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Hello everyone! I love the anime naruto. If your opinion is different, great. However don't hate me because you don't like naruto. Here is more about me.

Name: Trey, feel free to call me chidoriss or trey because either way is fine. BTW, I am on Youtube, and if you SERIOUSLY can't figure out my account, PM me. Sigh if you can't figure it out

About me

I am a gamer. Have been since I was 4. I like anime. One day I hope to become a video game designer with my friend. I get straight A's! My favorite game is, ummm, a tie between super mario galaxy and super smash bros. brawl. I recommend those games for Wii owners everywhere. If you want to know more about me send me a message. But keep it clean. Not extremely personal questions. I'm a boy. chidoriss is pronounced chee-door-ee-ess-ess. I don't think sonic is cheap in brawl, but most of the people who play him are noobs so they spam too much. PM me if you think different. I like humor and drama and truth or dare/ask fics. I'll be doing more smash bros. fics more than anything, since I have the most knowledge in that subject.

Random Stuff I'll put here!


I have joined golfer and PitFTW in the ANTI FLAMER ARMY!We have all agreed that flamers have finally taken things too far! Plus, there's been little of a campaign against them. This ends today! WE can band together to oppose the flamers! PM golfer or PitFTW to JOIN THE ANTI FLAMER ARMY!

Position: The Flame Sizzler!

To join, you may want to understand the psycology of the flamer. Well, flamers flame for a few reasons.

1: They are burning with jealousy

2: They believe the story is plagarism (I've never seen one real plagarism act, but Flamers may lie just to find something to flame about!)

3: They don't like the author

4: In the story, a favorite character of theirs gets bashed (quote "Like there's no tomorrow")

Current Stories

A Classic Round: A story in which you, the reviewers, choose the fighter that goes through the Classic Mode of Brawl. Some characters moves have changed. There ARE newcomers but they show up later when i have moves for them. R.O.B. and Mr. Game & Watch will NOT be used because I HATE them with a fiery passion!! Stopped for now... :(

Tabuu...has...won: This is what would have happened if Tabuu had beaten the Smashers in SSE. Will anyone surpass him or will he rule FOREVER!! I'm doing this now.

Future Stories

Ask Sonic/Tails/Knuckles/ all other Sonic characters: Look at the title, it explains it all. Well, except that you can't torture anyone except Rouge and Amy and Eggman. :) 45 percent chance i'll do it.

Sonic vs. Tails and Knuckles and the other good guys: The story here is that Sonic has joined Eggman. Why? Find out if i do this fic. Anyway, everyone finds out he joined when he kills a certain hedgehog who is close to him... 99 percent chance I'll do this tragic fic. I'll do this after Tabuu...Has...Won...

Total Smasher Island: Crossover between Total Drama Island and Smash Bros. Brawl. :) With Chris McLean and Chef Hatchet as the host and cook, respectively. This is a maybe. Might be done if requested enough...

The eggs are gone!!: Ever wonder why Bowser stole the Yoshi eggs in Super Mario World?? Here is why!! Probably a one shot... Again, it's a maybe...

What happened to the clones in Brawl?: This is about why the clones in melee were not in Brawl. Master Hand said it's because they were too similar, but that's just cover up for the truth... Probably done after Sonic vs. Tails and Knuckles and all other good guys.

Author Powers/Creations

Asamala jurcuza: My, worse than poison, power that allows me to knock out people if I'm feeling generous, but it can kill. Note: All author powers will probably be used in my ask/torture fics, because those allow me in them, without breaking the fourth wall. :)

Truth Hammer: It's a hammer that allows me to tell if someone is lieing or not, and lets me whack them. Think of it as Amy's hammer but DEADLIER! It has a black handle and yellow and orange top with a shotgun with a scope on top. :) It can also change size!!

