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Author has written 8 stories for Batman Begins/Dark Knight, Hunger Games, and Harry Potter.


November 2nd, 2010 - I'm starting my first novel-length on here, and I'm going to try to hunt down a plot bunny to get back into my Hunger Games poetry. Stay with me! (:


November 2nd, 2010 - Writing my first novel-length! It's a Dramione called Walls of Lilies. Check it out!


July 23rd, 2010 - To the one or two people who read 'of District Three'--I have taken it down purely because I failed to plan more ahead. I might, possibly, post it again if I write a lot more first. I was simply totally unprepared and I didn't want to disappoint any newcomers who might cross the story, like it, and then realize I haven't posted in months.

Hi. I'm EYESviolet, but, please, no formalities. Call me Eyes, call me Violet, call me E.v., I really don't mind. I prefer to write one-shots or poetry, although I'll probably start writing a longer story if I get the proper inspiration. For now, though, enjoy what I've got, my lovelies. I'm just some strange girl who so rarely sees the sun people call me "Frosty". Yes. Like the snowman.

All passages unmarked by a publishing author of some sort have been written by me, and under no circumstances may they be used for anything without my permission. They are all copyrighted.

I'M WRITING A BOOK! YES, at last, I have begun the novel in which I hope to publish sometime in the future. Recently, I've been undergoing some writer's block, but I have a good 30 pages on it. Unfortunately, it's not a fanfiction, so I can't post it on here, but I would really love it if I could shoot off a few e-mails to (trustworthy) people that can give me a response to what I've written so far--flames eagerly accepted! I may not love them, but I accept I'll need them to improve my story. Here's the summary, and if you'd care to read it, feel free to PM! I don't bite! ...Well, not usually. :)

I Am? - Born within a sheltered community most do not believe even exists, a girl affected with a rare disease takes leave of her home in need of doing something worthwhile in her Chenriis-afflicted life. On her travels, she meets a few unexpected people and places, finds herself injured in a war she is not even in, and, at last, realizes what the point of her journey is at all. To find out, truly, who she is.

I know. It's a terrible summary. But I lost my official one somewhere on my e-mail, so, there you go. If I find the better one I'll replace it. :D


Please looky atty. (: For meeeee?

Tell me your convoluted stories through a half-rotten mouth; I will decipher them, to tell the world of your heart, and how beautiful things can come from the dark. -Azure Ray "Beautiful Things can Come From the Dark"

Come on, sing with me, sing, sing for the years, sing it, sing for the laughter, sing for the tears, come on, sing it with me, just for today, maybe tomorrow the good Lord will take you away. -Eminem "Sing for the Moment"

Step by step, heart to heart, left, right, left, we all fall down like toy soldiers bit by bit, torn apart, we never win but the battle wages on for toy soldiers. -Eminem "Like Toy Soldiers"

So close to death she can taste it, body looks wasted, hates life, hates you, hates the way she looks naked. -Dead Celeb Status "Someone I Once Knew"

Loving somebody isn't about thinking they're perfect. It's about loving each and every flaw they have, as well.

Let me ask you a question. What is it like to believe you are beautiful, to love yourself? I wouldn't ask, but I don't know the answer.

I am merely another broken object. Nowadays, when something common or simple breaks, they throw it away. Nobody has even bothered picking up my pieces to throw them.

Nobody, not once, has ever told me I'm beautiful, in any way or form. So I escape to books, where handsome, heroic men sweep women, beautiful or broken, off their feet, cherish and love them to the ends of the earth.

Can't you see that I'm hurting? Apparently not.

I'm not strong. To be strong, you must love yourself. I am weak, I am delusional, I am broken, I am twisted. I must be. Why else would you all hate me so?

I am so broken mentally that my sides hurt, that I vomit, that I cough and ache. By all means, continue to compare your petty, trivial problems to mine.

No, don't bother to pretend to care. Your singular opinion of how pathetic I am does not change me, as a hairline crack in something does not affect something, not until it gains width over time.

I envy your strength, but I pity you for not seeing the world as it truly is. This is no utopia, you oblivious fools.

You will heal. I will not, because to heal, I need help. Stitches are painful, yes, but if I don't get them soon, I'll simply bleed out dry.

I present myself in a positive, loving, laughing way. Because ignorance is bliss, and I wish to keep you ignorant of my true persona. Who wants to love a crying wreck?

When all of you read this, you'll ignore it, perhaps even laugh, passing me off as a wackjob. Don't fret. I'm used to it.

The books lie. Crying yourself dry isn't even possible. I would know.

I don't know how to heal myself. Would someone please teach me how?

All those professionals, smiling pityingly from their impervious thrones. You know nothing of pain.

Do you know what I would like?

To be smiled at, once and a while, by people who want to see me smile back.

