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Author has written 4 stories for Final Fantasy VII, Assassin's Creed, and Hetalia - Axis Powers.

Hey guys, if you're looking at my profile, you're either scouting out the competition, a stalker, or just looking for an update in any of my stories.

Yeah. Update and I don't really get along that well.

I like psychology. I don't like the Scene style. People should not wear so much make up. I understand it's an insecurity thing, but it just makes you look like a urinated-on raccoon. I'll admit to having one, and looking back at the photos of me, yes, I did indeed look like that.

I enjoy writing, I've been complemented on my writing by several people. My pet turtle is an avid fan of mine. I always send him a signed copy of my work.

I'm sarcastic, and cynical, and if I try not to be... It'll be like talking to a happy-go-lucky eight year old on ADHD.

I'm mean. I am a comic though, so it's alright. No one takes a comedian seriously anyway.

I'm of Native decent. More than just my Great-great-great-great grandfather, like most people claim.

I try to update as often as possible, but I am lazy, and in my first year of university(insert disgusting sobbing sounds). There is a lot of work involved, but I try. I won't guarantee anything.

Also, yell at me if I start any long multi-chaptered stories. Or else one shots. I'll never get anything done if I'm not motivated by constant fear.


Here's some more information about me(I'm just seeing how long I can go now):

1. I love horseback riding, and can shoot pretty accurately off of one with a bow and arrow.

2. I like pretzels. More than I should.

3. I have several black belts.

4. I have an amazing muscle memory.

5. Name the bone. I have bruised, fractured, of broken it.

6. I know more useless information than you can shake a stick at.

7. I enjoy reading and writing.

8. I love FF7.

9. I worship Sephiroth.

10. I will find you if you piss me off.

11. See that? That's my bow and arrow, and ninjaken, and chopsticks.

12. I could totally be a ninja.

13. I am probably manipulative.

14. I am only slightly demented.

15. I like starting personal facts with I.

16. I have a ninja turtle. In training.

17. I enjoy the following fandoms:

Assassin's Creed

G. I. Joe


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Fullmetal Alchemist

(Sadly) Hetalia

Beyblade. The first generation.

Digimon. Digital Monsters. Digimon are the champions.

Sailor Moon...

The first four generations of Pokemon.

Game of Thrones

Night Angels Trilogy

Lord Of The Rings

Harry Potter

Obviously FF7.

18. I am a dude. Just so you know. Don't ask me why this isn't near the top.

19. I'm *15-19* years old.

20. I actually have a form of OCD where I cannot stand bad grammar.

21. I swear to God, I will find you.

22. I enjoy learning new things. My speciality is Math, Math based Sciences, Sciences, and History. And Sociology/Psychology.

23. I will make blatant iCarly references.

24. I really hope you aren't reading all of these.

25. I think you need to find something better to do with your life.

26. I have an evil Gramps.

27. I like pretzels. Subtle hints.

28. I hate large amounts of people.

29. I have this thing where I must keep track of everyone.

30. I am running out of things to say.

31. I will someday rule the world.

32. You will be my servant.

33. I can take anything, and use it as a weapon against you.

34. I'm no longer trusted with spoons.

35. Or silverware in general.

36. Or balloon animals.

37. Or remotes.

38. Not allowed to use a crutch without supervision either.

39. Or dead squirrels.

40. Man nurses hate me.

41. Especially ones with man purses.


43. A woman who wears high heels is more likely to orgasm.

44. When men eat celery, they release pheromones which make them more attractive.

45. The world's tallest dog is named Gibson. He died of bone cancer.

46. Cats can make over a hundred different sounds.

47. Cats are never to be trusted.

48. The world's smallest cat is 6.1 inches.

49. Sir Mix-a-lot likes big butts and he can't deny.

50. Shorter women are actually more attractive than taller women.

51. Shorter women tend to have more estrogen.

52. Nova Scotia, Canada is probably the most beautiful place I have ever seen.

53. You need a life.

54. This is the end.

55. No it wasn't.

56. Steve on the fifth floor smells like pineapples.

57. Why does he smell like pineapple?

58. Pretzels are the solution to world hunger.

59. People generally don't like me.

60. I'm okay with this.

61. I like being hated.

62. Pity is for the weak.

63. I'm undeniably weak, but like hell I want to be reminded about it.

64. The scars we hide are the most painful.

65. A drunk man says the truths he's too afraid to admit too.

66. We are nothing more than specks of dust in the long run.

67. I speak so few words in ratio to my thoughts.

68. We all want to be loved.

69. People who have a lot of one night stands and sex without meaning tend to have been hurt in their youth by someone close.