The Flamer Sword: It is a sword with fire to burn crap, that only attacks Flamers. (and Mr. Game and Watch, and R.O.B. :P)

Final Smash: I shout, "RISE KLONDA!!" and my flying Pegasus-horse pet Klonda comes to my aid and lets me ride her while spitting fireballs and swinging my Truth Hammer. Epic? HECK YEAH!! Lasts 1 minute, and yes, it can beat Chuck Norris AND Weegee COMBINED!

OMEGA Smash, Asamala Of Truth Death!: I ride Klonda and combine my powers by putting Asamala Jurcuza on my Truth Hammer AND set it to all elements INCLUDING Lark, a mixture of Light AND DARK! I SMASH THE TARGET TO DEATH. EVEN AN ARMY OF WEEGEES AND CHUCK NORRIS'S CAN'T BEAT THIS! Pray you don't face this.

Sangeko Smash: I combine all elements, light, dark, etc. and Klonda and Sonic get absorbed into me and so does my poison. Part of the poison goes on my Truth Hammer and so do some elements. My Hammer comes alive, blowing ice and fire AT THE SAME TIME!) This is possibly my strongest attack/spell ever! Inspired by my OC Sangeko!


My pet Klonda: She is my pet. She is my flying Pegasus-horse, thing, that looks ALOT like Epona from Zelda, and NO Link, I did NOT mutate Epona!

Sangeko: My OC that appears in Tabuu...Has...Won. He is stronger than Tabuu! He is blue-green and LOOKS ALOT like Tabuu, because of a back story i am doing later!

Favorite Characters Of All Time, in Video Games

1. Sonic and Shadow, they tie :)

2. Tails

3. Luigi

4. Bowser

5. Link

6. Zelda

7. Mario

8. Meta Knight

9. Kirby

10. Dr. Eggman/Robotnik

Least Favorite/ HATED Characters, in Video Games

1. R.O.B.: HE'S FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE ALONE!! We have friends if we play Brawl, you are for people who need a 2nd player!

2. Mr. Game & Watch: Never played the system and i suck with him in Brawl!

3. Jigglypuff, but i LOVE PitFTW's Ask Jiggly Jigglypuff

4. Amy Rose: Weird.

5. ALL Transformers, sorry but i don't like them

6. Indiana Jones, i can't watch the movies or play the games because i get bored/hate puzzles

7. Tails Doll: OH, MY FREAKING GOD, it's not his character, but his myths on Youtube!! I'm more scared than i hate him.

8. Chaos from Sonic Adventure 1: Too much story for him, but the music rocks!!

9. Final Hazard/Biolizard: Exact opposite as above, needs more story! I need the perfect balance for stories.

10. Peach: She's alright, but I get tired of her getting kidnapped in every mario game except, like TWO! Get better bodyguards because Toads are STUPID!

Copy and Paste Stuff:

If you think Sonic is NOT cheap in Brawl, copy and paste this on your profile.

If you hope Hyper Sonic comes into 3-D games, copy and paste this on your profile.

If you HATE Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, copy and paste this on your profile.

My Mains in Brawl:

1. Sonic: I can beat 3 level 9 Gannondorfs on a team!! He is NOT cheap!


3. Ike: He's good...

4. Luigi: The lean, mean, green missile!

5. Olimar: I find it easy to control him.

No, i cannot play Brawl online, because I don't have an internet connection to my wii, otherwise i would SMASH EVERYONE IN BRAWL!! As Sonic!

Moveset if I was in Smash Bros.

Up-B: Klonda appears and I ride her upwards for a few seconds, but I can also jump off, like Wario's Bike move.

Side-B: I throw my poison. Does 2 damage per second. Shake control stick to get off.

Neutral-B: I swing my hammer. Can hurt more than one enemy. 10 damage.

Down-B: I pull out my Flamer Sword, changing my attacks from punches to stabs/swings! Press again to put away.

Final Smash: I shout, "RISE KLONDA!!" and my flying Pegasus-horse pet Klonda comes to my aid and lets me ride her, spitting fireballs while I swing my hammer. Lasts 1 minute.

Yay for Smash Bros!!

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Fighting Crime, Spinning Webs by thebandragoness reviews
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