To be kissed, without the ulterior motive to see me naked.

To be missed, genuinely, even when I just leave for a day.

To be loved, purely, so that I can finally understand how to love myself.

I am amused, when you sit there, shocked, at the way I reveal myself to you. At the way I now wish I could just die, sometimes. About how I lie and manipulate, how I act and decieve. I am sickly amused at the way that I have sat here for years, this way, and none of you ever spared a glance, wondered, even once. I smirk, at the way you shudder, when I tell you what I see; the things that no one else's eyes touch. I laugh, at your expression, when you are obviously wondering how I still survive, being as inhuman as I am. I do this in self-pity. Because no one else pities me, or loves me, or trusts me. I am humored by your attempts to understand me. I am nothing alike to you. You will never understand me. Never. You do what you do to recieve a paycheck, woman. I see through you all. Never once do your thoughts stray from your own "dull" life after you leave that building. Shall I pretend to act jolly and self-confident, to get your eyes turned away from me, so I can live in peace? Because it worked before. Never forget the only reason you know about my problems is because I finally told you. I would gladly live a dull life rather than the one I am experiencing.

When they lower my casket on that one, dreadful day, perhaps the day, where I am laid out, for all to pray, do not cry. Do not weep. Do not shed a tear. Do not grieve, my loves. Do not lay a single petal on that coffin. For I hate to see you cry. For I hate to see you weep. For I hate to see you grieve, to suffer, to ache. For I hate to see those flowers wilt.

I will not love you, on that day, if you do. Do you think I want to see you suffer? Those tears upon your cheeks? I asked this of you simply.

Do not watch my earthly demise, with slanting, tear-filled eyes. No, oh, no.

I want you to sing. Not a funeral march, but a life-filled song. I want you to dance. I want you to wear all the colors of the rainbow.

Why? You may think me crazy. Perhaps I am.

Because truly, to my eyes, whether to the clouds or rings I go, it looks like you grieve my life.

When you list off my accomplishments, and everyone wails, I fear you are defiling my purpose. Is it not a good thing that I did those things? So why do you cry?

Celebrate my life, not my death. Because does not everyone associate weddings and funerals, as opposites? They are both celebrations, of either matrimony or death.

I am not near death, but I simply wish for you to know:

When they lower my casket on that one, dreadful day, perhaps the day, where I am laid out, for all to pray, do not cry. Do not weep. Do not shed a tear. Do not grieve, my loves. Do not lay a single petal on that coffin. For I hate to see you cry. For I hate to see you weep. For I hate to see you grieve, to suffer, to ache. For I hate to see those flowers wilt. Because... you have made me pay.

I've had someone ask me to list my favorite ships! Here they are, my lovelies!

Harry Potter







Tom Riddle/Hermione

Tom Riddle/Ginny

Tom Riddle/Bellatrix

(Ron-bashing FTW, everybody ;D)

Lord of the Rings




Hunger Games





Dean/Castiel !!! :D


Sam/Dean *awkward mumble* (preferably if they're unrelated, btw..) ;D

(These are my main favorites to read. If you have any requests about the other fics I read, feel free to ask!) (:

Some random facts about me:

1. No matter how hard people try to jump out and scare me, it never works. Never. (EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED, PEOPLE)

2. I will eat eggs in any way, shape, or form. Even microwaved. Yes, I just typed that.

3. I'm allergic to black pepper. VERY allergic.

4. Out of all of the vast Twilight characters, none will ever compare to Jasper. Jasper is incredible, inspirational, strong, and compassionate.

5. I know every single possible fact about Harry Potter. Ever. I have read the series a total of twenty-eight times. (Obsessive much? Yes, pridefully so.)

6. I am a bloody FANTASTIC speller. (Not to be boastful, or anything... This is one of my very few skills. heh.)

7. No, contrary to number 6, I am not British. I'm a proud Bostonian American, baby. (And no, you can't go paahk tha caah in Haavad Yaahd.)

8. My favorite books/series/movies/shows: White Fang, Atlas Shrugged, The Pact, My Sister's Keeper, Before I Fall, The Devil's Arithmetic, The Host, The Forest of Hands and Teeth - Harry Potter, The Luxe, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Wheel of Time, Eragon, Artemis Fowl, Warriors, Gallagher Girls, Hunger Games, His Dark Materials, Seekers - The Dark Knight, Inglourious Basterds, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Duchess, Good Will Hunting, Forrest Gump, Iron Man 1, MILK, Fun with Dick and Jane, Yes-Man - Psych, NCIS, Heroes, The Office, House, So You Think You Can Dance, Beauty and the Geek, Community.

