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What I do in my free time?

-- Play online games

- Read

- Go on Facebook

- And whatever I feel like doing during the time lol

ABOUT ME: Well, I'm really relaxed and amiable. I've just started writing, so please excuse any errors or if my stories are boring!

If I delete my stories, sorry! It might be because I don't find the motivation to write more about it, or because it was really just bad LOL.

In Perfect World, I have a cleric character that I'm trying really hard to train because I want to do those cool cleric skills.

I originally had a level 65 venomancer, but I got tired of just healing pets and being criticized for not having a Hercules pet.

If you want to talk a little, go ahead of give me a little PM.

I play on the Heaven's Tear server, so if you play on the same server, just PM me here and I'll send you my name in-game.

Well, thanks for reading a short little summary of me xD

Well, new update 11/22/11. I don't play PWI that often anymore, I play League of Legends.

As before, you can PM me here and I'll message you back if you want my in-game name for LoL.

Reason for deleting Love and Misery: To be honest, I lost motivation in completing that story. I didn't know if any people were even reading it at all. I also re-read the chapters over, and I hated the way I wrote it, it was so sloppy! I'm confessing: I winged the entire thing; I didn't have a plot written out at all. So, I'm writing a new story that will be BASED on the L&M storyline, and I'll try my best to make it better.

And, special thanks to 4000kills keeping me motivated, and reviewing :)

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