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Author has written 2 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, and Ranma.

like: reading, playing on some games or xbox 360 on free time, training

dislikes: yaoi, campers in first person shooter games, greifers on minecraft

hobbies: reading some books and a couple of manga, playing on some such as some xbox games and doing some training, watching a couple bits of red vs blue for abit, think up a couple fanfiction challenges

alais title: kami of fanifction challenges - due to making over 110 fanfiction challenges made

all my main favourite couples:

sonic and amy

sonic and rouge

sonic and female tails

sonic and female knuckles

sonic and female shadow

espio and vanillia the rabbit

amy and rouge

tails and amy

tails and rouge

tails and cream

tails and cosmo

tails and female sonic

tails and female shadow

tails and female knuckles

knuckles and amy

knuckles and rouge

knuckles and female sonic

knuckles and female tails

knuckles and female shadow

shadow and amy

shadow and maria

shadow and rouge

shadow and female tails

shadow and female sonic

shadow and female knuckles

ranma and akane

ranma and nabiki

ranma and kasumi

ryoga and akane

ranma and shampoo

mousse and shampoo

shampoo and nabiki

ryoga and ukyo

rito and lala,

naruto and hinata

naruto and sakura

naruto and ino

naruto and female sasuke

naruto and female kyubi

naruto and harem

kiba and female naruto

kiba and hinata

sasuke and sakura

sasuke and ino

sasuke and female naruto

tenchi and ryoko

tenchi and ayeka

negi and asuna

negi and kaede

konoka and setsuna

keitaro and naru

keitaro and kitsune

keichi morisato and belldandy

saito and seista

saito and louise

gohan and videl

kim possible and shego

kim possible and ron stoppable

martin and jenni

most favourite type of crossovers:

naruto X dragonball z

naruto X tenchi muyo

naruto X ranma 1/2

ranma 1/2 X tenchi muyo

ranma 1/2 X dragonball z

familiar of zero X ranma 1/2

familiar of zero X naruto

afew other online projects on my own:

adventures in naruto: a interactive story i made on that involes someone getting warpped into the naruto universe and have tons of adventures and there are afew twists allowed in it such as female naruto, yuri moments, etc

your adventures in negima: abit similar as adventures in naruto but in negima style

your adventures in ranma 1/2: same as your adventures in negima but ranma 1/2 style and you can let the character who gets warpped into ranma 1/2 get a jusenkyo curse of choice or a new unique one

also you can add new chapter pages in them to spice things up

Challenges: i set afew challenges for yous to try make fanfictions of i wish you luck on them (note some have bashing levels light = small amount bashing and might be forgiven, normal - normal amount, major = anything goes do as much bashing possible when its set to major bashing; new type of naruto super godlike = where it is like 10 times more powerful then in godlike fanfiction)

challenge 1: tenchi muyo and rune soldier crossover which tenchi is in louies place some how

challenge 2: naruto and pokemon crossover zoroark finds a 7 year old naruto injured in middle of a forest and takes care of naruto and raises naruto as a child of her own ((reserved please wait to see if the person has published it))

challenge 3: familiar of zero and digimon crossover saito somehow gets turned into a renamon ((be be either male or female your choice)) during being summoned by louise which this involes either louise& saito or saito& kirche

challenge 4: a week after danzos defeat naruto gets warpped into mahuro academy due to the clash of attacks that negi and evangiline on the bridge ((reserved please wait to see if the person has published it))

challenge 5: after naruto escaped a mob he found a abandoned base that use to be owned by orochimaru which the research involed people who have encountered or had a tailed beast sealed inside them could gain their powers which naruto somehow during being there got the kyuubis power but at cost it turned him female ((reserved please wait to see if the person has published it))

challenge 6: naruto&tales of vesperia crossover after naruto escapes a mob he finds a abondoned house which surprising use to belong to yuri lowell

challenge 7: naruto & disgaea crossover naruto finds a cave where laharel, etna and flonne were sealed in a crystal ((ill let you use your imagenation on how they got sealed)) and naruto touchs the crystal which changes naruto's life in a way ((it can invole either naruto being male, female or male but turned female somehow and naruto can be powerful, godlike, couples naruto&hinata, naruto&sakura, female naruto&sasuke, naruto&female sasuke, naruto&ino, naruto& female haku, female naruto& haku, naruto&Kurenai naruto&harem and finaly add council bashing))

challenge 8: naruto&rune soldier gets to involes naruko getting warpped into rune soldier world couples naruko&sasuke somehow, yuri couples

challenge 9: naruto & atelier iris 2 the azoth of destiny crossover: when naruto manages to avoided a mob of people who wanted to harm him he found a sword inpaled into a stone alter which naruto gets to find out a secert in his family tree ((note the sword he finds is the azure azoth also for couples it can be naruto&female sasuke, naruto&ino, naruto& female haku,naruto& kurenai, naruto&hinata or naruto&sakura, kiba bashing is fine, danzo and civillian council bashing is cool and finaly you can add a smart, strong -powerful badass or a combo of smart powerful and badass naruto ))

challenge 10: naruto finds a female genie ((use your imagenation for first wish for humor such as for example naruto wishs sasuke as a female to mess with him or something)) used his second wish for the skills of a hokage and third wish to understand girls abit more which though naruto should of been more sperific on third wish which turned naruto into a either cute girl version of him or a sexy female version

challenge 11: naruto&darkstalker crossover while naruto was training he encountered someone who will make his life more interesting ((badass naruto)) naruto& Felicia

challenge 12: naruto&darkstalker crossover when naruto escapes a mob during his birthday he found a cave that had a large ruby little did he know that the ruby had afew people sealed inside and with the seal that naruto has in contact with the ruby...((badass naruto powerful naruto, smart naruto; note: those sealed in the ruby can be felicia, Morrigan Aensland, Hsien-Ko (Lei-Lei) or 2 of those 3 girls)) naruto& harem - involes those girls sealed in him, female kyubii, anko, female sasuke, female hake, sakura, ino, hana, tsume, hinata, female kiba, Kurenai, shizuna or tenten

challenge 13: naruto & tenchi muyo crossover ryoko somehow escapes being sealed by yosho and somehow gets sealed along with kyuubi's powers and knowledge into naruto which now naruto is 1/3 human, 1/3 demon and 1/3 related to ryoko ((powerful naruto, smart naruto)) couples - naruto&ryoko, naruto&ayeaka, naruto&hinata, naruto&ino, naruto&tenten, naruto&anko or have all those couples and make it a naruto&harem

challenge 14: naruto&jurassic park story involes naruto finding a abandoned root base that danzo though was lost which while naruto was looking around he got thirsty and drank a vail that had some dinosaur DNA normaly it would do major harm to a person but with the kyuubi being sealed in well lets just say naruto gets to be given a power boost in a good way (strong - powerful naruto) couples naruto&sakura, naruto&female kiba, naruto&hinata, naruto&female sasuke)) (reserved by deamondragonsclaw)

challenge 15: naruto&tales of vesperia crossover story that involes naruto getting to find out that he was a desendent to yuri lowell ((you can choose that if yuri married estelle,rita or judith)) strong - powerful naruto, naruto&harem, female kiba, female sasuke, naruto&hana, naruto&tsume, naruto&sakura or naruto&hinata as choice of couples

challenge 16: naruto & negima crossover it involes that when negi and all his students were in middle of a spell explosion during a fight they appered in middle of being sealing naruto along with the kyuubi granting naruto afew new skills and abilities which could make him greatest hokaga ever ((powerful, badass, smart, maybe a lady killer if you want to add in to spice it up type naruto)) naruto&harem, naruto&anko, naruto&sakura, naruto&hinata, naruto&shizune, naruto&ino, naruto&female haku, naruto&female kiba, naruto&female sasuke as couple ideas for it

challenge 17: ranma1/2 & pokemon its simple one it involes ranma getting turned into a lucario by cold water instead of being turned into a girl ranma&akane

challenge 18: naruto&transformers crossover naruto finds a protoform after he got away from a mob while being injured and when he touched it he became half human and half cybertobion

challenge 19: ranma&digimon crossover isntead of ranma being turned into a girl as his cursed form he turns into a a yellow fox ((a renamon curse for ranma))

challenge 20: naruto&ah my goddess crossover hild was secertly having a look around the village hidden in the leaves til she saw naruto getting beaten up by a mob which mad hild quite angry so she rescues naruto and gives him what he missed a mothers love ((note it doesnt invole naruto going dark))

challenge 21: naruto&mamotte shugogetten crossover it starts after naruto gets to escape a mob in a forest which he founds a artifact which when he looked at it his life came abit more better and interesting

challenge 22: naruto fanfiction what would happen if sakura was jounin skilled from the begining and what if she had a crush on naruto instead of sasuke

challenge 23: naruto & skyrim crossover fanfiction while naruto was training he heard something when he checked it out he found a dragon that was dying and which it is then he found out he was dragonborn

challenge 24: naruto&dragon quest journey of the cursed king crossover where naruto finds out he was a decendent of hero who was half human and half dragonian ((you can choose if if he is also related to jessica albert or medea))

challenge 25: naruto& final fantasy IX crossover naruto discovers a abandonded cottage that belonged to zidane

challenge 26: ranma&tenchi muyo crossover due to airline akane it caused ranma to crash land into a lake near the masaki shrine couples: ranma & ryoko, tenchi & ayeaka

challenge 27: ranma 1/2 fanfiction due to some magic item akane and shampoo fused together into a new person how will ranma handle someone who wants to go out with him like shampoo with temper of akane when she gets angry

challenge 28: ranma & love hina crossover ranma had enough of the trouble in the nermia district so he ran away which after a couple months of running he finds inself at the hinata apartments along of finding something his pops didnt tell him ranma & motoko

challenge 29: naruto fanfiction what would happen if naruto's life got more interesting when he said "i wish that sasuke was stop being a jerk" which that caused sasuke turn from a emo acenger shinobi to a kind and yet skilled kunoichi naruto&female sasuke

challenge 30: love hina fanfiction what would happen when one of su's inventions maulfuntioned yet it caused keitaro turn from his weak normal self to a skilled martial artist with a IQ increase to help him pass tokyo univerisity with ease

challenge 31: naruto fanfiction 7 year old naruto makes a bet with 2 jounins ((you can choose who and if any of them is female you can set them as a big sis to naruto or to get a crush on him)) and if he wins they get to train him as a way to help him become hokage which thejounin agreed which it made the jounin learn rule number 3 of naruto which is never make a bet agianst naruto ((reserved))

challenge 32: naruto & ufo princess valkyrie crossover while naruto was training for chunin exams a alien ships gets to make a crashing apperance you might say

