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Short Story:Who Cuter?

Tina walking down the sidewalk.


Tina turn her head and see Amy and Cream."Hey Girls!" Tina walk cross the street to Amy and Cream.

"Tina who's the cutest Me or Cream" Amy said.

They both put on their cute faces.

"Uh,Shouldn't you have a guy point of view?"Tina said.

"She right"Cream said.

They both looked around and saw Knuckles walking their way.

"Knuckles come here"Amy yelled at him.

"What's up?"Knuckles said.

"Who cuter me or Amy?" Cream said.They put their cute face on again.

"Her" Knuckles pointed at Tina.Tina blushed.

"Aw Knuckles thanks"

"What?! We said me or Cream was cute!"Amy said.

"Well I think Tina cute" Knuckles took Tina's hand and start walking.

"I can't believe it! How the Fk is she cute!" Cream yelled.

GASP "Cream"Amy was shocked.



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