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Updated on Mar,14/10

First let me thank everyone who's read and reviewed my stories!

I'm working on some new ones right now. So they'll be more I promise!

About Me:

Name: Bianca

Age: Hmm I think i'll let you guess...

Home: I'm A Proud Canadian!! We're not that nice...

Hobbies: Writing, Singing, Watching Wrestling, Reading...

Race: Both my mom and dad and everyone in their famillies are from GUYANA! Which is in South America for those that don't know. I'm very proud of where I come from. Though I do have some Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Arabian and Indian infuences. I'm pretty damn big mess of stuff thrown together actually.

My Favourite...

Book: Before I Wake. By Robert, J Wirshema (Gosh I hope I spelt that right)

Place: HOME!

T,V Show(s): Raw, Smackdown, NXT, TNA Impact, Dog The Bounty Hunter, One Tree Hill, The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Love Court, George Lopez, The Bernie Mac Show, Everybody Loves Raymond, The Simpsons, Family Guy, The Game, The Parkers, House of Payne...

Movies: A Walk To Remember, 12 Rounds, The Marine, The Marine 2, Dear John, Orphan, Sorority Row, Shrek, Fantastic Four, Kangaroo Jack, Uptown Girls, 2012...

Music Artists:

Rock: Nickelback, Seether, Billy Talent, AC/DC, Daughtry, Hinder, Aerosmith, Green Day, Cute Is What We Aim For, Death Cab For Cutie, Paramore, Buckcherry, All American Rejects,Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Panic! At The Disco, Theory Of A Deadman, Mariana's Trench, Simple Plan, Saving Able, Fozzy, State Of Shock Hedley...

Pop: Kelly Clarkson, P!nk, Michael Jackson, Lady GaGa, Justin Timberlake, The Veronicas, Cobra Starship, Rihanna, Jason Mraz, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Kate Voegele...

R&B: Beyonce, Keri Hilson,Mariah Carey, Ne-Yo, Gnarls Barkley, Pitbull, Akon, Rihanna, Mary J Blige...

Country: Shania Twain, Brooks and Dunn, Reba Mcentire, George Canyon, One More Girl, Lady Antebellum, Emerson Drive, Carrie Underwood, Tara Oram, Brad Paisley, George Strait, Marina Mcbride, Jo Dee Messina, Gretchen Wilson, Faith Hill, Tim Mcgraw, Keith Urban...

Top 10 Songs: July 2010

10. 3oh3! ft Ke$ha- My First Kiss

9. B.O.B ft Hayley Williams- Airplanes

8. Lady GaGa- Alejandro


6. Aerosmith- You Gotta Move

5. Boys Like Girls ft Taylor Swift- Two Is Better Than One

4. Exit This Side- One Night Stand

3. Rihanna- Rude Boy

2. City & Colour- Comin' Home

1. Keha ft 30H3!- Blah Blah Blah

Okay Now on To Wrestling...

Favourite Raw Superstars:

John Cena: Number One! Of Course. He's hilarious and cute. He's awesome in the ring and I love whenever he has a mic in his hand. Though I think he went from being Rated pg 13 to just plain PG, Love him anyways!

Shawn Michaels: The Heartbreak Kid! I watched him all the time when I was smaller and he will never EVER loose his spunk. And He and I almost have the same birthday! How Awesome! I'm the 21st and he's the 22nd!

Triple H: The Game is amazing, What is he now? Like a 13 or 14 time chamion? Oh I'm thinking he's gonna bet Ric Flair's total of 16! Love to see him.

Evan Bourne: He's so cool! I love Air Bourne Maann! And hes so cute which doesn't hurt one bit!

Mark Henry: World's Strongest Man, And I'm not going to question that. Though he looks VERY VERY Big. And his theme song is stuck in my head 24/7...

M.V.P: Soo Awesome! Loved him even when he was a heel, The VIP lounge is soo cool but no one ever really sits on those pretty leather chairs...

Ted Dibiase: Okay, I can't hate him. But I'm just waiting for him to turn face! What are you waiting for?

Cody Rhodes: It's fun listening to that lisp he has when he talks. Sometimes it looks like Randy wants to laugh so bad! Like John said. There too oily though. Sometimes I saw it looks like they god caught in an oil spill...

The Miz: Is Awesome! I'm gonna start having my birthday WEEK! Now! Thanks Mike

Randy Orton: Slight Jackass, Only cause he's feuded with EVERYONE I love. But still cool. His shirt is by far the coolest. I want it.