challenge 33: ranma1/2 & ufo princess valkyrie crossover while ranma was training a alien ship crashs on him yet with help he gets to survive but his cursed form gets to gain afew "modifications" along with getting somehow engaged to someone from another planet

challenge 34: ranma 1/2 & to love ru crossover while ranma was taking a bath after doing some sparring he is about to get a surprising visitor couple: naruto& lala

challenge 35: ranma 1/2 fanfiction what would happen if ranma not only fell in spring of drown girl but then spring of drown wolf which would make ranma into a wolfgirl when splashed with cold water

challenge 36: naruto & one piece crossover it starts when naruto escapes a angry mob on his 8th birthday which he found a out log cabin that use to be owned by a menber of a pirate crew ((you could choose who if its nami, nico robin, sanji, zorro or even luffy etc)) which the log cabin held a coulpe cursed fruit and well lets just say naruto will get a little power boost to help him become hokage

challenge 37: ranma 1/2 & darkstalkers crossover ranma doesnt fall in spring of drown girl instead he fell into a spring that Felicia had drowned into

challenge 38: ranma 1/2 & negima crossover during a battle agianst ryoga and mousse ranma gets sent flying by a explosive attack which made in crash land into the mahoro academy with no menory of nothing but his name and some of his martial arts

challenge 39: naruto &Kenichi the mightiest disciple crossover it starts when a mob was beating up naruto on his 7th birthday til afew people from the Ryozanpaku saw this and stopped the mob

challenge 40: naruto and world of warcraft crossover during sealing of the kyuubi another being got sealed into naruto and that other being was none other then onyxia

challenge 41: ranma 1/2 & naruto crossover fanfiction ranma & akane gets sent to naruto universe and gets to be freinds with naruto ((couples choices ideas for it: ranma&akane, naruto&sakura, naruto&hinata, ranma&anko))

challenge 42: ranma 1/2 & angel tales crossover ranma had abit of a tough life but afew people who he use to be pets to took care of from during his training trip before meeting the tendos come to help cheer him up

challenge 43: ranma 1/2 & love hina crossover ranma somehow merges with keitaro urishima which if you add a smart kind person like keitaro with a brave and skilled martial artist like ranma you get a chick magnet that the girls in the hinata apartments would be blushing tomatoe red which would make not only ranma to get away from nermia with some peace but keitaro no longer gets beaten up ((please note that im letting you think of how ranma not only appers at hinata apartments but also of how ranma merges with keitaro))

challenge 44: love hina fanfiction su made a formula to help shinobu get more confident and get a more inproved body to make keitaro like shinobu but it turned shinobu from a shy young girl to a sexy babe with a sexy attitude which shinobu would get keitaro's heart with ease

challenge 45: sonic the hedgehog &tenchi muyo crossover fanfiction sonic and his freinds were warpped to the masaki shrine which tails met some he fell in love with tails&ryoko, sonic&amy,tenchi&ayeka, knuckles&rouge

challenge 46: love hina &tenchi muyo crossover while keitaro was cleaning the hot springs he noticed a small containter that was hidden little did he know that it was something washu made to enchance someone IQ and fighting skills by a huge amount ((ill let yous use your imagenation)) couples choices to use as example - keitaro&naru, keitaro&motoko, keitaro&shinobu ((with help of washu to make shinobu abit older if you like to make it more interesting)), keitaro&kitsune

challenge 47: when sakura got injured from kyuubi's chakra it it did something to her it maded her more powerful and more sexy ((ill let you use your imagenations since your all very creative of how rest of story goes note sakura doesnt go dark)) couples: naruto&sakura, sakura&ino or naruto with sakura involed with 1-3 other girls of your choice (eserved by Cole D. soul)

challenge 48: naruto & tenchi muyo crossover fanfiction when washu was checking through the progress of couple worlds that she created she saw one where a blonde hair boy getting beaten up that upset her so she figures that she will help naruto obtain naruto's dream ((ill let you use your imagenation on how washu does it)) couples: tenchi&ryoko, tenchi&aeyeka, naruto&washu, naruto&ryoko, naruto&hinata, naruto&harem powerful naruto to godlike naruto and for bashing choices if you like to make it more interesting kiba bashing, sasuke bashing, small kakashi bashing

challenge 49: red vs blue fanfiction simmons has a hot sister who joined the red army which makes thinks more interesting couple grif&OC or even donut&OC

challenge 50: red vs blue fanfiction tucker was female who kept it secert and is bi thats needed to say

challenge 51: naruto fanfiction naruko gets to be given some training when a couple of jounin ((you can choose who such as example if it is anko as one of them then naruko thinks of anko as a big sister)) saw naruko crying ((ill let yous think of reason of why naruko is crying since your so clever and very creative)) strong naruto to powerful naruto to make it more interesting you can add wood release,motherly kyuubi, sakura bashing, kiba bashing or danzo bashing in it and for the couples naruko&sasuke, naruko&haku, naruko&female haku, naruko&hinata, naruko&ino

challenge 52: ranma 1/2 & girls bravo crossover what if ranma girls form was miharu's sister that created the spring of drown girl

challenge 53: ranma & girls bravo crossover while ranma was taking a bath wishing to get some peace from everyone in nermia he somehow gets sent to seiren how will ranma handle being in a planet with girls wanting to marry him

challenge 54: naruto devil may cry crossover fanfiction what if naruko was dantes descendant couples: naruko&kiba, naruko&sasuke, naruko&anko, naruko&hinata, naruko&haku, naruko&female haku and for the bashing thats ok to use danzo bashing, kiba bashing, small kakashi bashing, sakura bashing

challenge 55: red vs blue fanfiction what if caboose only pretended to be a idiot what if he was a skilled soilder couples church&tex, caboose&sister, tucker&oc

challenge 56: tales of grace f & naruto crossover during naruto's battle with sasuke at valley of end naruto gets sent to another world somehow when both attacks collided and when he wakes up he is at a small field of flowers (you can decided if his body phycily deages to asbels child like age where naruto is same age as asbel when asbel first met sophie for first time or when sophie appers at the flower field in a bright light) strong - powerful naruto couples choices will be: asbel&sophie, naruto&cheria, naruto&pascal, if you like you can add naruto&sakura, naruto&hinata or naruto&ino or maybe naruto with a small harem

challenge 57: tales of grace & ranma 1/2 crossover fanfiction simpley put mousse somehow sends ranma to another world would ranma try find away home or enjoy staying in the world he is in couples that you can use : asbel&sophie, ranma&pascel or ranma&cheria

challenge 58: ranma 1/2 & dragon quest journey of the cursed king crossover kuno uses his last wish of the wishbringer to make ranma be gone from this world which made ranma apper in front of afew certin people (note i mean infront of yangus, guv as yangus likes to call the hero of the dragon quest journey of the cursed king game and a certin cursed king with his horse cursed formed daughter)

challenge 59: naruto & white knight chronicles crossover when naruto escapes from a angry mob on his 8th birthday by hiding in a forest he finds some ruins entrance which leard to a where a gauntlet with a knife attached on with and a gaint white knight like statue wrapped in huge chains with sword and shield with it naruto gets to make a new surprise for konoha (strong - powerful naruto, badass naruto, naruto& female haku, naruto&sakura, naruto&tenten, naruto&hinata, naruto&female kyuubi, naruto&female sasuke, naruto& harem)

challenge 60: naruto& batman beyond crossover while naruto went to train for chunin exams he discovers a abandoned mansion which during his search in it he finds a suit that would give him abit of a advantage in the chunin exams (strong - powerful naruto, couple choices: naruto&tenten, naruto&female sasuke, naruto&hinata, naruto& female kyuubi, naruto& harem; kiba bashing, danzo bashing if no female sasuke then add sasuke bashing, some minor sakura bashing if you like)

challenge 61: naruto & golden sun the lost age crossover when naruto manages to get away from some anbu due of pulling a prank on the uchiha clan he discoved a old wooden cottage next to a cave which appered the cottage use to belong to felix and sheba and inside the cave was a huge crystal ((which means naruto can use chakra and psynergy)) powerful - godlike naruto,smart naruto if you like, choice of couples: naruto&hinata, naruto&anko, naruto&tsume, naruto&sakura, naruto&ino, naruto&femalesakura, naruto&hana, naruto&female kiba or naruto&harem

challenge 62: naruto fanfiction when naruto was doing some training before the team assignments he tryed to do a basic sealing art that the old man gave him as a little bit help to learn storeage scrolls with 4 shadow clones but naruto and the clones messed up the hand signs somehow and not only naruto has all kyuubis powers but is now female powerful female naruto, couple choices: sasuke&female naruto, sakura&female naruto, female sasuke& female naruto, hinata& female naruto, ino&female naruto, anko&female naruto, female naruto & kiba, female naruto & small harem ((around 2-3 girls)), choice of bashing: major danzo bashing if you like to add, kiba bashing, sasuke bashing, minor kakashi bashing

challenge: 63: naruto visits koyuki and they get to have "special" moment together showing how they really feel for each other couple in it: naruto&koyuki

challenge 64: when naruto pass's his team exams bit against kakashi he bumpped into someone which due of giving her a treat to say sorry cause that girl to be married to him ((it can be either anko, tsume or kurenai)) strong - powerful naruto ((due of his new wife getting to help naruto get abit stronger)) bashing choices: sasuke bashing, minor sakura - major sakura bashing, danzo bashing

challenge 65: naruto & mass effect 3 crossover when naruto manages to avoid the anbu due to a prank he made he discoved something quite old in the forest which on the side of it it said "normandy" strong - powerful naruto, couple choice: naruto&hinata, naruto&ino, naruto&sakura, naruto& female haku, naruto&anko, naruto&hana, naruto&female sasuke and also for bashing choices: danzo bashing, minor sakura bashing, sasuke bashing (if you dont choose a female sasuke in it), minor kakashi bashing, civilian council bashing

challenge 66: familiar of zero & darkstalkers crossover instead of saito louise summons Jon Talbain as her familiar which will make things more interesting the couple for it : louise& Jon

challenge 67: love hina & darkstalkers Felicia gets to secertly starts living in the hinata apartments which keitaro later on finds out about her and they get to be real close couples: keitaro&Felicia, naru&kitsune

challenge 68: naruto & one piece crossover when naruko was doing some training before the genin exams she found old cottage that had a couple of fruit and hungry as she was he ate them ((note naruko would get the mera mera no mi and mero mero no mi and also note that kyuubi gets rid of the devil fruits weakness of being unable to swim)) couples choices: naruko&sasuke, naruko&sakura, naruko&kiba, naruko&hinata, naruko&ino, naruko&tenten, naruko&haku, naruko&harem ((reserved by Cole D. soul))

