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About Clever:

I write purely for my own amusement, and slightly in the hopes that I might amuse someone else. I'll warn anyone who's bothering right now that I often fail in my attempts to be (C)lever and amusing, so please don't be too upset if I get cheesy.

I'm currently a college Senior, which means that I have no plans for a new part of my life that I can hardly prepare for. I live where the weather changes a lot. I read more and faster than almost anyone I know. I read way too deeply into things. I like silly, romantic, cliche, cheesy, adorable things that make you go "awww!". I'm insane about spelling and grammar in my writing; it has to be right or I won't publish. I'm annoyingly tall. I've just told you more than you will ever need to know, or care, about me.

You now know so much, and so little. That's the CleverDeception. (Actually, it isn't. But it's an interesting use of my pen-name. :) )

But, you know what they say, being vague is almost as much fun as doing this other thing.

Update Log:


I've become infected, and there is no cure. I admit it freely: I love Teen Wolf on MTV. That being said, I bring you fanfics about the gorgeous, silken-voiced, tall and broad, curly-haired, luscious Isaac Lahey (Daniel Sharman). The first is full of pain and any follow-up ones are likely to also involve a lot of pain. Indulge.


Maaaaaaalllllleeeeffffiiiiceeeennnntttttt. Listen. If you don't love this crazy bitch, you don't get how ridiculously cool Maleficent is. Literally the coolest Disney/fiary tale villain to curse a baby. Her name is actually "malevolent" and "magnificent" put together, and if you can't appreciate that, we can't be friends. That said, I've now posted a little fic about her(totally unaware of the upcoming movie, I assure you...until I heard about it like a week ago), and I would love to have all your feedback on how sick-bloody-awesome this horn-headed sorceress is.


What...what is this? I've posted the next part of WKUA? ALREADY? Yes well, inspiration hit(after three years...good Lord) and I couldn't help writing more of this lovely, albeit sad, tale. So, for your reading enjoyment, I present the second chapter of What Keeps Us Apart! PLEASE REVIEW IT MAKES ME FEEL ALL WARM AND SNUGGLY INSIDE. :}


I'll soon be writing another thing for my fictionpress account, so don't miss it!

Better yet...I've been considering writing a sequel shot for WKUA for a long time...and now I think I have the right idea to finally do it. !!!! Hooray! So look for that, and if you want, send me encouraging messages so I won't forget!


It seems impossible, especially to me, but I've managed to post another short one-shot on Fictionpress! Read please?


I've actually posted something on! I'm so proud of myself. The title is Flawless, so please go read, rate and review!! And here is a link! or for my profile:

Or just go search authors for LittleLadyLoveless and that'll be me. :)


So I eventually will have something posted on, and I'll post a link here when that decides to happen. So many ideas, so little time. And patience. And so much plot difficulty. Gah life, stop getting in the way of my passion!


What Keeps Us Apart: So, I love this story. I ignore the fact that it's based off a sequel Disney movie (which are usually terrible), and focus on the fact that there is epic conflict in it. So I love it, and I love Castan especially. Check it out.

Status: In progress. (Yup, I'm writing more of it. I'm just having length issues. That's what she said.)

Say Those Words: Hahaha. I just laugh my face off when I read this. It isn't a story so much as a conversation, one between Dean Winchester and Castiel from Supernatural. It happened online, one half being another person's words. And it turned out beautifully. The best part is that I don't even really ship Destiel, but it was too good. I was writing for Cas, if you're wondering. And I know very little of their relationship on the show so it was even better.

Status: Complete

Black Heart, Long Lost: Maleficent reminisces while simultaneously being a huge bitch to the marvelous Prince Phillip, who ranks second to Prince Adam(Beast) as my actual one true love. Anyway, she might get a bit confused who she's actually talking to near the middle...hmmm...and what's King Stefan have to do with all this? Someone seems to have been snubbed in the past, and ladies who practice black magic aren't generally keen on being dumped. Whoops.

Status: complete(ly wicked)

Re-Broken: I wrote this obviously because I like pain and want to cry uncontrollably. Ergo, if you want to read about broken, used-to-be werewolves with honey colored hair and gorgeous blue eyes, pick this. Also, it's not my usual POV, so if you catch any grammar mistakes please alert me. Now go read this and cry a lot.

Status: complete

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