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Author has written 4 stories for Star Fox, Elder Scroll series, Halo, and Legend of Grimrock.

Recently, I have once again begun to write. A lot has happened to me in the past months/year; in the past year, my first relationship both begun and ended, and I have been in an art class under the tutelage of the man who designed the Mjolnir Mk V armor. After the past months, I believe that I have become a much better writer, both in verse and in thought, and as such will try to update my writings more frequently and to utilize to the best of my ability my newfound wealth of experience.

Hello everybody! Although my real name must not be released due to reasons of national security, you may know me as Baeowulf, Lord and Master of this world and a thousand others... uhm, I mean Baeowulf, the "friendly" and "sane" teenaged writer, artist, musician, and gamer extraordinaire. (Yes, I know I'm being very pompous, get over it.) I hope that you enjoy what I have to write and to say on this site, and also, I have Anonymous Reviews turned on, so if you do not have an account, feel free to use them, but if you do, please login instead of using anonymous, because I would love to reply to your feedback and, if you have any, check out the stories of the people who take the time and effort to read and review mine own.


Age: 16


Gender: Male

Hobbies: Videogames, Guitar, Piano, Tenor Saxophone, Calrinet, Writing, Drawing, Being Generally Awesome (yes, it is a title, and therefore must be capitalized!)

Likes: V-Games, TV, Drawing, Music, Writing, people who appreciate the arts of writing, music, and drawing, pi, ice cream, fruit (especially blackberries and raspberries! They are awesome, especially since blackberries grow behind my house!), family, friends, Bionicles (yes, I know, but with me, building them is an art!), and people who review my stories. I would like to point out that, as the first person to review my story, SchmEthan is awesome.

Dislikes: Boring people, people who don't like me, philistines, Panther Caroso, Leon Powalski, General Scales (although I think that lizards, dragons, and other forms of reptiles are amazing!), people who kill for sport (that includes killing bugs, but I get over them pretty fast), being smacked by my awesome younger siblings, and people who refuse to be happy. Bob Marley was a great man, listen to his doctrines!

Also, disclaimer: I do NOT own any StarFox materials I did not create, or for that matter, any materials I did not create, (although I want to buy the StarFox franchise, because it would be awesome to own!)

Again, my verdict is this: Fox and Krystal should be together, Slippy and Amanda should be together, Falco and Katt should be together, Wolf is a nice guy so he should find someone nice, Leon should be locked up in a madhouse, and Panther should never find love (because we all know that he would dump anyone for the first prettier girl he saw, and people like that are JERKS! Now, i'm not saying that looks don't matter (I'm a guy, iwould be lying if I did), but personality does too. So there.)

NOTE: I apologize for my recent lack of updates. On top of school starting and, with my extra classes, my schedule becoming a work day, my laptop computer's power source broke down, thus denying myself access to all of my files. This problem will be fixed as soon as possible.

And now... Character Bios!


Age: Timeless

Gender: Male (percieved)

Class: Class A Telepath

Info: Psion is an ancient and evil doppleganger telepath. He has amazing powers, and is not only the Crown Prince of the Shi'Krii empire, but is the leader of the Shi'Krii armada. He beleived that all "inferior" lifeforms should not only be conquered, but eradicated, and will not rest until he has cleansed the universe.

The Queen

Age: Timeless

Gender: Female

Class: Hive-Mind level Telepath

Info: The supreme ruler of the Shi'Krii empire. She is the first Doppleganger ever formed, and as such, is the center of the hive-mind. She has amazing telepathic powers, and has set her race on a road of bloody conquest.


Age: 600

Gender: Male

Race: Neo-Dopplegnger

Class: Scientist

Relations: Siren (spouse), Elasmus (offspring)

Info: Savant is a rebellious Shi'Krii scientist who led a group of visionaries to form their own secret rebellion 500 years ago. Through genetic alterations, he and his followers have made themselves more individual through giving themselves gender and dulling their connection to the hive mind. They also have a basic body form, so while they are not quite as skilled in mimicking inanimate objects, they excel in mimicking living creatures. He is a compassionate person who loves his people, and will do anything to liberate them from the tyrranous rule of Psion and The Queen.


Age: 500

Gender: Female

Race: Neo-Doppleganger

Class: Medic/Espionage Agent

Relations: Savat (spouse), Elasmus (offspring)

Info: Siren joined Savant's rebellion 50 years after it began. De to personality quirks and behavioural traits, she chose to become a female. Over the course of the next 150 years, she and Savant fell in love. Now, she follows Savant faithfully, and fully believes that together, they can free their people from the mental shackles of the Hive Mind.