9. I am deathly afraid of any type of insect or fish, alive or dead.

10. I'm schizophrenic and mildly paranoid. But does that stop me writing? No it does not!

11. I can make that creepy popping sound from The Grudge with my throat. (Is proud)

12. I read at least five hours a day.

13. I'm delighted that you care enough to read all the way to number thirteen.

14. I'm a failure at any type of paper-folding. I can't even make an airplane.

15. My favorite colors are navy blue and slate-gray.

16. I am not a point-blank stated religion--I believe and don't believe in many different things.

17. I can claim, dejectedly, that I am probably the worst math student in the entire universe. I don't even have all of my times-tables down. (Facepalm)

18. No, parents, my room is not dirty. It is an obstacle course devised to keep me fit.

19. I am extremely lazy and unmotivated by anything. Really. I am.

20. I am a complete and utter hopeless romantic, but here's the cache--I find everything even remotely related to romance cheesy. (Is a hypocrite)

21. I get a weird twitch in my left wrist when I get excited. You should have seen me when I was little. (Shudders at memory) I swear, both knees, elbows, and wrists went at the same time. Apparently, I thought I could fly.

22. I often have blonde moments where I am left completely confused and utterly bewildered by what is going on around me. (Stares at baby pictures where I used to be blonde and fruitlessly tries to defend herself)

23. I laugh at everything. EVERY. THING. Now nobody takes me seriously.

24. Everyone says my eyes are blue--that is, until they look closer and indentify, with embarrassed laughs, that they're actually gray-green. (Stares pointedly at blue-eyed baby pictures)

25. I spend most of my pointless life watching YouTube videos. I know. It's sad.

26. Because of my insomnia, I often stay up until nearly 4am reading fanfiction. Then I fall asleep. And get up two hours later for school.

27. I have scoliosis. I know, right? It seems there's everything wrong with me.

28. My left leg is a quarter of an inch longer than my right one. (Sighs and repeats facepalm)

29. I've been doing yoga and pilates for four years. I'm quite good at it.

30. I have such pale skin that the majority of the people I know call me 'Frosty'. Great. I'm a snowman.

31. I occasionally have wild urges to check behind the shower curtain for murderers. What I would do if I found one, I don't know.

32. One of my biggest pet peeves is that weird noise the fridge makes when you open or close it.

33. Quite honestly, I'm shocked you're still reading this. But, this IS a reading site, I suppose.

34. My weirdest dreams: 1. Being molested by a chinese kindergartener who was intend upon counting the spots on my underwear. 2. Having the grim reaper tear my lungs out, before my eyes, and eat them. Twice. 3. Going into a clothing store, then into the changing rooms, having a saleswoman barge in and accuse me loudly of stealing underwear. 3. Flying above purple clouds in some old-fashioned car with a weird woman in the driver's seat, sporting a witch's hat and a purple cardigan. 4. Sitting aimlessly in an auditorium with several people I didn't know all too well, having a T-Rex smash through the wall, and me do nothing but pick at my nails.

35. My favorite Harry Potter character of all time is Bellatrix Lestrange--in both the books and movies.

36. I am neither Team Edward or Team Jacob. I'm Team Twilight Should Die (except for Jasper).

37. No, I do not watch Glee, nor do I ever intend to.

38. Coach is my absolute favorite accessories store.

39. Yes, I do plan on stopping at 40, unless I have a sudden spurt of imagination.

40. ... I didn't get one.

41. Ah! Now I have.

42. I do my smiley-faces upside down. (:

43. I am quite literally nocturnal.

44. My cellphone is an EnV2. I've had it for like, five years, and I still love it.

45. I want to study religion and psychology, I want to write books, and I still have a lingering dream of being a cardiac surgeon.

This section I have to give credit to 'The Noble Rot' for, seeing as they came up with this incredible idea. When I saw it on their profile, it actually brought tears to my eyes.

I love that one character, the silent one, the unnoticed one, that looks upon the world, smiling, and yet she feels nothing but pain.

I love that one character, the gentle one, the kind one, that protects and rebuilds the broken when they need it, and never asks for retribution.

I love that one character, the strong one, the persevering one, that is forced to wear a mask, clouding his true self, because it is his duty to do so.

I love that one character, the manic one, the insane one, that no one ever spares a glance, thinking they are inhuman because their mind is broken.

I love that one character, the generous one, the forgiving one, who is only broken because she was hurled, again and again, by those she thought were once friends.

I love that one character, the proud one, the hated one, who only sees a warped version of the world because his family taught him to see that way.

I love that one character, the quiet one, the struggling one, who dreams each night of the past that haunts her so harshly.

I love that one character, the brave one, the fierce one, who died so nobly, but never recieved any recognition because no one cared.

I love that one character, the strange one, the expressionless one, who stands at the back of every photo and memory, fearing someone will suddenly realize she is hurting.

