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So I guess it's about time I update this. I can't even remember when the last time I posted something. I think it's been a year and a half or something like that. Anyway, I thought I'd let you guys that care know what's up since I get periodic messages from people and stuff asking me if I'm ever going to continue my story.

You see, here's the thing...I stopped posting for a number of reasons but I have thought about continuing again. Thing is though, a lot of what I was going to do more my stories, Reawakening, Reemergence, and what would have been the 3rd fic was going to be a lot about Spirits and how the Avatar was created and stuff like that. I've always tried to make my fics as canon as possible and as most of you probably know, Season 2 of Korra is about Spirits and shows how the first Avatar was created...which kind of makes my original ideas for explaining all that pointless since we now know how it really happened. I'll be honest though, my own ideas that I was going to use was strangely similar to what Bryke came up for in the series. Still, I just don't see a need to continue since we have the actual series dedicated to doing Spirit stuff (the whole reason I started writing my fic in the first place was because I wanted to explore the Spirits more) so now I'll of my own stuff would be contradictory to the series and I'm not sure if I want that. Plus, it's been a year and a half and I doubt most of my readers are still here, let alone waiting on my fic to continue.

That said, if I suddenly get a bunch of requests, I will strongly consider continuing it. I actually have a few more chapters completed that I never posted.

Otherwise though, unless by popular demand, I'd say my Reemergence fic can be considered to be on a permanent hiatus. I just don't feel it is worth continuing, especially if there are not many people that care to see it continued any more. So if you do care, message me your thoughts.

I do want to get back into writing a little bit though, so I might do some one-shots here and there.

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Avatar: Reemergence reviews
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