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Author has written 3 stories for Xiaolin Showdown, and Cyborg 009.

Yo. If you're here then you probably want to know more about me, minus all the insane, cluttered shit people typically tend to put on their fanfiction profile page these days. Allow me to indulge you.

First off, I'm a girl. Despite being 24 years old ('89 was a pro year), I tend to act like an insufferable child most of the time. I've finally graduated the luxurious life of community college, having obtained my Associates of Science, and am now off to big-kid college to complete my Bachelor's in Psychology. From there, who the hell knows. I run a small retail business on the side that gets me by and some of my hobbies include Steam-whoring, forum roleplaying, and reading/writing fanfiction.

Again, I'm a real child at heart here, and so most of my self-written fics will come from things like cartoons, 'young anime', or pro-kid video games. Stuff like that. Anyway, regardless of what I might end up posting up, hope you enjoy.


• I don't understand disclaimers one bit when it comes to posting up stories on this website. It's a fanfiction site... of course I don't own anything.

• I don't have a beta reader for any of my stories, nor do I particularly want one. At least, not right now. Thus, any and all mistakes that appear in any of my stories are my own, and I apologize for them.

• I try to stay as close to canon as possible. For example, in cartoons there's no real super-mature themes, so if I'm writing a fanfiction of a cartoon, you won't be seeing anything too hardcore, such as heavy cursing, extreme gore, nudity, and the like. As far as everything else goes, you can go ahead and prepare for the worst. Fear not though, for I take my maturity-ratings seriously.

• I'm typically not a very big fan of original characters (OCs) in fanfiction. Don't expect to see many in my fics, and if you do, note that they're probably not even going to be worthy enough to be very vital to the plot in any way, or if they are vital to the plot, that is their only purpose for existing to begin with: advancing the plot, and nothing more. Sad OC life, yes.

• I'm no good with romance. You will likely not see very much of it in any of my fics. If you do, consider it a real treat. Instead of romance, I'm usually for friendshipping/bromance or whatever. To me, platonic relationships can and often are so much more meaningful than a romantic relationship could ever be.

• I can often be very sporadic with updates. Sometimes they come quickly, other times it takes more than a month to get something out. In any case, I'll make it a point to never ultimately abandon a project. When I start a project, I make sure I have a good foundation to continue it to ensure that abandoned projects don't happen. On a downside, this also means that many fics floating around in my head often never come to see the light of day. I'm kind of a proof-read whore too. I'll go over something a hundred times before I actually post it up, so that's yet another reason why updates can be a long wait.

• If I leave a comment on your story, forgive me if it makes your eyes bleed for being so ridiculously long. I tend to get carried away when touched by a story in some way because yes, my emotions are just that sporadic and horrible. I am very much a slave to them and should probably seek help.

• I love private messages! I love talking to people and I don't mind answering questions if I can.


This. Story. Is going to be long. Prepare for twists and turns and discoveries and revelations about both things I've presented in my own fic-world and the show itself had presented. (Hey, a LOT of unanswered things went down in the show. Good stuff to work with.) But anyway, stuff's officially mapped out, but I've still got the actual writing part to accomplish, so that's all that's really taking time. In any case, this has become my favorite project to date and I plan for it to go far.


If you haven't already guessed, 002 and 004 are my favorite characters of the show/series, and thus that's who I tend to write about. Two completed fics so far, and a few new ideas floating in my mind that may or may not see light, one in particular revolving around a continuous story, another pretty much a coin-flip on elongated continuation or a number of short-chapter bits.

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