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Hello! My name is Nightfall Daybreak, but you can call me Nightfall or Nighty. The people in the real world call me Sherry.

Some random things you might like to know about me: I am a rather verbose fifteen-year-old girl who adores fanfiction.

I enjoy writing, reading, Latin, science, vintage clothing, and playing the piano, among a long list of other things that many people do not have the patience to listen to me detail. I am also easily excitable, often given to random laughing fits, and enjoy sugar, preferably in the form of chocolate, ice cream, cake, or some other type of confection. I am Taiwanese (born and spent the first few years of my life in Taiwan before moving to America), but if anyone asks, I'm Roman.

I'm a devoted student, which conflicts with my love of fanfiction and results in outcomes such as an entire year of FF abandonment. (You may now all gasp in horror.) Some days, though, I can be found lurking in any one of the wonderful fandoms here, reading and attempting to ignore the pile of work awaiting me.

Music is a significant part of my life, and I have a wide range of wildly varying musical tastes (everything from classical to punk rock). My current favorites are Beethoven, Debussy, Yiruma, Sparklehorse, Keane, The Bravery, and Death Cab for Cutie. They change from time to time.

Latin/the classics and science are my two passions, and I hope to one day work in biotechnology, biophysics, or chemical analysis. Quantum physics would be a great field to work in, although the intensity might make it difficult to do so. I'd definitely also like to do something involving the classics.

In personality, I am undeniably an optimist, but in writing, I've been told that my voice takes on a distinctly cynical tone, so . . . take from that what you will. XD I refrain from cursing (. . . fine, sometimes I do it in Latin), abhor perversion to the greatest degree (but adore genuine romance/affection stories), and find humor in almost everything (although I absolutely can't make fun of other people without being plagued by a terrible sense of guilt for days on end, so I generally don't).

FF takes up an embarrassing amount of my time, but I try not to stay up too often reading (or working!), because on the rare occasion that I don't get enough sleep, I tend to become embarrassingly hyperactive and not make any sense at all whatsoever. I don't socialize on the Internet much outside of FF - I don't have a Facebook, and the one and only time I went onto one of those online 'meet people' chatroom things, as part of a dare, I ended up consoling every single person I met and talking to them about their problems.

In short, I'm just a happy bundle of confusing anomalies. (:

See you later, everyone!


07/09/11: As most of you know, I haven't been here for about a year, but I've returned and am very glad to be back. I'll definitely be trying to continue the fics that I left hanging--mainly "Utter Pandemonium." All in all, I hope that I've matured as a writer in my absence and can't wait to continue writing.

09/29/11: It was pointed out to me today that "nightfall daybreak fanfiction" is apparently now a Google search suggestion. Oh mein Gott, what is this?! How did this happen?!

My fanfictions:

1] Painful Memories - complete.
2] All That Was Lost - complete.

With this fanfiction, I was honored to be included in the Fanfic Recs on TV Tropes for the Warriors fandom here.

3] The Joys of Christmas - complete.
4] Harness
- complete.
5] Man Overboard
- complete.
6] Just a Chorus Girl
- complete. Might be continued into a full-fledged fic later.
7] The Last Flock Member
- incomplete. Discontinued.
8] Utter Pandemonium - incomplete. Discontinued until further notice.
9] This Charming Man
- complete.
10] Twentieth Century Towers - in-progress! Sequel to "This Charming Man."

Thanks for all the support, everyone! I really appreciate all the reviews and favorites, as well as all those people who have featured my work on their blogs, tumblrs, deviantARTs, etc. - you know who you are and I am eternally grateful. They really make all the difference between me uploading a new fic/chapter and me letting my writing waste away unpublished. XD

Possible fanfictions coming up:

1] A Warriors fanfiction where Spottedleaf's death is rendered nonexistent, and we watch the repercussions of this reverse in history unwind and re-weave fate in a "butterfly effect" fashion. If the wonderful Anbraxis will be so kind as to help me with this fic, it may actually come to fruition.
2] An Axis Powers Hetalia fanfiction where England and China share an unexpectedly empathetic moment in which they discuss the willful natures and revolutions of their respective former charges, America and Taiwan. I've had this idea floating in my head for a while now, and I'd really like to try it out.

I also do requests . . . please PM me if you're interested. :D

As an aside - reviews are always appreciated. ;)


Mr. Metress: Matt, what are you doing with your binder?
Matt: I'm using it as a shield because Zach keeps throwing his pencil at me! Can't you see it's a Type A projectile?
Zach: Kyle gave me the pencil!
Kyle: (splutters indignantly)
Mr. Metress: Guys, I've told you over and over again to stop playing with pencils and acting like dorks, but you're just disrupting the class. Go outside in the hall, both of you, and go stand on your heads.
Steven: Hey, it's not me or V.J. this time!
Kyle: But what did I do?!
Mr. Metress: Go on! You two go out in the hall and I'll give Steven and V.J. zeroes for the day.
Steven and V.J.: WHAT?!
Kyle: But I didn't do anything!
Mr. Metress: You're Pencil Guy. Go on.
Kyle and Zach: (reluctantly leave the room and go into the hallway, Zach attempting to hide his smirk, Kyle still spluttering indignantly)
Mr. Metress: Get away from the door. I can see you through the window.