challenge 69: love hina fanfiction while keitaro was sorting some stuff he finds a old lamp which when he rubs it a genie appers would keitaro uses the wishs for good, for revenge or for improving his life couples: keitaro & naru, keitaro & kitsune, keitaro & motoko or even keitaro & harem

challenge 70: naruto & gold digger crossover fanfiction what if naruto was a werecheetah due to something hidden in his family it would make his shinobi life more interesting couple choices you could use: naruto&sakura, naruto&female haku, naruto&female sasuke, naruto&temari, naruto&anko, naruto&hinata, naruto & ino or even naruto&harem; powerful naruto, choice of bashing you can use: danzo bashing, orochimaru bashing, minor kakashi bashing, sasuke bashing if there isnt any female sasuke, civilian council bashing

challenge 71: naruto & skyrim crossover fanfiction when kakashi refused to train naruto for the chunin exams naruto rushed of angry to blow off some steam while he was doing it in a forest he discovered a ancient mansion that a rock terrian grew around it over the years which naruto learns afew new tricks which would help him in the future ((note that naruto would be somehow related to a dragonborn)) powerful naruto; couple choices you can use in it: naruto&sakura, naruto&female sasuke, naruto&hinata, naruto&tenten, naruto&female kiba, naruto&anko, naruto&hana, naruto& tsume, naruto&ino or naruto&harem and now bashing choices you can use in it: civillian council bashing, major danzo bashing, light-major kakashi bashing, light-major sasuke bashing if your not going to make sasuke female, light-normal sakura bashing

challenge 71: kim possible&naruto crossover when naruto was doing some training 3 days before the genin team selection he noticed a cave that lead to a lab which which held alot of interesting gadgets and items ((note: it gets to be wades lab but as a bonus has a small trophy room that held some items that had been involed with kims mission; also if you want you can add a cyrostasis chambers where kim,wade,ron,monique, rufus and yori if you wanted so naruto can have some new freinds/sensies( note you can add shego who turned good after being fed up working with draken or some of kims arch emenys some how did same thing) or maybe something else like family)) which narutos life would be more interesting strong -powerful naruto, smart naruto, couple choices: naruto&hinata, naruto&sakura, kim&ron, naruto&shego (if you like to spice it up), naruto&ino, naruto&anko,naruto&female haku or naruto&harem (with any girls of your choice for naruto); bashing choices: danzo bashing normal - major bashing, civillian council bashing normal - major bashing, kakashi bashing light bashing - normal bashing, sakura bashing light- normal

challenge 72: kim possible & naruto crossover fanfiction when drakken activated his diminsional portal vaccum to try trap kim possible in another dimension he acidently hit shego which sent shego to the naruto world which abit later on she sees a mob chasing after naruto which shego decided to help naruto and somehow gets to be abit like a big sister to naruto ((note you can somehow let naruto get same abilities as shego like shego ironicle had same blood type as naruto which the kyuubi used shegos blood that was transfered into naruto to give naruto the same powers as shego)) strong naruto - powerful naruto, couple choices: naruto&hinata, naruto&ino, naruto&female haku, naruto&sakura, naruto&female kiba, shego&anko; bashing choices: sasuke bashing normal - major, sakura bashing minor - normal, civivillian council bashing normal - major, danzo bashing normal - major ((reserved by Cole D. soul))

challenge 73: a naruto fanfiction titile- god release naruto (working title) ; when naruto was doing some training after his team returned from a mission in wave he found a scroll full of jutsu's called 'god release' which naruto would think he become a kami of hokages super godlike naruto couple choices: naruto&ino, naruto&tsume, naruto&hana, naruto&sakura, naruto&hinata, naruto& female sasuke, naruto& tsunade, naruto& female kiba, naruto& tanyua (if thats how its pronounced), naruto& kin, naruto&anko, naruto& kurenai yuhi, naruto&tenten, naruto&temari; bashing choices: kakashi bashing minor - major, sakura bashing minor - major, civillian council bashing normal - major, sasuke bashing (if there is no female sasuke or sasuke getting turned into a female with god release - gender swap) normal - major, orochimaru bashing major, danzo bashing normal - major

challenge 74: a naruto fanfiction title - naruto the vampire kitsune; naruto isnt a ordinary person ( note: naruto gets to be some how either be half vampire and half or 1/3 human,1/3 vampire and 1/3 kitsune your choice as long he gets turned part kitsune due to the sealing of the kyuubi) konoha would definitly be having a interesting turn of event powerful naruto; bashing choice: civillian council bashing normal - major, sasuke bashing minor - major, sakura bashing minor - major, kakashi bashing minor - major, orochimaru bashing normal - major, danzo bashing normal - major; couple choices: naruto&female kyuubi, naruto&sakura, naruto&hinata, naruto&tenten, naruto&female sasuke, naruto&female haku, naruto&anko, naruto&ino, naruto&kurenai, naruto&harem

challenge 75: ranma 1/2 & Hanaukyo Maid Team crossover fanfiction ranma gets a letter of some inheritance from his grandfather and things start to look up for ranma

challenge 76: one peice & naruto crossover fanfiction kakashi and team 7 gets sent on a diplomatic mission to a island which little did they know that a certian knucklehead ninja will get someone from there that will fall in love with him naruto & boa hancock

challenge 77: ranma 1/2 & Bayonetta crossover what if ranma's female form was different ((such as Bayonetta (Cereza) as ranmas cursed form)) couple choices: ranma&akane, ranma&nabiki, ranma&kasumi, ranma&shampoo, ranma&ukyo

challenge 78: naruto & Urusei Yatsura what if lum traveled to narutos world and somehow is engaged to naruto (think about it if lum is annoyed to naruto get afew laugths of him getting shocked or if sasuke insults naruto he gets zapped its win-win) strong - powerful naruto; bashing choices: danzo bashing normal to major, sasuke bashing minor to major, sakura bashing minor to normal, minor kiba bashing (if you like to add), kakashi bashing minor to normal and civillian council bashing normal to major

challenge 79: naruto & Transformers Animated crossover while naruto was training before the genin exams he found a mysterious glowing crystal fragment ((a all spark fragment)) which cause his shinobi life to be more interesting (all spark fragment add naruto = being part cybertobian ill let yous descide how it ends up as) couple choices: naruto&sari, naruto&hinata, naruto small - normal sized harem; bashing choices: sasuke bashing minor to normal, sakura bashing minor to normal, kakashi bashing minor to normal, civivilian council bashing normal to major, danzo bashing normal to major

challenge 80: ranma 1/2 & Tales of Graces what someone used a magic item to send ranma to another world (anyone of your choice) which ranma starts a new life in it ((note if you set ranma is child arc bit he gets to be same age as asbel if not at child arc then invole asbel saving him from that wolf monster in the destroyed village)) couple choices: asbel&sophie, ranma&pascal, pascal&hubert,ranma&Cheria, asbel&cheria, ranma&sophie

challenge 81: red vs blue fanfiction what if grifs lazy person style was all a mask to hide his true self what if he was a high ranking officer undercover to keep survaliance of the teams progress which he revealed his secert when both teams got a transmission call from command of a enemy that had shown its self along of reviving a old foe of theirs (aka the meta such as the mysterious enemy either revived the meta or cloned him) couple choices: church&tex (somehow tex returns anyway you like) , grif&tex, tucker&sister, grif&oc(a added on female character that go along the adventures to help them or a old freind of grif before he went under cover that joins them)

challenge 82: ranma 1/2 & sister princess crossover due tothe multiple fiance's and rivals caused a distraction to ranmas education which nodoka though ranma should head to another school to get his education little did ranma knew he gets to enounter afew girls who get to be calling him brother

challenge 83: ranma 1/2 & Omamori Himari what if ranma's mothers side involed being a demon slaying clan which then right at ranma's birthday someone comes to be with ranma (if you catch my drift think how ranma would react due to nekoken and a certian cat spirit)

challenge 84: ranma 1/2 & Tsukuyomi Moonphase crossover fanfiction during a training trip ranma finds a castle which he saw a girl on the roof ranma&hazuki

challenge 85: naruto & Tsukuyomi Moonphase crossover fanfiction during his training journey with jairaiya naruto spots a old castle which he seen a girl on the roof naruto&hazuki

challenge 86: ranma 1/2 & Utawarerumono crossover when mousse used a magic artifact that sent ranma right at near end of a fight to another would ranma handle this world??? couple choices: ranma&Erurū, ranma&Kamyu,ranma&Karura, ranma&Touka; strong-powerful ranma

challenge 87: naruto & Utawarerumono when naruto and sasukes jutsu's clashed the power in it caused a small rip between dimensions which sent naruto to another world which blacked out once he woke up he saw a girl treating his wounds couple choices: naruto&Erurū, naruto&Kamyu, naruto&Karura, naruto&Touka; strong-powerful naruto

challenge 88: Hanaukyo Maid Team & Rosario vampire crossover: Tsukune gets a inheritance from his grandfather on his fathers side of the family how would Tsukune tell the girls that he gains not only a inheritance but also a army of maids that do what he said

challenge 89: naruto & Tattoon Master crossover what if narutos parents set a engagement with a girl to naruto how will everyone react of it strong - powerful naruto, bashing choices: danzo bashing normal - major, civillian council bashing normal - major, sasuke bashing normal - major, sakura bashing minor - major, kakashi bashing minor - major, kiba bashing minor - normal; (you can add in a sister figure or motherly figure kyuubi if you want to make it more interesting)

challenge 90: ranma & Mahoraba crossover ranma gets convinced to stay somewhere else til the engagement between him and akane was sorted out so he stayed at some where where nodoka knew back then from a freind of hers (you can add that ranma use to be there during his training trip where he met a certian girl which he made friends with)

challenge 91: naruto & Mahoraba crossover when team 7 returned from wave they hear of narutos apartment got wreacked by some villagers which kakashi recomended naruto to stay somewhere which a old friend of his live at (you can choose who that lived there is a friend of kakashi's)

challenge 92: ranma & digimon crossover fanfiction title: ranma's loving vixen: ranma somehow encountered someone which he likes alot couple: ranma&renamon (note renamon has to be female) bashing choices: genma bashing normal to major, akane bashing normal - major, kuno bashing major, mousse bashing normal major, nabiki bashing minor - normal, soun bashing minor - normal, happosai bashing normal - major

