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Well I'm pretty new to this sea of fan-fiction madness, weird ass bullshit and shippers galore. I love it, it's great wish fulfillment, and it's a nice supressor to my alternate-life stalker urges.

Random Stuff About Me:

I love energy drinks, totally addicted, particularly orange Venoms and purple Monsters, fuck Red Bull, that's nasty.

I love reading magazines as most people do, especially Spin, Rolling Stone, Alt Press, and various videogame "literature"

I love music. I can pretty much find SOMETHING good to say about any song, and I'm one of those people who MUST have control of the radio dial while you're in the car with me. When a song I love comes on, my passengers are expected to shut up and let me bask in the everlasting joy of approximately 3 to 5 minutes. Ah, the sounds of Heaven.

I believe lyrics are the most important part to a song, but that the tune and melody in which it's sung makes a difference too. There could be some crazy ass lyrics like in "Loser" by Beck, but just the rhythm of the music and his voice makes up for it.

I write songs, admitteddly not always great ones, but they're always raw and emotional, personal...I mostly write for myself, kind of like a form of therapy, but feedback from people on YouTube has given me some ideas that I might be more than mediocre. Maybe :)

I love reading. Any book, magazine, the backs of fuckin cereal boxes, anything to keep my mind flowing. Currently my top fave books so far are "Hearts In Atlantis" by Stephen King, "The Face" by Dean Koontz (omg we have a road where I live called 'Cuntz Street' but it's pronounced 'Koontz,' thank God), "Steppenwolf" by Herman Hesse (NOT about the band), "The Shack" by a guy with the last name of Young, and "Merchants of Venice" my favorite work from Shakespeare...most likely because I haven't read anything else by him, sadly.

I'm super into astrology and horoscopes. I know it's kind of dorky, well full on nerdy, but who are you to judge? Look where you are! Anyway, I have many books on dreams, astrology, astrology for dummies, birthdays, horoscopes, blah blah blah. If anyone's interested in knowing, I'm an Aquarius. Air signs rock, but I love you all no matter what sign you are :) I don't care what some people say, horoscopes can be really accurate if they come from a reputable source, not some trashy newspaper junk. I get mine from Yahoo and

My current obsession, besides all the ones listed above, are horror movies. I am planning to start a collection when I move out of my mom's house and into my own apartment...I'll be a scare junkie...but right now, the Saw series has my heart. Amanda (played by Shawnee Smith) is my favorite character, and I was SO pissed you wouldn't even believe it when they killed her off so early. I haven't seen Saw VI yet, so don't no one spoil it for me, losers. Right now I'm getting my Shawnee fix from the TV show "Becker" though, until I get enough spare cash for a movie ticket.

TV shows: NCIS (ship-Abby and McGee), House, Vampire Diaries (why, why did I get hooked on that show? Who knows), One Tree Hill, Criminal Minds, Fringe, FlashForward, 90210, Beverly Hills 90210, CSI: Las Vegas occasionally New York never Miami, the music choice channels, Dexter, the Sopranos, Lie To Me, Royal Pains, In Plain Sight, Monk, Psyche, the Twilight Zone, the Outer Limits, Tales From the Darkside, Family Guy, How It's Made, Cake Boss, House Hunters, Gangland, the Cleveland Show, the Simpsons, iCarly (another 'why' moment), fuckin Spongebob for God many shows...

Recently saw a HILARIOUS movie called "Smiley Face" with Anna Faris from the Scary Movie films in it. I very much recommend it for a non-stop weed trip of hilarity.

Don't even ask me what my favorite songs, bands and artists are. Here's my YouTube page if you must know:

Enjoy me, I do.

God this about me thing evolved into a monster of soul-crushing boredom. One more thing: videogames rule...I only have a computer (SIMS2 FTW), PS2 (Scarface and Godfather, Sly Coopers, Destroy All Humans, GTAs, Kingdom Hearts), and Nintendo 64 (Paper Mario, Harvest Moon, Banjo-Tooie, Donkey Kong 64) though. Mega ultra frowny face. Feel the sadness seeping from your monitor. I hope you're immensely depressed. Mail me a PS3 and you'll feel much, much better I promise.

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