I love that one character, the calm one, the intelligent one, who everyone relies on to handle the situation when complete and utter fear cloud their minds.

I love that one character, the unfriendly one, the volatile one, whose soul rests halfway between the light and dark, being yanked to and fro in indesicion.

I love that one story, the tragedy, where her heart is laid bare in the face of his death, and so ultimately did she love him, that she takes her own life to be with him once more.

I love that one story, the romance, where he knows he loves her, but will not admit it, where she refuses to believe she loves him, until that fateful night.

I love that one story, the horror, where even when all hope seems diminished, one soulful character lights a candle of hope with even just the smile on their bruised face.

I love that one chapter, the realization, where two both, at most inopportune moments, come to know their love for another.

I love that one chapter, the bittersweet, where a heartstoked character straightens their spine, lifts their chin, and marches on, in the face of their loved one's death.

I love that one author, the poet, who, with just the black symbols on a computer screen, can bring me to tears, with the utter beauty and revelation of their work.

I love that one author, the epic, who, with such ease, strings characters and events and plotline together with the grace that makes a story worth reading over and over.

I love that one author, the determined, who writes every line with such devotion and passion that no other written work has ever, or will again, compare.

I love that one ending, either tragic or joyous or bittersweet, that twists my heart so fiercely that I truly believe it will simply never work the same way again.

''The rain hails the earth in a burning torrent, steam coiling and drifting aimlessly. After so many burning nights, the downpour soaks the earth and burns it away, the newly-made fog curling up from the ground in great, silvered white waves. The city’s lights glared past, seeking permission through the veil. It was deathly and smothering, pressing and forcing the lights to leave the grimy buildings and dusty cars, their headlights now mere faint beams through the night, their origins yawning black mouths. Shadows persisted through the darker realms of the buildings, through passages and up and down staircases never once built on innocent intention. They moved like flame—flickering and dancing, ever-moving, in this place of steely cold. But that was what it was; mere illusion, never truly meeting the eye with its chin up and spine straight. Always avoiding, backs hunched, eyes dull, jaws tucked low. There was no fire, no light. No joy nor happiness. No reason to rejoice. No war was won, no great invention discovered. It was merely another night. Raindrops hammered down relentlessly, intent upon breaking the asphalt, the buildings, the stained glass windows of a faraway church. It was as though a thousand hands were smashing, a thousand tools ringing, the sound so tremendous at first hearing, but so simply muffled by a thin, cotton pillow.''

- EYESviolet; my favorite random piece I wrote in the wee hours of the morning. :)

Yeeees. Anyway, I made this account but only recently found out how to add stories *mumble* - thank you WMHSCheerioSantana :D

I may do a couple of one-shots for some of my favorite couples and maybe one or two multi-chapter stories. At the moment i'm just getting it organized in my mind.

Most of my stories will be graphically violent and/or disturbing. Read at your own risk. (At the moment I have nothing up that will bother anyone TOO-too much, except for MAYBE a line or two in 'Mistah Interviewer' (hence T rating, although now I think even that's a little high) if you're sensitive about animal abuse or killing things. I will refrain from graphic sexual violence (rape, molestation, etc) but that does NOT mean they won't appear periodically in my stories, when I get writing. I will warn at the top of the page in bold print if that chapter contains anything nasty, and you can skip it if you'd like. Okay? okay. Good.)

On a lighter note, I LOVE it when people suggest things to add to my stories, ALMOST as much as I love editing other people's work. Note the bold/italic. Yes, because I would LOVE to edit anything for anyone. I'm like, super-editor. I've written so much on my own that on average, in about thirty pages I type, there will not be ONE mistake the first time around. I don't even edit my work, because there's no point. I'm naturally an excellent speller, too, so you will probably NEVER see a spelling mistake. I hope this puts (some) of you at ease, because one thing I know for sure is that my biggest pet peeve is finding grammatical, punctuation, or spelling mistakes in other user's stories. Sometimes, I just feel like tearing my hair out and I often stop reading said story. So PLEASE, if you're bad at anything of the things above, PM ME. Really. Because I would be ecstatic to do it for you. ^.^ Back to nice face. Alright, yes, you may have noticed I just MAY have a screw loose somewhere. But, hey, I think i'm alright. ;D

I've been writing objectively since I was seven. Over my short years, I have begun at least three-hundred different stories, and finished a whopping total of, eh, two or three of them. My first completed story is only thanks to my bestest friend in the entire universe: chrissytingting, here on lovely Fanfiction. Innocent Chrissy, who I enjoy taunting because I'm a cold, lifeless, heartless person who wishes everyone a painful and gory death--

Wait. Oops. Eh... nevermind. But, anyway. Back to innocent Chrissy, yes. Chrissytingting is my absolute favorite person ever. EVER. E. V. E. R. I truly do love her to miniscule bits and pieces. She was the one who, without fail, helped me finish my math homework because I'm just too stupid to understand it myself. Here's a short *discreet cough* list of facts I have about my lovely little friend.