Mr. Metress: (cheerfully) And now it's time for your hundred-question Latin exam!
Class: (groans)
Mr. Metress: You can thank me for it later . . . in your little room under the stairs that's dedicated to me, with candles and pictures of me in my youth.
Class: (stares at him like he's gone crazy)
Mr. Metress: What? You mean you don't have a room under your stairs that's dedicated to me? (turns to Leo) Oh, Leo, I know you have one.
Steven: Leo! You stalker!
Leo: What?! I don't have one!!
Mr. Metress: Oh, of course you have one, Leo . . . a little room under the stairs with candles and pictures of me in my youth.
Class: EW . . .!
Mr. Metress: And not only that, in the pictures I am only partially clad.


Mr. Metress: Now, let me remind you why you're here in Latin class. Three reasons. One, because your parents adore me. Two, because you can pick up English skills and improve your vocabulary. Oh, and three, because your parents adore me.


Mr. Metress: Matt! Give me the correct plural ending of the word 'puer,' meaning 'boy.'
Matt: Uh . . . um . . .'puerae'?
Note: '-ae' is the ending for plural females. xD
Class: (becomes deathly still and stares at Matt)
Mr. Metress: . . . Matt.
Matt: Y-yes?
Mr. Metress: Tell me, do you have a tree stump in your backyard?
Matt: Uh, yeah . . .?
Mr. Metress: And are you in possession of a samurai sword?
Matt: Um, I think my brother has one.
Mr. Metress: Good, because when you get home from school today, I want you to take that sword, go into the backyard to that tree stump, and . . . HI-YAAAAH!! (screams in ninja fashion and brings hand chopping viciously down on the desk)
Class: AAAAAAH!!
Mr. Metress: What did you do, Matt?! '-ae' is the plural ending for FEMALES! You just turned that poor boy into a two-headed girl!
Matt: Aw, man. . . .
Mr. Metress: Oh, well. We all know what Matt's going to do in the future. He's going to grow up to be a person who does very strange operations.
Class: (tries not to think very hard about that particular statement)


Mr. Metress: So, you'll all be taking the National Latin Exam tomorrow. Now, let me remind you of the several honors that one can receive.
Class: (perks up and stares)
Mr. Metress: Firstly, summa cum laude, which is 'highest honors.' Next, magna cum laude, which is 'great honors.' Then, just cum laude, which is just 'with honors.' And then the rest of you get a pat on the back...though a certain select few will receive a pat on the rump!


Mr. Metress: (with a smile of demonic cheerfulness) Take out your notebooks, everyone, and flip to your Chapter 19 practice quiz! I'm going to check them now!
Class: (groans collectively, but takes out notebooks)
Mr. Metress: (walks around checking the notebooks; then flings down his notepad in mock frustration) Oh, crud! This is no fun! You all brought your homework today!
Whitney: That's because we just went over the practice quiz, in class!
Mr. Metress: Ooh, good point. Turn to your Chapter 16 exercises!
Class: (nervously flips to their exercises in their notebooks)
Mr. Metress: (stops by Leo's desk and bends over it) AHAHAHAHA, LEO, YOU FORGOT YOUR HOMEWORK! MINUS ONE HUNDRED POINTS!!


Mr. Metress: V.J., you are holding a little piece of paper that does not look like Latin and will immediately be torn into shreds. It's in your hands. And now it's in Matt's lap.
Steven: FAIL.
Mr. Metress: I could rip it up into little pieces, V.J.—this paper that's undoubtedly due in your next class. And then you'll go home crying to your parents and you'll say, "Mr. Metress ripped up my history project into little pieces and it was assigned two months ago and I have nothing to turn in because it's all in little pieces now and my history grade has dropped to an F." And I will giggle. And then your parents will phone me and I'll pick up the phone and say—
Steven: Has V.J. told you about how his parents only speak Indian?


Mr. Metress: Tim and Leo. Why are you staring at me inappropriately?
Tim: We're not staring at you. . . .
Mr. Metress: Yes, you are. Look at the difference between you and the rest of the class.
Leo: I'm . . . staring at the desk?
Mr. Metress: No, you're staring at me in an inappropriate way. What is it about me that draws your attention today? Is it the fact that I'm wearing shorts?
Class: OOOOOOOH!!!
Whitney: You're wearing shorts?!
Mr. Metress: If only I had known that these shorts would rock Leo's world.

