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Author has written 4 stories for Gundam Wing/AC, and Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.

Latest news:

Hey all, I'm in Japan again! For a whole semestere! What does this mean? I'm still pretty horrible and getting chapters out at a snale like pace. But hey, I FINALLY got another one up. And it's not entirely short. Woot. Yay. So forth.

I decided to go back and read Agent of Oz because I was interested in writing that last story that I started then abandoned, then thought about a lot, then stopped thinking about, then decided not to write, then changed my mind... not the point. The point is while reading Agent of Oz I came to a conclusion: That story really sucks. I mean, it sucks a lot. Then I realized that I wrote it like seven years ago. Can you believe that? Okay, well, probably, but it seems like such a long time to me because I remember writing it and thinking it was really good and having my friends say they liked it... and it sucks. Anyways, so I'm going to finish reading it, then probably read through Missing Persons, then I might start working on the other one. I dunno. I've also recently read through what I have of Almost Human and I've decided it sucks, too. So I'm at a standstill on that one because it's not-goodness is bothering me greatly. We'll see where it goes.

Not so new news:

I'm in college. Doing Collegey things. working on my third year
I got my laptop! It's cool, but not new news anymore. (this one's really old, I got a new lap top this summer)
I went to Japan? Yeah, that's a little less news now. (back in 10th grade of high school XD)

my favorite books/authors/series:

Simon R. Green with his Nightside series
Jim Butcher with his Dresden file series Kelly Armstrong with her “Meet the Women of the Otherworld” series Laural K. Hamalten (sp?) with Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series
Anne Bishop with the dark jewels triligy
Terry Goodkind with the Sword of Truth series
Kate Forsyth with The Witches of Eileanan series + her newer book(s)
L.J. Smith with all of hers
And Tamora Pierce with all of hers.
Legend of the Five Rings series (different authors)
glasswrite books
the vampire eart novels by E.E. Knight
Kim Harrison's witch series. Dunno the name of it, but it rocks.

those are just the ones I remember, I know there are more because my book shelf is out of room, but now you have a few recomindations. .

I also like manga my favorites are:
Shaman king
InuYasha (I don't like the TV show for this one.)

I've read a lot of them, but just one or two in each series, I have quite a few, most are in Japanese and I can't read them T.T . Stupid lack of vocabulary!

My favorite types of fanfiction to read are Gundam Wing, Buffy the Vampire Slayer... and actually that's about it. But if you review I'll try to get to one of your stories to read (if i haven't yet, be patient, I will!)

Anyway, thanks for putting up with my bio!

E-mail to reach me: liwen_13@yahoo.com
Want to chat? Yahoo messenger: Liwen_13, AIM: airaei
Are you on Gaiaonline.com? my sn: lili faye

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Star Wars - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 6,329 - Reviews: 33 - Favs: 23 - Follows: 1 - Published: 1/2/2002 - W. Janson, Derek K./Hobbie - Complete
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Almost Human reviews
Buffy died, we have Kendra, Kendra turns into Faith. When Buffy died again? We get the last person we'd ever suspect. With the hell mouth destroyed Liz is out to find and train Slayers when she runs into a town with a secret they'd kill to protect
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