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Welcome to my humble profile Fanfictioneers!! Don't forget to wipe your feet :D

Sex: I'm a girl. A little piece-loving girly girl. Pulls out a mallet DOOMY SMASH!!


Personality: I've got many XD. But there's one thing that unites them all - they're all sick, twisted, violent chocolate chip (and Bakugan) addicts

I like: Pizza, chocolate chip cookies, horror movies (SAW ROX MY SOX!!),cartoons,anime, manga,drawing comics,reading, puppies, jigsaw puzzles,jellybeans,marshmallows, my computer:), Deviantart, martial art movies.

I hate: My favourite Fanfiction authors quitting for good, my comp lagging, flamers, and broccoli

Btw,I'm a HUGE FAN OF:

Bakugan Battle Brawlers;

Ed, Edd n Eddy;

Harry Potter (SURPRISE!!)

I'm also a FAN of:

Sonic X


FullMetal Alchemist

Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni ( Behold the brutal awsomeness!!)

and i LIKE a huge bunch of random BOOKS,CARTOONS,MOVIES AND TV SHOWS

My fave Bakugan : All Bakugan Six (Wavern included) Yay! glomps

Hydranoid: If your hands aren't coming off my shoulders on the count of three,they're coming off your's!

Fave pairings:

Bakugan - DanRuno,ShunAlice, JulieBilly, DanJulie, DragoWavern(TEE HEE!)

EEnE - EddXSarah, NazzXKevin, The Kankers X The Eds

Harry Potter - HarryXGinny,RonXHermione

Sonic X - SonicAmy

Naruto - NaruSaku,SasuSaku,NaruHina, SaiSaku

My OCs:




Originally born in Vestroia as The White One (no-attribute Bakugan), then, as a result of the outbreak of negative energy during Naga's rebellion, absorbed copious amounts of the power from the Silent Core, thus gaining power of all six attributes. Yet the energy was too strong for her, and her body was on the brink of self-destruction. Even the Six Legendary Soldiers were unable to restore Doomburger's body and soul, as the negative energy began to take control of her mind, thus transforming Doomburger into a homicidal monster, and they had little choice but to banish her to the Doom Dimension. While in exile, Doomburger, having been reduced to the state of a shapeless malformed entity, underwent a brutal metamorphose, which resulted in the attributes she posessed fusing together, all of them, except Darkus. Thus, Doomburger turned into a Plasma (attribute fusion bakugan), further known as Presto Plasma, furthermore, she also became one of the most powerful Plasma Bakugan because of her ability to use both Plasma-attributed and Darkus-attributed abilities.

After the transformation Doomburger was finally able to leave the ghastly realm, but decided to stay and live her life as a hermit. She spends most of her time studying negative energy, hoping to solve the Mirror Attribute Circle ( Stone,Metal,Poison,Nature, Energy, and Ice attribute circle) mystery and open the lost-in-time portal.

She has already evolved into Throne Doomburger by the time she appears in The Lost Rainbow.

Attribute: Plasma, but mostly Darkus

Appearance:Doomburger has black hair tied into two ponytails, with one of her bangs covering her left eye, purple skin, yellow cat-like eyes, fangs sticking out of her mouth and attribute circle tatoos on both palms of her hands ( Vestroia on the right, and Mirror Attributes on the left one). She wears purple flowing robes with silver outlines, has a diamond on her chest and rides her throne into battle (Which is made of many layers of crystal platforms, and bears a striking resemblance to a burger (hence her name).


Darkus Abilities:

Search And Destroy - counters Blue Stealth- like abilities, based on catching the opponent off guard

Darkus Flow Engulf - Doomburger's throne dissolves into copious amounts of sticky liquid, trapping the opponent and rendering them immobile, while Doomburger attacks from above with a short crystal sword. 300 Gs transfer to Doomburger

Darkus Kamikadze Clone Carnage - Each layer of Doomburger's throne turns into a copy of her, and then the clones assault the enemy head on, thus knocking them down and crushing them. 150 Gs transfer.

Plasma Abilities:

Crystal Copycat - Doomburger takes on the appearance of her opponent, thus gaining the ability to use their attacks against them

Mirror Shard Stinger - Doomburger's throne splits into layers which surround the opponent when they're about to attack, reflecting their attack, multiplying it then using it against the attacker (Note: Only works on ranged attacks, but is useless against melee attacks)

Shard Guardian - a defense ability. Summons from three to ten crystal golem warriors, each wielding a huge shield. The Guardians then surround Doomburger, their shields reflecting any attack.

Soaring Swipe Slash Combo - Doomburger jumps high into the air and pelts the opponent with crystal shards then slices them with her sword as she falls down, while her throne grows a pair of fists with blades for knuckles (yikes!) and Falcon Punches the living snickerdoodles out of the poor unfortunate critter.

Fusion Abilities:

Crystal Rampage - Doomburger grows a couple dosen feet tall, encases herself in crystals, and the only thing her opponent can do is - WILHELM SCREAM HIS GUTS OUT!!

Guts and Gore Grand : - Doomburger's most powerful ability, can only be used in mega tag team battles when all six attributes are present. Then Doomburger copies the abilities of every bakugan on the field, regardless of the side they're on, and either uses them one by one, either combines them into one cell- splitting, bone crushing ability - Presto Plasma Overkill

Note: Most of Doomburger's abilities are focused on dealing physical damage to the opponent without affecting the G power

Personality: Merciless and brutally violent in battle, yet respectful towards her opponents. Due to her past experiences, she can never refuse a plea for help and cannot bear the sight of children being abused due to physical disabilities (and that's why she uses her Plasma powers to heal the paralized Zapp Kakuzawa and becomes his Guardian Bakugan shortly afterwards). Sometimes can be stubborn and arrogant and often has quarrels with Zapp because of his lack of Bakugan skills and goes as far as literally stuffing him into a random hole in the ground in the middle of a brawl and brawling all by herself. Always denies the fact that her name has something to do with burgers (although she has a trone that looks like a burger and the handle of her sword also resembles a burger) and thinks that her name originally comes from the ancient Bakugan language which existed long before The First Wonder Revolution.

Doomburger is also a bit of a neat freak, going as far as polishing her burger throne each time she uses the Soaring Swipe Slash Combo ability "Because of all the icky stuff that sticks to the blades. Blood, guts, bones even! EEEEEEW!! makes throwup noises "

Trivia: While on Earth, Doomburger developed a liking for chocolate chip cookies, and that feature even saved her life once, when, surrounded by enemies and seemingly standing no chance against them, she fell victim to an insane sugar rush, making her ten times more brutal than ever. As a result, all the attackers ended up being reduced to the state of CHOP SALAD in a matter of seconds.

In the last set of chapters, to retrieve the elemental orbs The Plasma Soldiers have obtained, Doomburger takes on her human form to go back in time and break through the enemy HQ's defense force field. Doomburger's human form doesn't differ much from her Bakugan form, only she has no throne, more human-ish teeth and normal skin color.

Doomburger is also going to appear in my future Author Fighters story as one of the main characters.

So, that's it. We're done! With the info, that is...

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