challenge 93: persona 4 & naruto crossover title: narutos kitsune persona; during final battle with madara when naruto used a extremely powerful rasengan which he finaly defeated madara uchiha but it caused a tempoary rift between worlds which naruto was sent to inaba (note he still gets to uses his jutsu's and he gets to somehow find away to make a gate way which he can head between the two worlds when ever wants in the end) couple choices: naruto&risa, yosuke&chie, yukiko&Yu Narukami , kanji&Naoto

challenge 94: to love ru persona 4 crossover : rito, mikan and lala go vist rito and mikan's cousin who is yu narukami in inaba imagen how yu narukami would react when he finds out about lala while how rito and mikan would react of the adventures yu narukami had couples: rito&lala, yosuke&chie, yukiko& yu narukami, kanji&naoto

challenge 95: ranma gets sent to inaba to get some space away from nermia which he helps with the investigation during his time there and unlocks a power with in him couple choice: yosuke&chie, ranma&chie, yukiko&yu narukami, ranma&risa, risa&yu narukami, yosuke&risa, kanji&naoto, kanji&risa bashing choices: akane bashing minor - major, genma bashing normal - major, soun bashing minor - major

challenge 96: red vs blue fanfiction what if grif's sister wasnt dumb what if she was a smart soldier who was a captian couple choice: donut&sister, simons&sister, tucker&sister

challenge 97: ranma 1/2 & skyrim crossover what if kuno used his last wish on the wishbringer sword to make ranma disapper which it somehow sent ranma to skyrim couple setting choice: ranma&femaleOC (or you could get nabiki,kasumi,akane,shampoo or ukyo be a couple with ranma by either any of them get sent with ranma somehow,gets to be reunited with ranma or when ranma finds away to return to them or a certian "old ghoul" helps brings ranma back) bashing choice: kuno bashing normal - major, akane bashing minor - major, nabiki bashing minor - normal, genma bashing normal - major

challenge 98: ranma 1/2 & breath of fire 4 crossover mousse used a magic item which it sent ranma to another world which ranma has to help a girl how found him and a blue haired boy in a crater

challenge 99: naruto & breath of fire 4 crossover when the chidori and rasengan in vally of the end clashed it ripped a hole which sucked naruto to another world how will naruto handle this world??

challenge 100: naruto & breath of fire 4 crossover what if naruto was a desendent of ryu? couple choices: naruto&hinata, naruto & sakura, naruto & ino, naruto&tenten, naruto & female kyuubi, naruto & female kiba, naruto & hana, naruto & anko, naruto & tsume, naruto & female haku naruto&harem; bashing choices: sasuke bashing normal - major, danzo bashing major, orochimaru bashing normal - major, civillian council bashing normal - major, kakashi bashing minor - normal, kiba bashing (if your not going with female kiba) minor - normal, sakura bashing minor - normal

challenge 101: naruto & utawarerumono crossover rigth when naruto was sent flying by madara he acidently hit the statue that had all the other tail beasts inside which somehow caused the statue to overload due of the damage it had which the explosion of chakra killed madara but sent naruto to another world badly injured which someone finds naruto and helps ((note you can have naruto somehow absorb a portian of the other tail beasts chakra which gaved him abit more power or make him turn into a fox hanyou)) couple choices: naruto&Erurū, naruto&Kamyu, naruto&Karura, naruto&Touka, naruto&female kyuubi; other things you could add if you wanted: a motherly figure kyuubi (note only if kyuubi is female), sisterly figure kyuubi

challenge 102: naruto & starfox crossover: when fox mcloud did a little recon on a planet the starfox crew discovered he saw a young boy being beating up by a angry mob which he decided to rescue the boy couple choice: naruto&krystal, fox&krystal, naruto&hinata, naruto&ino, bashing choice: civillian council bashing normal - major, danzo bashing normal - major, sasuke bashing normal - major, sakura bashing minor - normal, kakashi bashing minor - normal, orochimaru bashing major

challenge 103: naruto & static shock crossover: it started when naruto managed to escape from a angry mob on his 7th birthday by hiding in konoha sewers which then after geting lost around it due to wondering around for 15 mins he discovered a abandoned lab which in the lab which by acident a canister broke releasing purple gas which granted naruto powers to help give him a edge in the shinobi world (note he will get statics powers along with gears, ebon, talon,shiv, hotstreak and also telekinesis or at least get half the powers said on the list) couple choices: naruto&hinata, naruto&sakura, naruto&ino, naruto&female haku, naruto&anko, naruto&hana, naruto&temari, naruto&female kyuubi, naruto&female sasuke, bashing choices: civilian council bashing normal - major, danzo bashing normal - major, sasuke bashing (if no female sasuke) normal - major, orochimaru bashing normal - major, sakura bashing minor, kiba bashing minor, kakashi bashing minor - normal

challenge 104: ranma 1/2 fairy tail crossover: what if mousse used a magic item to get rid of ranma which caused ranma to be sent to another world (note ranma gets age regressed to 7-8 years old which then he gets raised by a dragon which caused him to learn dragon slayer magic of element of your choice and retrain all his moves along with couple of moves he seen) couple choices: ranma&lucy, ranma&Erza

challenge 105: naruto & Martin Mystery crossover what if naruto was martin's cousin from his fathers side of the family couple choices: martin & Jenni, marvin & daina, naruto&hinata, naruto&ino bashing coices: civillian council major, danzo bashing major, kakashi bashing minor - normal

challenge 106: martin mystery fanfiction what if martin saved jenni from getting hit by a car which knocked him out for a couple days ((note about 3-8 days to be exact)) which jenni stayed by martins side and nursed martin to health martin&jenni

challenge 107: martin mystery fanfiction what if jenni dumpped martin in a cruel way which it broke martin abit which made martin lock himself in his room which then made jenni feel gultiy for what she done martin&jenni

challenge 108: ranma & tales of vesperia crossover mousse and kuno teamed up and made a mist type elixer that sends the person who breaths it to another world which and used it on ranma which now ranma is in another world and would ranma stay and enjoy his new life of this world or try find a way home??? couple: yuri&Estellise, ranma&rita, ranma& Judith, karol&patty ranma&kasumi (note this is for only if ranma wants to return back home) bashing choices: genma bashing normal - major, soun bashing normal, akane bashing normal

challenge 109: ranma & totally spies crossover fanfiction what if sam was ranma's cousin from his mothers side of the family which ranma stays with after being send to low orbit by akane for abit so he can get a break from the crazyness from nermia which then he finds someone how he fancys abit couple choice: ranma&alex, ranma&clover bashing choice: genma bashing normal, soun bashing minor - normal, akane bashing minor - normal, nabiki bashing minor, kuno bashing normal,

challenge 110: what if shego got a case of amnesia which she then somehow stays with kim possible which during time for her to regain her memories shego and kim develop a bond that they never knew couples: kim&shego, ron&yori (later on in it)

challenge 111: kim possible fanfiction title: emerald kittys affection when dnamy and draken worked together to built a ray that turn everyone into their loyal part human part animal slaves kim possible attemps to stop them which during her fight with shego caused somethhing to happen to shego which kim has to take care of couple setting: kim&shego, ron&yori; bashing settings: bonnie bashing minor, drakken bashing minor

challenge 112: kim possible fanfiction title: ron the unstoppable storyline: drakken did something noone surspected he caused kim possible to be in a coma which crossed the line to ron which now ron gets to deal some justice to drakken and vowed to keep the world safe couple: ron&kim bashing settings: drakken bashing normal, shego bashing minor, monkey fist normal, duff killingan normal

challenge 113: naruto & Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar crossover couple setting: naruto&harem

challenge 114: naruto & saints row the third crossover what if one of the crates in the Morningstars plane cargo held a a statue that had a certian ninja sealed in which when it broke it freed this ninja from his prison couples: naruto&shaundi, boss&kinzie powerful naruto

challenge 115: naruto & tenchi muyo gxp crossover fanfiction: naruto had been banished for harming the villages uchiha which then around a couple months ( such as 2-4 months) narutos life was relaxing til one day while he was training some water jutsu while water walking ((note that before he leaves his freinds and a couple jounin that caared for him gave him some jutsu scrolls and some ninja stuff to make him stronger)) he heard a loud noise which made him pass out which when he woke up his head was on the lap of a beutiful woman which offers him a job couple setting: naruto&Amane, naruto&Kiriko, naruto&ryoko balta, naruto&neju or naruto&harem(with all 4 of those girls)

challenge 116: naruto & devil may cry crossover the story starts with naruto running from a angry mob on his 7th birthday while his right arm is injured and he went into the forest of death to get away from the mob which when he stops running he finds a strange stone structure which once he entered he gained the power of sparda couple setting: naruto&harem, naruto& female kyuubi, naruto&female haku, naruto&hinata, naruto&ino, naruto&tenten, naruto&hana, naruto&tsume, naruto&anko bashing settings: danzo bashing normal - major, orochimaru bashing major, civillian council bashing normal, sakura bashing minor, (if no female sasuke) sasuke bashing normal

challenge 117: Urusei Yatsura fanfiction what if lum went to earth when she was a kid and she met ataru who was upset for not making many freinds so they played together which afew years later ataru begins to remenber those times and begins to love lum couples: ataru&lum, mendo&shinobu

challenge 118: ranma & kim possible crossover: during the training trip when ranma was 8 he bumpped into a young girl which they both liked alot which they promised to be together again which afew years later that girl turned out to be shego which then shego was passing by nermia for something drakken ordered her to get she encounters ranma fighting ryouga which ryouga acidently misfired a Shi-Shi-Hadouken towards shego but ranma saves her which will make life in nermia more interesting (note that later on shego gets to be evil to good) couple setting: ranma&shego bashing: genma bashing normal, akane bashing minor - normal, nabiki bashing minor

challenge 119: ranma & koi koi 7 crossover due to principal kuno expeling ranma for causeing damage to the school even though is was principle kuno's son and ryogas fault for damageing the school which ranma then goes to enough school which is more interesting ((if yous get what i mean)) couple setting: ranma&akane (if you want), ranma&Miyabi, ranma&Sakuya and Tetsuro&Yayoi bashing settings: minor akane bashing (if you like), ryoga bashing minor (setting as abit of karma for getting ranma expelled)

challenge 120: naruto & Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny crossover during the final battle then naruto was weaken he used a special kinjutsu of his own creation called kinjutsu: tail beast void blast which was made to drain a chunk of any tail beast chakra into a deadly vortex which then implodes and due of it colliding with a time and space jutsu of madara not only did it kill madara but it sent naruto badly wounded into another world which someone finds him and helps him out which naruto will start a new life with some new adventures couples: naruto&lily, naruto&mikoto or naruto&sierra, aden&odette, aden&electra or aden&maerwen , sonja&bismark or sonja&james; strong - powerful naruto