Praiseworthy Quotes

"Ow. That was my hand. Ow. That was my finger. Ow. That was my knuckle. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow . . . OWWW! AAAAH! I THINK IT PECKED OFF MY SKIN!"
"Can't you read the sign?! It says 'Caution: Birds May Bite!'"
two guys holding birds at the aviary at the amusement park

"Mr. Metress, do you have my Latin workbook?"
"No, Steven, I do not have your Latin workbook. If I did, I would immediately rip it into a thousand pieces, causing your grade to drop faster than the speed of an anvil falling from heaven to hell."
my classmate and my Latin teacher (yep, I love Latin)

"George Orwell, who wrote Animal Farm in three months, demonstrated how it is possible to write a book in three months. Stephenie Meyer, who wrote Twilight, demonstrated how you shouldn't even try."
my friend Sara, speaking with pure genius

"I want to go to McDonalds!"
my little sister, at age two (I was so proud that she could express what she wanted)

my friend Kitty

"This is the object of the game: you try to find a yellow car, not counting taxis or buses."
"I found a yellow car already! Over there! Four points to me!"
"Hey, I found a yellow car too! Wait . . . no, that's a pumpkin! Wait . . . what the heck? What the heck is a pumpkin doing there in February?"
my friend Nicky and I, spotting vehicles

"I read this version of 'The Raven' by Edgar Allen Poe was a parody, and it was told by Edgar's cat's perspective. In the end, the cat ate the raven."
"But it was a prophetic raven! You can't just eat prophetic ravens!"
". . . I do."
my friend Casey, freaking me out, and I

"You computer bad-bad. Not load." -bangs laptop- "Oh! Yay! Computer loaded! Computer good-good!"
my friend, attempting to reason with the stubborn school laptops

-opens fortune cookie- "'You will enjoy good luch.' What? What on earth? What is 'luch'?"
"It could be 'lunch,' or 'luck'. . . ."
"Let's assume it means both."
"Gee, that sure was a good 'luch' . . . you're very 'luchy'. . . ."
my friend Alex and I, about the typos in fortune cookies

"Blacksmith? What? Blacksmith. Really? Blacksmith?"
random high-schooler on the bus (this never fails to make me laugh, though it probably makes no sense)

"My mom didn't get all of my jeans in the laundry in time for school, so today I have to wear these jeans that I was wearing since I was eleven! It's too short! My ankles feel exposed!"
me, bemoaning the inconvenience of outgrown jeans

"The snowmen are probably filing for Social Security; they've been outside for so long. . . ."
the weatherman on television, talking about the recent snowstorms

"I don't want those bus lights! I want the light of Jesus, not that non-efficient electricity crap!"
me, half-asleep, talking to my friends on the bus, who were trying to wake me up

"Wow." -picks up student-drawn picture of a girl- "This reminds me of Chucky."
"That is so mean! What do you mean, it reminds you of Chucky?!"
"Well, she's white . . . and she's got hair . . ."
"What the heck?! You're white! You've got hair!"
"Oh, being racist now, are you?!"
". . . This is so going on my Fanfiction profile."
"Oh, so what are you going to say?! Some random kid in my Computer Arts class said that the picture was white and had hair?!"
me, my friend Zee, and a random kid in my Computer Arts class named Branden (isn't he a hypocrite?)

"All right, so . . . I've decided. That picture looks like Cookie!"
"What?! That is SO mean, Branden! YOU look like that picture!"
"But I'm not a girl!"
-muttering- "He sure looks feminine, though . . ."
"What's up with your eyes, Zee? They're black . . ."
"What the heck?! YOUR eyes are black! God, you hypocrite!"
"But I'm not wearing makeup!"
continued conversation from above quote between me, Zee, my other friend Cookie, and the ever-so-hypocritical Branden

"That's it! No more craziness! Get the dartboard away from him! And the darts!"
my friend (the one who was reasoning with laptops), yelling at my science teammate, after he got on a sugar high and managed to puncture eight holes in the wall with darts O.o

"You're crazy! You freaking sleep with your freaking Latin textbook!"
Zee, yelling at me for harboring an unhealthy obsession with my Latin textbook (but I swear, I don't sleep with it; I was trying to protect it from everyone overnight at a sleepover)

"I'm hungry."
"We know."
"I'm hungry."
"We know."
"I'm hungry!"
"We know!"
"I want food!"
"Deal with it!"
(ten minutes later)
"Here. I've got something for you. But you have to guess what it is. If you guess right, you get to keep it."
"Um . . . a paper clip?"
"Nope. Close." -drops chocolate-chip Pop-Tarts in my lap and runs away-
-calling after her with tears of gratitude in my eyes- "THANK YOU, SHMELLOW! I LOVE YOU!"
what happens when I don't eat breakfast in the morning (since when do I even get to eat anything? It's more like, what happens when I don't drink my measly half-cup of milk in the morning)

me, complaining about the apparent unfairness of being persecuted for obsessing over a Latin textbook

"I said I wanted milk chocolate with a light swirl of caramel macchiato! What's wrong with you?!"
Zee, ranting about chocolate

"She's a cannibal! She eats OREOS!"
Branden, speaking about a classmate (what is WRONG with the boy?!)

"Is she dead?"
"No, I'm getting inspiration! Shut up!"
Emily and Zee (I will never fully understand the art of how to receive inspiration by lying motionless on the floor xD)

"What?! I leave the stage for ten minutes and I come back to find that all hell has broken loose?!"
". . . Yes."
me and my disobedient cast xD

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