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Hi. I write books. Lots of them. Some are fan-fictions. They go here. They are all Homeworld because it is my favorite game with the best story line competing with many Hollywood movies. To contact me, message me or email me or even post a comment in the Facebook page for my book series.

I enjoy writing these. Keep in mind this is the first series I've ever started and I wrote Book 1 when I was 14, so I see many errors that need correcting. I will keep writing this series until it's finished, and then start up some other books revolving around these characters that would give insight on other aspects of the HW universe. But that's for a time in the future.

I can't see myself getting into any other series because that would take me to spend hours and even days researching on the subject and could change my writing style a bit. I think I'm good with what I have, and I simply don't see any reason to write anything other than Homeworld and my own works.

My writing preference is when I have lots of free time to do so, but because I'm on a school schedule, expect them near the weekends.

My advice to other writers struggling to get started, get a first chapter done, make some small corrections, and post it. If you spend all your time correcting every little detail, it'll never get done. Just do it. You can always make corrections later on based on reviews.

But I am writing my own work on fictionpress under the same username found here.

You can find me posting news for the series on the relic news forums. This site won't let me link to it so just google search my username if you really want. Just a casual way to communicate with the readers.

Also, Exile's Return now has a Facebook page but it's not popular. So if I go on hiatus or something again just throw me a comment there and I'll get back to writing.

The books will be rewritten to fix a great many spelling and continuity errors I've found. If you find errors in the rewrites tell me because I can't find the time to reread it too many times. I write, I read through quickly, I post, and I usually start on the next chapter right after I post it. The characters are all original with the exception of maybe 3 or 4 (Karan, Elson, Emperor guy, etc.) but I write into their personalities more than explained in the game. I give the characters character. I've been told that anyone who's into Battlestar Galactica would enjoy the read. That's all I've got to say right now.

Books Started:

The Requiem War


Books Complete:

Exile's Return Book 1

Exile's Return Book 2

Exile's Return Book 3

Books Cancelled:

Exile's Return Book 1 (rewrite) (I plan on making a new one later on, don't worry)

Peace, Doberman211

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