challenge 121: naruto & red wall crossover after the 4th shinobi war the village started to hate naruto again which they banished him from the village which naruto left where he found a new home called redwall (please note one of the girls would leave the village with naruto to spice it up) couple setting: naruto&ino, naruto&hinata, naruto&sakura; Matthias&Cornflower powerful naruto (note: you can make naruto a hanyou if you want)

challenge 122: naruto & red wall crossover at the valley of the end when the chidori and rasengan collided it transported a wounded naruto into redwall couples: matthais&cornflower, ((note: if you want you can set a way they those that care for naruto find a way to get to him somehow)) naruto&sakura, naruto&hinata, naruto&ino, naruto&femalekyuubi strong naruto - powerful naruto

challenge 123: ranma & red wall crossover one of ranma's rivals (you can choose who) used a magic item that sent ranma to another world where ranma now starts to stay at redwall abby (you can add someone in as if they got caught into it in anyway you want such as shampoo could of got caught in it trying to save ranma from it) couple settings: matthais&cornflower, ranma&akane, ranma&nabiki, ranma&kasumi, ranma&shampoo, ranma&ukyo

challenge 124: naruto & soul eater crossover Blair somehow ends up into the naruto world (anyway you like of how) which then she saw a young boy with blond hair and blue eyes getting beaten up so blair saves naruto and which blair gets to help make the boys life better strong naruto couple: naruto&blair, naruto&hinata, naruto&anko, naruto&ino, naruto&female sasuke (if you want), naruto&harem

challenge 125: familiar of zero & soul eater crossover louise summoned both saito & blair couple: louise&saito

challenge 126: naruto & Nagasarete Airantou crossover after the fourth shinobi war the leaf village hated naruto again having enough of it naruto packed his things along of taking his fathers things which then when he went to take a ship to find a place to call home a storm hits and naruto ends up on a island where quite afew girls would like to be with him powerful naruto couple: naruto&harem (naruto is in a island of girls so i think thats easy to see this going)

challenge 127: ranma 1/2 & devil may cry crossover what if genma had ranma learn a certien someone (you can choose which sparda ranma gets to be trained under) couples choices: ranma&nabiki, ranma&kasumi, ranma&akane, ranma&shampoo bashing choices: genma bashing minor - normal, akane bashing minor - normal

challenge 128: naruto & Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar crossover naruto gets sent to another world somehow (your choice of how) which he will have a more interesting life couple setting: naruto&harem, naruto&Chiaia Flan, naruto&Yukine Mare, naruto&Aura Shurifon

challenge 129: naruto & Huntik: secert & seekers crossover title: the maelstorm seeker storyline: right when madara uchiha and saksuke attempted to obtain the kyuubi naruto had a trick up his sleeve which let him gain all tail beasts chakra and powers which then kami though of giving naruto a second chance in life so naruto was sent to another world along (note you can either let naruto get certian amulets from the huntik: secret & seekers r make new ones such as one involed with the kyuubi in a way) couple setting: Lok & Sophie, naruto&Zhalia

challenge 130: naruto&sly cooper crossover after the 4th shinobi war everyone naruto had lost all he cared about and used a space and time jutsu to start a new life in another world which he then works with sly and gang on the adventures couple: naruto&Carmelita

challenge 131: naruto&sly cooper crossover title: naruto cooper uzumaki - the cooper gang and carmelita somehow gets sent to another world due to a artifacts power activating which while having a look around they see a young human boy getting beaten up by a angry mob which they save him couple choices: sly&carmelita,naruto&hinata, naruto&sakura, naruto&ino, naruto&anko, naruto&female kyuubi, naruto&female sasuke, bashing setting choices: civillian council bashing normal - major, sasuke (if now female sasuke) bashing normal - major, sakura bashing minor, kiba bashing minor, kakashi bashing minor, jairaya bashing minor ((for those who want pervy sage to get some bashing)) choice of people who can be alive (set it of how their alive anyway you wanted): Mikoto, kushina

challenge 132: ranma 1/2 & rosario vampire crossover during the training trip ranma met moka which they became good friends years later when ranma got tranfered to a certian school he meets someone he missed couple setting: ranma&moka, Tsukune&kururumu, ryoga&ruby bashing settings of choice: akane bashing minor - normal, soun bashing minor, genma bashing normal

challenge 133: ranma 1/2 & Shuffle! crossover what if something caused ranma to have enough and made him leave nermia for good which he stays with someone he made freinds with during the training trip couple: ranma&Kaede Fuyou; bashing choice: akane bashing normal, nabiki bashing minor, soun bashing minor -normal, genma bashing normal, ryouga bashing minor - normal

challenge 134: naruto & xmen evolution crossover while mystic was going in hiding from magneto which went to the hidden leaf village since she figure she be safe there to think of a plan for a while which one night she saw a young boy getting cashed by a mob so she though to save the boy ((note this will cause Mystic be good and raise naruto as well also note you can let naruto have a mutant power somehow if you want)) strong naruto - powerful naruto; couple setting choices: mystic&anko, mystic&iruka, naruto&hinata, naruto&sakura, naruto&ino, naruto&small harem bashing choices: civillian council major normal - major, danzo bashing normal - major, sasuke bashing minor - normal, kiba bashing minor - normal, kakashi bashing minor - normal

challenge 135: Eiken fanfiction when Densuke got dumpped by Chiharu during a attemp of a date by the other menbers of the club he was broken which caused the menbers feel bad but not as bad as how Kirika surprisingly felt and kirika had to what she can to help densuke couple setting: densuke&Kirika

challenge 136: naruto & eiken crossover right when naruto stopped madara for good a secert root anbu who was extremely loyal to danzo used a forbidden jutsu to sent naruto to another world which naruto has to make do with his new life and heads to a school near by little does he know a certian amazon girl fancys him couple setting: naruto & Kirika

challenge 137: Danny Phantom & eiken crossover danny gets transfered to a different school which then somehow on his first day he was forced to join a certian club so how will danny handle being in the club while fighting ghosts

challenge 138: Danny Phantom & tenchi muyo a batlle with a strong ghost sent him flying to japan which someone found him out cold couple setting: danny&ryoko

challenge 139: Atelier Iris & naruto crossover title: the uzumaki Alchemist plot: right after naruto learned shadow clone jutsu he figured he could try learn something else in the scroll which he discovered a storeage seal that held a tome that the title of the tome said "uzumaki alchemy" couple setting: naruto&hinata, naruto&anko, naruto&ino, naruto&sakura (if you want), naruto&female sasuke, naruto&female kyuubi bashing choices: civillian council bashing normal, sakura bashing minor - normal, sasuke bashing normal, kakashi bashing minor - normal, danzo bashing normal, orochimaru bashing major

challenge 140: Elemental Gelade & naruto crossover after the 4th shinobi war people hated naruto all over again which then naruto used one night after gathering things that belonged to him from his family he used a special jutsu that sent him to another dimension which he ends up joining a certian sky pirates couple setting : naruto & ren

challenge 141: ranma 1/2 & the mask crossover title(optional choice of title) : a whole new akane tendo plot: when akane tendo was walking home from school she found a weird box that held a mask when she came home and late of night tryed it on she became a whole new type akane from the akane tendo everyone knew to a sexy outgoing type mask girl who was foward to ranma quite abit how will everyone in nermia handle this type of akane couple setting: ranma&akane

challenge 142: ranma 1/2 & the mask crossover what would happen if shampoo got hold of the mask??? couple setting: ranma&shampoo bashing: akane minor - normal

challenge 143: ranma 1/2 & batman crossover ranma got tired of his life in nermia so he packed his things and left which around 1 and 1/2 year later ranma lives in gotham city which he may plan to help reduce crime abit couple setting choices: ranma & poison ivy, ranma&catwoman ((somehow he gets to no longer be scared of cats if you want)), ranma & Harley Quinn, ranma & batgirl (they get to be 1 -2 year differance max) bashing choices: akane bashing normal, genma bashing normal, soun bashing minor - normal, nabiki bashing minor, ryoga bashing minor - normal

challenge 144: naruto & mass effect crossover title: the uzumaki effect (optional choice title to use) plot: when madra was about to get the kyuubi's chakra he didnt know that naruto place a small seal that would make it drain some sage chakra first which it caused the ritiual to go wrong causing a chakra explosion that killed madara, sasuke (note sasuke was working with madara in it) and naruto ending the war which then when naruto died he met up with kami which she though of giving naruto a new life to help someone save the galaxy so she sent naruto on eden prime 2 years before it was attacked (note 2 years before the adventures on mass effect 1 began giving naruto time to learn things and learn how to use a couple of the guns) couple setting: naruto&tali, naruto&female shepard, male shepard&liara, male shepard&ashley

challenge 145: naruto & martin mystery crossover title: maelstorm mystery story plot: when naruto sacrificed himself to defeat the jubi and madara uchiha in the 4th shinobi war he ws met with kami, yami and the Shinigami along with his parents which they granted naruto a second chance in life in a new dimension and allowed him to have the Kyuubi (note it can be a female kyuubi if you want) to be with him and allowed him to keep his jutsu and chakra with afew items as last gifts from the 3 gods but also from his parents and he gets to be a couple years younger to improve his skills a couple years later naruto starts his like in Torrington Academy which everying seems normal first couple days til one day naruto saw martin, daiana and java go through a portal and he got curious and sneaked into the portal which lets him sneakly explore the area til he got caught abit after he got spoted and evaded the security with ease for afew minutes which in the end allows naruto to join the center and joins the adventures with martin, daiana and java; couple settings: martin&Jenni, naruto&Diana or naruto&Jenii and martin&OC (female girl of your choice)

challenge 146: when sakura was young and got curious found a weird hidden lab that was underground of the park which then when she acidently knocked a jar which when it smashed and the contents got on her it caused her to pass out which she was sent to the hospital after she was found they didnt detect anything wrong and til years later at the chunin exams when naruto took a kunai to the shoulder to protect sakura not only learned that sasuke was a power hungry jerk but she had someone to got out with and only thrown him away time and time again which it made her angry and you wouldnt like it when she is angry Couple setting: naruto&sakura, naruto&small harem (as long as sakura is head girl of the harem) bashing choices: danzo bashing normal - major, kakashi bashing minor - normal, civillian council bashing normal - major

challenge 147: Tales of Xillia & naruto crossover when naruto sacificed himself to win the 4th shinobi war along of stopping madara and sasuke once and for all he was given a second chance in a new world where he ends up in a new adventure couple setting: naruto&milla