Age: 250

Gender: Male

Race: Neo-Doppleganger

Class: Scientist/Pilot

Relations: Savant (parent), Siren (parent)

Info: Elasmus, having never been truly exposed to the full Hive Mind, mentally matured slower than most Shi'Krii, leaving him at the mental state of a teenager. He is sarcastic, witty, and often makes jokes, sometimes of a cruder nature. Despite his relative immaturity, he cares deeply for those around him, and has a strong bond with his mother, Siren. Throughout his life, his father had always been busy, either creating the Ensthiasmus, the organic flagship he and the rebellion resided on, or creating some other genetic-based breakthrough in technology. He strives to make his father proud, and is currently experimenting with prokaryotic cells, the earliest form of life, and the category of cell that the first evolutionary precursor of his secies arose from. He hasn't been having a great deal of success, but he is drawing near to a conclusion of his research...

A Dark Past, And a Brighter Future

Delchkahn Amori

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Race: Argonian

Class: Assassin/Blade/Champion

Relations: Ocheeva (love; former; now deceased), Dar-Ma (love; former), Seed-Neeus (parental figure), Martin Septim (close friend; now deceased), Soul-Swimmer (love; current), Countess Alessia Caro (Hated enemy)

Info: Delchkahn Amori is a broken man. Soon after he arrived in Cyyrodiil, he rescued Dar-Ma from Hackdirt. The two shared a brief relationship, but it ended when he had to move on in his fight against Dagon. Eventually, he slew Mancar Camoran, and helped Martin defeat lord Mehrunes Dagon. Martin died in the ensuing battle. He joined the Dark Brotherhood, and fell in love with Ocheeva, who was his former superior. Their relationship ended tragically when Amori accidentally killed Ocheeva during a contract to cleanse the Cheydinhal sanctuary. Soon after, he became listener of the Black Hand. Four months later, he left the Brotherhood, killing each other member of the Black Hand in his wake. Now, he is in love with Soul-Swimmer, but circumstances have conspired to make them struggle for the peaceful existence they desire.


Age: 20

Gender: Female

Race: Argonian

Class: Rogue

Relations: Rhiihaaj (love; former), Delchkahn Amori (love; current)

Info: Soul-Swimmer's parents were murdered by Dunmer when she was just 5, just after she had been given the name Seylia in the Naming Ceremony. For the next 14 years, she wandered the Black Marsh, searching her inner self, and came to be known as Soul-Swimmer for her inner retrospectiveness. On her 20th birthday, she falsified her birth records to show that she had been born under the sign of the Shadow so that she would be smuggled into Cyyrodiil without having to pass through Leyawiin. What she hadn't thought out was how she would leave the Dark Brotherhood when she got there. At first, she was in a relationship with Rhiihaaj, a young Khajiit member of the Brotherhood, but after he attacked her in a drunken rage, they became enemies. Now she has escaped the Brotherhood with the help of Delchkahn Amori, whom she is currently in love with. But even though they have evaded the Brotherhood in Cheydinhall, the guild of assassins continues to search for them.


Age: 23

Gender: Male

Race: Khajiit

Class: Assassin

Relations: Soul-Swimmer (love; former), Sehiiri (wife)

Info: Rhiihaaj has led a torn life. His past is unknown, and he never speaks of it. His known history begins with his joining the Dark Brotherhood. At the time, he was a slightly mad, yet suave, individual, and had no trouble with the ladies, gaining the nickname "bedbreaker" among his colleagues. One day, he did something he had never done before: form a lasting relationship, or so it seemed at the time. The girl was Soul-Swimmer, and for a time, they shared a strong relationship. However, one night he, in a state of drunkenness, tried to force himself on Soul-Swimmer. In self defense, Soul-Swimmer scratched him across the face, and Rhiihaaj swore he would have her head. Soon after, she fled the Brotherhood in persuit of Amori, and Rhiihaaj was sent to silence them both. During his attempts, he met and fell in love with Sehiiri, whom he later married and is now expecting a child with. Rhiihaaj is now the best of friends with Amori and Soul-Swimmer.


Age: 20

Gender: Female

Race: Khajiit

Class: Mercenary

Relations: Rhiihaaj (husband)

Info: Sehiiri had a relatively normal life up until age 10. She lived in Morrowind, and her family owned a small Guar farm. When she was ten years old, her home was attacked by a band of Dunmer slavers led by a man with red hair, a flaming sword, and a huge scar in his chest. The slavers killed her parents, and kidnapped her. 2 years later, the slave caravan entered Cyrodiil, where she and a small group of other Khajiit children managed to pick the locks on their shackles and escape. This group took to the streets, and made names for themselves as mercenaries. 8 years later, they were hired by Rhiihaaj to assist in the assassination of Delchkahn Amori and Soul-Swimmer. During the job, Sehiiri fell in love with Rhiihaaj, enough so to ignore when he murdered her friends after the capture of Soul-Swimmer. Eventually, she would marry Rhiihaaj. She is now expecting her first child.

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When Salya, a young, incompetent Lizardfolk mage is sentenced to pass through the terrible dungeon of Grimrock, she didn't think that her life could get any worse. However, there is more hidden beneath the mountain than she could have ever imagined... T for violence/romance, may spike to M. WARNING: very dark
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