoying, smug and utterly horrible piece of work any film, book or TV show has ever produced: the lovely River Song. Oh, and did I mention Adric?

My Ships:

-Jo/Peladon (I am the only shipper of these two in the entire universe. Seriously! I've checked, and I can't find anyone. I'd write something for them, but I'm not sure anyone would actually read it.)
-Turlough/Me (And yes, I am serious. I love him. And he loves me.)

My Favourite Poem Ever:

since feeling is first
who pays any attention
to the syntax of things
will never wholly kiss you;
wholly to be a fool
while Spring is in the world

my blood approves,
and kisses are a better fate
than wisdom
lady i swear by all flowers. Don't cry
—the best gesture of my brain is less than
your eyelids' flutter which says

we are for each other: then
laugh, leaning back in my arms
for life's not a paragraph

And death i think is no parenthesis

~e.e cummings

This is the tremendously sad ending of The Curse of Peladon, one of my favourite Classic episodes of Doctor Who ever. Please remember, this transcript was typed up by the biggest Peladon/Jo shipper in the entire universe. In fact, she's the ONLY Peladon/Jo shipper in the entire universe. That I know of. So please people, read this, or even better, watch it here: I need more people to join this ship.

Jo: "Oughtn't you be getting ready for the big occasion?"

Peladon: "I wanted to see you ask you to stay."

Jo: "But...I can't!"

Peladon: "Why can't you?"

Jo: (Sighing and turning away from him, torn by the decision she has to make) "Don't ask me for reasons. You wouldn't believe them"

Peladon: (Stepping closer her, whispering quietly) "I need you."

Jo: (Turning back round to gaze at him tearfully) "But you don't understand! I'm not even a real princess!"

Peladon: (Smiling, as if he knew this entire time) "That. Doesn't. Matter."

Jo: (Stepping closer than ever) "Oh Peladon...I'm very, very fond of you, but I can't stay. Really."

Peladon: Well look; I must go now. I'll talk to you again after the coronation. I shan't give up, you know. I shall go on asking."

Jo gazes at him longingly for a moment, and then reaches up to kiss him softly. After a moment they both pull back, and Peladon stares at her, holding both of her hands in his...but the moment is broken when the Doctor enters the room.

The Doctor: "Your majesty." (Noticing that he's interrupted something, he talks quietly) "Excuse me sir, but your court officials are in a state of considerable panic."

Peladon: "Oh...yes, of course." (Turning back to look at Jo once more, he speaks quietly so that the Doctor cannot hear what he says; His voice is desperate) "I must go...Your Highness."

Jo: (Nodding, she gives a tight smile; When she speaks it comes out quickly, as if she's trying her best not to cry) "Goodbye."

Peladon turns away from her and begins to leave the room. As he does so, Jo's face drops in sadness, as if she can't believe he's actually leaving her, or that she must leave him.

Peladon: (He quickly passes the Doctor on the way out, and speaks at the last moment possible, as if he's only just noticed the Time Lord's presence, and wants to leave as quickly as possible) "Doctor."

The Doctor: (Smiling, he walks up to Jo) "Right, we'll just see the ceremony and slip quietly away, all right?"

Jo: (Turning away before he even finishes his sentences, trembling with emotion and very nearly crying now) "Yes...fine!"

The Doctor: (Realizing she's upset) "Jo? You do want to come back?"

Jo: (Composing herself, she turns around to face him) "I think I'd better. Don't you?"

The Doctor: (Nodding, an unusual tenderness in his eyes, her reaches out to touch her cheek) "In any case, I wouldn't want to lose you."

This ending devestates me! For one thing, Jo and Peladon were so perfect for each other, and the fact that she had to leave him so she could continue to travel with the Doctor is just so upsetting for me. Because Peladon needs her, and he doesn't believe he can live without her...but the Doctor needs her too. What makes this ending even more painful for me is that in the end, Jo does actually leave the Doctor for another man, which caused the Doctor to cry onscreen for the first time in Doctor Who history. (That I know of)

So, in short, while it doesn't happen very often, Classic Who does have some very emotional moments. If any New Who fans are looking for a great Classic episode to start with, this one is perfect. It's on Youtube, and it's got backwards lullabies, a giant monster named Aggador, an alien named Alpha Centauri, (who has to be seen to be believed) the Ice Warriors, a head in a fish bowel that can shoot lasers, Jo Grant, King Peladon, one of the saddest love stories in Doctor Who history, and Jon Pertwee, who is one of the most underrated Doctors ever. (He'd be my favourite, if it weren't for a certain converse-wearing Scottish lad with a lovely smile.) The only thing it's missing is the Brigadier. And Delgado. Also, Jo Grant will be appearing alongside Matt Smith and Elisabeth Sladen in the next season of The Sarah Jane Adventures! I'll be watching. :)

The Keys of Marinus

So this is my official section for The Keys of Marinus; an amazing episode of Doctor Who which was written by the just as amazing Terry Nation! I'm currently writing my own version of this episode, with New-Who characters taking the place of classic ones, but I'm posting some links here for anyone interested in the original.

First, here's the link to part one of the original episode:
Sure, it's a bit slower, and Hartnell's Doctor isn't very developed yet, but it's amazing!

And here's the epic trailer for the DVD release:
How awesome is that ending? I love it!!

And's the picture that the lovely KittyKatZorse found, made by the equally lovely Harnois75, who has a few other pieces from this episode in their gallery. I'd love to post the actual picture here, but won't let me. :(


Do yourself a favour and click the picture to make it bigger.

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