challenge 148: naruto & spiderman crossover title (optional) lilly venom; plot: while hinata was training by herself a meteor hit nearby and when hinata investigated it a black ooze came in contact to join with hinata which during the time she gained abit of a personality and scares any girls that got freindly to her naruto and gave her new abilities but with it came a price of her being abit darker version of her will she be the same hinata or a new different one and would naruto be able to help hinata fight through the problem couple setting: naruto&hinata, bashing: minor sakura bashing, minor ino bashing from hinata and some bashing from civillian council (due to thinking of the daft idea that naruto caused hinata to being like that) ((reserved by RandomWriter21))

challenge 149: ranma & kim possible crossover plot: a week after the wedding fiasco the stress of everything going to bad to him such as multi fiances, forced to try be a man amoung men or else, getting attacked by someone along with nabiki selling photos of his curse form while he didnt know was getting on ranmaa's nerves but he got mad when ranma caught akane with ryoga which ranma left nermia and started a new life in middleton which he made new freinds in middleton (kim possible, ron and wade) does he get to enjoy this new life for good or will those from his past come to haunt him (the nermia group try get him by force) couple: ranma&tara or ranma&kim, ron&yori or ron&kim bashing choices: akane bashing minor - normal, kasumi bashing minor, mousse bashing normal - major, shampoo bashing minor - normal (to those who dont like shampoo surprisingly) ryoga bashing minor - normal

challenge 150: naruto & yin yang yo crossover title: maelstrom yin yang (optional) plot: naruto stopped madara but somehow ended up makeing a explosion that left the area both naruto and madara a crater killing both of them in the progress which then naruto met kami and yami (you can make them both female if you want) which they gave naruto a new life in another world (you can add that naruto was given afew gifts from certian people of your choice example zabuza gives his sword to naruto or kushina gives naruto her prized katana) which then in the new world (note you can also allow naruto have a fox like form) naruto gets to somehow gets to be joined with yin and yang to learn the ways of woo foo couple: yin&naruto, yang&paulina

challenge 151: naruto & pokemon crossover plot: when madara attemped to summon the jubi naruto used a fuinjutsu that he saved for a last resort which siphoned the jubis power into a explosion which killed both madara and naruto while destroying the remains of the jubi to save the elemental nations which then kami gave naruto a second chance in a new world where he was just a baby which a Gardevoir found naruto and raised naruto which afew years later naruto began his journey and made freinds with a certian trainer and traveled with him couple settings: naruto&misty, naruto&may, ash&misty,ash&may (depending choice)

challenge 152: naruto &kung fu panda crossover optional title : kung fu mealstorm plot: ever since the end of the 4th shinobi war everything went down hill for naruto everytion except a group of people from his own village hated him (the group is tsunade, Konohamaru, hinata, tenchi, ayane, tenten, chouji, shikimaru, ino, lee, iruka, anko, Kurenai, kakashi((if you want)), tsume, hana, neji, sakura((if you want)), shino, gai and any others you want to add) which naruto left the village so he can use a special jutsu he made just incase which a girl who liked him alot came with him (it can be either ino, hinata, sakura((if you want)), tenten, anko or some other girl if you wanted to) which some konoha ninjas which the civillian council ordered to get naruto were about to get him it was to late for naruto used the jutsu which he and the girl (again your choice from the selected ones) went to another world to start a new life which involes somehow ending up staying in a certian palace couple settings: naruto&ino, naruto&hinata, naruto&sakura ((if you wanted to)), naruto&tenten, naruto&anko naruto&tigeress (if you wanted to add a senerio where 2 girls agree to share with naruto) bashing choices: civillian council bashing normal - major, sakura bashing minor - normal (if you wanted)

challenge 153: sonic & teen titans crossover optional title: sonic titans plot: eggman attempted to us a machine to send sonic to another world with the chaos emeralds but sonic did a last second effect to grab a emerald and did a chaos control which sent him and the chaos emeralds to another world (aka to jump city) which when sonic explored abit 5 teens fighting a big guy (aka cinderblock) which when one of the female teens was about to get hit sonic saved her and helpped the teens beat the big guy (again cinderblock) which he joined the team of teens til they can find a way from him to get home ((note you can also add a bit where sonics friends get sent to the world due to trying to find sonic with a invention that tails made but malfuntioned somehow *cough*amy*cough* which gets to make things way more interesting)) couple setting: sonic&starfire, sonic&raven, (note this part is incase the other female of the teen titans isnt going to be a couple with sonic if you want to)) robin&starfire, beastboy&raven bashing: amy rose minor-normal ((just if you want abit of fun in it))

challenge 154: naruto & kim possible crossover: after the 4th shinobi war naruto life went abit down hill for he found out sakura cheated on naruto and wasnt given any respect to everyone except afew in the village so one night he planned to escape the village out of the elemental nations and start a new life which his new life begins in middleton (note: you can set as if the stoppable family were friends of naruto's parents, the possible family were friends of narutos family or naruto gets to be kims new next door neighbour or naruto was friends with kim during the trianing trip) which then naruto joins team possible and has a good new life (note: you can add that the leaf village with a couple certian suna ninjas go try get naruto back but ends up failing) couple setting: kim&ron, naruto&shego, naruto&tara, naruto&hope, ron&tara, ron&yori bashing settings: sasuke bashing minor - normal, sakura bashing minor - normal, kakashi bashing minor - normal, kiba bashing normal

challenge 155: ranma & sister princess crossover when ranma and akane gets transfered to a new school (one that you all that watch sister princess anime know) ranma gets to find out that he has sisters couple setting ranma&akane

challenge 156: naruto & negima crossover optional title: mahora mealstorm plot: after the 4th shinobi war everyone but a small group (a certian two from a ramen stand, hinata, lee, tenten, shino,iruka,anko,shizune, Kurenai and choji) treated naruto with no respect which then naruto took everything his family owned (scrolls, money, harashin kunais, kushina's sword etc) and left the village and went out of the veil and went to mahoro academy as a assistant teacher (due to someone encountering negi in his travels and learned of negis father from minato's journels ((due to negis dad was friends with narutos father which naruto's father was going to be negis godfather (((if you want))) which negi and naruto get to be like brother)) which is how naruto knew about negis father)) along of naruto learning abit of magic to go with his jutsu ((if you want to)) which naruto gets to get a new life ((note you can add a team to which they would "try" get naruto back to konoha if you want)) couple settings: naruto&konoka, naruto&kaede, naruto&chachamaru, naruto&Evangeline,naruto&setsuna,naruto&harem, negi&nodoka, negi&harem ((if you want)) bashing setting choices: tsunade bashing minor, kakashi bashing minor - normal, konoha bashing minor, civillian council bashing normal, sakura bashing minor - normal, kiba bashing minor - normal and sasuke bashing minor - normal

challenge 157: ranma & negima crossover plot: a week after the wedding disaster ranma gets to discover akanes true feelings to him (and any other secrets like akane making out with ryoga) so ranma plans to leave nermia for good and late at night packed his stuff ((if you want you can add ranma placed a note saying he is going on a training trip to by time for his get away)) which he left for kyoto to a certian place same time when a certian class from mahora academy went for a trip ((note what during the training trip ranma was friends with konoka and setsuna when he was younger and both konoka and setsuna had a crush on ranma which they agreed to share when their old enough)) which will end up of ranma going to mahora academy as a assistant teacher for negi couple setting: ranma&konoka along with ranma&setsuna, negi&asuna, negi&small harem ((note you can also choose girl of your choice for negi if he gets a small harem)) bashing settings: akane bashing normal, nabiki bashing minor-normal, genma bashing normal, soun bashing normal, ryoga bashing minor to normal, mousse bashing normal, kuno bashing normal, kodachi bashing minor ((she ends up somehow getting to understand of your choice of how is up to you))

challenge 158: tales of xillia & ranma crossover plot: when ranma gets tired of everything that happened to him such as akane treating him that a object, nabiki useing her tricks, amazons forcing ranma to marry, kodachi trying to kill his female side while trying to get ranma's male side and the rivals along with his parents such as his father treating him awful and his mother who planned to turn him into a way to get grandchildren so she can spoil them and throw ranma away like trash which one night ranma uses a wish spell which he gets to wish for a new life which he gets sent to a new world to start new couple setting ranma&milla

challenge 159: Urusei Yatsura & naruto crossover plot: what if instead of ataru being chosen to face lum it was naruto which makes people wonder how will they handle a lighting zapping oni girl who wants to marry their most unpredictible ninja couple setting: naruto&lum bashing setting: civillian council bashing normal, danzo bashing normal - major, sakura bashing minor - normal, sasuke bashing normal - major

challenge 160: optional title: divine mealstorm plot when naruto was 7 years old and about get beaten up by a mob someone saves him which it turns out it was his uncle which then naruto found out he had a blood line called "divine chakra" a holy like chakra couple setting: naruto&ino, naruto&sakura, naruto&hinata, naruto&female sasuke, OC&anko, OC&hana bashing settings: kakashi bashing minor - normal, sasuke bashing (if it isnt a female sasuke) minor - major, danzo bashing normal - major, civillian council bashing normal - major

challenge 161: ranma & RWBY crossover plot: when ranma found out akane cheating on him and his mother was only actully going to use ranma for grandbabies ranma got ticked off so late at night with afew favors a couple people owed him to turn in he managed to remove himself from the saotome family and reported the police of afew things that his so called parents had done to him and of what two certian tendo girls (note nabiki planned to sell ranma's female form on a date with kuno and same with shampoo on ranmas male form) which then ranma came across a merchant during his travels after he left the nermia district which he used to be sent to another world to start fresh couple setting: ranma&Yang Xiao Long or ranma&Blake Belladonna

challenge 162: naruto & my little pony crossover title (optional): mealstorm pony story plot: when naruto won the 4th shinobi war and died the leaf village betrayed him and dishonored his death which then kami,yami and shinigami decided to give naruto a second chance in life in a i different world were he would get true freinds and true love along of giving konoha a divine punishment (optional: if you want to to make it more interesting) which naruto gets to wake up in a forest (and if you want you can set athro ponies, have naruto in a ponyfied body version of him, have coloured human with features to amtch them like a unicorn gets to be a human with a unicorn horn) couple settings: naruto&fluttershy, naruto&applejack, naruto&pinkie pie, naruto&rainbow dash, naruto&rarity, naruto&twilight sparkle naruto&female spike, naruto& luna, naruto& celestria, naruto&harem