1. She's brilliant. Easily one of the most intelligent people I have ever met in my life. In fact, she's probably the smartest.

2. She's short. Cuz you just gotta love the little ones.

3. She's one of the few people I allow to hug me whenever they want to. (It's a very short list, my friends)

4. I don't think we've EVER had an argument. Ever.

5. She's my sole confidant when I just want to rant pointlessly about something.

6. We drink heavily-caffeinated drinks together and laugh uncontrollably over nothing. Enough said.

7. She's an excellent writer. Really, truly excellent. I have no doubt she'll become a successful author someday.

8. I swear she can read my mind.

9. She's the only one I allow to tell me I'm completely, utterly, irreparably insane. And I don't mind.

10. She is the only friend I completely trust. With my secrets, with my property, with my life.

11. We spar regularly with sticks from her backyard. It's lame, but it's ridiculously fun.

12. She scorns my stupidity regularly--but what else to best friends do?

13. Truly, sometimes I think she's the only one aside from me on this planet than can spell properly.

14. If I had to be stuck on a deserted island for the remainder of my life, it would be with her. Because I need someone that will only drive me insane slowly.

15. When we write stories together, I can say anything and everything without even the slightest hesitation. And I do frequently, just to laugh at the shock her innocent mind is going through along the way.

16. We occasionally challenge each other to 'Harry Potter Quote-a-thons' where we go back and forth saying Harry Potter book or movie quotes and the other person responding with the person who said it. It's REALLY fun.

17. I can say this because we're practically sisters, but, really. She's adorable. I guess that innocence factor plays in, huh?

18. She's practical, ingenious, calm, loyal, enthusiastic, friendly, caring, and fierce. What more could someone want in a friend?

Molly - I wish I could cook like you.

Arthur - Come on over and I'll tell you everything about Muggles.

Bill - I applaud you for being the "cool" one of the family.

Charlie - Your job. It scares me.

Percy - I care about cauldron-bottom thickness.

Fred and George - Your identical-ness is amazing. Truly, truly amazing.

Ron - Unfortunately, I must admit you are my least favorite Weasley.

Ginny - Your hair is fabulous. I'm jealous.

Harry - How's the scar?

Hermione - I know all the spells too. Does that make me the smartest witch ever to go through Hogwarts?

Neville - Snake-wrangler!

Luna - You're my idol.

Voldemort - It's a pity you only used to be hot.

Sirius - Liked you in the books, but not the movies. Sorry, Padfoot.

Remus - Watch the calendar.

Peter - A rat? Really? How lame.

Barty - Shave the mustache, buddy. You look like Hitler.

Alastor - What're you gonna do when the other eye goes?

Albus - What do you say to the greatest wizard of all time?

Seamus - I've never really noticed, but your accent is really cute.

Dean - You're hot. Really.

Cedric - Couldn't... Fleur have died?

Cho - Get a grip, you pansy.

Viktor - Did you bulk up in between the books and movies? Cuz last time I checked, the Seekers are supposed to be small. And thin. Dude, sorry, but you don't exactly fit the quota.

Fleur - Your name means flower court. ...What?

Ludo - Don't just wear the robes. Be the robes.

Amos - Shaved the ruddy beard, I see?

Pansy - You shriek. Often.

Vincent - Do you enjoy having a last name closely related to a kind of sexually transmitted disease?

Gregory - I've always wondered... does Draco pay you?

Lucius - You look like you belong in Lord of the Rings. Cut the hair, dude. I like the cane, though.

Bellatrix - Being in your very presence is educational for my paranoia. By extending it greatly.

Narcissa - Death Eater's wife... ooh, the stress. Cue sarcasm.

Draco - Hello, soul mate.

Aberforth - YOU made Albus' nose crooked? Bless you, man.

Nymphadora - I fully expect your hair to turn an angry shade of red because I called you your first name.

Rubeus - How's the weather up there?

Olympe - Duly noted.

Dobby - May I borrow your tea-cozy?

Severus - Pantene? Herbal Essences? Dove? No? Ah, well. I tried.

Gabrielle - Another part-veela? Good God.

Bathilda - Neville! Come quick!

Buckbeak - How're those ferrets, Buck-- *cough* Witherwings?

Crookshanks - It's really a pity you didn't eat Scabbers.

Hedwig - I'm entirely unimpressed with your name. He got it out of a History of Magic textbook! Aren't you at least a little miffed?

Dolores - Ditch the pink cardigans. You're blinding me.

Elphias - Creepy, much?

Firenze - You're my inhuman crush. Congratulations.

