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I'm also dailyalice on Livejournal (dailyalice.livejournal com) and on Archive of Our Own (archiveofourown org/users/dailyalice). The handle/username comes from Little, Big by John Crowley. That's not me depicted in my icon, that's Dita Von Teese in a photo by Danielle Emerick. I suppose I wouldn't mind looking like Dita, but I mostly love this picture because of the colors in it and I'm a fan of retro fashion and enjoy pin-up art (both vintage and modern).


If you've noticed I've removed you as a favorite author or removed a story of yours as a favorite fic, please don't take it personally-- I started over because I really need shorter lists for purposes of organization. If someone has an account on AO3, I may have switched to following them over there rather than duplicate that here. I also removed incomplete stories that were last updated prior to 2008 from my story updates lists as I consider those abandoned. I did save names and links for all of my previous lists of favorites stories and authors so I can revisit them (and in some cases add them back onto my lists here). Getting all this stuff organized is gonna take a while.


I live in the Midwest with my husband and some animal friends. I have many interests, too many to list on any sort of profile page, though I give it a fair shot on my LJ profile page. I tend to obsess over a particular show (or movie or pairing) for months at a time, then switch to something else for a while. I think since I've been puttering around this site I've obsessed over Law & Order: Criminal Intent, House, Harry Potter, NCIS, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel, Harry Potter again, Live Free or Die Hard, 3:10 To Yuma, Buffyverse, Harry Potter, Nolanverse Batman movies, Harry Potter, White Collar, and so on. I suppose one reason I read so much Harry Potter fic and return to it so often is simply because there's so much out there (plus every time a new movie came out, I'd get the itch for more).

I'm used to using my full real name everywhere online, a practice I started early on and since I'm quite the geek it means there are a zillion webpages out there that I built or which feature stuff I've written. If you want to know my real name, ask me privately and I'll probably tell you. If you recognize me despite the handle, please keep it to yourself. Mostly I use a handle for reading and writing about fanfic as I don't want to confuse or offend family members or employers (they don't really need to know my OTPs or find out which PWPs I think are hot). If you're here under a name I wouldn't recognize, letting me know who you are would be great so that we're on even footing.

While I often read fic in Firefox on my Mac, I usually prefer to download fic in epub (using Calibre and the Fanfiction plug-in for it). I've been reading fic on an iPad lately, but have also used various ereaders in the past (mostly older Kindles).

Favorite Pairings/Universes

My favorite pairings and universes these days are Bruce Wayne/Jim Gordon (Nolanverse Batman) and Harry/Snape & Harry/Draco (Harry Potter). I'm happy to read just about anything about the Nolanverse Bruce Wayne (as portrayed by Christian Bale) and Jim Gordon (as portrayed by Gary Oldman), especially of the two of them together as partners, friends, or a pairing. In the world of Harry Potter, I really like reading about Snape, Harry, and Draco (and any combination of same), but there are lots of other characters I enjoy as well.

I've also read a lot of fic involving Xander/Spike (Buffyverse), John McClane/Matt Farrell (Live Free or Die Hard), House/Wilson (House), Gibbs/DiNozzo (NCIS), Goren/Eames (Law & Order: Criminal Intent), Mulder/Scully (X-Files), and others. Just diving into White Collar fic a bit now. I do like some other pairings in these universes (and others) and also dip into fic inspired by some of my favorite movies whenever I can find such things. I like gen, het, and slash though it seems I'm reading more slash of late.

Some Fanfic Likes and Dislikes

While I tend to mostly read fic involving my favorite pairings, I also like tales with a strong story or which give good character development (especially back story and gap-fillers). Am fine with threesomes and moresomes if done well, preferably with interesting poly relationships.

Most of the time I prefer characters to behave in character (consistent with canon). Some AUs are fun, though I prefer them to be closer to canon than not (not keen on non-magical AUs in Potterverse, for instance). Kinds of fic I like: first time, UST, war stories, angst, hurt/comfort, post-apocalypse, forced bonding, undercover tales, spy fic, characters thrown together (in prison, a closet, on a desert island, whatever).

I don't usually care for kidfics or mpreg, but some authors can make it work for me; can't stand it when any adult refers to another adult as "baby" unless it's canon or sarcasm. I prefer stories that cover the period when characters get to know and fall for each other so am not usually that thrilled about established relationship fics unless I've already read stories I love in a series that includes them. Hate it when characters act unbelievably mushy or fall for each other far too fast. I prefer long stories to short ones. I love smart characters and/or ones that really rock at their jobs. While the occasional PWP may be fun, I prefer tales with a good plot and/or lots of insight into the characters.

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Law and Order: CI - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 31 - Words: 153,533 - Reviews: 216 - Favs: 60 - Follows: 56 - Updated: 6/26/2009 - Published: 7/7/2008 - R. Goren, A. Eames - Complete
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