challenge 163: naruto & negima crossover plot: when naruto sealed the jubi in him and ended the 4th shinobi war people in the leaf village hated him again and so getting fed up of it naruto with help of the jubi used a jutsu to go to another dimension to start a new life ((note you can add that konoha try bring him back if you want to spice it up)) pairings: naruto&asuna, naruto&konoka, naruto&setsuna, naruto&mana, naruto&harem(any girls of choice), negi&nodoka, negi&harem(if you want) bashing (if you want to add that konoha try get naruto) sakura bashing minor - normal, kakashi bashing minor - normal, sasuke bashing normal- major

challenge 164: naruto & mass effect crossover plot: a small geth army was attacking narutos plnet and while shepard was looking for info on saren she helpped beat the geth which then naruto thinks he should join shepard with her mission to find and stop saren little did naruto know he would be in a bigger adventure then he though (can set a sequel though mass effect 2 and 3 if needed) couple setting: naruto&shepard (female), naruto&ashly williams, naruto&liara, naruto&tali ( some how found a way for quarian to able remove her mask without any problems), naruto&harem bashing choices : civillian council normal - major, danzo normal - major (he planned to work with a certian human terroist group), sasuke bashing minor - normal, sakura bashing minor, kakashi bashing minor, udina bashing minor

challenge 165: naruto & tales of xillia crossover plot: naruto sacrafices himself to end the 4th shinobi war and kami thinks naruto could help another world so naruto gets sent to a world which he gets to later on work in fenmont medical school which he gets to be friends with jude and then starts his adventure couple setting: jude&mila, naruto&leia or jude&leia, naruto&mila

challenge 166: ranma & tales of xillia crossover plot: ranma gets fed up of his life and so he uses a magic item to transport into another world little did ranma know that when he tryed a new life he ends up in a new adventure couple setting: ranma&mila, jude&leia or ranma&leia, jude&mila

challenge 167: ranma& RWBY crossover plot: kuno uses magic item sends into another world right into a certian forest (you who watch RWBY know which one) encounters afew weird bear (ursa grim) and ranma fights them off til when one was about attack ranma from behind a girl with blond hiar and weird gauntlets saved him (yang) which ranma though ' im definitly not on earth let along japan' couple settings: ranma& yang, ranma&blake (somehow ranma gets cured of his fear of cats and can control the cat fist), ranma&nabiki ( nabiki gets sent with ranma by acidently getting caught by the magic items effect), ranma&kasumi (similar with the nabiki geetting acidently caught by the magic items effect)

challenge 168: dragon age & RWBY crossover title choice (if you want to): grey warden of Remnant; plot: when the hero of ferelden was traveling he (or she if you want) found a ruin which when investigating found a ancient artifact which then send the grey warden in middle of the forest which which while trying to find out where he (again or she if you want) was the grey warden hear a growl when the grey warden turned and saw a strange black coloured bear with bone like mask on its face about to attack him (yet again or her if you want the hero of ferelden be female) a blonde haired girl punched it right in its face with weird gaulets (note yang) which then made the hero of ferelden think he (finally agian or she) thinks that he (or she) is in ferelden or even in his (or her) world anymore; (note you can set the hero of feralden to be a elf, human or dwarf and you can choose which class) couple choices: hero of ferelden & yang (if you choose human noble, magi or city elf origin if you want) hero of ferelden&blake (if you choose same for yang or a dalish elf), hero of ferelden&ruby (same as blake choice idea if you want or a dwarf)

challenge 169: risen 2 dark water & naruto crossover plot: naruto gets given a second chance in life to save another world which the inquisition trained him til a stormy night a ship was sank by a krakken and which naruto and a friend (the main character of risen 2) go check for survivors which gets to be start of a interesting adventure for naruto couple settings: naruto&patty

challenge 170: Princess Resurrection & naruto crossover optional title : princess's mealstorm plot: when the 4th shinobi war ended madara used a last moment effort to try make naruto not be with those he cared for by sending him into another dimension which naruto gets to land between a fight which had werewolf with a pack of wolfs and a blonde hair woman which held a blade with a little girl that somehow held a tree trunk which naruto though 'what have i got myself into' strong - poweful naruto couple setting: naruto&hime, naruto&Sawawa, naruto&Riza Wildman, naruto&Reiri Kamura or naruto&harem

challenge 171: Princess Resurrection plot: what if hiro wasnt a wimp what if he was a skilled martial artist along with smarter then he was ment to be and somehow abit of a lady's man? smart hiro, strong hiro couple setting: hiro&hime, hiro&riza, hiro&reiri, hiro&harem

challenge 172: ranma 1/2 & Daily Life with a Monster Girl/モンスター娘のいる日常 crossover plot: tired of it all ranma left nermia for good and went under a new identity with help of a age mushroom and with afew favors that afew people owed him which he starts his new life which then couple years later he ends up as a host which (you know the ones) will ranma handle his new life better or will those of his old life come back to haunt him couple setting: ranma&Miia, ranma&Papi, ranma&Centorea "Cerea" Shianus, ranma&Meroune "Mero" Lorelei, ranma&Rachnera "Rachnee" Arachnera, ranma&harem; bashing choices: soun bashing minor-normal, genma bashing normal - high, akane bashing normal-high, nabiki bashing minor-high, kasumi bashing minor, Nodoka Saotome bashing minor-normal,shampoo bashing minor, Cologne bashing minor- normal, Mousse bashing normal - high, Tatewaki Kuno bashing normal - high, Kodachi Kuno bashing minor - normal, Ryoga Hibiki bashing normal - high

challenge 173: ranma 1/2 & total drama island: when nabiki heard that auditions to enter a reality show to try win a cash prize she asked ranma to compete in exchange to part off part of the debt ranma owed her when he went to buy akane a birthday gift that she wanted alot which ranma agree since he might get some peace from nermia along with since him and akane were not getting along well at the moment ((note that ranma found out that akane dated with ryoga behind his back somehow)) how will ranma handle with chefs food, challenges and other things that might happen couple setting choices: ranma&Lindsay, ranma&Bridgette, ranma&Izzy, ranma&Leshawna, ranma&Gwen, ranma&Heather, ranma&Courtney, duncan&Courtney,duncan&gwen,owen&lindsay,owen&izzy; bashing choices: ryoga minor-normal, akane minor-normal,mousse minor-normal, Harold minor (if you want that ranma finds out of harold alters the votes to kick Courtney), Heather minor (if you want a couple bit that involves with ranma&Heather)

challenge 174: naruto & eiken crossover plot: after the 4th shinobi war the leaf village banish's naruto (besides a small group such as team 8, team 9, team 10, konohamaru squad, anko, a certain ramen stand,iruka, certain slug sannin, shizuna,kakashi and maybe sakura still cares for naruto if you want to set it so only a group of konoha to care for naruto) which went naruto left he went beyond the barrier and a couple years later he attends a school which he been during his training trip with the toad sage which he trys to have a new life couple setting: naruto&Kirika, naruto&lin grace, naruto&yuriko shinonome, naruto&Nadeshiko, naruto&harem, Densuke Mifune&Chiharu

challenge 175: ranma 1/2 & my little pony plot: when ranma found out that akane was treating him like a object while she was dating with ryoga he sorts all ties (note as in his other fiances and his rivals such as ryoga and kuno and sort out a certain family problem), he had then gathers his things and use a magic item to transport him to another world where he can start a new life (note its a anthro ponies version of equestria) and maybe he find someone to love couple setting choices: ranma&fluttershy, ranma&applejack, ranma&twilight, ranma&pinkie,ranma&rairity, ranma&princess luna, ranma&princess celestria,ranma&trixie(ranma gets to make trixie somehow nice and turn over a new leaf somehow), ranma&harem(for if you want to make it more interesting), spike&applebloom, spike&sweetie bell, spike&scootaloo; bashing setting choices:akane bashing minor-normal, ryoga bashing minor-major, genma bashing normal, soun bashing minor - normal, nabiki bashing minor-normal, nodoka saotome bashing minor

challenge 176: total drama fanfiction plot: leon maxwell a young smart martial artist enters total drama island which he gets to see his ex girlfriend (eva due to her use to think he was weak before he took martial arts) which things get more interesting for all couple choices: OC&lindsay, OC&leshawna, OC&gwen, OC&bridgette,heather&Alejandro (to even the teams)

challenge 177: naruto & borderlands crossover optional title: foxy siren plot: when naruko unlocked a mysterious power and did the final blow to stop the jubi and madara a explosion was triggers which then end up of naruto ended up on pandora (you can set it as if she gained a second chance in life if you want) which when she got word of a vault made her get curious to think it might hold something important about the mysterious powers she obtained which then she got on a train which it showed that it be start of a new adventure for her couple settings: naruko&axton, naruko&zero, naruko&maya, naruko&moxxi,naruko&brick,naruko&lilith (note for those that interested in yuri can chose those girl&girl couple ones),naruko&angel (for those that think angel should somehow live along of annoy jack that she is dating a vault hunter that wants to stop jack)

challenge 178: ranma 1/2 & dragon age inquisition crossover plot: happosai uses a magic item to punish ranma even though it sent him to another world where he now has to help stop the breach and save the world (note if you want you can add someone getting sent there with him such as nabiki,kasumi or nodoka as a example) couple setting: ranma&cassandra, ranma&female inquisitor, ranma& leliana, ranma& nabiki, ranma& kasumi (note the ranma&nabiki or ranma&kasumi is for only if they get sent to the world with ranma)

challenge 179: naruto & far cry crossover plot: naruto won the 4th shinobi war and when he returned nearly everyone in leaf hated naruto so naruto and a certain girl (note depends on one of the couple choices you pick) left with a special jutsu naruto made just in case which ends up sending then to another dimension in a area that was having a war which they were saved by a a group called "golden path" couple setting: naruto&hinata, naruto&sakura, naruto&ino, naruto&anko, naruto& shizune,naruto&female sasuke, naruto&kurenai, naruto&tenten, naruto&yugao

challenge 180: my little pony fanfiction optional title: new world new life new love plot: max smith was a ordinary 18 year old even though both his parents had died in a car crash when he was younger he kept being strong of it and he had a girlfriend that loved him one day when he went to give her the valentines day gift (note the gift has to have a boutique of roses with another thing like fancy chocolates, necklace etc) which when he got to the street where his girlfriend lived he caught her cheating on him so the next day he packed his things and left when he went to camp along of seeing a shooting star he said "i wish to find a new place to call home where i can find someone that would truly love me" which while he went to sleep someone heard his wish and granted it which they someone will send max to a new world to start a new life and maybe find true love couple setting choices: OC&fluttershy, OC&rainbow dash, OC&pinkie pie, OC&rarity, OC&applejack, OC&twilight sparkle, OC&princess luna, OC&harem (as him he gets more then one girl), spike&applebloom,spike&scootaloo,spike&sweetie belle (note it has to be anthro ponies or humanized ponies)

