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Evil Layton for TEH wins!

DSR wants some Toast.


So, I'm Darkstar Runner (Obviously). I enjoy the Homestar Runner website and the LAYTON(C) series of games.

I'm 16 years old, and I'm quite insane. But no, I'm not on drugs. Don't let anyone tellWILLyou that.I don't drink either. I'm sober when I write these things. I SWEAR. O_O

So, anyways, I've been browsing this place fooor...A while now, I believe. I enjoy LaytonKILLfanfics and Homestar fanfics. I'm quite insane as well, so...

I DO enjoy vore. Soft vore, to be exact. That said...a lot of my fiction on here will be vore. JustYOUINa warning. Also a warning: It's all Layton vore. O_O''

My avatar is usually updated to reflect the story I'm currently working on. Yes, I DO draw themYOURmyself.

I'm quite strange, but I do enjoy friends, so if you want to...yeah. I'm rambling now because ISLEEPhave no idea what to put. But don't worry. I'll come up with something later.

Tee hee...I'm not crazy... (Layton doll and Luke doll that I totally gained since the last time I updated my profile.)

And BTW, I'm a female. Don't know why people see me as male, sometimes. O_O


Little tidbits that I don't feel like putting into the drabble spot...think of them as story starters.

He let out a terrified scream that echoed all throughout the field, but they were cut short as teeth pierced his throat. There was a quiet choking sound, before the body went limp... Luke was dead.

As Layton laid down the body, the turned around to Flora, his face and clothing soaked and stained. He gave an eerie smile, as blood dripped from his lips. "You're next." He said, his grin in a fashon reminiscent of the Cheshire cat...


The dark figure turned to him, his glowing red eyes fixed on his. "Wrong." It said beneath its shadow. The Professor's eyes widened in fear.
"N-n-no! T-that cannot be! There is no other possible solution to the puzzle!"

"Wrong again," it said, a dark claw scraping along the edge of the table to the puzzle. Its fingers nudged a piece forward, then another, and a series more, until the ball had moved into the hole.
"25 moves" it simply stated. "One less than you." The Professor swallowed hard as he struggled to push his chair away from the entity in front of him. Alas, he was tied to it, and could not move but a few inches before a large force surrounded him, and raised him into the air. Pressure began to form around him, and the chair snapped into pieces. The ropes fell from around him, as well as the chair, but that didn't even matter anymore.
There was a hot steam blowing on his face, and a horrid scent emitting from in front as well. Suddenly, he was thrown forward into even more darkness, and landed on the "ground" with a wet squish. He began to try and stand up, only to fall back down by sudden movement of the ground...


It was a sunny day in FCUSA. Temperatures in the high 90's had gotten everyone out of their home, and down to the beach...Strong Bad was barbequing, Bubs was selling condiments for the various foods, Marzipan and Coach Z were sunbathing...Everyone else was either eating or swimming.

Homestar was practicing his swimming for the upcoming triathalon, where he would compete against various countries.Well, people, anyways... It wasn't long, though, before something bad happened. In fact, Homestar felt as if something were swimming along with him, but he couldn't see anyone. It was then that he felt something brush against the bottom of his foot.But it wasn't like a shark fin. In fact, it felt as if the tip was at LEAST 5 feet long.

Then, he noticed that his foot was stuck to something...something...sticky...Suddenly, he was dragged down below the water. He was under for 30 seconds. Finally, his head popped above the water again.

In that brief second, he managed to shout out, "HELP!

SOMEONE, HE-" before he was dragged down again. Everyone looked towards the open water...


Wanna play a mad libs?

Verb ending in -ing= _
Noun= _
Verb in past tense
Verb ending in -ed
Verb ending in -ed
Verb ending in -ed

When you're done, insert them into the story below. You can send me your stories if you'd like. I'd love a good laugh. :p

Professor Layton and his Assistant Luke were _ a rare _. However, neither of them knew what it meant.

"I say it represent's a _'s _ for ," Layton said.

"I say it represents _and _ to the _ race," Luke said.

Then a girl named flora came over and _ it.

"Thank you for finding my ," she said as she _ off. The two men _ at eachother, and _ that they were both right.

Moral: The _ are the _ of all _.

Hey! Guess what? I got a DA Account!

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