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Hey, thnx for being her. And sorry for my english. I'm from holland and english isn't my strongest point.

I write stories. Not that they are great but atleas I can try. You always can give me some tips.

Don't know what to write here. So this is it

xx Heroine Riejj

november 21 2010
You weren't waiting for this.. But still:

My most favourite couples!
Special A:

Yahiro X Megumi: BIG LOVE FOR THOSE TWO! I first saw the anime.. And when I came to episode 18 when Megumi saw Yahiro talking to Tadashi my thought was: Yahiro and Megumi could be really cute together.. AND THEN THERE WAS EPISODE 19!! And a bit from 24 =D And then read the manga! EVEN GREATER MOMENTS! So I’m totally in love with those two.. And I’m Yahiro biggest fan =D

Aoi X Alisa: I really like Aoi! And Alisa deserve love… I don’t remember why I started to support this couple.. I think it’s because at the end of the anime I thought: Aoi deserve love to… And then I saw Alisa in the manga.. And Aoi was going to ‘babysit’ her. And since then I just love them!

Ryuu X Finn: I already knew about Finn before reading the manga… Stupid people who spoil that… But she was the reason I really wanted to read the manga! I thought she was interesting because she played a guy and I wanted to know the story about that! She and Ryuu are so cute together and so meant to be!

Digimon, digital monsters

Taichi X Jun: I know they are crack but I love them together! They could really be an awesome couple and I support this couple in every single way! I just love that they have similar hair. And I think after Sorato happened they could really grow towards each other..
I got a lot of haters on top of me just because I support this couple.. Mostly it are Taiora or Michi fans.. For those I want to say: I don’t bash the couples you like so don’t do it with the couples I like.

Jou X Mimi: Another not so popular couple.. Jyou and Mimi are since moment one I saw them together my favourite digimon couple! Mimi should give some of her love to Jyou.. xD
Like I said before, This couple is also not so popular.. On youtube I made a video about Jyou and mimi and I got some Koumi fans all over me! It really makes me sad that people are this immature about something somebody else likes! You don’t have to like what I like…


Shootdownshipping Kenny X Zoey: Awesome right?! I really like Zoey and since I kinda support Ikarishipping I hooked her up with Kenny xD They would be truly amazing together! I can imagine how those two are in the bedroom!

Festivalshipping Harley X Solidad: I LOVE HARLEY! And Solidad is really awesome to. I can those two picture together.. Only Harley not dressed as a cacturn or as May… And if Harley is dressed as May, Solidad is probably dressed as Drew xD

All the other couples I like:
Special A:

Tadashi X Akira (Cannon couple)
Tadashi X Megumi (I have this idea Tadashi ruined Megumi’s and Yahiro’s kiss because he was jealous xD)
Tadashi X Hikari (Loved their date!)
Kei X Hikari (Cannon couple)
Kei X Akira (Whut?0.o It’s the Chitose made them mom and dad thing)
Yahiro X Hikari (Don’t ask me a thing xD But Yahiro wanted to kiss her!)
Jun X Hikari (They almost had a date, but Kei just had to tag along…)
Yahiro X Finn(Yahiro knew immediately that Finn was a girl when they met, I thought he was going to confront her with it but he didn’t)
Megumi X Jun {X Ryuu} (I like Megumi X Jun, but a threesome with Ryuu is also great)
Kei X Yahiro (Can’t you see it? I can..)
Kei X Ryuu(I also can see this happen)
Kei X Aoi (Aoi could be gay… If Alisa wasn’t around..)
Kei X Jun (HELLO! THE KISS! I was totally in love with it!)
Kei X Tadashi (Secretly, Kei is totally in love with Tadashi)
Yahiro X Jun (If he don’t get the girltwin then the guytwin)
Yahiro X Tadashi (Yahiro took care of Tadashi, It was so sweet, and Yahiro saved him from scary robots.. And he lent his bike to Tadashi..)
Kei X Aoi X Yahiro (threesome again.. But this would be really interesting!)
Kei X Yahiro X Tadashi (Another threesome.. Tadashi would be the uke..)
Chitose X Sui (Come on, this is like really cute!!)
Hikari X Finn (Usually I can’t stand Yuri but in the beginning Finn was a guy…So I do like them…)
Finn X Megumi (Also the Finn guy thing since I can’t stand Yuri(but I’m a big Yaoi fan…) They could be cute together)

Yamato X Sora (Cannon)
Takeru X Hikari (Cannon? Still don’t know it..)
Ken X Miyako (cannon)
Ken X Miyako X Davis
Ken X Hikari
Taichi X Sora (I DO LIKE THEM! You see, I just like Jun with Tai more!)
Taichi X Mimi(I do like this to..)
Taichi X Yamato(Feel the love.)
Taichi X Koushiro
Taichi X Takeru
Taichi X Davis
Taichi X Hikari
Yamato X Takeru
Yamato X Hikari
Yamato X Ken (They went together on the digimon Christmas thing)
Davis X Mimi (CHRISTMAS!)
Koushiro X Hikari (CHRISTMAS)
Jou X Iori
Ken X Davis (almost forget this one xD)
Ken X Takeru (and this one to..)
Ken X Iori (This actually to..)
Davis X Takeru (This is like Taichi and Yamato!)
Davis X Iori
Takeru X Iori
Ken X Davis X Takeru {X Iori} (also as a three/foursome xD I don’t want to ruin Iori’s child soul to much)
Iori X Miyako
Iori X Hikari
Iori X Miyako X Hikari

Pokeshipping Ash X Misty
Contestshipping May X Drew
Ikarishipping Dawn X Paul
Egoshipping Gary X Misty
Rocketshipping Jessie X James
Farawayshipping Paul X May
Novelshipping Paul X Misty
Paul X Drew
Comashipping Paul X Ash
Paul X Harley(purplehairshipping?)
Paul X Gary
Palletshipping Gary X Ash
Respectshipping Drew X Ash
And a lot more but I'm to lazy to search peoples name...

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