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Author has written 4 stories for Harry Potter.

I missed writing far too much so I had to come back to one of my favorite sites! I guess to start I'll just give a quick run down of the stories you can expect to read from me if you so choose...

I loooove Harry Potter - though my fanfic writing days for that are pretty much over, I think I wrote all I could for that one. But never say never I guess, huh?

I have definite plans to do a Numb3rs fic at some point in the future, I miss that show already and it's barely been gone... I liked the earlier seasons much more when Charlie was so very naive to how Don's world worked (or basically any world except his, lol) So the story I'm planning is based back then. I was never good at Math I will say right up front, and the story is definitely not anything you'd see in the show but I think some will enjoy it anyway

Andromeda is another show I loved, again in the earlier seasons. Harper was my favorite character by far and I really hate how the third season started to become more Dylan-centric and by season 5 it just felt like all the rest of the cast were glorified extras. I know they each had some moments but I mean come on it was an ensemble cast, they're all supposed to have storylines, not just support one character's super-human adventures. But, alas, it is what it is, and I wasn't a writer for the show sadly so there was little that could be done hehe =P

The story I'm working on now and should be up soonishly is for seaQuest DSV. It's Lucas-centric and somewhat of an ELF - coz what fun is writing these things if you can't put your favorite chacters in jeopardy once in a while, right? ;) Just from looking over the stories on this site I notice a definite group of supporters for each individual season (and some that mix the first two) but this is where I stand:

I liked the first two seasons pretty equally. I loved the Bridger/Kristen relationship much more than the Bridger/Wendy one but I didn't dislike either female character at all. And I loved Lucas & Krieg's bickering but I really loved Lucas & Tony's more...and of course Dagwood's relationship w/both of them. I think both seasons have so many good things that I can overlook the changes that happened so yeah I can't choose between those two. The THIRD season, however, I mostly deny its existence. I just hate that they changed it so drastically. I mean let's say you take the first two seasons away completely and just give us the third and you have an excellent action/adventure series and I would have LOVED it. Hudson was an amazing captain with a very dry sense of humor, Lucas was an insecure Ensign, the whole Tony/Henderson/Ford storyline, the politics of the world they were living in all of it was fantastic, BUT if you give me the first two seasons which had 50% great light hearted moments mixed with 50% action and adventure and the father/son dynamic that Bridger and Lucas shared and the science exploration half of things in general, and take them away and change it to cold and hard and calculating 98% of the time, well I want what I started watching the show for in the first place, not what you think is gonna bring in higher ratings.

There I've voiced my little complaint. Having said this I also want to say I don't shy away from reading 3rd season stories, I just can't see myself ever writing one. I mean no offense to those that think season 3 was the best.

ANYways, I will stop rambling now, thanks for reading!

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