Onto Smackdown!

John Morrison: Have you seen him? If so, There's no need to explain. So cute so HAWT and funny. Starship Pain! Have you seen how wide his legs open?

Chris Jericho: My Favourite Canadian big mouth! Oh, Where have all the jericholics gone? I love him face or heel. But please Chris. PUT ON SOME PANTS!

Rey Mysterio: The master of the 619! Were the same height! 5'5 I think. I could be wrong. I think the mask makes him so cute! My brother wants the mask!

Matt Hardy: Mattitude all the way! Oh, I loved when Shannon was a follower. He was too cute maaan! Watch the Hardy Show! The Best Show Not on TV!!

The Undertaker: The Deadman. But I loved it when he was Big Evil. The Bike was cool and he talked more, But I do love when he scares everyone!

Shad Gaspard: So Cute! And his pants are Ed Hardy! My Mom thought that was Jeff and Matt's fashion line!

JTG: Soo cool! I wanna meet him. Where is Cryme Tyme these days?

Edge: Woot! He needs to come back! He grew up like 1 hour away from me! How sick is that? We love you Goldilocks!!

DIVAS! (From both brands)

Melina: She's number one! She's athletic, pretty and doesn't take crap! Love it!

Eve: She's not that new anymore, But the way she wrestles is old school and effective!

Maria: Where is she these days? She's the best looking diva in my opinion. And her outfits are always unique and cool. But she can't all...

Beth Pheonix: Glamazon isn't what I think. I was thinking more along the lines of Manazon but I have to say she is the best female competitor right now!

Kelly Kelly: Well her name is Barbie, Which suits her, But she is improving A LOT!

Mickie James: I can't stand her! It's just this dislike! But she can wrestle, I will admit that



The Miz and John Morrison


The Rockers

The Hardys

Cryme Tyme

Carlito and Santino Marella

Batista and Rey Mysterio

Now I'll give my take on some of the stuff happening in the wwe right now

-Why Dave, Why?-

I never thought I'd see Dave go heel! Especially not this way. I was watching Bragging Rights and I had a feeling something wasn't right when I looked at Dave's face. Poor Rey! He looked devastated the following Friday! But Dave! When he said "Eddie's Dead" My jaw litrerally dropped, He died this same month! in 2005. I know Dave didn't mean it, But still it was sad to hear. Rey! Don't you dare hold back tonight! Kick some booty!

-New Look of Raw-

I've known the song "Burn It To The Ground" for a while now. I have it on my playlist and think it's so cool. When I found out that that was going to be the new theme for Raw I was so excited! The Raw video thing is soo cool! And the fact that Cena's in there about 3 times doesn't hurt it one bit!

-Survivor Series 09!-

Tonight's the night! I'm getting nervous. ONE MINUTE LEFT! And it's starting right...about...NOW! I'm so angry that I can't rent it! But since I was practically on my knees begging to get Bragging Rights, I knew I wouldn't get this. Speaking of Bragging Rights. TEAM RAW LOST! God, I was on the red team and we lost:( But that's ok cause Show got his ass whipped on Monday! That's what you get!

JOHN WON! Thank God! I was so freaked out. And The only thing I wanted was to see him cry. Mean, I know but I got EVERYTHING I wanted! He won and he cried! I was so happy.

I can't remember all of the traditional Survivor Series tag team matches now but as you probably guessed for the triple threat matches I want

John or Shawn to win (Sorry Hunter. But you've won ALOT)


Jericho or the Undertaker. (Chris wouldn't shut up, I'd love it) Well, I've had the chance to listen to Maria's New Song- Fantasy and Mickie's new single- Are You With Me and I personally think their both pretty damn good actually. I never took either of them as a music artist. Maria's song is cool, it has an awesome rockish feel to it while Mickie's song is real class country.

-Maria & Mickie's Music-

I know Maria's album "Seven Sins" is coming out soon and I might get is because she really does have a good voice.

I just recently found out Maria was released! Though it sucks, I wish her all the best!


" Oh My Gosh! It's A Flacon De Neige!" - Andrew, My Brother

My Dad- "Bianca, Are you tweeting again?!" Me- "Im TEXTING Dad, Not Tweeting!"

My Dad- "Hey B, Im peeling this want half?" Me- "Okay." 5 Minutes Later... Dad- "Here you go!"

Me - "Daddy, This is an AVACADO! Not A Pear!"

"Really? You think you can be uglier than John Morrison?" - Rebecca, My Cousin. Me, - "What did you just say" Rebecca, - "Oh my god! Whoops!"

