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Hi! I'm Bulma! And this is Juu-chan! We write fanfics together... Please feel free to read our fanfics or email us if u just wanna talk! Here's our info:

Bulma: Juu-chan:
Fav. Color: Blue and black Blue and black
Fav. Show: DBZ duh! DBZ
Fav. Food: Chocolate Pasta and Chocolate
Age: 16 18
Music: Linkin Park, Slipknot Staind, LinkinPark
Shakira everything but classical and jazz
Books: Star Wars, the Stone anything not
of Light Series, SF school related
Religion: Wiccan Wiccan
Movies: Anything with Jay and Silent Bob in it!
Miss Congieniality, DBZ movies, Star Wars.
Statis: Have a Boyfriend* now single
Fav. Dbz Characters: Vegeta 18, Bulma,
Bulma, 18, Piccolo Trunks, Goten,
And Trunks and Goten! And Piccolo!
Hobbies: shopping, sparring shopping, TV,
TV, internet. sparring,internet

Well thats about it ! interesting ppl arent we?? See ya soon!!
~*Bulma and Juu-chan*~
PS- Juu-chan stands for Juuhachigou and chan is basiclly an ending that ur really close friends or family call u!

Bulma's little note on her boyfriend- my boyfriend is a god! he's vegeta's clone!! i swear looks attitude everything!!! its scary!
*Juu-chan's little note on her fiance: Engaged no longer:-( Plus Bulma and "Vegeta" broke up in July.

Boba Fett's Life-The Facts reviews
NOTE: THESE ARE THE FACTS ABOUT BOBA FETT’S LIFE…NO UNTRUTHS HERE!!!! Maybe I’m just a weird person, but when I read Star Wars fanfics that have Boba Fett in it, I like to see some truth to the story line.
Star Wars - Rated: K - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 392 - Reviews: 21 - Favs: 2 - Published: 6/7/2002