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Hey everyone...

I'm noticing how much easier it is to write fics than to actually write your profile...

Oh well...

I got my pen name from the annoying question "Are you a human?"


Hello, fellow fanfiction writers! I have a challenge for you all. I'm really interested in seeing more fics in this category, and so, I decided to do this.

Write 2012 fanfiction. (And no, I'm not affiliated with the movie. I'm just interested in it.)

Now, I know, the movie isn't a masterpiece. It has cliche characters, cliche action scenes, lots and lots of cliche. There can be some debatable anti-Christian stuff (though I personally believe Emmerich did it just to avoid a fatwah) and some of the acting is rather dubious. However, I liked it for one reason.

It delivers what I expected, and more.

2012 is as good as doomsday gets. No sentient being (quoting Roger Ebert there) will go to see it expecting anything less than some doomsday action flick. I got a doomsday action flick and some philosophy on the side. That's good enough for me, and I like philosophical writing- especially concerning Doomsday.

So go forth!

And write 2012 fanfiction.


I'm a guy, live in CA, which rocks. I went to Washington once in June. I kept looking up at the sky and wondering where the flip the sun was. CA weather spoils you. I'm 13.

A... bit of a pet peeve here:

OK, the rant starts...


Look, if you're new to the site, don't put "My first fic, might suck" or some other variation in the description. Don't put "Sorry I suck at summaries" in the description. Just DON'T. Okay?

Look, if you're saying that your summary sucks, that's an excuse so blatant it hurts. The moment I see the word "sucks" (because you will invariably use that word) I skip the story. So please, please, don't do it...

Another thing.

Don't put "No flames plz!" (because they always put "plz" and not "please." I defy you to find a single example.) Look, most of the people on this sight will usually put an actual reason for why your story needs improving. They are intellegent people (relatively. Go onto Youtube and the like and you'll see what I mean. But seriously, the vast majority of people here are very intellegent. They're writers. They have to be.) So when you put up "no flames" it means you can't take criticism. When I see "No Flames" I skip.

Because I have never seen a true flame in my entire time on this site. I read reviews for the heck of it. I've probably read hundreds of reviews. There has not been a single review I have seen that has the true characteristics (the !!111 thing, bad grammar, ALL CAPS) on this site.

Now, I've been to the PJO fandom. I've written stories in it. And I've seen your "flames."




Venture to the dirtier parts of the Internet, and see exactly what I mean by "flames."

Really? Not a single comment questioning the author's heterosexuality? You need to step it up if you want to be considered a flame. (You know, I think it's because I'm a guy and 90+ percent of this site are all girls.)

Another pet peeve here.


Because doing that makes me think that you're intelligent.

And not doing that makes me think that you're an idiot.

I don't like being praised by idiots. It makes me feel patronized. Some of my reviewers (Thank you, The Two Sides of Fate) write long, paragraph reviews. I like those. Even better would be paragraph reviews that point out little (or big, depending on the quality of the story) things I could fix. Those would make me feel even better.

Regardless of whether or not you like/dislike the story, if you feel nice, review it.

Best Movie Of All Time: The Dark Knight. I like superhero movies. I like dark action, and violence. I hate it when the protagonist refuses to do acts of immorality for the greater good. That's also part of the reason I dislike Rave Master. The main character refuses point blank to do anything that is remotely immoral.

Now, the thing about the Dark Knight is that it really doesn't have its title character as its main one. The Joker completely dominates the entire show, with his unspeakably horrifying yet incredible, amazing acts. He drills a cell phone bomb into one of his henchman's stomachs to make a getaway! He's a psychopath, but he doesn't have a conquer the world syndrome. He's just doing this because he likes it, which makes his character incredibly interesting. Unlike the vast majority of comic book super villains, he does not have a plan, and, in his own words, is like a "dog chasing cars".

Best Shounen Manga Of All Time: Bleach. Now, it's the best Shounen Manga because it stretches the boundaries of its genre. Yes, it does have a guarantee win for the good guys and all that stuff, but I defy you to name one Shounen Manga that does not. The reason I like it is it's diveristy of characters. While many dislike Bleach because of the very same reasons, I like it because it definetly blurs the good/bad line. Take Nel. She has a very defined sense of right and wrong. Yet, she was once an Espada, and without Nnoitra's interference, would very likely still be one. Now take Mayuri. Need I go on?

Likes: Interesting bits of history, useless trivia (because I can recall it fairly easily and freak out my friends at the same time), good books with good plots, and reviews. I like being criticized, as long as it's constructive and respectful enough. I kind of like the freaks, too, who rant at you. You can always get a good laugh out of those.

Dislikes: Emos (Ok, don't get me wrong here. I'm perfectly fine with people who are "emo", as in the subculture, who wear dark clothes and make up to stand out and be individual. That's fine. It freaks me out some, but I could honestly care less. I don't like the people who mope around whining "ooh... my life sucks... give me a gun". Okay, if you've really been abused, 1. I don't think you would scream it out to the world on your facebook, email, and every single other public forum that is available to you. and 2. Don't commit suicide. I don't have much respect for suicidal people. It's inconsiderate. Think about the people who knew you, and the guilt that they will experience.) Rant over. Overly sweet things, stupid people, and posers. Seriously, if I've seen you break down into tears, your name-calling will have no effect on me. At all. So stop. Find some other way to boost your bruised ego. Like possibly getting a life.

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