Me,- "Were you making fun of Canadians? I couldn't hear you over all our health care benefits..."

My Music Teacher, - "Jack, You're reed is to dry. Here. Take it off and suck it!"

"What is an orange manatee doing in my shower?!"- Reba Hart, Reba

Shawnika, My Friend "So, Your telling me if you were homeless and starving. And there was bread right there, you wouldn't take it and run?" Akshana, My Best Friend "Wait, Why would I wanna steal bread?"

Rebecca, My Cousin "Here." Shows picture of John Cena "What do you think of him?" Akshana, My Best Friend "He's Oka- Wait! Are those his hands?!"

Me, "This is who Becky (Rebecca) loves" Shows picture of Jeff Hardy "What do you think?" "Is that Michael Jackson?!"- Akshana, My Best Friend

"Poned!!"- Random dude in my class. Me,- "If only these people knew what Pone was..."

"I'm Not Cute! I'm Hot" Andrew, My Brother

My Mom-, "This is my husband, Faoud" My Uncle,- "Hey Firewood! Nice to finally meet you"

My Gym Teacher during a field trip, "Alright people, Here are your bus partners, " Bianca and A-K-S-H-A-N-A"

Referee, "Ring the bell!" Triple H, "Wait!" Turns to Snitsky then the crowd "Anybody got toothpaste? Or a Tic Tac..ANYTHING?!"

"The Girls get hungry for peanut butter and Johnny!" - John Morrison

"Dick Ziggler?" - Eve Torres

Rebecca, My Cousin "Wait, The Pope Died?!"

Miss Jones, My 3rd Grade Teacher "So Class, Who is the Prime Minister. I'll give you a hint. Both his names can be used as first names too. Girl In Class, -"John Paul" "No, That would be the pope"- Miss Jones

My Brother Andrew, "Spell ICUP" Me,- "ICUP because you leave the door open!"

"So, Do People from Guyana speak Guyanese?" - Akshana, My Best Friend. Me,- "Nope we speak english"
Akshana,-"Oh My God! That is the coolest thing ever! I wanna go!"

Rebecca, My Cousin "Ew but what about those wrinkles on the back of his head?" Me,-"Their not wrinkles! Their skin overlaps!"

"I am fresh out the wrinkle machine!" .-John Cena, - 5 Questions with the champ

"Trust Me, Bret Hart does not want any of this!"- Vince Mcmahon, Raw

"Some people call her Rihaanaa, Some Riihanna, I just call her Susan" Ellen DeGeneres

Me, - "Tharani, Are you telling me you go to McDonalds and ask for a "Big Muc?" Tharani, My friend, "Nooo I ask for a big monk-" Me,- "Fine, You go to McDonalds, Ask for a Big Monk and see what you get!"

Andrew, My Brother "Is that the girl who couldn't say Big Mac?"

Big Show,- "You give bald people a bad name!"

"You can take your future plans, your long term plans, your short term plans and shove em' up your nexus!" John Cena

"Everybody! Circumsize your watches!" -Jim, According To Jim

Now here is a preview of some of the fic's I'm working on...

Radar: They both had their share of bad relationships. He felt down on his luck and was about to give up. She still believed in true love and was determined to find "the one" Two different people. Two different situations. Two different hearts. One answer. Each other. Pairing: MattxAshley

Cross The Line: She's the daughter of TNA'S biggest star. Sting. He's the WWE's top dog. When both companies clash and begin a war to claim the hearts of wrestling fans everywhere. Both him and her are to fight for their opposing sides. Too Bad one look in each others eyes will change everything and complicate matters that much more. Pairing: CenaxOC

Two cocky, arrogant best friends. One shy, gorgeous and single new diva. Throw in an overprotective father, and a crazy ex into the mix? Well now you have a problem. Pairing: Miz/OC/Morrison

Last Name:
A crazy party, alcohol, and men. A hangover leads to two people waking up realizing they made the mistake of getting married. Easily solved right? Well, If only things were that simple... Pairing: Orton/Maria

Karma's a bitch, Ain't it?: I've learned that when a man cheats on a woman, we shouldn't blame the "other woman". Instead, You work with her to make his life a living hell. Pairing:OC/Punk/Ashley

In his career he had encountered tons of superstars wanting his gold. This time it was different he wasn't after his title at all. This time he was after his girl. Pairing: Cena/OC/Batista

Those are some of the stories I've been working on, They'll be up soon I promise!

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