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I'm not going to bore you with introductions and my personal life because... I mean, really, when am I ever going to meet you? Honestly, the chances of us meeting one day and you going 'OMG! You write those stories I read!!' are incredibly slim, so, yeah... :) :D :P XD

My friend was SO racist the other day! We were, for some random reason, naming the Harry Potter characters middle names and when we got to Sirius Black, she was like:
"Wouldn't it be funny if his middle name was Lee? Get it? It would be Sirius Lee Black! Seriously Black! HAHAHAHAHA..." Yeah... No

Also, I am sorry if I don't update as fast as I normally would. I have school and stuff, so, yeah. I am sorry and please, I shall update as quickly as my time-table will let me. Thanks!

P. S. I thank everyone who has reviewed my stories or has favourited them or whatever... It is deeply appreciated!

Je t'aime.

Je vous déteste.

Allez meurent, Mon compagnon d'âme

By The Way, that means: I love you. I hate you. Go die, my soul-mate... :) :) :)


8451a.jpg Luna's necklace in Tom's Bf L twins (replace the diamonds with onyxs)

The Picture of the Angel in Ch10 for TBFALT

UPDATE!!! 13/09/10

So, I thank everyone that has read my stories and has reviewed them, it is very muchly appreciated :) Please feel free to tell me your favourite story and chapter within that story :) Also, it would help if you told me about any mistakes that I have made, yeah, thanks :D

UPDATE!!! 08/01/11

Sorry i havent updated any of my stories, since the start of december 2010, I have been on holidays in Europe and I was-am unable to get onto fanfiction, so yeah, sorry :P ill be back home at the start of feburary so yeah...

I killed Sirius Black.
Slept with Achilles, the Hulk and Two face.
Scared the piss out of Obi Wan Kenobi.
And my son just inherited Willy Wonker's Chocolate Factory...

What did you to today?

If I didn't know you were the Devil, I would have said that you were a mad-man: Unknown

There is no Good and Evil; There is only Power... And those too weak to seek it: Lord Voldemort

I can't believe you would date a teacher! He's married, anyways! I don't care...: Two Of My Friends

We have one thing on our side that Voldemort doesn't... Something worth fighting for: Harry Potter

If your willing to give a person every secret you've ever received or have had and are willing to kill/die for them, you know you love them. If not... Don't risk it: Unknown

A poet is, before anything else, a person who is passionately in love with language: W. H. Auden

Feel the wrath of you hurting my family, you fish-faced freak!!: The Guy Off Bleach

If you can't beat 'em, join them. If you can't join them, black-mail them. If you can't black-mail them, shag them. If you can't shag them, kill them. If you can't kill them, then your screwed.: Unknown

abcdefg.Hijklmnop.Qrs.Tuv.W.X.YZ ;)

Tom Riddle knows everybody's business,
He knows everything about everyone.
That's why his chamber is so big...

..It's Full Of Secrets..

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Tom's best friend and lover twins reviews
The summary is inside... But it's pretty much like Harry and Luna go on a mission from Dumbledore and find out about Voldemort's past which some what changes the future... Read it please. I personally think that it's okay. oxox
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