Gellert - Really? REALLY? What depraved individual looks down at their newborn child and thinks, "Oh, right, I'll name him Gellert!"?!

Minerva - Another Latin-based name? Why am I not surprised?

Myrtle - I've always been confused. How do ghosts make a splash? In a toilet, no less?

Xenophilius - I've had a sudden urge to declaim in Mermish! Rejoice!

Rita - May I see your Quick-Quotes Quill? *readies flamethrower*

Romilda - Great eye! You, and a million other girls, have spotted the not-so-elusive Harry Potter!

Sybill - Gasp! I've had a prophecy! You get decent clothes, eat a bit, and get new glasses! Oh, no, wait. That was just a vague hope.

My favorite color is gray. Gray holds so many possibilities. Not only is it the neutral color, but it is the color of a post-storm sky, and a cloud laden with rain. Gray is... diverse.

My favorite season is autumn. The most colorful season. Red, yellow, orange, brown. Who knew nature could be so breathtaking?

My favorite animal is the wolf. They are fierce and noble. Although sometimes seen as creatures of the dark and dank, I believe they are placed there by an unjust world.

My favorite time of day is nighttime. A black, white-speckled canvas, stretching endlessly above you. So many artists have attempted to replicate it, but I believe none ever truly will.

My favorite kind of weather is overcast. Without the rain, how would we ever know how to appreciate the sun? Life isn't waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain.

My favorite thoughts are questions. Because there is an endless amount of intrigue and mystery in the world. Let us explore it all.


Why must all of the creatures of the dark be ugly beasts?

Why are there so many extraordinary Fanfiction authors who have never published a book?

Why are humans so diverse, so intelligent, so set-apart from other species?

Why are we the only species who endlessly kill our brethren over grudges, materialistic things, and lies?

What is good and evil, truly? Don't we all have a little of each inside our souls?

Why do personalities and people range so widely? Why is everyone utterly unique?

Come, stare at me with hate-filled eyes. I will not tremble before you.

Heroes are always the ones who listen to their enemy's taunts, the ones that speak of friendlessness and betrayal, and begin to lose faith. I am proud to say, I am no hero.

Everyone always has a choice. Did you make the right one?

Your enemies hate you because they cannot understand you, and they fear what they do not understand. Connections, bridges, cables, they bring the most unlikely people together.

Black sheep are not rare in a black-sheep flock.

Don't you see? The price of immortality is to live forever.

Fear, and respect. In a world such as this, is there really a difference?

If the world is to end in ice, I wish first for it to end in fire.

If I take the road less traveled, how will I find someone to lead me home again, if need be?

The key to life is deceit. Melancholy as it seems, telling the truth is always easy, but one needs to learn to lie if they are to survive in a world as cruel as our own.

Every single happenstance that comes along for a singular person changes their life, may it be good or bad. Look around you. This is why they are all so different. Respect everyone unique to yourself, because you may be ignorant to a catastrophic moment that shook their world, while your own remained solidly placid.

By nature, we humans fear the unknown. The peel of paint, the spreading of wings, the ungraspable night. Come, fear with me, children of all. For I am not ashamed to fear. Sit down, children of all, come, and I will teach you of the true gravity that binds us to this blue-green world. I will lay with you, under the stars. I will face the sea and the wind, and the fire and bitter earth. Come, walk with pride, stand beside me. I will stand, in tangible awe, beside you, as the world blooms before us. I will teach you of the revelations. Come, walk with pride, stand beside me, hold my hand. Let us be joined in this magnificent sight. I will teach you of the red, radiant anger, the sickly blue of grief, the mellow light of joy. I will teach you of the mind, the body and the soul. Come, walk beside me, children of all. Do you fear the new? the unexpected? the unknown? Come with me, and I will fear the old, the expected, the known, with you. For we must, children of all. How else are we to revel in life's simplest glories? Love has its own glamour, but I daresay hatred has its own fiery breath. Come, walk with pride, stand beside me, hold my hand, speak the truths. Teach me as if I were unknowing to this world. Tell of the simple radiance of a sunrise, tell me of the relief of new breath, tell me of the pride of new life, tell me of the marvels of spirit itself. Teach me of the throeing seas, teach me of the tears, teach me of the strife, teach me of the passionate friction of hate. Come, children of all, tell and teach your life, and we shall fear it all, together, in the glistening atmospheres, and learn to appreciate every small, beauteous thing in this blue-green world.


1. When I first read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, I genuinely wanted to hear more about Percy's report on cauldron-bottoms, and was thoroughly disappointed when Ron slammed the door in his face.

2. I have wild urges to strangle the people who volunteer to read out loud in classes, then promptly begin to stumble over every word.

3. I spend almost every waking moment on my e-mail account, hoping someone will send me a message, and when it's a spam from Hewlett-Packard, my face falls visibly.

