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Hello out there!

If you're on my page, I guess that means you found some of my fanfiction and liked it enough to see if I had anything else you might want to read, sorry if you're dissapointed by my rather small spread, I take IB so it's difficult to find the time or the energy to write anything, but I'll do what I can.

I'm not a big fan of putting author's notes into stuff when I write it so if I have anything I'd like to say then I'll post it in my 'Author's Notes' section below. If anything makes its way into my fics then you can be sure it would be a good idea to read it.

Reviews are nice, in fact, reviews are awesome! If you like what I've written the please let me know!! Also, if you think of a way in which I could improve my writing then I would very much appreciate you telling me about it, I want to be as good as possible.

I'm now a Beta! If you want me to take a look at your stuff then drop me a line, I'll get back to you asap :)

And without further ado, on with the show!


PS: If anybody cares (and they probably don't) I now have a blog in which I will be looking at what makes bad fanfiction bad and pointing out the fantastically easy ways to avoid letting too much crap seep out onto the internet. It's called 'Fuck no! Terrible fanfiction' and can be found here:

Completed stories:

Training Period: This is basically PWP disguised temporarily as something else. All the smut is in chapter two so if that's all you're interested in then please skip right ahead. The basic idea is that Ichigo is injured by Urahara during training and everyone's favourite blonde shop keeper just can't help himself. It's simple, the plot is so flimsy I could cut it down with a herring, but I wrote the smut I set out to write. Sue me.
Training Period has been translated into French! The translation has been done by ze-perverse-shinigami (here's her profile: and you can read the translation here:

The Last Day: This was initially intended to be a deep examination of Russia's character, but sort of wound up actually having something that looks like a plot *gasp*! It's set on the day of the fall of the Berlin wall, most of the nations that were part of the Soviet Union are now hiding in the garden because it's infinity preferable to living with Russia who has been drinking himself to an early grave for a while. We see pieces of this day from the perspectives of Ukraine - one of the last to leave the house, Russia - who is horribly hung-over and doesn't really know which way's up any more and Prussia - who I'm not going to say too much about for fear of spoiling the bit of plot that I came up with for this. There are brief mentions and glimpses into other nations or other aspects of the characters used that I don't really expand on here. Don't worry, I have every intention of writing about all these little details at great length at a later date. And don't hit me for that Scotland thing, I've just always thought that personality-wise he's like the missing member of the Bad Friends Trio.

Current stories:

Merixcil's Bleach: If you've already looked at this fic then you'll have seen that I posted a little note suggesting you guys came on here and looked at the explanation for the fic. Basically, this is intended to be a complete re-telling of Bleach, some characters were part of the original plot, some are similar or share a sword or something with a character from the original plot, some are completely new with new swords, new personalities and new roles in the story and a few unlucky characters are cut out all together. If you see me change a rule of the Bleach universe or invent a new one then don't panic! It's all intentional, this is my own personal Bleach (Hence the title, which I'm not sure about so if anyone thinks of a better title then that would be great) and their world will work as I choose. If you think that changing the rules is some sort of insult to Tite Kubo or something then just don't read this fic, simple as that, I don't want any hate here. From where I'm standing now, this has the potential to be a REALLY long fic and I can be completely hopeless at updating regularly so I hope that anyone who enjoys what's there for now has the patience to wait for new uploads. Anyway, the plot for this one has been stewing in my head for a very long time now, and I really hope you enjoy reading it as much as I've enjoyed thinking it up.

Stories I'm thinking of writing:

And hey, if you like my writing style and have an idea you might like me to try, then drop me a line and i'll see what I can do.

Hetalia: I think I'm pretty much always going to be thinking of some Hetalia fic or other. I have several ideas that need a bit of fleshing out before I start on them. Currently I'm working on a story about the British Isles back when they were young, it's focusing on Scotland but is also getting into how I think of Eire, Ulster and Wales. Ideas for future stories include: a look into Russia's past and/or looking at the rise of the Soviet Union (Something not covered nearly enough!); a story about how China was affected by the cultural revolution; something about what makes England unique, because a woefully few people seem to have any real understanding of the matter and I REALLY want to write something about Spain and England that goes beyond sex!

Digimon: OK, so this fic is already started, and I haven't put it in my 'Current stories' section. Why you ask? Simply because as of now I have no intention of completing it. Similarly to Merixcil's Bleach, if I ever get back to it it will definitely be a Digimon fanfic, but will have nothing to do with the Digimon anime, new characters, new Digimon, different plot yadda yadda.

Author's Notes:

This is where to look if you want my general comments on what's going on in my fics. If you have any specific questions then inbox me.

Merixcil's Bleach:

-Prologue: This is supposed to be like the first scene of the Bleach anime, I had to watch it several times before I was happy I'd captured what was happening.

Training Period:

-I didn't originally intend to make Urahara so rapey in this. If dubcon is not your thing then stay away

The Last Day:

-To say that this story is historically accurate would be pushing it, but I've tried to make it within the realms of believability. Honestly, it would be very difficult to write straight up, historically accurate Hetalia fics because Hetalia itself is not straight up 100% historically accurate.

-If anyone was disappointed by the lack of any real yaoi in this, then I apologise. In all honesty, I originally intended to keep this story completely clean of yaoi, but I wound up chucking in some nearly-yaoi and it worked. I felt that taking it too far would have spoiled the flow of the story and I didn't think I could pull it off believably, so I didn't try. If you want to see how I write smut, read Training Period.

Favourite anime:

If you find any good fics, fanart, cosplayers or even just fun news updates on any of these then I'd love it if you shared! Also, if you do have an idea for a fic you'd like me to do, it would be far more likely to happen if it was from one of these anime.

In no particular order:

-Darker than Black
-Death Note
-Samurai Champloo
-Ouran Highschool Host Club
-Anything by Studio Ghibli
-Cowboy Beebop
-Elfen Lied
-Zombie Loan

I'm also interested in all things Final Fantasy!

I really don't want anything to do with:

-One Piece
-Code Geass

I would also prefer it if incest, yuri and fluff were kept away. Not that there's anything wrong with them (well, there's plenty wrong with incest) but I don't like them. Ta!

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