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Ok, it's been 6 years (Dear God!) and it's time to revamp this profile a little.

About me:

I'm a female in my mid 20s and a full time grad student. I'm getting my Ph.D. in geology, with a focus on nanoparticle growth and crystallization, so I don't have a lot of time to write these days. Hell, I don't even have a lot of time to read most of the time.

Story preferences (reading):

When I do, I typically read HP fics. All Harry centric. Always. I'm also a slash fan. I can pretty much guarantee you'll never find me reading anything where Harry is straight. I don't have a OTP. I used to be HPDM all the way, but I've since vastly expanded. Sometimes I'm in the mood for Harry/Sev or Harry/Blaise or rare pairings such as Harry/Rabastan. I do like Harry/Tom, but to be honest it's been a long time since I've read a Harry goes dark. It all depends on my mood. Also, many of my favorite authors have sadly retired and removed their work from this site. I can certainly understand why, but it is a shame to lose such brilliant minds and stories. When I do have time to read, it's not uncommon for me to simply reread previously enjoyed works.

I have branched out slightly in the last few years with HP crossovers, mostly with Supernatural (again Harry centric. And with Dean. Always with Dean). I have also, much though I hate to admit it, read a few crossovers with Twilight, but only ones that came highly recommended. As much as I hate Twilight, some fanfiction writers can make it better, and I don't really have any shipping preferences.

I have read a few Supernatural fics without the HP crossover elements. I have enjoyed them, but I'm always wary of branching out from Harry Potter. I understand and accept that fanfiction has warped my views of HP canon and I have difficulties discussing it with canon fans because 'known' fanfiction 'truths' have warped my perceptions of characters and rolls. I really have little joy in HP canon now. It's something that I accept and enjoy to a certain extent, but not something I wish to have happen in other universes I enjoy as they are. Still Supernatural is addicting and I've read some fantastic work that is slowly pulling me in more and more.

Also, fair warning, I'm one of those readers who rarely reviews. I know many writers dislike these type of readers, but I do have reasons. I don't like to leave a review unless I have something substantial to say. An in depth comment, blatant error, or appreciation for something that really moved me. I don't like simply leaving a 'nice story' or 'good job' review. It's just not me. So unless I actually have something to say, I keep my proverbial mouth shut.


I pretty much only write one shots. I've tried writing chapter stories, but have been unsuccessful. I simply don't have the ability and talent to plan out the whole story ahead of time and loose motivation and track of the plot mid way through. So I stick to one shots, and I believe I've been fairly successful with them. I also do not do sequels or prequels. I appreciate the requests and am mildly confused by those who follow my stories when I mark them complete, but whatevs! When I write a one shot, that's all there is to it. I've put everything I've imagined about it in that. I don't have a back story or an after story in mind and I can't force myself to think one up. Most of my work comes from spontaneous ideas, and what you see is all there is.

I tend to be a fairly emotional person and I try to spend a lot of time focusing on emotion in my stories. Almost all of my stories are meant to draw out emotion of some sort from the reader, and most of them came from an emotional place. Some are even very personal.

As I read, so do I write. So far I've only written HP fics. All slash, and all but one Harry centric, but with a variety of different pairings.

I've never written a crossover, but I think I'm soon to break that rule (as well as another rule to avoid song fics) soon. I've recently written a fic I quite enjoy, and I tried to write it Harry/Draco, but when the idea came to mind it was Harry/Dean and I really think it works better that way. I still haven't decided what I want to do about that one though. Maybe you'll be seeing it soon.

I think that's it. I know most people don't read these things anyway, so it hardly matters. If you did actually happen to read this and have any questions, feel free to PM me, but be patient. I don't check the email this account is linked to incredibly often (once every couple months) and it might take me a bit to get back to you. I promise I will though.

Happy Reading.

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