4. I have a mental illness that gives me both suicidal and homicidal tendencies, but I don't tell people because they won't want to be my friend.

5. I lie. A lot. Often, even I wonder why I do.

6. I find myself disliking pregnant women because I have to get up and offer them my seat out of politeness.

7. I want a lot of kids, simply because I think it'd be fun to name them all.

8. I fantasize about rejecting the apologies I know will never come.

9. I honestly, truly, completely and utterly, despise my father with every particle and atom of my being. And I don't even really have a very good reason to.

10. I'm so stressed that I take three Zantac and four-plus Advil a day. I do it by habit, now.

11. I didn't even realize that I was depressed until my psychiatrist told me I was.

12. My therapist is frightened of me. I can tell.

13. I genuinely hold no excitement for any of the things I claim to like to do, except for perhaps reading.

14. I wouldn't sleep at all if it wasn't an escape from reality.

15. I hallucinate daily, but I don't really mind. They're actually kind of nice.

Description: I'm 5'3'', I have short strawberry blonde (for the moment) hair, green eyes, freckles, pale skin.

Birthday: December 16th (the day of the Boston Tea Party, fun fact)

Family: Mom, 4 brothers, 1 sister.

Home-state: Massachusetts

Random Questions

Any nicknames? Lars, Achilles, Chi-chi, Frosty, Billy, LC (pronounced Elsie).

Background? Swedish, Norwegian, German, Irish, Scottish, Scandinavian, British.

Favorite foods? Sushi, alfredo pasta, peking ravioli, goat cheese, pomegranates, apples.

Music? Adam Lambert, Linkin Park, Maroon 5, Eminem, Three Days Grace, Nickelback, Hollywood Undead, Aerosmith, The Script, Regina Spektor, Avril Lavigne, Boys Like Girls, Britney Spears, Carrie Underwood, Joe Nichols, Coldplay, Dashboard Confessional, Evanescence, Franz Ferdinand, The Fray, The Goo Goo Dolls, Gwen Stefani, Jet, Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Keane, Lady Gaga, Leona Lewis, Lifehouse, Metro Station, Rihanna, My Chemical Romance, Natasha Bedingfield, Nelly Furtado, P!nk, The Pussycat Dolls, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Sara Bareilles, Shiny Toy Guns, Snow Patrol, T.I., Taylor Swift, Timbaland, Tonic, Train, U2, 3 Doors Down, Hans Zimmer. (I love music =3)

Bf/gf? Single and lovin' it.

Hobbies? Reading, writing, drawing, yoga, computer games.

Languages? English, some German, some French.

Best friends? Christine, Emily, Tokyo, Zachary, Sasha, Derek, Karena, Lizzy, Viki, Desiree, Tyler, Kelsey, Cory.

Favorite smells? Money, vanilla, fresh-cut grass, coconut, detergent.

Personality? I'm articulate and analytical, much too observant and critical, and I can be blunt. However, I'm also easy-going and playful.

Pet peeves? The grating sound of teeth against an eating utensil, the sound of the fridge closing, nagging, repetition.

Favorite body part? (LOL) My wrists and forearms. Or my ribs. Maybe my fingernails... I DON'T KNOW! :o

Asphalt or cement? Uh.. cement?

Favorite style of writing? Third-person prose or poetry.

Religion? Not a defined one. I believe in reincarnation and the soul, and stages of existence; I also believe the manner in which you die makes the afterlife different. I strongly believe that the craving for utopia is the source of all evil.


Vegetable? Soybeans.

Fruit? Raspberry.

Meat? Steak.

Condiment? Honey mustard.

Drink? Shirley Temple or root beer.

Fast food? Taco Bell.

(Do you like...) Yes or No?

Philosophy? Yes!

Math? No!

Pepsi? No!

Youtube? Yes!

Socks? No!

Iron Man? Yes!

Twizzlers? Yes!

Computers? Yes!

TV? No!

Gay Marriage? Yes!

Cats? Yes!

Water? No!

Scuba Diving? No!

Hand Sanitizer? No!

Friends? Yes!

Toes? Yes!

Alaska? No!

Music? Yes!

Orange? No!

Lord of the Rings? Yes!

Quick! Write down 12 random characters!

1. Artemis Fowl (Artemis Fowl)

2. Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games)

3. Dumbledore (Harry Potter)

4. Bridget Von Hammersmark (Inglourious Basterds)

5. Paris (Troy)

6. Wisty Allgood (Witch & Wizard)

7. Patch (Hush, Hush)

8. Kiche (White Fang)

9. Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes - movie)

10. Mrs. Smith (Mr. and Mrs. Smith)

11. Jasper Whitlock (Twilight)

12. Daisy (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button)

2 and 8 get in a fight. Who wins?

