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The Hunter & The Hunted...My new obsession!!It's very intense and beautiful to write and im constantly coming up with new ideas for it! It's very close to my heart. It's also set in London so it requires A LOT of research but it's completely worth it!

TH&TH Edward's tattoo

Edward's black trench coat (he wears it everywhere)

Edward's boots:

Inspiration for Edward's eye color:

Bella's favorite t-shirt

Bella's leather bomber jacket:

The inspiration for the library:

How I picture Bella's school:

Bella's school uniform:

The infamous settee where all the magic happens:

The interior of Bella's flat (minus the christmas stuff)

Bella's mansion exterior:

Bella's favorite coffee shop:

Bella's bedroom:

Who I picture as Charlotte:

Ali's motorcycle:

Jacob's motorcycle:

Edwards Twitter page:

Bella's necklace:

Bella's bracelet:

A typical Bella outfit:

A typical Psychward outfit:


The Hunter & The Hunted Banner!

Random facts:

I spend a large proportion of my time talking to my girls on NMM.ORG and EM.ORG (Also know as land of the Rob porn worship and rib cracking jokes)

I like to put lemon juice in my macaroni and cheese

I laugh at the most inappropriate things and times

I nickname EVERYONE (Seriously, I've called my own mom Knockers since I was 9!)

I am a hopeless romantic Sigh

Things I don't like or scare me:

Porcelain dolls (Scared)

Nikki Reed (hate)

Country music (Makes me want to shoot myself in the head) he he


NIRVANA AND BTVS!! YAY!! (It's 3AM right now so im forcing my enthusiasm to force my eyes to stay open!)



Update: The Hunter & The Hunted

'The Revenant Chronicles' Trailer


The Writer's Coffee House Publishing House link:

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