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Hey you guys; I'm Ashley.
I'm twenty-one years old and I've been watching the WWE since early 2006.
I'm a huge Randy Orton fan, I love him more than life itself.. wow, that's not creepy.
I also love CM Punk, The Miz, John Cena, Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater and Evan Bourne.

I've "met" Justin Gabriel - meaning I've yelled at him and Heath Slater while they drove past and Heath yelled back.
I met Evan Bourne and Justin Roberts last time they were at the Pepsi Center.
I've gotten waved at by Orton, twice, and Gabriel waved when he saw my sign saying, "I'm here for the South African Stunner".
I live in Denver, Colorado but was born and raised in San Diego, California.
I'm a college kid, I started college last year at Metro State University in Denver.

My music ranges from the Beatles to Metallica, from Ke$ha to Norah Jones. Anything I can sing to or listen to on the highway with the windows down and the bass bumping.
I'm totally white.

My favorite WWE diva is Beth Phoenix, Layla, AJ and Natalya.
My least favorite WWE diva is Maxine.

Least favorite commentator is Jerry "the King" Lawler.
My favorite is Josh Matthews - or Michael Cole - or JR.

I pass out whenever Mark Henry or David Otunga are in the ring.
I squeal when Voices hits and Randy's oiled up bod comes out. ;)
I cried when the Rock returned on Valentine's Day.

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