Katniss and Kiche get in a fight. God, that's a good question. O.o I have no idea. They'd probably end up killing each other.

7 walked in on 12 and 3 kissing. Their reaction?

Patch walked in on Daisy and Dumbledore kissing. Patch: "(something vague, cryptic, and no doubt sex-related)"

10 walks in on 1 showering. The scene?

Mrs. Smith walks in on Artemis Fowl showering. That... would be... reeeeaaallly awkward.

7/8 or 9/8?

Patch/Kiche or Sherlock/Kiche? Well, seeing as Kiche is a WOLF... I would hope neither. :o

Who has a better singing voice, 4 or 6?

Bridget Von Hammersmark or Wisty Allgood? Uhm. Wisty, probably.

Who is more likely to take a bullet for the other; 5 or 11?

Paris or Jasper? Well, I'll say Jasper, since he's immortal and Paris doesn't even know what a gun is...

Come up for a title for a 1/9/5 fic.

Artemis/Sherlock/Paris. Um. Heh. Heh. "Mysteries of Magic and Beauty"?

6 and 12 had a happy relationship until 6 cheated on 12 with 8. 12, heartbroken, looks for companionship. At last, 12 comes across 5 and 2. Secretly, 5 likes 12, but is too nervous to admit it. 2, meanwhile, expresses their clear love for 12, who returns it joyously. Depressed, 5 leaves the happy couple to brood for the rest of their days. Meanwhile, 8 and 6's relationship has become rocky, ending suddenly with 8 running off with 4. 4, hearing the story, dumps 8 swiftly and retaliates by dating 12 behind 2's back. 12, still morose over 8, is never happy again, despite their companionship. For no reason whatsoever, 7, 10, and 2 end up in a never-ending love triangle.

Wisty and Daisy had a happy relationship before Wisty cheated on Daisy with Kiche. Daisy, heartbroken, looks for companionship. At last, Daisy comes across Paris and Katniss. Secretly, Paris likes Daisy, but is too nervous to admit it. Katniss, meanwhile, expresses their clear love for Daisy, who returns it joyously. Depressed, Paris leaves the happy couple to brood for the rest of their days. Meanwhile, Kiche and Wisty's relationship has become rocky, ending suddenly with Kiche running off with Bridget Von Hammersmark. Bridget, hearing the story, dumps Kiche swiftly and retaliates by dating Daisy. Daisy, still morose over Kiche, is never happy again, despite their companionship. For no reason whatsoever, Patch, Mrs. Smith, and Katniss end up in a never-ending love triangle.

What is your title for this fic?

A HELLUVA LOTTA LESBIANS, that's what I'd call it :D or perhaps OUT OF CHARACTER MUCH?!

10 jumps you in an alley. Who is more likely to save you; 1, 5, or 12?

Mrs. Smith jumps you in an alley. Artemis, Paris, or Daisy? I'll hope Paris will... because Mrs. Smith kicks ass and Artemis and Daisy are total pushovers...

You wake to a strange noise. Going downstairs, you come to find 7 pole-dancing in a leopard-print thong, 2 singing karaoke to Justin Bieber's Baby, 9 passed out on the dining room table, 1 screaming something about the periodic table, 5 chewing on a hunk of ice, 10 chugging a gallon of milk, and 4 stumbling around, blindfolded, swinging a bat. Is this a likely scenario?

You wake to a strange noise. Going downstairs, you come to find Patch pole-dancing in a leopard-print thong, Katniss singing karaoke to Justin Bieber's Baby, Sherlock passed out on the dining room table, Artemis screaming something about the periodic table, Paris chewing on a hunk of ice, Mrs. Smith 10 chugging a gallon of milk, and Bridget Von Hammersmark stumbling around, blindfolded, swinging a bat. Likely? Well, no... But really. You guys need to learn how to throw a party. O.o

You can pick one person to fight alongside you against 8 and 3. Who would you choose; 7 or 6?

Against Kiche and Dumbledore. Patch or Wisty? Dayum. Fighting against both a wizard and a massive homicidal wolf? I'll take Wisty, thank you very much.

The end! Oh, by the way, I set you up on a date with 8.

I have to go on a date with Kiche? Good god...













Guten Tag.

Γεια σας.





Dia duit.














They all mean the same thing. So why can't we just treat each other the same way?


Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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Twilight - Rated: M - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 21 - Words: 153,183 - Reviews: 1876 - Favs: 1,765 - Follows: 1,674 - Updated: 9/20/2016 - Published: 7/4/2010 - Bella, Jasper - Complete
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Twilight - Rated: M - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 31 - Words: 193,610 - Reviews: 4849 - Favs: 2,151 - Follows: 2,167 - Updated: 4/3/2012 - Published: 7/13/2010 - Bella, Jasper
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