70. A lifetime can pass by if you blink.

71. You have nothing to die for.

72. The person that you’d take a bullet for is behind the trigger.

73. Oh.

74. We're fading fast.

75. I miss missing you now and then.

76. Fall Out Boy

77. Squirrels are saucy little buggers.

78. If I have a pizza, then you get none.

79. If you have a pizza, I hope you give me some.

80. I really enjoy pretzels.

81. Not in a sexual way.

82. More like a romantic way.

83. It's not weird.

84. Not as weird as a foot fetish.

85. Toe fetishes are perfectly fine though.

86. I'm probably going to continue doing this.

87. If you've made it this far, pat yourself on the back.

88. Maybe even tell me.

89. I'll probably reply with heavy sarcasm though.

90. Maybe you shouldn't tell me.

91. You wouldn't like me.

92. I hiss.

93. I hate myself.

94. We all hate ourselves deep down.

95. We look in the mirror and hate what we see.

96. We're just looking for a release.

97. Brief intoxication.

98. Self asphyxiation.

99. Loss of sensation.

100. Devils in our own skin.

101. Redemption is our sin.

102. That's a poem from a friend of mine.

103. She's nice.

104. She has issues with herself though.

105. She doesn't believe she's worth anything.

106. That makes me angry.

107. She's worth more than could ever be paid and then some.

108. And so are you.

109. You are a beautiful person.

110. 10 out of 10 would love.

111. No one else is like you.

112. You are so unique.

113. I know how hard life can be at times.

114. I live with depression everyday.

115. But if I can make it this far

116. So can you.

117. I believe in you.

118. I'm cheering you on, no matter what.

119. Absolutely amazing.

120. I don't need to know you to tell you how wonderful you are.

121. You probably don't believe me.

122. I can understand why.

123. It's so hard to see how others see us

124. When we're blinded by our own turmoil.

125. We only see our faults.

126. We refuse to see our glory.

127. That shouldn't be how it works.

128. But we are so blinded by our self loathing

129. We cannot see how much we mean.

130. Yes, sometimes, we get knocked down

131. But even if I don't know you

132. At least I'll always be around.

133. Rooting for you.

134. Cheering you on.

135. Hoping you can celebrate the small triumphs.

136. There are so many small miracles each day.

137. If you're feeling down, it's time to count them

138. Life is blossoming

139. You are breathing

140. Your body is working to keep you alive

141. You are the world to one person

142. You are able to do things

143. Walking is a miracle

144. Talking is a miracle

145. Having limbs is a miracle

146. Seeing is believing

147. You can taste things

148. You have the ability to change your life for the better

149. You've made it this far

150. You have blood pounding away in your veins

151. Your heart beat is your own theme song

152. You can move

153. You can communicate

154. You can love

155. You can hate

156. You can think

157. You can experience pain

158. Anger

159. Sadness

160. Loneliness

161. Companionship

162. Joy

163. Giddiness

164. Love

165. Friendship

166. Hope

167. You can experience life

166. You can feel warmth against your skin.

167. Life is full of lessons to be taught.

168. We need the bad in our life to make us stronger

169. We need it to make us appreciate all the wonderful things even more.

170. All these elements make life an experience.

171. Try to experience it all.

172. Live life to the fullest.

173. Dance in the rain

174. You'll never be the same.

175. And no matter what, don't forget;

You're unique




loved even if you don't think so

and most importantly

among so many wonderful things

You are alive.

176. That was a moment between us.

177. Tell no one.

178. If they want a life changing moment, they need to go through all of that.

179. I'm like Zuko?

180. But if you've made it this far, we're friends now.

181. I can't say I'm a good friend.

182. I try my hardest though.

183. We tight though.

184. Feel free to message me now if you want to talk to someone

185. Even if it's just to talk about your bad day.

186. Hell, you can just ramble my ear off, I don't care.

187. If it makes you feel better, do it.

188. Don't tell anyone I'm being nice though

189. I have an image I need to keep.

190. Back to weird stuff now.

191. Keep the nice squad off my trail.

192. Penguins will shove each other into the ocean.

193. They sacrifice each other to make sure the water's safe.

194. The assholes.

195. My German friend's puns are the wurst.

196. Ahahaahahahahaah, I'm punny.

197. Tumblr is full of crazy people.

198. Just because you see it on tumblr does not make it true.

199. Two coconuts do not make a pie.

200. I can't eat spicy food due to a throat condition.

201. I like Adam Lambert.

202. A lot.

203. Too much.

204. And Mika.

205. The man, not the vocaloid.

206. Angry Canadians are scary.

207. If I had you

208. Life would be a party

209. It'd be ecstasy

210. Don't do drugs.

211. Drugs aren't cool.

212. Pizza is though.

213. Pizza solves everything.

214. And if it doesn't?

215. Get more pizza!

216. Pretzel pizza is good though.

217. Mmmm

218. Pretzels

219. Pete Wentz

220. Patrick Stump

221. Prince

222. Pineapples

223. Pina colada

224. I want one for each hand

225. Let's set sail with Captain Morgan

226. Oh, and never leave dry land.

227. Pretty sure that was an alcohol reference.

228. Don't do drugs.

229. Drugs mess you up.

TL;DR- I'm crazy.

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