challenge 181: borderlands fanfiction summary: james smith was once a normal lowly hyperion engineer but when the lost legion attacked he fought his way through and encountered the vault hunters which he figured 'why not be a vault hunter'; plot a lowly hyperion engineer gets to become a vault hunter and which long the way he gets to learn a couple dark things of hyperion (note that at the part of when lilith punch's jack james gets to join her that before leaving he says after kicking jack "consider that my renegotiation for i quit you lunatic" which would guess ends up on him joining the crimson raiders in the sequel as a vault hunter that helps with the borderlands 2 vault hunters) couples: OC&moxxie, OC&athena (note you can have athena join the crimson raiders if you set this couple choice), OC&maya (only if you plan to make the sequel as well)

challenge 182: borderlands fanfiction (note set at borderlands 2) summary: what if handsome jack has a sister and what if his sister was a maliwan weapons engineer when she heard of what jack has been doing she thought 'there has to be a way i can get to him and try talk some sense but how' which was when she found a ad that hyperion was looking for vault hunters which she figure if she gets to be one she will meet with jack so she went to pandora and got on the train little did she know that she was in for abit of quite of a adventure couple setting choices: OC&axton, OC&zero, OC&mordicai, OC&brick,(note the next bunch of couples are for if you don't pick any of first two) maya&axton, zero&gaige (note if you want you can have angel live and she saves roland's as a extra twist if you want to for you do you can use this couple setting as well) OC&Roland

challenge 183: borderlands & fallout crossover fanfiction plot: the lone wanderer was just got word of a vault that was once a research facility during the prewar which when the lone wanderer went to check it out it sent the lone wanderer to anew world which to have a new adventure and which from a advertisement of finding something called the vault for hyperion caused the lone wander be curious of it little did the lone wanderer know it involve trying to save the world known as pandora with a group of people that like to call themselves "vault hunters" ((note the lone wanderer can be either male or female)) couple settings: male lone wanderer&maya, male lone wanderer&gaige, male lone wanderer & athena ((note that if you want athena to join the crimson raiders part way of the story)), female lone wanderer&axton, female lone wanderer&Salvador, female lone wanderer&zero, female lone wanderer &Roland, female lone wanderer&mordicai, female lone wanderer&brick (note the next bits are for in-case of you not choosing and of the previous couple choices) axton&maya, zero&gaige

challenge 184: fallout & familiar of zero crossover summery: what if saito was the lone wanderer that he got summoned as the familiar right a couple days after when he helped the brotherhood of steel (note as in the broken steel dlc bit) couple settings: saito&harem, saito&louise, saito&siesta, saito&kirche, saito&tiffania (tiffa) ((also note that when you do it make sure that said did the good karma type ending results))

challenge 185: my little pony fanfiction summary: in a world that had both human and anthro's a female anthro cat college student name of kim was in middle of a special field trip to gain abit extra credit so she wouldn't miss hanging out with her freinds on the holiday and be forced into a summer school into a corporation that just discovered a way to view a different dimension but the machine malfunctioned and it sucked kim into a portal which when she woke up was was in a world that she knew of (note she is a my little pony fan to a level from a normal to a major my little pony fan) which makes her wonder would she get home or would she get to enjoy life in equestria (note you can have the people of equestria anthro too if you want) couple: OC&spike, OC&big macintosh, OC&rainbow dash, OC&applejack (note its for if you want it to be a yuri bit of kim with rainbow or applejack)

challenge 186: naruto& star wars rebels crossover plot: when naruto defeated the jubi konoha betrayed him which he was forced to use a jutsu he set as a last resort to transport himself into another world which ironically this was was being controlled by the empire which afew days later while he was walking around the streets to get to a bar so he could have a drink he gets to end up somehow being with a certain group of rebels (note this is right when episode one of star wars rebels gets to happen) which will result him having new adventures waiting and also seems he gets to learn afew new tricks (note if you want you can have naruto be a jedi too) couple setting: kanan&hera, naruto&sabine, ezra&oc (due of adding another person that if you want she can either a jedi or something else joining the rebels)

challenge 187: naruto & dragon ball xenoverse crossover plot: when the 4th shinobi war had ended the villages that were meant to ally with leaf at the time betrayed them and killed everyone in leaf and were about to deal with naruto til a flash of light appered and when naruto could see here he was he saw in a mysterious place which he now hopes to start fresh and do some good to help this "time patrol" couple setting: naruto&oc (note it be either female human or female sayian), naruto&harem(with naruto get getting afew girls and if want add towa by having naruto convince her to join the side of good somehow), naruto&towa (due to somehow naruto makes her open her eyes and makes towa be on the side of good) strong - godlike naruto (note if you want you could set that naruto is part sayian to make it more interesting)

challenge 188: naruto & blue dragon (anime version) crossover plot: after naruto dies of old age he gets to be given a second chance into another world which he makes friends in a village (which is shu and kluke ((which if want can be a female shu to make it more interesting)) of course) on day when the village was attack naruto joins shu and kluke with a group that are called "shadow wielders" to stop grand kingdom and all naruto would say is "saving one world from a mad man was one thing now this one has a shadow power and high tech machines oh well at least i wont be bored" couple settings: shu&kluke or shu&Bouquet, naruto&zola, naruto&kluke, naruto&bouquet or naruto&harem (note if you want you could set a rule 63 on shu, jiro or both to make it more interesting)

challenge 189: borderlands & familiar of zero crossover plot: when roland died he was given a second chance of life only a couple problems he was to be a familiar for a young pink hair girl and he became same age as he was when he, lilith, brick and mordicai open the first vault on bright side though he has his echo and gear with him

challenge 190: ranma 1/2 & my little pony title : chaotic stallion (if you want) story plot: while discord was causing chaos he though he might want to make it more interesting by having a apprentice so with use of his powers he looked to find someone as chaotic (or close enough) as him which was where he found a young martial artist who life was chaotic due of him being a chaos magnet which he though was perfect so he sent the young martial artist into equestria to see how it would result to his liking((or does it???)) (note that everyone of equestria is anthro) couple setting: ranma&fluttershy, ranma&pinkie, ranma&rainbow dash, ranma&applejack, ranma&harem, spike&rarity (note this is if you dont want a rule 63 spike), ranma& female spike (for those who want a rule 63 spike)

Challenge 191: love hina & monster musume crossover plot: keitaro gets to be a host how will he deal with getting to Tokyo u, trying to not get hit by naru or motoko, being a apartment manager and being a host for monster girls couple setting: keitaro&naru, keitaro&motoko, keitaro&harem (if you want)

challenge 192: animaniacs & my little pony crossover plot: when minerva couldnt find the guy she was looking for she made a wish which it somehow sent her to equestria ((note its anthro version equestria)) where she would not only get a better life but she would find someone to love couple settings: minerva&big mac, minerva&spike

challenge 193: love hina optional title : what motoko is my cousin!! plot: one night when keitaro found his family tree and took a look at it he then discovered that motoko was a cousin to him how will the others react when they get win of it well we shall wait and see

challenge 194: war planets/shadow raiders & naruto crossover plot:when naruto was about to do the final blow on the jubii it released a pulse of chakra that transported him to a unknown planet made of ice which there was where he helps save the universe from a evil threat; strong-powerful naruto couple setting: naruto&jade, naruto&hinata (note he somehow gets to be back at konoha if you want), naruto&harem

challenge 195: ranma& order of the stick crossover plot: when ranma was sent to another world when he mistook a magic item for a cure of his curse he ends up join a certian group of adventures right when they were about to start the adventure to the dungeon dorukan which will be interesting on the bright side maybe ranma might find a wizard that could cure his curse couple setting: ranma&oc, elan&haley, ranma&nabiki (if you want and it end up of nabiki getting be a theif to aid haley), ranma&kasumi(if you also wanted kasumi get to be a priestess/cleric if you want)

challenge 196: naruto& order of the stick crossover plot: when naruto got tired of life due to people backstabbed him right when he ended the 4th shinobi war he used one jutsu to start a new life in another world which will end up of him being with a party to adventure to the dungeon of dorukan couple setting: naruto&oc, elan&haley

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Mahou Sensei Ichigo? by MR. DEATH RIDER reviews
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To Love-Ru - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 70 - Words: 94,539 - Reviews: 103 - Favs: 66 - Follows: 78 - Updated: 11/22 - Published: 11/14/2013 - Momo V. D., Mea K., OC
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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Humor - Chapters: 5 - Words: 24,075 - Reviews: 116 - Favs: 314 - Follows: 338 - Updated: 11/21 - Published: 3/14 - Naruto U., Tenten, Hana I.
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Crossover - Naruto & RWBY - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 22 - Words: 167,715 - Reviews: 413 - Favs: 440 - Follows: 445 - Updated: 11/10 - Published: 9/14/2014 - Sasuke U., Itachi U., Shisui U.
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My Little Pony - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 44 - Words: 99,138 - Reviews: 125 - Favs: 41 - Follows: 49 - Updated: 10/22 - Published: 11/29/2014 - Twilight Sparkle, Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon, Sunset Shimmer, OC - Complete
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Thank you everyone, now I have over 2,000,000 visits to my profile. This is a great achievement, considering the fact I have only been on this site for a few years now.
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Family - Chapters: 7 - Words: 23,630 - Reviews: 23 - Favs: 75 - Follows: 85 - Updated: 10/18 - Published: 4/29 - Sasuke U., Gaara, Kushina U., OC
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Crossover - Star Wars & Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure - Chapters: 6 - Words: 43,741 - Reviews: 253 - Favs: 982 - Follows: 1,053 - Updated: 10/17 - Published: 7/19 - [Naruto U., A. Ventress, Padmé Amidala] Juugo
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Spike been having an problem.He was born as Kakashi,Naruto,Goku, lelouch, and many more. He trying to keep his head from tearing it self apart from past lifes meory's. It also doesn't help when women seem to want you and enemy from your past lives want you dead. Rated T for minor perverts situation.few genderbent.Spike x Bigharem,many crossover.
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Undergoing Massive Rewrite
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challenge from hiddenloveofnaruhina from way back then but will change a few things from the challenge since i cant find them anymore. The 4th Shinobi war is over and now everyone is at what does our residential blond do when he accidentally transports him to another dimension and can't get back for a good long while? Naruto?harem. eif. Only five women with him.
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 53 - Words: 268,250 - Reviews: 878 - Favs: 1,260 - Follows: 1,243 - Updated: 9/14 - Published: 2/13/2011 - Shikamaru N., Naruko U.
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